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NECA 1994 Godzilla 053

NECA continues their line of 12″ head-to-tail Godzilla figures with a version of Godzilla based on the 1994 film Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. In the film, Godzilla must face Mogera, a UN created machine as well as a space version of himself. Though not typically considered one of the top Godzilla films, the movie featured a striking design for Godzilla and was one of the last films released prior to the reboot in 1999 (after the disastrous original North American version). Also available in this scale is their previously released Godzilla 2014, as well as their upcoming Godzilla 1985 figure. This figure features over 30 points of articulation and stands at 6″ tall.

We’re pleased to present a full gallery of the figure. We have over 50 photos. Read on to see the pics as well as my thoughts on the 1994 Godzilla figure.

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Dynamic poses ftw!

The Black Series has gone deluxe! Larger scale figures and accessories are coming, kicking off with Wave 1′s Biker Scout and Jabba The Hutt (non SDCC version). The Biker Scout is a standard Black Series 6 inch scale figure and comes packaged with an in-scale Speeder Bike as seen in Return of the Jedi. A stand comes-with, so you can pose the figure on-bike for some dynamic shots. We’ve shot it up and done up some thoughts, check out over 35 shots courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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MAFEX Stormtrooper 005

At the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2014, we got our first look at upcoming MAFEX Star Wars Figures. Now Medicom has given us an official look at their upcoming MAFEX Stormtrooper. This 160 MM tall (roughly 6″) figure will include an adjustable figure stand and a blaster. The blaster can be mounted on the figures hip or held for action poses. Also included in the photo is a new look at the MAFEX Darth Vader.

The MAFEX Stormtrooper is scheduled for release in May 2015. The figure will sell for 4,500 Yen (about $43 USD). See the new photos after the jump.

MAFEX Dark Knight Rises Catwoman 004

Medicom has released some official photos and new info for their upcoming MAFEX Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure. We last saw the figure back in June at the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2014. These new photos offer our best look yet.The figure will include an adjustable figure stand and moveable goggles. Catwoman will stand at 160 MM tall, which is just over 6″.

The MAFEX Catwoman is schedule for a May 2015 release. It will sell for 4,500 Yen (about $43 USD). Check out the new photos after the jump.

New 6 Inch Star Wars Black Series

Thanks to forum member TheBigMachine, we have word of some new Star Wars Black Series 6″ Figures coming next year. Dorkside Toys has posted pre-order listings for the following 6″ figures:

  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise
  • IG-88
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

No word, at this time, of the Obi-Wan is a repack of the previously released figure or an all-new version. Perhaps it could be an Alec Guinness version! We’ll have more as it becomes available. These are listed for a first quarter 2015 release. No images are yet available.

Mezco NYCC Exclusives

Mezco sent us a new press release. It details how to pre-order their upcoming New York Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives. See below for details:

As the final week of summer begins, Mezco begins taking pre-orders on its exciting array of NYCC Exclusive items.

Fans and collectors can chose from five much sought after limited edition items:

16th Anniversary Pink Posey- Monday 8/25, 1pm EST

Sons Of Anarchy Blue Prison Jax-Tuesday 8/26, 1pm EST

Sons Of Anarchy Orange Prison Clay-Tuesday 8/26, 1pm EST

Son Of Frankenstein-Wednesday 8/27, 1pm EST

Black & White Universal Monsters Mummy-Wednesday 8/27, 1pm EST

As die-hard fans know, limited edition NYCC exclusives often sell out quickly at conventions; pre-ordering allows collectors to lock in their purchase without having to fight the convention crowds and worry about transporting their goods home.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not New York Comic Con Super Week limited edition coins will also be available (while supplies last). Learn more about Super Week coins here:

All of Mezco’s New York Comic Con Exclusives are limited editions and are only available while supplies last.

A limited amount are available online at, but don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Be sure to visit Mezco at New York Comic Con at booth 1855.

Doomsday Unleashed Being Released 1

Forum member CMIII has let us know that MattyCollector posted an update to reveal that the long gestating Doomsday “Unleashed” DC Universe Classics Figure is being released! Here’s what was posted:

Celebrating the official end of the Four Horsemen 6″ DC Universe line, Mattel is excited to partner with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to bring you the long-in-coming “Unleashed” Doomsday figure! He will be available this winter in an amazing window box diorama as a standalone day-of purchase! Images and full details to come, but we couldn’t wait to share this news with our fans! This final figure will celebrate the end of a fantastic toy line.

This is a figure fans have long been hoping to see. It’s great that it’s finally finding a way to their hands. We saw Doomsday Unleashed way back at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Check out a few pics after the jump to refresh your memory.

Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow Figure

DC Collectibles has released their solicitations for March 2015 releases. These include a bunch of new Batman: Arkham Knight items, a few statues and more. Here’s what’s new:


Read on for the photos and much more info on each item.

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SDCC 2014 DC Total Heroes Firestorm 006

In a few posts on the MattyCollector Forums, Toyguru Scott Neitlich has revealed that the DC Total Heroes Ultra line will not be continuing. Fan demand wasn’t there and these 6″ figures will ride off into the sunset. Here’s some of what Toyguru posted:

No, the line has not sold well enough for a 2015 line and will conclude with Firestorm. We can only make figures when there are enough customers to buy them!

Absolutely understand the frustration when a toy line you love ends. The DC retail team will continue to work with fans and listen to all of there suggestions and comments for future DC action figures from Mattel!

These aren’t details we share publicly, but essentially they did not meet sales goals to keep the line going.

Correct. Only the ultra deluxe figs on Matty are wrapping up.

So what are your thoughts on the DC Total Heroes Ultra line being cancelled? Let us know in the discussion.

NYCC 2014 Sons of Anarchy Jax 1

Mezco has started to revealed their New York Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives. Yesterday, they revealed a Sons of Anarchy Clay Morrow in an Orange Prison Suit. Now they have sent along photos and info for a Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller in Blue Prison Suit. The 6″ tall figure will be available in limited quantities online starting August 22nd. Here’s some additional info from Mezco:

Mezco Toyz is thrilled to announce a new must-have collectible figure from the award-winning series Sons Of Anarchy.

This new exclusive variant of Jax represents one of his numerous prison stays. Jax stands six inches tall in his state-issued blue prison jumpsuit.

Episode accurate, Jax looks as though he walked out of an episode of Sons Of Anarchy and into your collection.

Jax comes packaged in a collector-friendly blister package.

No rules, No masters!

This Mezco New York Comic Con Exclusive is a Limited Edition. A select number of collector’s items will be available online at, beginning August 22nd. Don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Be sure to visit Mezco at New York Comic Con at booth 1855.

Check out the photos after the jump.