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Mezco Raiden TRU 15

The Toyark is wrapping up it’s Mezco Mortal Kombat X wave 1 galleries today with Raiden! Raiden is the third of the wave along with Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Even though this is Mortal Kombat X, these three are OG and hit that nostalgia cord well. Their looks are updated yet still touch those classic notes. Raiden in particular is very well done, the paint detailing is stellar. The alternate clear lighting hands are a great touch, and of course the removable traditional hat. We also got a hold of the TRU exclusive Glow in the Dark Raiden, which premiered at SDCC 2015. Same figure, no paint, glows in the dark. Shots of him are in here as well. As with all of these, the pics speak louder than words, so check out almost 50 shots of the two Raidens after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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Mezco Scorpion 19

Mezco‘s Mortal Kombat X line is out in the wild and we have been itching to get our hands on ’em. Yesterday we took at look at Sub-Zero and the line overall, today we are seeing what Scorpion is all about. Personally, I’m a Sub-Zero guy (from way back when MK 1 was in arcades). But, I do have to say, Scorpion takes the cake in this wave. He’s got a bit more movement than Sub-Zero since his waist twist is above the belt line. The swords and “Get Over Here” chains both allow for super kick ass poses. Removable face mask is a plus too. As we said yesterday, these figures are some of the best constructed in recent times, they just feel “right” in your hand. Coupled with awesome paint and sculpts, they are winners. Check out over 35 High Res shots of Scorpion after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Check back tomorrow as we round out Wave 1 with Raiden!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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Avengers Age of Ultron SH Figuarts Ultron 001

On display at Summer Wonder Festival 2015 by Bandai and Tamashii Nations was the Avengers: Age of Ultron – SH Figuarts Ultron Figure. We got our first good look at the figure a few days ago. Now, thanks to, we have a much better look at Ultron. The figure, based on Ultron’s final form in the movie, will also be joined by the likes of Hulk, Captain America, War Machine and the Hulkbuster armor.

You can see the new photos after the jump.

MOTUC King Hsss Snake

As promised, MattyCollector has posted a photo of the updated Masters of the Universe Classics King Hsss with the snake body. Skeletor’s Love Child has also provided a bit more info and an explanation of why it’s being released this way:

Hey guys,

We’ve been reading the boards and we understand there is a lot of frustration with our favorite slithery foe, King Hssss. We get it – certain things were expected and then those things changed, which is frustrating. It is also frustrating when statements like the ones that were made regarding the Snake Hssss Torso, are put out to you, the fans, before their feasibility has been confirmed. That’s what unfortunately happened here.

As we tried to rise to the challenge of somehow offering the King Hssss Bendy Snake Torso as an added bonus to an upcoming figure, we came to the conclusion that it was just impossible to make it work financially and still offer a product at the $26 price point for the sub. The Snake Torso itself is the cost of a regular MOTUC figure, so trying to just “throw it in” with Buzz Saw Hordak would have made the retail jump to the price of a two pack, which we didn’t want to do. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly why it wasn’t included with the original King Hsss in the first place (where it would have made a lot more sense).

We still really wanted to offer the Torso, because it turned out absolutely fantastic. So we decided to offer it as its own item – a complete figure – instead of not doing it at all. Soooo we worked closely with the Four Horseman and eventually came up with this offering.

What you’ll get is a Full Snake Form King Hssss figure which includes the new Bendy Snake Upper Torso with a repaint of the Snakemen lower body, and the King Hssss Briefs. You’ll also get a Bonus Transforming King Hssss Head (Snakemen Repaint) that can work with either of your King Hssss figures and some new repaints of the Snake Men Weapons. Overall we feel this is a more complete offering than just a torso in a polybag, and allows for customizable options with the original figure.

We understand it’s not exactly what you were expecting, and that some of you aren’t happy about that. But we hope you see that we are trying to offer you the best product possible, and in order to do that sometimes things have to change.

Check out the photo by reading on.

Mezco Sub Zero 31

Mezco showed off their Mortal Kombat figures back at Toy Fair 2015, and they immediately impressed. They are a return to fully articulated offerings with sculpting and paint apps to die for (no pun intended). The one thing I was concerned with was that as great as the prototypes looked back then, how would it translate when it hit production? Answer – perfectly.

These things have multiple layers of paint just as detailed as the protos. They are also some of the most well constructed 6 inch figures I’ve handled in recent times. Build quality good, plastic heft is there, all joints move smooth and silky, but stay in their desired position. There aren’t traditional double jointed this, rocker that – but, they all move as needed in all the right points. Bottom line, Mezco hit a home run here. We’ll be looking at all three wave 1 figures this week, starting today with Sub-Zero. Check out 35 HD shots after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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WF2015 Star Wars MAFEX 001

At Summber Wonder Festival 2015, Medicom revealed a few new items. They are adding some new Star Wars and Marvel figures to their Miracle Action Figure EX (MAFEX) line. At the show, they had the following figures on display:

  • Star Wars – C-3PO
  • Star Wars – R2-D2
  • Star Wars – Stormtrooper (previously released)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – Iron Man Mark 43

Tag Hobby shared the images. You can see the photos after the jump.

MOTUC King Hsss 2

Over on the MattyCollector page, an update was posted by Skeletor’s Love Child. There have been some changes to the release of Masters of the Universe Classics King Hsss. In short, they had to make some concessions on the figure to ensure a quality release, but he will not be a required purchase for sub holders. Here is the update in full:

From the desk of Skeletor’s Love Child:

I know you guys have been wondering about King Hssss and now that I have some concrete answers I can share what’s going on.

Yes, the new torso was scheduled to be released with Buzz Saw Hordak. However, when we tried to combine the two we found out that it wouldn’t be possible to do so due to costs. We tried a few different options (alternate packaging, higher price point, etc.), but none of these choices made sense (business or common).

So here’s what we’ve decided to do: King Hssss will still be released in 2015 but he will arrive as a complete figure. Accessories, alternate head, another set of legs…it will all be there. After reviewing all the different factors that went into making this product this was the only thing that made sense as well as the right thing to do. We know that promises were made regarding how you were supposed to receive this figure but ultimately…it just wasn’t possible. It didn’t sit well with any of us to force you to pay a premium for this item so we decided to put the power in your hands.

As a sub holder you will not be locked in to purchasing this figure. King Hssss will be offered during the month of November as an add on item. If you want him, he’ll be available during Early Access; if not, you won’t be obligated to purchase. All remaining stock not purchased will be offered during our November All Access sale.

There will be pictures posted of the bendy headed Snake Men leader at a later date, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to give you a heads up.

Transparently Yours,

Skeletor’s Love Child

When they release the updated photos, we’ll be sure to share them here.

Star Wars Black Series Phase 1. Click for larger version.

The Toyark has been rocking Star Wars Black Series since day one. It was a new and updated way for Star Wars fans like ourselves to get back into the collecting game after being out of 3.75 for so long. We’ve loved every minute of it, grabbing the figures and doing the photo shoots for them. The release of Wave 9 (2015 Wave 2) and Deluxe Luke with Wampa marks the end of what we are unofficially calling “Phase 1″. Episode VII is right around the corner – the First Order Stormtrooper, Tie Pilot and Tie Fighter (and we are sure a ton more) will be coming in 6 inch format. We are down with that too! Not to mention more OT, PT & even Rebels characters!

So, let’s celebrate the end of Phase 1 with a 6 Inch Black Series group shot, featuring all the major releases so far in one big ass pic. Below are also links to all our past galleries if you’d like to catch up. Force Friday can’t come soon enough!

Star Wars Black Series Phase 1. Click for larger version.

Star Wars Black Series Phase 1. Click for larger version.

SDCC Black Series Boba Fett with Carbonite Han Solo
Black Series Luke Skywalker
Black Series Darth Maul
Black Series Sandtrooper High Res Gallery
Black Series R2-D2 High Res Gallery
Black Series Wave 1 Artistic Shots
Black Series Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) High Res Gallery (Wave 2)
Black Series Boba Fett High Res Gallery (Wave 2)
Black Series Greedo High Res Gallery (Wave 2)
Black Series Han Solo High Res Gallery (Wave 2)
Black Series Wave 2 Artistic Shots (Wave 2)
Black Series Stormtrooper High Res Gallery (Wave 2)
Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi High Res Gallery (Wave 3)
Black Series Luke Skywalker High Res Gallery (Wave 3)
Black Series Wave 3 Artistic Shots
Black Series Anakin Skywalker High Res Gallery (Wave 4)
Black Series Clone Trooper High Res Gallery (Wave 4)
SDCC Black Series Jabba The Hutt & Throne Room
Black Series Deluxe Biker Scout & Speeder Bike (Deluxe Wave 1)
Black Series Deluxe Jabba the Hutt (Deluxe Wave 1)
Black Series Sandtrooper (Wave 5)
Black Series Darth Vader (Wave 5)
Black Series Luke Skywalker (Wave 5)
Black Series Chewbacca (Wave 5)
Black Series Shadow Squadron Box Set
Black Series Prototype Armor Boba Fett
Black Series Clone Trooper Seargent (Wave 6)
Black Series Yoda (Wave 6)
Black Series Tie Pilot (Wave 6)
Black Series Bossk (Wave 7)
Black Series Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise (Wave 7)
Black Series Han Solo with Tauntaun (Deluxe Wave 2)
Black Series Clone Trooper Captain (Wave 8)
Black Series Emperor Palpatine (Wave 8)
Black Series Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise (Wave 8)
Black Series Commander Cody (Wave 9)
Black Series IG-88 (Wave 9)
Black Series Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise (Wave 9)
Black Series Luke Skywalker and Wampa (Deluxe Wave 3)

WF2015 Kaiyodo RevolMini Avengers AoU Ultron 1

Here are a bunch of new photos from Summer Wonder Festival 2015. These include the following:


  • Re-Edit Iron Man, Iron Patriot, War Machine and More
  • Meat Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Unnamed Metal Gear


  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – RevolMini Ultron
  • Star Wars – Revoltech Vehicles

Max Factory – Figma

  • Metal Gear Solid V – Soldier
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – Hulk
  • 300 – King Leonidas
  • Metroid: Other M – Zero Suit Samus Aran (Preview Art)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Link (Preview Art)

Good Smile company – Nendoroid

  • Dark Knight Joker
  • Metal Gear Solid V – Sneaking Suit Snake
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – Iron Man Mark 43
  • Mega Man
  • Legend of Zelda – Link
  • Kirby (Link disguise)

The photos come courtesy of the Amiami Blog. Read o nto check them out.

Luke Wampa 01

Star Wars Black Series Deluxe Wave 3 is here and we wrap up our Week of Black Series galleries today with Luke Skywalker and Wampa set. This continues the Hoth thread along side the Han Solo and Tuantuan, and is equally as impressive. The Wampa is articulated, has weathering on his white fur, and even has a removable arm to recreate Luke’s lightsaber escape! Check out our set of over 50 images after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS Pre-Orders – Get ’em while they’re hot: 2015 Wave 2 Revision, 2015 Wave 1, All Black Series.

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