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Lost Planet Toy Notch 007

The Lost Planet 3 3/4ths scale figures from Toy Notch are inching closer to reality, now hitting the official pre-order stage. Site sponsor The ToySource has put them up with official images and pricing. All of the individual figures are going for $20.99 USD, and the GTF-13M Evax mech suit is listed at $79.99. A little pricier than mass release items from Hasbro and Mattel, but this is a boutique line which will have smaller print runs and limited availability. Check out all the images after the break, and head on over to The ToySource to grab your pre-orders.

The Rocketeer ReAction Figure

Funko has sent out a new press release for some upcoming figures. Included are the following:

ReAction 3.75″ Figures

  • The Rocketter

Disney’s Maleficent Pop! Vinyl Figures

  • Maleficent
  • Aurora

Hanna Barbara Pop! Vinyl Figures

  • Fred Flintstone
  • Barney Rubble
  • Frankenstein Jr.
  • Hong Kong Phooey

The Rocketeer and the Maleficent Pops are due in May. The Hanna Barbara Pops are due in June. Check out the images after the jump.

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ToySource JoeCon 09

Site sponsor theToySource is at G.I. Joecon 2014 this weekend, and they’ve sent over some quick shots of their booth. On display were the Lost Planet 3.75 Inch figure line from Toy Notch, seen again in full color as it nears it’s release date. Also present were 3rd Party Transformers Citizen Stack (not Ultra Magnus) and Soundmixer (not Blaster). Check out the shots and a note from theToySource after the break!

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Boss Fight Medusa Weapons

Our friends at Boss Fight Studio roll on with the killer previews and reveals. They have released the first look at Medusa’s Weapon Set. The weapons are still a work in progress, so the final product may vary a bit. But it’s our first really good look at how they will handle weapons and accessories for their 3.75″ line of figures.

Check it out after the jump.

Female turn teaser1 1

Boss Fight Studio has revealed another new preview image. The newly released pic gives us an exclusive look at the digital turns  for the  female  base figures. These sculpts will be what each new female character they release will be built around, allowing for a fantastic amount of articulation throughout their releases.

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Power Lords Lord Power Packaged

The Four Horsemen have revealed photos of upcoming Power Lords figures in full packaging. The blister card display allows for the figures to be removed and replaced without damaging the card. Included are:

  • Adam Power
  • Lord Power
  • Ggripptogg
  • Ggrabbtargg
  • Ggrapptikk Trooper

Read on for even more from Four Horsemen as well as all the images.

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Boss Fight Base Figures

Boss Fight Studio has revealed another new preview image. The newly released pic gives us a look at the digital sculpts for the male and female 3.75″ base figures. These sculpts will be what each new character they release will be built around, allowing for a fantastic amount of articulation throughout their releases. Also seen in the image is a look at the figure stands.

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Boss Fight Weapons Assortment

Check out a new preview from Boss Fight Studio. They have released a new images that shows an assortment of weapons they are working on for their upcoming 3.75″ Figure line. You can preview the figure and designs by checking out our Boss Fight Studio photos from NJCC.

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PTX 140R Hardballer Mech

Toy Notch has updated again with new images from their Lost Planet 3 3/4th scale line. This time, we get to see Wave 1.5 which features a larger vehicle, the Hardballer. The figure is due out in October/November 2014. Check out the shots after the break!

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Toy Notch Lost Planet Wave 1 Official Images

gtf 13m evax 2

The folks over at Toy Notch have released the first official images of their upcoming Lost Planet 3 3/4th scale figures and vehicles. Lost Planet 2014 Wave 1 will consist of Colonel Caleb Isenberg, EX-Nevec, Jim Peyton, Jungle Pirate, Mercenary, Vagabundo, and Waysider Femme. There will also be a GTF-13M Evax vehicle. These figures first showed up as protos during SDCC 2013, and then again at Toy Fair 2014 at the Bluefin / Tamashii booth. They are slated for a June / July release. How much and through who is still unknown. Check out the pics after the break!