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SDCC 2014 NECA Retro 8 Inch Figures 007

Here’s a bunch of the smaller, random stuff from NECA at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included are the following:

  • Gremlins Mogwai Series 5
  • Retro 8-Inch Snake Plissken
  • Retro 8-Inch Horror Figures
  • Retro 8-Inch Misfits
  • Simpsons Figures
  • Solar Powered Body Knockers (Bobbleheads)
  • Scalers
  • And More

SDCC 2014 NECA Robocop vs Terminator 001

Here’s NECA’s Video Game Figure display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included was a really fantastic 16-Bit Robocop vs Terminator diorama, a new look at their Sega Master System Rocky Balboa as well as their NES 1989 Batman figure.

SDCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim 004

Pacific Rim were well represented by NECA at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included is a look at a new Deluxe Kaiju Otachi, some prototypes for upcoming figures and more. They also had a few Godzilla figures. Those included 1985, 1994 and 2014 versions.

SDCC 2014 NECA Quarter Scale Figures 001

A major, and awesome, surprise coming from NECA. They have revealed an all new Quarter Scale Batman Return Danny DeVito Penguin. Also on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was their Dark Knight Joker, Classic Robin, and Halo Master Chief.

SDCC 2014 NECA Alien 001

NECA had a ton of new Alien figures on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. We get our first look at not one, but two Ellen Ripley figures! We get a great look at Bishop and Dallas as well. New Xenos include the Alien 3 Xenomorph and the Queen Alien. Since the displays were small for these, we included the Rambo figures and the Predator Series 12 and 13 figures as well.

NECA NES Batman 1

NECA has revealed their next video game inspired figure. They will be releasing a Batman based of the NES game for Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. This will also mark NECA‘s first 7″ DC figure! The figure will feature a purple and blue color scheme to mimic the look of the Batman sprite in the NES game.

The figure, which looks to be a scaled down version of their 18-Inch Michel Keaton Batman, will feature 25 points of articulation. It will include a removable cloth cape, a Batarang and a grapnel gun. It’s due for release in October.

NECA confirms that they will not be releasing a movie accurate color version of the 7″ NES Batman. See below:

@Blanka1212 Asks – Might we see standard colored Batman from you in 7 inch????

@NECA_TOYS Replies – No but it’s an easy repaint for most no?

Check out the images after the jump.

Robocop vs Terminator Video Game Figures by NECA

NECA is truly branching out with their video game inspired figures. Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has listed four Robocop vs Terminator Video Game Figures from NECA. These are:

The Robocop figure sports more of an airbrushed/metallic blue look, as opposed to the cel-shaded look of the NES Robocop. The figures are listed to ship in October. You can pre-order the figures Here.

NECA has posted hi-res pics, and we’ve added those, and some additional info, after the jump.

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Classic Planet of the apes Zira Preview

NECA keeps their #monkeymonday updates rolling with a look at series 2 of their Classic Planet of the Apes Figures. Fortunately for fans, it’s one of the main characters as we get our first glimpse of Zira! Fingers crossed that we may see at least one of the human characters in a future wave. However, its hard to complain when we are getting such an integral part of the franchise.

Classic Planet of the Apes Series 1 should be hitting stores very shortly. You can check out the preview images after the jump.

NECA Batman Classic TV Series Robin 18 Inch Figure 2

NECA has a huge surprise in store for Batman: Classic TV Series fans (like me). Today they have revealed an all new Batman: Classic TV SeriesĀ  – 1/4 Scale Burt Ward Robin Figure. Keeping in scale with the 18″ Adam West Batman, Robin comes in a bit smaller at 17″ tall. The figure will include a cloth cape, interchangeable hands, a Batarang, a communicator and batcuffs. The figure is being released in November, just in time for the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the original series. NECA will have the 1/4 Scale Robin on display at San Diego Comic-Con.

Read on to check out a few photos.