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Sideshow Sabertooth Statue 007

Leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, Sideshow teased a few items that would be on display. One of those was a massive Sabertooth Premium Format Figure, which looked pretty impressive in person. We now have some official photos and additional info direct from Sideshow. The 1/4 scale statue goes up for pre-order today. It will be priced at $479.99. There will also be a Sideshow Exclusive Sabertooth Statue available. That version will include an alternate swap out head sculpt.

You can see the new photos by reading on.

Dark Knight Batman Statue Preview

Check out a nice video preview of Sideshow‘s upcoming Batman Premium Format Figure from The Dark Knight. We got a chance to check this statue out at San Diego comic-Con 2015. Check out the video preview below. We’ll update when more info becomes available.

Symbiote Spider Man Statue 007

At the Sideshow San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Marvel Display, we got our first look at the finalized Spider-Man Symbiote Suit Premium Format Figure. The statue features a very impressive balancing pose, fit for the famed wall-crawler. The statue comes in two versions, the Symbote Suit and the standard Spidey suit. Pre-orders for the Symbiote Suit Version kick off on August 6th. It will be priced at $469.99.

See all of the new photos after the jump.

Sideshow Emma Frost Statue 010

Check out some photos of the final production version of Sideshow‘s Emma Frost Premium Format Figure. The 1/4 scale statue stands at 20″ tall from top to base and weighs in at 11 LBS. The statue is scheduled to be released soon. Priced at $369.99, it features a stunning take on the White Queen. Here’s some additional info from Sideshow:

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the alluring Emma Frost ‘Hellfire Club’ Premium Format™ Figure. First introduced in Marvel’s acclaimed Dark Phoenix Saga storyline as the White Queen of the elite Hellfire Club, ice-cold Emma Frost began her career as one of the X-men’s hottest adversaries.

Unapologetic and uncompromising, the diamond-sharp diva rapidly ascended to the top of the corporate ladder on the strength of her intelligence, drive, and charm – as well as her powerful mutant abilities.
Beautifully sculpted in 1:4 scale, Emma Frost coolly assumes her position as the White Queen atop a Hellfire Club themed base, boasting supreme confidence and a quiet mystique. Clearly calculating her next move, Emma’s piercing blue eyes reveal even more than her scant attire. Dressed to the nines in her provocative all-white corset, thigh-high boots, and fur-trimmed cape, the drop dead gorgeous White Queen is not to be underestimated…

Read on for the new photos.

Sideshow Jason Voorhees Statue 001

The Friday the 13th Part III Jason Voorhees – The Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format Figure goes up for pre-order on July 30th. Sideshow has released official photos and more info on the statue. It includes a blood soaked machete and a themed base, showing  an assortment of Jason’s victims hidden around it. If you opt for the Sideshow Exclusive versions, you will get a swap out unmasked head as well as a harpoon gun.

The Sideshow Jason Voorhees Statue is priced at $469.99. Payment plans will be available. Read on to check out the photos.

Sideshow Jason Voorhees Statue Preview 2

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, we got a chance to see Sideshow‘s fantastic looking Friday the 13th Part 3 – Jason Voorhees Premium Format Figure. The mixed media statue looked just as creepy and terrifying as you would expect. Sideshow has now shared out a new video preview. Pre-orders should be going live soon, and we’ll update when that happens. Check out the video below.

SDCC2015 Sideshow Horror 013

Here is the remainder of the Sideshow specific items from San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Included:

  • Evil Dead II Ash Sixth Scale Figure
  • Indiana Jones Sixth Scale Figure
  • Beetlejuice Sixth Scale Figure
  • Court of the Dead Statues
  • Red Sonja Premium Format Figure
  • Lady Death Premium Format Figure
  • Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Premium Format Figure
  • Hellraiser Pinhead Premium Format Figure
  • Alien Space Jockey Diorama Maquette
  • Terminator T-800 Life Size Bust

SDCC2015 Sideshow DC Comics 019

Sideshow brought along a ton of DC Comics items. Among them were Tweeterheads amazing Batman Returns Catwoman and 1960’s Julie Newmar Catwoman. Newer items from Sideshow included the Red Son Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Also new were the Supergirl, Arkham Asylum and Dark Knight statues. They also brought along some of their previously revealed statues such as Power Girl, Lobo, superman, Batman and more.

SDCC2015 Sideshow Marvel 025

Some highly anticipated Marve figures were revealed. We get our first good look at The Punisher and Wolverine Sixth Scale Figures! But that’s not all, they had numerous other statues on display as well. They had the Spider-Man and Iron Man statues they had teased along with some previously revealed items.

Dark Knight Batman Statue Teaser

Here are  few Batman statue teasers from Sideshow Collectibles ahead of their appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. Included are the following Premium Format Figures:

  • Red Son Batman
  • The Dark Knight – Batman
  • The Dark Knight – The Joker

These will all be on display at SDCC 2015. Check back as we cover the show starting tonight!