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Sideshow Power Girl Premium Format Figure Preview

Sideshow has announced that they have renewed their DC Comics License. Check out the full press release after the jump. They have also announced two new DC Comics items. They have announced a Green Lantern Sixth Scale Figure as well as a Power Girl Premium Format Figure. Both will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con, so check back later this week to see our pics of the Sideshow booth.

See the previews and the press release after the jump.

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Emma Frost Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted previews of a few upcoming items. These include the following:

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Arc Clone Troopers: Echo and Fives Sixth Scale Figures
  • Thor: The Dark World – Thor Premium Format Figure
  • Emma Frost Premium Format Figure

Pre-orders for these items begin soon, though no specific date has been given. Sideshow did announce that all of these items will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks. Check out the previews after the jump.

King Hulk Premium Format Figure 003

Sideshow has posted a pre-order up for a Marvel Comics King Hulk Premium Format Figure. This 30″ tall statue portrays the Hulk as seen in the pages of the World War Hulk comic series. He stands holding both a huge broad axe as well as a sword. Here’s more from Sideshow:

Following the release of Gladiator Hulk, Sideshow Collectibles presents the second installment from Marvel Comics’ celebrated World War Hulk series, the King Hulk Premium Format™ Figure.

Betrayed by those he once called allies, and exiled to the savage alien world of Sakaar, the fearsome Hulk smashed, bled, and conquered his way from slave to gladiator, and then to king. Crowned with a gleaming diadem, the mighty victor finally found peace in his kingdom, until a tragic turn of events brought Hulk’s world crashing down once again and set him on a new path of destruction. 

Fueled by rage, and stronger than ever before, the volatile King Hulk is out for blood, girded for war in his gladiator attire and spiked armored gauntlet. Wielding a massive broadsword and deadly battle axe, the unstoppable World Breaker returns to seek vengeance and tear the Earth to shreds. Towering almost 30″ tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City, he is the Green Scar, the Eye of Anger, the Hulk… and he has come home.

The King Hulk Premium Format Figure is listed at $599.99 with a release in January. You can order it by Clicking Here. Check out the photos after the jump.

Dr Doom Premium Format Figure 001

Sideshow has posted up the full reveal of their Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure. The statue will stand at a little under 24″ tall and it will feature a themed platform base. The statue will include swappable heads so you can display it with the classic Dr. Doom mask, or the more modern version. It will feature a fabric outfit as well. There will be a Sideshow Exclusive version that has an extra interchangeable right hand holding a cosmic ray gun.

Pre-orders begin on June 26th at a price of $389.99. Check out the photos by reading on.

Dr Doom Premium Format Figure Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview for a new Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure. This statue will be smaller and less expensive then their amazing Dr. Doom Legendary Scale Figure, which sells for about $2,000. The new statue looks to feature a fabric cloak and a nice metallic finish on the armor. We’ll have more images and info as they become available. Look for pre-orders on June 26th.

See the preview by reading on.

Sideshow Gray Hulk Statue 003

Joining the previously seen Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk statues is a new Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure. Sideshow has fully revealed the statue with new images and info. The statue is based on the Incredible Hulk’s first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #1 from 1962. The 1/4 scale statue will stand at roughly 20″ tall. A Sideshow Exclusive version will include a torn orange shirt for the display.

Priced at $549.99, the Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure will go up for pre-order on May 29th. Read on to check out the images.

Sideshow Gray Hulk Statue Preview

We seen glimpses of Sideshow’s Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure, and we’ve gotten great looks at their Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk statues. Before the full reveal, check out another new preview image that Sideshow released for the Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure. Pre-orders start May 29, so look for a full gallery and more info early next week.

Read on to see the new preview image.

Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure Preview

With the awesome new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer released, Sideshow has revealed their first Guardians of the Galaxy Statue. they have posted a preview of a Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure. No additional details were revealed. Look for more info soon.

Check out the preview after the jump.

Machiko Noguchi She Predator Premium Format Figure 001

Sideshow has posted new images and info for their upcoming Machiko Noguchi She-Predator Premium Format Figure. Machiko Noguchi is a human female from assorted Alien vs Predator comics by Dark Horse Comics. Her extreme skill at hunting the Alien Xenomorphs earned her respect among the Predators, and earned her a place among their ranks. The statue will feature interchangeable masked and unmasked head sculpts. The statue base will include a freshly killed Alien. A Sideshow Exclusive version will include an additional ceremonial Predator knife for Machiko Noguchi to hold.

Pre-orders begin tomorrow at a price of $439.99. Read on for the new photos.