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PAK D Dog MGSV 003

We’ve seen a few previews of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – D. Dog Play Arts Kai Figure. Now Square Enix as sent out the official images of the fully painted figure. The figure, also known as DD or Diamond Dog, is the loyal pet of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and will accompany him on missions. The figure will include three swappable heads, an assortment of weapons and a figure stand.

Look for it to be released in December at a price of 12,000 Yen (about $99 USD). After the jump you will find all of the new photos.

FF XII Play Arts Fran 002

Square Enix has sent out a few new official pics of their next Final Fantasy figure. Earlier this month, we shared photos from Gamescom 2015, which gave us a look at the finalized Final Fantasy XII Fran Play Arts Kai Figure. Release date and price haven’t been revealed. Those will likely be included with the second round of official pictures, and that should hit within a few days.

See the photos by reading on.

MGSV Tretij Rebenok Play Arts Kai 005

Square Enix has sent out photos and info for their upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – The Third Child “Tretij Rebenok” Play Arts Kai Figure. The name clears up speculation and we now know that this is a character similar to Psycho Mantis, but is not “Kid Mantis“, as many had assumed. The figure comes in a straight jacket, wearing a gas mask. The only accessory listed is the figure stand. Details from SE:

Clad in a gas mask and an ill-fitting black straitjacket, here’s Enix’s Play Arts Kai version of Tretij Rebenok, the 3rd Child from “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”  WIth the sleeves hanging down dismally and with bare feet, the 3rd Child projects a feeling of eeriness and mystery.

The Third Child Play Arts Kai Figure is scheduled for release in November. It’s listed at 9,800 Yen (about $79 USD). Toyark sponsor HobbyLink Japan has the pre-order for $67 plus shipping.

You can see the new photos after the jump.

Play Arts Variant Black Widow 004

Along with the Captain America images, Squre Enix released new photos of their upcoming Marvel Play Arts Variant Black Widow. The figure will include a few swappable hands, two wrist blast effects pieces, a “Widow Bite” effects piece, two pistols, a knife and a figure stand. Black Widow is scheduled to be released in December. The figure will be priced at 13,800 Yen (about $110 USD).

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Play Arts Variant Captain America 006

Square Enix has sent out more photos of their upcoming Marvel Play Arts Variant Captain America. The Cap figure will include an assortment of interchangeable hands, a wrist replacement to hold the shield, a removable shield handle and a figure stand. As seen in the photos, Captain America can store his shield on his back as well. The figure is scheduled for release in December. It will be priced at 14,800 Yen (about $119 USD).

You can see all of the photos by reading on.

PAK Final Fantasy XV Noctis 001

At Gamescom 2015, Square Enix displayed two upcoming Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Figures. they showed a final version of Final Fantasy XII Fran as well as a Final Fantasy XV Noctis. The images come courtesy of Tag Hobby.

Read on to see the new pics.


The last time we saw Variant Marvel Play Arts Kai Captain America was during San Diego Comic Con 2015. It was in prototype form.

Now we get to see it in color! Square Enix has released a few official images of their new Captain America figure. Read on to check it out!

PAK Steampunk Batman 004

A few days ago, we shared a few official photos of the upcoming Batman Timeless – Play Arts Variant Steampunk Batman Figure. Details were scarce at the time, but we have a bite more info and a few new photos to share courtesy of Square Enix. The redesigned 19th century themed Batman includes a crossbow styled grapnel gun, a few interchangeable hands and a figure stand.

The figure is not going to come cheap, though. The list price is going to be 19,800 Yen (about $158 USD). Expect retailers to cut that down a bit though. It’s scheduled for release in December. You can see the photos after the jump.

PAK Stormtrooper 030

Man, these Play Arts Kai Star Wars Variants are coming fast! Darth Vader dropped back in June. Boba Fett was next in mid July, and The Stormtrooper we are showing off today dropped in late July. This Stormtrooper continues Square Enix’s trend with the variant lines, an artistic interpretation of classic characters, not meant to be screen accurate. He keeps the classic notes with his black and white color scheme, rifle and gun, tidbits on the armor. The helmet is recognizable as Stromtrooper on first glance, but still gets a redesign. This one really takes top billing in the line so far, just etching out Vader for pure awesomeness. Check out our shoot with him after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: Darth Maul, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, All Play Arts Kai.

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PAK Steampunk Batman 002

Batman Timeless is the Play Arts Variant line of redesigned Batman figures. Each one is based on either a specific designers vision, or an interpretation of how a Batman would have appeared in a historical setting. The latest entry in the line is the Play Arts Variant Steampunk Batman, a 19th century Victorian-era styled Batman. We had a look at the figure most recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Square Enix has released two new official photos of the Steampunk Batman. Expect a few more photos as well as pricing and release dates to be revealed soon. You can check out the images by reading on.