ThreeZero Dragon Age Inquisition Alistair 001

Based on the immensely popular video game series, Alistair was a non-playable character in Dragon Age: Origins, and served as a major part of the story. Now it looks like he’s returning in the new Dragon Age: Inquisition video game and is getting a figure as well. ThreeZero has dropped a surprise update, revealing a Dragon Age: Inquisition Alistair 1/6 Scale Figure.

The 1/6 scale figure will stand over 12.5″ tall. He will include over 25 points of articulation. Included accessories are multiple interchangeable hands, a sword, and a shield. Pre-orders go live at on March 31st, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for $150 shipped. The figure will include a code to unlock in game content as well.

Read on to see the photos and for more info.

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Preview Batman Modern Age Statue

Sideshow has posted a preview for a Modern Age Batman Premium Format Figure. The statue will depict the Dark Knight in his iconic blue and gray costume. The 1/4 scale statue is scheduled to go up for pre-order on April 2nd. Look for an update a few days prior, which will bring us more info and images.

For now, you can check out the preview photo by reading on.

Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Stealth Edition 018

Yesterday, we reported on a series of Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron Exhibitions. At those shows, Hot Toys will be showing off their upcoming Avengers movie collectibles. Today Hot Toys has announced an exclusive figure that will be available at those events. The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Stealth Edition 1/6 Scale Figure is a metallic and matte black repaint of the Mark VII armor seen in the first Avengers film. It features all the excellent extras you would expect from a Hot Toys Iron Man figure. It has LED light up features, multiple interchangeable hands, swappable armor pieces, and a figure stand.

Read on for much more info and the photos.

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Valiant Minimates X O Manowar and Bloodshot TRU Minimates 4

Diamond Select Toys sent along a Press Release for their newly released Valiant Comics Minimates. The set, which features X-O Manowar and Bloodshot, has been released and are exclusive to Toys “R” Us. Next month, a battle damaged version of the set will be released in comic and specialty shops.

The Toys “R” Us exclusive 2-pack includes a really cool extra. Buying the set gets you a free comic offer as well. The set is available now. You can check out the full press release and the images by reading on.

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012 Marvel Legends Thanos BAF Age Of Ultron Wave

For ages, Thanos has traveled the stars, seeking ways to finally achieve his dream of a peace, with not a single living thing to mar it. From time to time, he has very nearly achieved this goal, and been stopped only by the cooperation of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

Check out over 20 high res images and our quick thoughts after the break, courtesy of Dork Side Toys!

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002 Marvel Infinite Hawkeye Universe Avengers Wave

Hawkeye has natural archery abilities honed to an expert level. One day, when witnessing Iron Man save the lives of some people at the carnival, he decided to become a costumed crime-fighter himself. As a way of proving himself, he broke into the Avengers Mansion and convinced their butler, Jarvis, to play the role of a victim so he could display his powers. Iron Man vouched for Hawkeye, and he joined the new line-up of Avengers!

Check out over 15 high res images and our quick thoughts after the break, courtesy of Entertainment!

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RevolMini MGSV Soldier 006

Kaiyodo has sent out some new photos of an upcoming RevolMini figure. A Soviet Army General Soldier from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain joins Venom Snake and the Cyborg Ninja as the latest RevolMini figures from the series. This 4″ scale figure is actually a little larger at 125MM (a little under 5″) tall. The figure will include an extra set of interchangeable white eyes and will come with an impressive array of weapons. These include a rifle (that can disassemble), rocket launchers, pistols and more.

The Soviet Soldier is due out in June. He will be priced at 3,500 Yen (about $29 USD). Read on to check out some photos.

TruForce Mega Man X Prototype Painted 005

Check out some new photos of the TruForce Collectibles Mega Man X prototype. This 6″ tall Mega Man X Figure will have over 30 points of articulation. It will feature a mix of plastic and diecast. It will also include a light up LED Mega Buster hand, some swappable parts and a figure stand. Both TruForce and Toys Lover Thailand have shared photos, courtesy of forum member CryptDemon. The figure came from an extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign that ended last month.

See the photos by reading on.

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