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Gotham (the TV show) made it’s first appearance in collectible form at SDCC 2015 via two offerings from Diamond Select Toys. DST released 2 items, a Minimates set and a Select offering. The Minimates set featured Jim Gordon and child Bruce Wayne, representing their first meeting in the show the night Bruce’s parents were killed. The Gotham Select figure was a SDCC exclusive version of the Penguin, showing off what is to come in the 7 inch line later this year. We’ve done up a session with them both so check out over 30 shots and our thoughts after the break!

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ICGHK2015 Sentinel Re Edit Iron Man Display 002

At ACGHK 2015, Sentinel added a new prototype to their Re:Edit Iron Man display. Check out photos of the unpainted prototype of their Marvel Now Black x Gold Re:Edit Iron Man. The figure, which should roughly be a 7″ scale release, is still pending licensor approval, so final sculpted details may vary from what we see here.

The images come courtesy of Tag Hobby. You can check out the photos, also showing the previously revealed figure such as the Hulkbuster, by reading on.

Jay and Silent Bob Select Bluntman Packaging

The Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Bluntman, Chronic and Cock- Knocker Select Figures hit comic shops on August 5th. These 7″ scale figures from Diamond Select Toys feature the likenesses of actors Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Mark Hamil. Each figure features themed accessories and a base. You can connect the bases together to form a larger Bluntcave diorama.

Check out the photos by reading on.

NECA Dark Horse Predator 013

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first issue of the Dark Horse Predator Comic, NECA has released a figure based on the first issue. The Dark Horse Predator, a repaint of the previous Jungle Hunter Predator, features a deco based on the Predator seen on the cover of the first issue. The comic, which follows the brother of Dutch Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenneger) as he battle the Predator’s that have infiltrated his city. The figure includes an all new staff accessory to help give it a more accurate look. Also included is a reprinted copy of Predator #1 by Dark Horse.

Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has provided us with the figure, and I have a full gallery and review to check out.

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Blueline Batman 37

DC Collectibles put out a pretty awesome exclusive this year at SDCC – a “blueline” version of their New 52 Batman figure. The figure is pure white head to toe, with paint apps meant to mimic inking as would be done on a penciled page of a comic book before it is colored. This was overseen by none other than all star artist Jim Lee. The “blueline” aspect comes into play because the packaging features design cues from the blank pages comic artists use to do their pages, what they submit to the comic publisher to be inked and then scanned for coloring (now a days). The standard one came with a printed sketch by Jim Lee, and there were 150 units with hand done sketches, 50 Batman, 50 Joker, 50 Harley. Those are running crazy prices right now in the aftermarket, but I’m cool with the standard one, I can open this without ruining a down payment on a car.

The figure is a fantastic art piece that I was looking forward to since they announced it. Even though doesn’t fit in on a “DC Universe line up” shelf, it’s a cool unique accent piece, and I’m happy I was able to pick one up. Check out over 35 shots of the SDCC Blueline Batman after the break!

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NECA Force of Freedom Rambo 022

Rambo: The Force of Freedom was a cartoon and toy line from 1986. The line was spawned from the classic Rambo series of films and was produced by Coleco. For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA produced a great homage to the classic John Rambo figure. Their Rambo: The Force of Freedom 7″ Scale Figure, which Toyark was given a chance to exclusively reveal prior to SDCC, features a paint scheme and packaging that harkens back to the 1986 figure.

NECA was kind enough to provide us one for a gallery and review. After the jump you can check out all of the high resolution photos as well as my thoughts on the exclusive figure.

Don’t forget to check our ever growing selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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NECA Pacific Rim Anteverse Gipsy Danger 039

In Pacific Rim, the assorted Kaiju cross over from a breach, which bridges their world with Earth. In the climactic battle, a heavily damaged Gipsy Danger uses a Kaiju carcass to enter the breach, giving him time to destroy the Kaiju production facility in their dimension, which is known as the Anteverse. NECA commemorates this scene with a Toys “R” Us Exclusive repaint of their Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger 7″ Figure.

NECA sent along an Anteverse Gipsy Danger 7″ Scale Figure and we have a full gallery for you to check out. After the jump you can see all the images as well as my thoughts on the figure.

Miss one of our previous NECA galleries? Then check out our NECA Toy Galleries to track all of the NECA figure’s we’ve reviewed.

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NECA Aliens Genoicide Red Alien Queen 006

NECA revealed a bunch of new items at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Here we will have the round up of official images and info that was released during the show. Included are:

  • Iron Maiden – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – 2 Minutes to Midnight
  • Aliens – Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Genocide Red Queen
  • Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 6 (Alien Isolation)
  • Friday the 13th – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Classic Video Game Appearance Jason with Theme Music Packaging
  • Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Mutavore
  • Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Striker Eureka
  • Terminator 2 – 7″ Action Figure – Ultimate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Iron Man Mark 43 with LED Lights
  • Batman Begins – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Batman (Christian Bale)
  • Predator – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Jungle Hunter with LED Lights

You can check out the images and all of the info by reading on.

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SDCC2015 DST DC Comics 034

Fans of DC’ TV series and Bruce Timm’s Animated DC Universe are going to really dig what Diamond Select Toys had at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Lots of figures, statues, busts and more.

  • Justice League Unlimited Supergirl Statue – AFX SDCC Exclusive
  • Superman and Batman Logo Cookie Jars
  • Batman Classic TV Series – Penguin Bust
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Batmobile Bank
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Mr. Freeze Bust
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Batman Batusi Bust
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Penguin Bust Bank
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Catwoman Bust
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Batgirl Statue
  • Batman Classic TV Series -Catwoman Statue
  • Gotham Minimates
  • Gotham Select – Jim Gordon
  • Gotham Select -Edward Nigma
  • Gotham Select -Selena Kyle
  • Gotham Select -Penguin
  • Gotham Select -Alfred Pennyworth
  • Gotham Select -Harvey Bullock
  • iZombie Select – Liv Moore
  • Batman Animated Series – Harley Quinn Mad Love Statue
  • Batman Animated Series – Batman Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Batman Bust Arms Folded
  • Batman Animated Series – Bane Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Poison Ivy Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Catwoman Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Harley Quinn Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Dark Knight Batman Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Two Face Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Robin Bust with Batarang
  • Batman Animated Series – Robin Bust Smiling
  • Batman Animated Series – The Joker Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Scarecrow Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Phantasm Bust
  • Batman Animated Series – Phantasm Bust Unmasked
  • Batman Animated Series – Batmobile Bank
  • Superman Animated Series – Superman Bust
  • Superman Animated Series – Supergirl Bust
  • Superman Animated Series – Lex Luthor Bust
  • Femme Fatales – Wonder Woman Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Supergirl Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Poison Ivy Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Harley Quinn Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Hawkgirl Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Batgirl Animated Statue
  • Femme Fatales – Catwoman Animated Statue
  • DC Bottle Openers
  • JLA Animated Green Lantern Battery Prop Bank

SDCC2015 DST Marvel 039

Diamond Select Toys has a nice assortment of Marvel items up on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. This included Minimates, Marvel Select, Statues, and Retro Mego. Marvel Cinemtaic Universe fans will want to check out the awesome Ant Man Minimates and Select figure. Here’s what was on display:

  • Marvel Select – Zombie Sabertooth
  • Marvel Select -Ant Man
  • Marvel Select -Dr. Strange
  • Mego Deadpool
  • Mego Thor
  • Wolverine Statue
  • Marvel Minimates Series62 – Axis Assortment
  • Marvel Minimates Series 63 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Assortment 2
  • Marvel Minimates Series 64 – Secret Wars
  • Marvel Minimates – Zombie Villains
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Spider-Man
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Avengers Assemble
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Marvel Minimates -Ant Man Box Set
  • Marvel Minimates -Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC Box Set
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Series 1.5 (added by DST)