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Van Helsing Select 016

In the latest wave of Universal Monsters Select Figures from Diamond Select Toys, fans finally had a chance to own a true rival to the monsters. Unlike many of the designs in the series, Van Helsing is based on a completely original design by sculptor Jean St. Jean. The latest series also features a phenomenal Creature From The Black Lagoon and and all new Son of Frankenstein.

Today we have a gallery and review for the Monster Hunter Van Helsing Select Figure. You can find all of the Universal Monster Select Figures at After the jump you’ll find the review and 45 photos.

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Robocop vs Terminator In Package

NECA is receiving their Robocop vs Terminator packaging samples now. They wanted to share out a new pic to gives fans a glimpse of the final packaged look. Unlike the previous figures in their video game line, these will come packaging in classic window boxes, as opposed to packaging mimicking video game box. Expect a better series of images soon. We’ll be sure to update if and when those pics go live.

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DCC Red Hood Outlaws 39

Red Hood and the Outlaws is our next DC Collectibles catch up gallery. This set came out earlier this year, and features the New 52‘s Jason Todd as the Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal, aka the Red Arrow. The team act as anti-heroes, all cast out in some way or another yet still fighting for good in their own way. The DC Collectibles versions of the figures are solid, especially the Red Hood, which has great sculpting and paint. He’s a great accent piece to a DCC Batman display. Starfire has a pretty nice translucent hair feature, fading from her normal red locks into flames. Arsenal‘s main selling points include a hat that twists backwards and detailed arm tats. Articulation has increased since the earlier New 52 figures, tho aren’t at DCUC or Marvel Legends levels. All these figures are out now, check your local comic spots and online retailers for availability – but not before you read on for over 35 high res shots! [Read more...]

DCC Huntress Power Girl 40

The Toyark has been busy banging out galleries and traveling to shows and sometimes some figs we want to shoot have to wait to the side for a bit. DC Collectibles’ New 52 line is a personal favorite, and I wanted to do catch up galleries for some nice pieces that came out a while back. First up is the Huntress and Power Girl 2 pack. These fine ladies are the stars of the modern World’s Finest book. In the New 52 universe, they are actually from Earth 2 and have adopted these identities. Either way, they keep a classic look – Huntress with her black and purple, cape and mask and Power Girl with her, um, suit. The sculpts are very well done, Huntress‘ head sculpt especially. These girls are out now so you should be able to find them in your local comic shops and online retailers that carry DC Collectibles. Read on to check out over 40 shots of the World’s Finest!

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Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man 017

Diamond Select Toys has released some new photos of their new Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man Figure. The figure is an exclusive to both the Marvel Shop and Disney Stores. DST reports that the figure should be hitting the Disney shops around the 27th of the month. Bleeding Edge Iron Man stands 7.5″ tall, features 16 points of articulation, a gleaming metallic paint job, and a figure base. It’s priced at $24.95.

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NECA Ultimate Freddy 017

With NECA’s Ultimate Freddy Krueger hitting shelves soon, they have released a closer look at the figure. NECA is releasing their most comprehensive 7″ scale Freddy Krueger figure to celebrate the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare On Elm Street. The figure includes three interchangeable heads (closed mouth, open mouth grimace, and ripped skull face). Freddy features an interchangeable left hand, which has two fingers cut off and includes a Tina dead skin mask, a tongue phone, and a fedora.

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Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man 1

Marvel Shop has a new Bleeding Edge Iron Man Marvel Select Figure for sale. The 7.5″ tall figure features 16 points of articulation, a gleaming metallic paint job, and a figure base. The figure is available now and is priced at $24.95. You can order it Here.

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Leatherface Ultimate Figure Sculpt 1

Over the weekend, NECA had teased that they were working on a new Ultimate Horror Figure, as the response to their Ultimate Freddy Krueger has been overwhelmingly positive. The identity of that new figure has been revealed to be Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. NECA revealed a few photos of the in-progress sculpting, giving us  very early look at the design.

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NYCC 2014 NECA Video Game 023

NECA’s Video Game figures display was mostly figures we had seen before. One new figure that was revealed was a Devil May Cry Dante Deluxe Figure, based on the original Dante, not the reboot DMC Dante. Also on display was their Robocop vs Terminator Figures, their NES Rambo, the box for their Sega Master system Rocky and more.

NYCC 2014 NECA Godzilla 001

NECA revealed some new figures that should excite Kaiju fans the world over. Included is our very first look at their Godzilla 1954 and Burning Godzilla, as well as Godzilla 1985. We also get a look at their upcoming Pacific Rim Jaegers Series 5 and Deluxe Otachi. They also showed heir Cherno Alpha 18″ Scale figure.