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Toy Soul 2014 Toy Soul 2014 Hot Toys 015

Here we have mirrored a massive gallery of over 85 photos from Toy Soul 2014. These images come courtesy of Plastic Enemies. their gallery contains 312 photos from the show, so check them out for even more pics. I’ve mirrored the ones that may be of most interest to our readers. These include the following companies:

  • 3A
  • ACI
  • Enterbay
  • Hot Toys
  • Kids Logic
  • Oritoy
  • Sentinel
  • Sideshow
  • Soap Studio
  • ThreeZero
  • And More

In the pics, you can see that Hot Toys is prepping for some Avengers: Age of Ultron reveals. ThreeZero debuted a Chappie figure as well. There’s much more after the jump.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure 001

Back in October, we shared am Indiana Jones Figure Preview from Sideshow. They had been pretty quiet on news or pics since then. Thankfully, Sideshow has finally released new photos and more info. The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure will be priced at $229.99 with pre-orders beginning December 11. The Indy figure will include his hat, a bullwhip, pistol, machete, five sets of interchangeable hands, Sankara Stones, a satchel and a figure stand. The Sideshow Exclusive version will include additional illuminated versions of the Sankara Stones.

Check out all the images by reading on.

Star Wars C 3PO Sixth Scale Figure 014

New photos and info have been released for the upcoming Star Wars – C-3PO Sixth Scale Figure. Sideshow‘s new figure will feature a ton of great articulation, including articulated fingers! The C-3PO figure will also include a comlink accessory, as seen in A New Hope. There will also be a Sideshow Exclusive Edition. It will include a swap-out severed left arm piece, showing the damage from his encounter with a Tusken Raider.

Pre-order kick off today at a price of $229.99. See the new photos by reading on.

C 3PO Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure Preview

Back at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, we got our first look at Sideshow’s Star Wars C-3PO Sixth Scale Figure (among many others). At the time, the figure was still in development and not finalized. Now Sideshow has given a preview of the finalized design as well as a new preview video. Pre-orders kick off on November 20th, so expect a full reveal before then. IT will surely make a great companion piece to the soon to be released R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure. Check out the video below.

Power Girl Premium Format Figure 013

Sideshow has released some new official photos and info for their upcoming Power Girl Premium Format Figure. The 1/4 scale statue, which we saw back at San Diego Comic-Con, will stand over 21″ tall from top to base. The included base will feature a cratered street. A Sideshow Exclusive edition will be available as well. It will feature an interchangeable portrait, which will have Power Girl‘s hair blowing in the breeze.

Pre-orders go live on November 13th. The statue will be priced at $399.99. You can see all of the photos by reading on.

Sideshow Iron Man Mark II Maquette 011

We first saw the Iron Man Mark II 1/4 Scale Maquette back in July. Now Sideshow has fully revealed the statue with a bunch of new photos and more info. The 26″ tall statue is a joint effort between Sideshow Collectibles and Legacy Effects, the effects studio who brought Iron Man to life on film.The Mark II Armor is displayed on a gantry base and includes a nameplate and numerous light up features. Pre-orders go live on November 6th at a price of $479.99.

See the photos after the jump.

Friday The 13th Part 3 Jason Voorhees Statue Preview

Sideshow posted an announcement and preview art for an upcoming Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason Voorhees “Legend of Crystal Lake” Premium Format Figure. The 1/4 scale statue will depict Jason from the first movie where he dons the haunting and iconic hockey mask. We’ll update when more images and info are released.

Check out the preview by reading on.

Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure Preview

Sideshow has posted an announcement and preview for a new Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure. From the preview, you can see it will include his trademark hat and whip as well as a satchel, which was used to carry the sacred Sankara Stones. No pre-order date or price has been revealed at this time. We’ll update when new info or images become available.

See the preview after the jump.

Sideshow Luke Skywalker X Wing Pilot Figure 016

Sideshow has posted the pre-order page for their upcoming Star Wars – Luke Skywalker – Red Five X-Wing Pilot Sixth Scale Figure. The figure features a detail likeness of actor Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker from Episode IV: A New Hope. The 12″ tall figure includes a cloth flight suit and harness, removable helmet, visor, comlink, interchangeable hands and a figure stand. It’s priced at $239.99 with a release in October 2015.

Pre-order the figure Here. Read on to check out the images.

Freddy Krueger Premium Format Figure Preview

A new Freddy Krueger statue has been announced by Sideshow. The A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 – Freddy Krueger “Terror of Dreams” Premium Format Figure will capture the horror icon in a new 1/4 scale statue. The announcement is accompanied by a piece of concept art. We’ll follow up as the statue is revealed.

You can see the preview after the jump.