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Figuarts DBZ SS Gohan 008

The Toyark’s S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z galleries continue today with Super Saiyan Gohan! Gohan is rocking his Cell Saga, post-training look, a tribute to Piccolo‘s Namekian training garb. He came with multiple hands and faces, and two sets of Super Saiyan hair – “chillin” and “angry”. Gohan was the 3rd release in the series and was later redone as a SDCC exclusive. Check out over 25 high res shots of Gohan in action after the break, and make sure to check back every day for a new DBZ SHF gallery till we have ‘em all done!

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Figuarts DBZ SS Goku 016

The Toyark’s catch up galleries for S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z continue today with Super Saiyan Goku! We’ll be doing a gallery a day until they are all up and done! This second release in the line features Goku in his manga colors, more yellow than orange, in Super Saiyan form. He is the base figure for multiple releases so far, with potentially more to come. Check out our thoughts and over 25 shots after the break, and make sure to check back each day for a new SHF DBZ gallery!

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YOU! Should be buying SHF DBZ.

The Dragonball saga of Goku and friends has been going on since 1985. Staying (for the most part) in continuity for almost 30 years. We’ve seen Goku rise from a child to having grand-children. Luckily Saiyans age much slower :). With the recent release of a new DBZ movie – Battle of the Gods – it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

The Dragonball Z S.H. Figuarts line has been around since late 2010, with the first release of Piccolo. The line has steadily progressed with 4 releases a year, currently boasting 16 pieces in all. I’ve personally been collecting it since SDCC 2011, where I randomly picked up a SDCC exclusive Goku while browsing around the Bluefin booth. I skipped a couple here and there, but eventually went back and got them anyway. The line continues to impress, giving fans of the series a modern, highly poseable, visually accurate version of the classic characters. It’s continually been a high point in my collecting, constantly looking forward to the next release more than most other figures and lines out there.

Today, we are starting a gallery-per-day trek to update with full galleries of every single Dragonball Z S.H. Figuarts available. We’ll go in order of release and at the end, we’ll collect it all on one page for everyone to reference moving forward. So, without further chatter, check out over 35 high res images of S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Piccolo!

Make sure to check back each day for the next 2 weeks as we celebrate SHF DBZ!

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DBZ android 16 SH Figuarts 006

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has updated with info on the North American release of Android 16. The highly anticipated release in the Dragonball Z SH Figuarts line is scheduled to hit in March 2015. It will have a SRP of $61.99. From Tamashii:

Who was Dr. Gero’s orange haired and entirely synthetic android creation? You guessed it, Android 16! The powerful Android 16 joins 17 and 18 in the S.H.Figuarts lineup. Android 16 comes with 3 interchangeable face parts (yelling, laughing, and battle damage design) perfect for recreating your favorite Dragon Ball scenes! Interchangeable right and left hands are also included.

If you missed the photos, you can check them out Here.

DBZ android 16 SH Figuarts 004

Tamashii has posted up images and info for their upcoming Dragonball Z Android 16 SH Figuarts. The figure is due, in Japan, in February 2015 as a web shop limited item. It’s priced at 5,940 Yen (about $56 USD). Android 16 will stand at 175MM tall (just under 7″). The figure will include interchangeable hands and three interchangeable faces.

Read on to check out a few images of the upcoming figure. When word comes in for the North American release, we’ll be sure to update.

SH Figuarts Super Mario Diorama 021

Last month we brought you our gallery of the SH Figuarts Super Mario. The excellent figure was released with two additional diorama sets. After a few delays, and a broken figure setback, I’m happy to share a full gallery. Labeled the SH Figuarts Super Mario Diorama Play Set A and SH Figuarts Super Mario Diorama Play Set B, the sets add much needed pieces to make the Mario a more complete figure. Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth provided the sets for the shoot. Diorama Play Set A includes a Goomba, a question mark block, two brick blocks and a stand with jumping attachment. Diorama Play Set B includes a Koopa Troopa shell, a Goomba, a warp pipe with interchangeable tops, and figure stands.

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SDCC Vegeta 25

Woah, two DBZ Figuarts galleries in one day! Since Battle of the Gods is out now in US theaters (seriously, go see that) we are celebrating by doing up some Dragonball Z galleries today. Next up is the Bluefin Tamashii SDCC 2014 Exclusive Vegeta. This is a repaint of the non-Super-Saiyan Vegeta in colors seen during a couple early episodes of Dragonball Z. During Vegeta’s first appearance in the show and his travels to Earth, he rocked this funky color scheme. Once he arrived on Earth, he magically had the blue white and yellow colored armor we know so well. To celebrate this animation error we get this exclusive, perfect for a limited run offering at a con IMO. Check out over 30 pics of Vegeta in action after the break!

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Figuarts Android 18 16

This week marks the return of Dragonball Z to the US market with the theatrical release of Battle of the Gods. The story started way back in 1985 and hasn’t stopped, keeping one continuous canon that mostly works :). Over 440 episodes, 17+ movies, direct to video and tv specials, a couple of horrible live action movies, plus merchandise spanning almost 30 years keeps this train moving. S.H. Figuarts from Bandai Tamashii has revitalized Dragonball Z action figures, giving us visually accurate figures as seen in the shows with tons of poseability and accessories.

Today we’re looking at Android 18, the first of the Androids (all are planned now). Check out over 30 shots of Android 18 in action after the break, courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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SH Figuarts Luigi

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has released info on the SH Figuarts Luigi and Super Mario Diorama Play Set C North American releases. They are scheduled to be released in January 2015. Luigi has a SRP of $32.99, while the Super Mario Diorama Play Set C has a SRP of $29.99. From Bluefin:

S.H. Figuarts Luigi
After much anticipation, everyone’s favorite green plumber will be joining Tamashii Nation’s super articulated action figure line. Welcome S.H.Figuarts Luigi! S.H.Figuarts advanced articulation allows for precise posing to bring the intense video game action to your fingertips. Luigi is perfect for posing with S.H.Figuarts Mario and recreating your favorite gaming scenes. Set features red brick block, a red shell, interchangeable hand parts for holding red shell, shell connecting parts, and special display stand with support arms. Separately sold diorama play sets allow you to expand Luigi’s world.

S.H. Figuarts “Super Mario” Diorama Play Set C
S.H.Figuarts Diorama Play Sets allow you to take full advantage of S.H.Figuarts Mario and S.H.Figuarts Luigi figures. Diorama Play Set C features a variety of option parts to enhance the action figure posing experience. Set includes a red pipe, pipe adjustment parts, Buzzy Beetle, Piranha Plant, coin, and coin stand.

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SH Figuarts Super Mario Diorama C 019

We got a chance to see these at SDCC, and here’s another look at them. Tamashii has released official photos of their upcoming SH Figuarts Luigi and Super Mario Diorama Set C. Luigi will include a Koopa Trooper shell, additional hands, a brick block and a stand. Super Mario Diorama Set C includes a warp pipe, a swap out top for the pipe, a gold coin, a Buzzy Beetle and a Piranha Plant.

These are due out in December in Japan, with a North American release likely not too far behind. You can see the photos by reading on.