Toy Fair 2018 – Official Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures and Infinity Gauntlet

Check out a bunch of great official photos of the upcoming Marvel Legends 6″ figures from Hasbro at Toy Fair 2018. These include the new Venom comic assortment. Also shown here are the Wolverine on Motorcycle and the massive Infinity Gauntlet replica. Marvel Legends Prop Replica Avengers: Infinity War – Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Legends Ultimate Rides Wolverine with Motorcycle Spider-Man Assortment Daredevil Elektra Doctor Octopus Cloak and Dagger House of M – Spider-Man Scarlet Spider SP//dr (Peni Parker) – Build-A-Figure Venom Assortment Poison Carnage Scream Venom Spider-Ham – Build-A-Figure Other Marvel Legends Thing Sabretooth Magneto Thanos Silver Surfer