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Green With Envy Poison Ivy Statue 001

Sideshow has posted more photos and info for their upcoming Poison Ivy “Green With Envy” Premium Format Figure. The statue is a repaint of their previously released Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure. From sideshow:

Standing 21” tall, the drop dead gorgeous villain is crafted in one quarter scale with flowing crimson hair, and a captivating come-hither pose. Wrapped in winding vines and poised amidst her newly-designed exotic poisonous plants, the Poison Ivy ‘Green with Envy’ Premium Format™ Figure perfectly captures Gotham City’s most seductive siren, a truly breathtaking addition to any growing Batman or DC Comics collection.

The statue will sell for $349.99 and will be available for pre-order starting on Thursday.

Incredible Hulk Statue 1

Sideshow has released a full preview gallery of their Incredible Hulk Statue. Pre-Orders go up on Thursday, with a retail price of $549.99. This is one of three in their Hulk Trio, with Red and Gray also coming down the line. Check out all the spectacular shots after the break!

Poison Ivy Green With Envy Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview for an upcoming Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure. The Poison Ivy “Green With Envy” 1/4 Scale Statue is a repaint of their Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure from last year. Pre-orders go live April 24. We’ll have more as it becomes available. You can see the preview image by reading on.

Incredible Hulk Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview of their upcoming Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure. We previously got a quick glimpse of the Hulk Statue in March. The statue is part of a series of Hulk statues from Sideshow. It is being joined by both a Red Hulk and a Gray Hulk. Pre-orders for the Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure go live on April 24th. Expect a full gallery sometime next week.

Read on for the preview.

X Men Jean Grey Premium Format Figure 001

Sporting a design based on her 1990′s era costume, the X-Men 1/4 Scale Jean Grey Premium Format Figure is the latest Marvel Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. There will be a Sideshow Exclusive version as well. It will come with an additional head sculpt, showing Jean with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Pre-orders kick off Thursday, April 17th at a price of $359.99.

Read on to see the new photos.

Jean Grey Premium Format Figure Preview

Check out a new preview for an upcoming X-Men – Jean Grey Premium Format Figure. Sideshow will start pre-orders on April 17th. Price hasn’t been revealed just yet. But you can enter to win one of the statues by checking out the preview page. We’ll have more images and info for the Jean Grey Premium Format Figure as they becomes available. Check out the preview after the jump.

Savage Opress Premium Format Figure 003

Sideshow has added new images and info for their upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Savage Opress Premium Format Figure. It stands at 22″ tall and comes with a light-up base and a dual Lightsaber. Savage Opress goes up for pre-order starting Thursday, April 10th. It will be priced at $399.99. No Sideshow Exclusive version has been listed.

Read on for the images.

Life Sized Han Solo in Carbonite Preview

Check out two new Sideshow Star Wars Previews. They have posted sneak peeks at an upcoming Life-Sized Han Solo in Carbonite Replica and a Savage Opress 1/4 Scale Premium Format Figure. No word on price for either item. Savage Opress goes on pre-order starting April 10th, while there’s no announcement for the Han Solo pre-order. Stay tuned for future updates.

Check out the previews after the jump.

Thor Premium Format Figure Preview

Sideshow has released a new video production peek. It gives us a look at another detailed Marvel Comics Statue. Check out the video preview below for the first look at Sideshow’s Modern Thor Premium Format Figure. We’ll have more details as they become available.

Saruman Premium Format Figure 009

Last week we got a video preview of the Lord of the Rings Saruman Premium Format Figure. Sideshow has now released a handful of images showing off the fantastic looking statue. Saruuman stands at 26″ tall. The statue sits on a staircase statue base that includes a namplate. It features hand tailored robes and a light-up Palantír. The Sideshow Exclusive version features an interchangeable left hand.

Pre-order for the Saruman Premium Format Figure go live on Thursday. It will sell for $399.99. you can see the new photos after the jump.