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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Vintage Collection AT AT

The Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Vintage Collection AT-AT has been spotted at retail. AaylaSecurasMan of the Yakface Forums spotted and snapped a pic of the massive vehicle on the shelves. It was spotted at a Toys “R” Us in Arizona. It was priced at $129.99.


Hasbro has sent along word that their 2013 Star Wars Droid Factory action figures have been cancelled. Check out the release below.

Star Wars fans,

The Droid Factory line which was slated for spring 2013 has been cancelled. We were very excited about this line at its inception and wanted to give fans an early sneak peek when we unveiled it at Star Wars Celebration this past summer. Unfortunately since then, through the course of development, we realized that the price would have to be increased and we felt that the value we were adding with the droid parts was no longer substantiated.

As a result, we have decided to rework our 3.75″ figure program to create a line that is on-par with the quality and pricing of the Vintage Collection. Many of the figures intended for the Droid Factory will become available in this new line in the fall. We’ll be able to share more news on this at Toy Fair.

We also recognize that there were many hard-to-find Vintage Collection figures in 2012. So, as we shared last December, we will re-release many of these figures this spring before the Vintage Collection goes on hiatus, making way for some of the most exciting new initiatives for SW collectors in years.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.


The Hasbro Star Wars Team


Hasbro has sent along some new info for upcoming North American and International Star Wars Vintage Collection releases. Please be aware there are two separate press releases. They can be seen by reading on. [Read more…]


Hasbro sent a press release put out announcing that Star Wars Toys are headed to the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Hasbro STAR WARS Action Figures Inducted Into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong

PAWTUCKET, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is proud to announce that its STAR WARS action figures were today inducted into The National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong . The toys are being recognized for the impact of their original debut which forever changed the toy landscape and continue to resonate with kids and fans to this day.

“We are honored that the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong has recognized Hasbro’s STAR WARS action figures for having a profound impact on the toy industry,” said John Frascotti, chief marketing officer, Hasbro, Inc. “STAR WARS action figures are as legendary as the battle between the light and dark sides of the Force they represent, and have given endless hours of enjoyment to generations of kids of all ages.”

“STAR WARS action figures have allowed Hasbro and Lucasfilm to continue the stories and the battles well beyond the movie screen,” said Derek Stothard, senior director, global toys and hardlines, Lucas Licensing. “Their induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong is both an honor and a true testament to the enduring heritage of the STAR WARS brand. Congratulations to Hasbro on this honor and for continuing to deliver remarkable STAR WARS toys to kids and fans.”

Since the first STAR WARS action figures began arriving on the market in the 1970s, Hasbro has been developing new action figures and toys which deliver fresh ways for kids and fans to experience their favorite STAR WARS characters. In 2012, Hasbro continues to provide kids and fans with a variety of toys based on the iconic franchise from Lucasfilm including MOVIE HEROES figures, THE CLONE WARS figures and THE VINTAGE COLLECTION figures as well as the new FIGHTER PODS expression and a variety of role-play toys including ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABERS. Hasbro is also expanding its STAR WARS toy legacy this year by working closely with Lucasfilm on the recent launch of a line of toys and games based on the STAR WARS edition of the popular ANGRY BIRDS mobile game from Rovio Entertainment. The line features new products based on a variety of existing Hasbro properties including the JENGA brand and the recently re-launched KOOSH brand, to introduce new play experiences featuring iconic STAR WARS characters re-imagined as high-flying ANGRY BIRDS and villainous pigs.

STAR WARS action figures join Hasbro favorites CANDY LAND, G.I. JOE, MONOPOLY, MR. POTATO HEAD, PLAY-DOH, SCRABBLE, TONKA TRUCKS and the EASY-BAKE Oven in the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong.


Anyone who has had to cover events that included Hasbro, knows they like to keep adding to their booth throughout a show. So we bring you a look at day 2 of the Hasbro Star Wars Toys Display from the floor of Star Wars Celebration VI. These pics give us a good look at their current and upcoming Star Wars Vintage Collection figures. Be sure to keep checking back, as we will have even more photos coming in.

Click the headline of the story to see the day 2 booth photos.


Hasbro has sent along a little pr about what you can expect from them at Star Wars Celebration VI. also, some news about the last wave of Star Wars Vintage Collection for 2012. Celebration VI is August 23-26, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

We hope everyone is getting geared up for Star Wars Celebration VI next week! In anticipation of the show, the Star Wars team wanted to share two important pieces of information.

Vintage Line News:

The last Vintage wave of 2012 will be released online only. The figures will be available on Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Brian’s Toys, and other specialty shops. The figures are listed below.

– Ahsoka

– Obi-Wan (Clone Wars)

– Naboo Pilot

– Mawhonic

– Aurra Sing

– Lumat

– Gungan Warrior

– Nien Nunb

– Royal Guard

– Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)

– Orrimaarko (Prune Face)

Droid Factory Parts Swap at Celebration VI: “Yes, these are the droid parts you are looking for!”

As part of Hasbro’s activities at Celebration VI, the Hasbro team invites fans back for the Droid Factory Parts Swap. Bring your spare parts from the 2008-2009 Droid Factory run and swap 1-for-1 for parts to complete the droids you need. Not all parts for all droids are available, but may be traded in by other fans during the Weekend, so check back often and happy trading. Also, Hasbro will be giving away Droid Factory posters (while supplies last) in its booth. Uttini!


A quick look at some of the Star Wars Vintage Collection figures at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Since this is only preview night, the full Star Wars display is not yet setup. A lot more is sure to come as the show goes on.


Hasbro has released an official set of images and product descriptions for their San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusive toys. Check out full details and photos for their Marvel, Star Wars, and My Little Pony offerings after the break!

Check out the Transformers exclusives and the G.I. Joe exclusives too. [Read more…]

Star-Wars-Kmart-Exclusive-AT-ST-01 has revealed an upcoming vehicle, the Kmart Exclusive Star Wars AT ST in vintage packaging! This item was released previously in different packaging for Walmart in 2009. Unlike that release however, this one will not come with any figures. If you missed out on the earlier release and/or dig vintage packaging, your 2nd chance has come! Check out the new Kmart Exclusive Scout Walker AT ST after the jump!


Check out everything Hasbro Star Wars on display during Toy Fair 2012 ! Notable highlights included the new Star Wars AMPD line, taking modular vehicles to the next level! Also shown are new, welcome additions to the Vintage Collection, including:

  • Dagobah Darth Vader
  • Darth Vader (Fully articulated with ball joint-esque hips, FINALLY!)
  • Shock Trooper
  • Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker
New figures from Star Wars The Old Republic are also shown, check them all out after the jump!

Check out more images after the jump, and stay tuned for much more Toy Fair 2012 coverage all weekend long – and be sure to check out Transformers news at, Thundercats news at and G.I. Joe News at