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Alien Isolation Amanda Ripley Sculpt

Check out the first look at the head sculpt for the Alien: Isolation Amanda Ripley figure coming from NECA. They will have a wave dedicated to characters and Xeno’s seen in the game. This preview seems to show the possibility of two version of the figure, as we’ve already seen previews for a space suit version.

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Preview Temple Guard Predator NECA

NECA has tweeted out a photo of a new in-progress Predator mask. The mask bears a distinct resemblance to the Temple Guard Predator. The character was seen in briefly in Alien vs Predator. The images shows an early development stage sculpt. We’ll have more when it becomes available.

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Marvel Select Avenging Hawkeye 3

Marvel and Diamond Select Toys have revealed a new Marvel Select Avenging Hawkeye Figure. The 7″ scale figure includes Lucky the dog, a bow, six different arrows, a pistol , an interchangeable left hand, and two swappable heads. It does not look to include any diorama figure base. The figure is available now at Marvel Shop. It’s priced at $24.95.

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NECA Rambo NES Figure 057

NECA’s extremely popular Classic Video Game Series continues with the release of their Rambo 8-Bit NES Style Figure. This figure is a repaint of their Rambo: First Blood Part II John Rambo 7″ Figure. It features a very detailed cel-shaded paint scheme which was inspired by the NES game. Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth has provided us with the figure and we have a full photo gallery and review.

Entertainment Earth

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NECA Predator Series 13 Figures

NECA has dropped their Predator Series 13 Figures onto their Ebay and Amazon stores. These figures will be available at retail soon, but you can grab them before they hit shelves. Included are the following (links got to individual listings):

Classic Planet of the Apes General Aldo

NECA has posted an updated image of their upcoming Classic Planet of the Apes Series 3 – General Aldo 7″ Scale Figure. The new pic shows off all of the accessories for the figure as well as how it will be laid out in the card. Accessories include an interchangeable hand, a rifle, and a blade.

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Alien Isolation Space Suit Preview

Looks like the folks at NECA are going to be giving Alien: Isolation fans something to look forward to. Last week they previewed the retooled Big Chap Alien, and now they’re previewing a new Alien Space suit figure. The preview may be for an Amanda Ripley figure (though no confirmation yet)! Amanda is the daughter of Ellen Ripley and the star of the Alien: Isolation video game. We’ll be sure to continue updating as more images and info become available.

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NECA Gremlins 2 NES Mohawk 005

It took some convincing on their part, but NECA was able to get approval from the studio. To be accurate to the game, they wanted to include a gun with their NES Style Gremlins 2 Mohawk 7″ Scale Figure. That approval came through and they’re now ready to share images and info. The Mohawk figure comes in a little over 6″ tall, and comes painted to match the in-game appearance and includes a machine gun. He comes packaged in an NES style window box with a flap. Look for the figure to hit in June.

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Alien Isolation Xeno Preview

NECA has posted a teaser for a new Alien Xenomorph they are working on. They have begun developing a figure based on the Alien Isolation video game. No word when this figure will be released, as it’s clearly still early in development. But this is great news for fans who have been requesting figures based on the game.

Soujnds like it’s a retooling of the previous Big Chap Alien. Accordign to NECA‘s tweet, it will have new legs and a new tail to go along with the new deco.

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