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NECA Alien Queen Behind The Scenes

NECA tweeted out that they received a new test shot for their upcoming Alien Queen. They wanted to give fans a look, so they shared a photo, which you can see after the jump. We got a chance to check out the Alien Queen at NECA’s SDCC 2014 Booth, and it looked quite impressive.

The Alien Queen will stand over 15″ tall and will be over 30″ long from head-to-tail. This will put the figure in scale with the 7″ figure in the line! The figure will also sport over 30 points of articulation. Included is a display stand and two interchangeable inner mouths.

Capo Toys Street Fighter Banner

After the initial Street Fighter Ryu Kickstarter ended without being funded, Capo Toys decided to regroup for one last try. The biggest complaint we saw about the initial try was that it was only for Ryu. Fans wanted more figures, and more figures is what they will be getting. Their new Kickstarter should please those fans, as Capo Toys launched a Street Fighter Series 1 Kickstarter. This relaunch gives fans a chance at the following figures:

  • Ryu
  • Sagat
  • Blanka
  • Guile
  • Chun-Li

Those who pledge $230 or more get a shot at a sixth figure; Ken! They are looking for a total of $550,000 to get the entire series made, or they will begin to seek private investors. The best part, is this is open to worldwide pledges now, where the previous one was limited to U.S. initially. Good luck to Capo Toys and we’ll be sure to update as the Kickstarter progresses. Check it out Here.

Classic Planet of the Apes Series 2 and 3 Teaser

NECA decided to sneak in one more #monkeymonday update yesterday. The new preview gives us a look at the prototypes for upcoming Classic Planet of the Apes Series 2 and Series 3 Figures. Included, I believe, is our first look at Julius. We did get to see Zira and Series 2 at NECA’s booth during SDCC 2014.

Also hiding in the pic is a look at a prototype Alien Xenomorph. They’re hdiding it well, but my guess it’s the “Dog” Alien from Alien 3, which we also saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Check out the pic after the jump.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Luca Preview

NECA continues their #monkeymonday updates with the first look at a new figure. Today they have posted a preview of the paint master for the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Luca Figure. The figure is part of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Series 2, which is due out in November. Also included in series 2 are Caesar and Koba.

Check out the preview after the jump.

Marvel Select Spider Man vs Electro 1

Marvel Shop has Spider-Man vs Electro Marvel Select 2-Pack on sale now. The set, by Diamond Select Toys, is priced at $49.95 and includes comic versions of Electro and Spidey. Each figure features a power rod figure base. They come packaged in a collector friendly window box. The figure will likely be available at Disney Stores as well.

Check out a few photos after the jump.

NECA Enforcer Predator 006

Predator Series 12 figures should be hitting toy shelves in about a month. NECA is prepping fans for their latest wave with photos of the upcoming figures. Their latest set of images give us a great look at the upcoming Enforcer Predator from Series 12. The character is featured in Dark Horse Comics’ Predator: Bad Blood comic book series. The figure stands at 8″ tall, features 25 points of articulation, and includes a shoulder cannon, a combi-stick and a smart-disc. The Enforcer Predator is scheduled to hit in September with the rest of Predator Series 12.

See the new photos by reading on.

DST Sin City Select 52

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is in theaters this weekend, so what better time to showcase the awesome 7 inch figures from Diamond Select Toys! DST announced the Sin City license earlier this year, and they have a wide array of stuff including drinkware, Minimates, games, and Select action figures. The Select figures follow the Marvel style with large bubble packaging and intricate display bases. These follow the Sin City motif with a black and white theme, though they are actually varying shades of blue-gray which works well. Read on to check our thoughts and photo session with Marv, Hartigan and Nancy after the break!

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Capo Toys Street Fighter Banner

The Street Fighter Ryu Kickstarter has ended. With pledges just over $8,000, the project, unfortunately, fell below the goal of $85,000. The first wave was to consist of Ryu, Sagat, Chun-Li, Blanka and Guile. The figures were meant to be in a 7″ scale, with Sagat coming in the largest at roughly 9″.

With the Kickstarter funding for Ryu unsuccessful, what this means for the status of the line? I’m not sure. I am sure, however, that the crew at Capo Toys have something up their sleeve. I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date of any new info.

NECA Bad Blood Predator 009

NECA has posted up some new photos of their upcoming Bad Blood Predator. The new figure is based on one of the Predators featured in the Dark Horse Comics Predator: Bad Blood. This is a stand alone, single figure release and not part of the regular Predator series releases. It includes a sword, a spear, assorted trophy heads and features more paint apps than NECA has ever done on a Predator figure.

The Bad Blood Predator is also a bit larger, standing at 8″ tall and he will feature 25 points of articulation. NECA also stated that there are more Dark Horse Comics inspired Predators to come in the future! The figure should be hitting toy shelves soon. See the photos by reading on.

Ryu Press Release

There’s less than 24 hours remaining for the Capo Toy Street Fighter Ryu Kickstarter. Right now, things aren’t looking too hot, but I’ve seen some stranger things happen. If you’re holding out on pledging, now’s the time to jump in. As of this writing, the pledges stand at just over $7,800. Best of luck to Rocco and the Capo Toys crew on the last day.

We’ll update after the Kickstarter ends as well. If there are any major updates between now and then, I’ll try and post them up here. For now, you can check out the Kickstarter by Clicking Here. Also, don’t miss our previous photo gallery showcasing, what would be, the 7″ Scale Street Fighter Series 1 Figures.