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Gorilla Soldier 2 Pack

With the #monkeymonday update this week, NECA has revealed the packaging for their upcoming Classic Planet of the Apes Gorilla Soldier 2-Pack. They have been teasing these figures for a while now, and this is our best look yet at the set itself. Each figure will include a rifle, a club, an additional hand and a “human catcher” rod.

The release is set for November. You can see the new photo by reading on.

NECA 18 Inch Dark Knight Joker 2

Last week we shared a look at the packaging for NECA’s 1/4 Scale Dark Knight Joker Figure. The figure is scheduled to be released very soon, and NECA is sharing a few new images leading up to the release. they have posted two new preview images, giving us a great look at the upcoming 18-Inch Joker Figure.

See the new photos by reading on.

Robocop vs Terminator Inset Art

Over the weekend, NECA previewed some inset art for their upcoming Robocop vs Terminator Video Game Figures. The inset will be for an unnamed exclusive 2-pack of figures. We got a chance to see the Robocop vs Terminator figures when we covered NECA’s Booth at SDCC 2014. Look for them to be released in November.

See the art preview after the jump.

Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt Figure 002

The long gestating Bioshock Infinite Booker DeWitt 7″ Scale Figure from NECA is shipping soon and should be available before the end of the month. With the release right around the corner, NECA has posted up a few new images, showcasing the details and articulation of the figure. Booker features over 25 points of articulation and will include a shotgun and Sky-Hook accessories.

Check out the new images by reading on.

Dark Knight Joker 18 Inch Figure

NECA continues to kill it with their line of 18″ tall figures. They have revealed the packaging for their upcoming Joker 1/4 Scale Figure. The figure is based on Heath Ledger’s intense, and Oscar winning, version of the Joker from The Dark Knight. We last saw this amazing looking figure at NECA’s SDCC 2014 Display. It should be available in stores very soon.

See the image by reading on.

Classic Planet of the Apes Zira Accessories

This week’s #monkeymonday update from NECA showcases some accessories. These will be included with the upcoming Series 2 Zira figure. Included is a portrait of Zira and Cornelius, a handwritten note from Taylor as well as a paper airplane. Planet of the Apes Series 2 hits stores next month.

See the new image by reading on.

NECA Viper Predator 009

Check out some new photos of NECA’s Viper Predator 7″ Scale Figure from their upcoming Predator Series 12. Along with the Viper Predator, series 12 will include the Enforcer Predator and the Elder Predator. Unlike previous releases, the Viper Predator is an all new design created by NECA! The figure is the official pilot for their upcoming Blade Fighter Vehicle, and will include blade gauntlets on both forearms, a removable mask, and 2 sets of interchangeable hands.

The Viper Predator and series 12 hits stores later this month. You can see the photos by reading on.

NECA Ultimate Freddy Krueger Packaged

NECA has posted a fully packaged photo of their upcoming A Nightmare On Elm Street – Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure. They promise more official images later this month. The figure is due to hit stores fairly soon. This updated 7″ Freddy Krueger Figure is their first with full leg articulation. It will also include interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, a Tina dead skin mask, a tongue phone and a removable fedora.

Check out the image by reading on.

Classic Planet of the Apes Taylor MEGO Style Card Art

Today’s #monkeymonday update from NECA gives us our first look at the card art Classic Planet of the Apes George Taylor Retro 8″ MEGO Style Figure. Fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that this will eventually lead to a 7″ Taylor Figure to go with NECA’s Classic Planet of the Apes Figures. The artwork was created by Jon Wardell.

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