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McQuarrie Darth Vader Figure

At Star Wars Celebration, Sideshow revealed some upcoming Star Wars items during their collectibles panel. These included the following:

  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept – Darth Vader – Sixth Scale Figure
  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept -Stormtrooper – 1/5 Scale Maquette
  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept -Boba Fett – 1/5 Scale Macquette
  • Jawas -Sixth  Scale Figure Set
  • R5-D2 – Sixth Scale Figure

Thanks to jedi_don of Statue Forum and Toyark forum member TheBigMachine for sharing these.

Sideshow Star Wars Sixth Scale R5 D4 Teaser

Over the weekend, we’ll be getting plenty of Star Wars news. Sideshow is expected to be very active and they’ve kicked off the Star Wars Celebration weekend with two new teasers. They have posted previews for Star Wars Sixth Scale Figures based on the Jawas and R5-D4.

These will be on display at the Sideshow booth, but for now, you can see the teasers after the jump.

Arkham Asylum Joker Premium Format Figure 001

Last week we shared a preview for Sideshow‘s upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum – Joker Premium Format Figure. Today, Sideshow has released a more detailed look at the upcoming statue. The 1/4 scale statue will stand over 24″ tall. It features an Arkham Asylum themed brick base and a tailored outfit, all modeled after his in-game appearance. A Sideshow Exclusive version will include an alternate swappable head. It also appears that we get our first glimpse at the Batman companion statue that is yet to be announced.

The Joker Statue will set you back $449.99. Pre-orders begin on April 16th. you can see the new photos after the jump.

Sideshow Arkham Asylum Joker Preview

Sideshow has posted a video preview for an upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker Premium Format Figure. The statue will be available for pre-order beginning April 16th. It is based on The Joker‘s appearance in the first Arkham game from the critically acclaimed series. The video shows a bit of the production work that went into the statue creation. We also see that there will be two head sculpts, with one of them likely coming as apart of a Sideshow Exclusive version. Check it out below.

DC comics Darseid Premium Format Figure 007

Last week we shared a preview for a fantastic looking DC Comics Darkseid Statue coming from Sideshow Collectibles. Now we have some new detailed photos and a bit more info on the upcoming Premium Format Figure direct from Sideshow. Darkseid stands tall at a height of over two feet. The statue comes on a themed base of fire and stone. The preview last week showed an additional swap out head sculpt. We now know that the extra head sculpt will come with the Sideshow Exclusive Darkseid Statue.

Pre-orders begin on April 9th. It will be priced at $599.99. Read on to see the new images.

Darkseid Premium Format Figure Preview 001

Check out a new preview and production video showing Sideshow‘s upcoming DC Comics Darkseid Premium Format Figure. The statue will include, at least, two swappable heads.Pre-orders kick off on April 9th. Expect more images and info early next week. For now, you can check out the video below, as well as a few screen grabs after the jump.

Batman Modern Age Premium Format Figure 008

Check out some new photos and a video for Sideshow‘s upcoming Batman Modern Age Premium Format Figure. This Batman Statue features the Caped Crusader in his popular blue and gray costume. The statue is mounted on a stone gargoyle base. It stands over 24″ tall and will include two different head sculpts. The statue goes up for pre-order on April 2nd at a price of $429.99.

After the jump, you can find the video and the photos.

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Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Sideshow Statue 2

Sideshow premiered their upcoming Friday the 13th Part3 – Jason Voorhees “The Legend of Crystal Lake” Premium Format Figure at Monsterpalooza. The 1/4 scale statue features fabric clothing, a blood stained machete and a stylized take on the memorable first Jason with a hockey mask. The statue base has a series of relief vignettes, depicting the victims from the film. No word just yet on price or release date.

Check out the images after the jump.

Preview Batman Modern Age Statue

Sideshow has posted a preview for a Modern Age Batman Premium Format Figure. The statue will depict the Dark Knight in his iconic blue and gray costume. The 1/4 scale statue is scheduled to go up for pre-order on April 2nd. Look for an update a few days prior, which will bring us more info and images.

For now, you can check out the preview photo by reading on.

Sideshow J Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue 001

Check out some new photos and more info for the Sideshow J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue. The new images show off more of the statue, as well as the original J. Scott Campbell design sketches that inspired it. The statue will be set on a themed base, covered in shiny jewels. There will be a Sideshow Exclusive version of the Black Cat Statue as well. That will include an adorable companion cat. The Sideshow update reveals that pre-orders go live on March 26th at a price of $279.99.

Read on to see the new images.