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Tamashii Effect Burning Flame 4

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has released images and info for two upcoming releases. They have the Tamashii Burning Flame Effect as well as a S.H. Figuarts Naruto figure. Both are set to debut in August. The Flame Effect will cost $21.99 , while Naruto will sell for $39.99.

Tamashii Effect Burning Flame
Heat up your advanced figure collection with the all new Tamashii Effect- Burning Flame (Red or Blue Ver.)! These translucent effect parts are rendered in exquisite detail, and are articulated in order to adapt to a variety of figure poses and intense action sequences. The flame parts can also be separated for scattered burning effects. Figures and display stands sold separately.

S.H. Figuarts Naruto
At last, one of the most requested characters in Tamashii Nations’ surveys finally takes his rightful place in the S.H.Figuarts series. Naruto, as he appears in the “Naruto: Shippuden” animated series, will finally be portrayed as an action figure with intricate articulation to recreate the most extreme ninja action sequences. This advanced action figure also features a full-array of optional accessories, including a total of four interchangeable facial expressions for depicting a variety of character specific scenes, two kunai, Rasengan effect parts, and interchangeable hands (5 left, 6 right). Buy one or… Heck, you already know you’re going to need several. Three words: Shadow Clone Jitsu. Believe it!

Android 17 SH Figuarts 002

The S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Android 17 is being released in North America by Bluefin Tamashii Nations. It’s set for release in October for $39.99. Here’s more from Tamashii:

The popular S.H.Figuarts Dragonball saga continues! Following the release of S.H.Figuarts Android 18 comes the appropriate follow-up of the character’s twin, Android 17. A web exclusive in Japan, 17 will be made available to fans in North America via Bluefin Distribution. This deluxe action figure set features a full-array of accessories, including the android’s gun and holster, interchangeable belt and bandana, a total of 3 optional faces, a pair of folded arms, alternate hair pieces, and a full set of interchangeable hands (6 right/5 left). Ideal for pairing up with S.H.Figuarts Android 18 for dual attacks on the Z Warriors, as well as other iconic scenes from the series!

You can see the photos of Android 17 after the jump

SH Monsterarts Godzilla 004

Tamashii Nations has revealed images and info for a new S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla. The figure stands just over 7″ tall and will include an Atomic Breath effects piece with a poseable base. The figure features a ton of articulation with multiple points in the neck, arms, leg and waist. It’s due for release in July at a suggested retail price of 6,800 Yen, which is roughly $66 USD.

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SH MonsterArts Predator Wolf Heavy Armament Version 004

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has updated with a bit more info on the S.H. Monsterarts Wolf Predator we reported on a few days ago. Looks like this is a variant version. The full figure name is S.H. MonsterArts Predator Wolf Heavy Armament Version. It is due in September for $64.99. Here’s more from Tamashii Nations:

S.H.MonsterArts continues its aim to be the number one series of high quality monster action figures on the market today with the newest addition coming straight from Alien vs. Predator: Requiem- the Predator Wolf (Heavy Armed Ver.)! This deluxe figure is only available as a web exclusive in Japan, but comes to North American shores as a regular release thanks to Bluefin Distribution. Faithfully proportioned as it appeared in the film, the set portrays the character after he picks up additional tools from the crashed ship in the movie. Tamashii Nations’ creative team has made use of both resin and diecast materials for the very best results in quality while perfectly maintaining the realism seen on screen. This version of the character contains extra tools, such as claymores with removable holsters and two shurikens. Special interchangeable hands for use with the shuriken have also been included for replicating specific scenes from the movie. Additionally, this version of the Predator Wolf will feature two plasma cannons, a big cannon, and alternative parts in order to depict the cannon after being broken. Both short and long spears, as well as coiled and uncoiled whip parts are also featured, in addition to interchangeable heads and a full array of interchangeable hands. In the world of AVP, there’s no hunter better equipped.

SH Monsterarts AvP Wolf Predator 002

Tamashii Nations has released some photos of the upcoming SH Monsterarts Alien vs Predator – Wolf Predator. The figure will stand just over 7″ tall and include additional hands, an unmasked and masked head, Plasma Shoulder Cannons, Big Gun Cutters, and the Claymore Mine Whip (short and long). We last saw the figure at the Tamashii Nations Toy Fair 2014 Booth.

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FiguartsZero Sailor Mercury 007

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has released images and info for the North American release of the FiguartsZero Sailor Mercury. It is scheduled to hit in August or September at a price of $89.99. From Tamashii:

Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the second release in the Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon lineup with Sailor Mercury! This larger scaled, elegantly sculpted statue piece highlights the character’s aquatic powers with dynamically water effects that swirl around the figure. As with the initial Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon release, this highly detailed sculpt has been meticulously crafted and painted in exquisite detail by the team at VOLKS- the original makers of the popular garage kits released during the original TV anime run back in the 90′s. Cool off, and grab yourself a bit of Mercury Power before this fine piece is gone forever.

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Figuarts Zero Frieza Final Form 4

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has posted up images and info for the upcoming Figuarts Zero: Frieza Final Form. It’s due out in July for $34.99.

Frieza joins the Figuarts ZERO series in his Final Form! Depicted as he appears during the final moments of his climactic fight with Goku on Planet Namek, this high-end statue recreates Frieza using 100% of his battle power. The added bulk on this powered up version of Frieza has been rendered with meticulous detail, capturing his rippling musculature seen when he was fighting for his life. Clear energy effects surge around the conqueror of worlds, further demonstrating his lust for destruction. A detailed base is included to complete the scene, capturing the feel of the planet laid to waste. Don’t wait- it may only take five minutes to blow up a planet, but it takes only a few seconds to preorder this beauty. Get yours today!

Check out some photos by reading on.

Armor Plus Ronin Warriors Kuroi Kikoutei 08

Just when you thought the Armor Plus line has faded away, comes another new release, a Samurai Troopers Yoroiden/Ronin Warriors one at that! TamashiiWebshop has revealed their upcoming Armor Plus Kuroi Kikoutei figure. The armor made its appearance in the Samurai Yoroiden Troopers Kikoutei Densetsu OVA(which was included subtitled in the Ronin Warriors complete series DVD by Bandai over a decade ago but has been out of print for years). Instead of the swords that Ryo’s Inferno armor had, this one has a giant boomerang.

No clue if Talpa, Anubis, Cale or any of the other Dark Lords will ever be made in the Armor Plus line, but hey your Armor Plus Ronin Warriors finally have someone to fight! Armor Plus Kuroi Kikoutei is due out in July for 9,180 yen. Read on to check out the images.

DX VF 25G Renewal Ver Tornado Pack 01

The Tamashii WebShop has revealed parts sets that Macross Frontier fans have been waiting for; DX VF-25F and DX VF-25G Renewal Version Tornado Packs. Each set retails for 7,344 yen, with the VF-25F pack due out in July with the VF-25G pack due in August. Tornado packs made their debut in the 1st Macross F movie.

Images are attached, read on to check them out.

DX YF 25 Prophecy 02

Tamashii has released their official images of their upcoming DX YF-25 Prophecy. This is the prototype of the VF-25 Messiah. Prior to this, it only existed in 1/72 model kit form. For those wishing for a perfect transformation toy with diecast metal, your wish has come true. The Prophecy hasn’t been seen much, it was last seen in Macross The Ride.

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