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SDCC 2015 Batman Jim Lee 002

DC Collectibles via USAToday have revealed some of their 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusives. On the action figure side, we’ll be getting a pencil sketch version of New 52 Batman designed by none other than Jim Lee. There will be 2 versions, a 40 dollar figure only version, and a 300 dollar version (limited to 150 pieces) with sketches done by Jim Lee. The other exclusive is a plush version of Krypto, Superman’s pup. Check out the pics and video after the break!

Previews World posted much higher resolution pics of the Batman figure (and the Krypto). They have been added to this story.

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NECA Repackaged Robocop

A little over a week ago, NECA dropped a surprise repackaged/reissue Robocop figure at Walmart. The figure, which is their Robocop 7″ Figure with spring loaded holster, features a new box style packaging, similar to their Planet of the Apes figures. With widespread reports of people not being able to locate them locally, NECA dropped some inventory on Amazon for those looking to grab it. It’s priced at $18.99 and you can order it Here.

You can also grab it on Ebay on NECA’s Robocop Section by Clicking Here.

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Arkham Knight Red Hood 007

The Toyark is wrapping up its DC Collectibles Arkham Knight wave 1 galleries today with the Gamestop Exclusive Red Hood! The Red Hood really shines with great sculpt and paint, comes with his staple dual handguns, and rocks two hoods – his red mask and an red hoodie. Check out our thoughts and 40 HD images after the break!

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Predator Series 14 Group Shot

Check out new images and info for the Predator Series 14 Figures from NECA. This wave of figures is based on the Alien vs Predator film, the first time NECA has created figures specifically from that film. It includes the following figures:

  • Celtic Predator
  • Scar Predator
  • Chopper Predator

These are all-new body sculpts, and have roughly 30 points of articulation. The figures will stand about 8.25″ tall and will include character specific accessories. They are due for release this September.

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NECA AvP Chopper Predator 003

Check out another set of teasers for NECA‘s upcoming Alien vs Predator Chopper Predator. The in-progress sculpt looks to be coming along nicely. The new images give us a look at the front of the torso, the Predator mask and the wrist guard. As you can see the, wrist guard actually flips open. We’ll continue to update as more images and info surfaces.

The mask is apparently from the Celtic Predator. Like Chopper, he was also seen in the original AvP film. Much like his comrade, he didn’t fair so well against the Xenos.

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Arkham Knight Harley Quinn 011

The madman’s paramour is in the house! DC Collectibles Arkham Knight galleries continue today with #4 Harley Quinn! Harley is another stand out figure in the wave showing off fantastic sculpting and paint. Harley may be getting ready for a new look in the Suicide Squad movie, but here we get an upgraded traditional interpretation with alternating red and black, playing card themed leggings, and her staple white face. Check out our quick thoughts and over 35 HD shots after the break!

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DST Aliens Series 2 Minimates

The new Diamond Select Toys solicitations should be going out later today or tomorrow. But Big Bad Toy Store has already posted them up, along with photos from all the new items. Included are the following:

Read on for the images and much more info.

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Ultimate T2 Sarah Connor Accessories

NECA has posted the first preview for their upcoming Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Ultimate Sarah Connor 7″ Figure. Well, they posted the accessories. The image shows off the weapons and vest. The included weapons are a rifle, a shotgun, a pistol and a knife with sheath. We’ll have more as it becomes available.

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Arkham Knight Scarecrow 016

DC Collectibles Arkham Knight wave 1 galleries continue today with #3 Scarecrow! Scarecrow has gone through a transformation in the game series since it launched, and this may be the creepiest version yet. His head is bordering zombie level of gross, he’s got a leg brace supporting his battle wounds, and he’s rocking a Freddy Kruger like glove setup with syringes full of his nasty toxins. DC Collectibles captured all this superbly with this figure, so let’s take a look after the break!

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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Orangutan Preview

The latest Classic Planet of the Apes preview gives us a first look at an all-new figure. NECA has shared a collage showing off the Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Orangutan. Right now, the figure has no set release date and is only a potential release. The 7″ scale figure looks to include both a shotgun and a club. We’ll have more info when it becomes available.

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