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Friday The 13th Part 6 Retro Jason 039

NECA‘s line of retro style 8″ figures continues to impress with their newest release. The Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives – Jason Voorhees Retro 8″ Scale Figure is the latest addition to the ranks. In the sixth film in the long running franchise, Jason is inadvertently brought back to life by the bumbling of Tommy Jarvis and his friend Hawes, who pays with his life. Now a completely unstoppable killing machine, Jason returns to the Crystal Lake area and proceeds to tear through everyone in his path. This installment marks a shift in the series and brought us Jason as an undead killer. What a better way to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the film than to post a gallery of an all new Jason Voorhees figure. NECA was kind enough to send a review sample along. We have nearly 60 photos of the figure.

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NOES3 Retro Freddy Back Packaging

NECA has tweeted out a photo of the packaging for their upcoming A Nightmare On Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors – Freddy Krueger 8″ Retro Figure. The figure, inspired by the classic Mego figures, features a newly sculpted Chest of Souls piece, which shows the souls of Freddy’s victims. The figure is due for release in October.

Fantastic artist Jason Edmiston previously revealed the painting be used for the front of the packaging. We’ve added that to the post as well. Read on to check it out.

NECA Superman Chris Reeve 036

When Richard Donner and Warner Bros. set out to make Superman in the late 70’s, they needed just the right person to play the iconic character. They found that person in the young, charismatic and talented Christopher Reeve. For someone who grew up in the early 80’s, Christopher Reeve was, and still is, Superman to me. He displayed a cool, confident demeanor and helped to define the look of the character going forward. His legendary portrayal of Clark Kent and Superman is still cherished by fans worldwide. At the time, there was no movie quite like Superman. It would take another 21 years before we received another character’s comic adaptation that rivaled the 1978 Superman film (Batman in 1989).

Fans have been lucky enough to receive some truly fantastic versions of this Superman in the past few years. Joining the excellent collectibles from the likes of Mattel, Sideshow and Hot Toys is NECA‘s new 1/4 scale version. NECA worked closely with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Warner Bros. on this release. The result is a truly stunning 18″ scale figure. Today we have a full gallery and review. Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth provided the figure.

Entertainment Earth

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NECA Dark Horse Predator 013

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first issue of the Dark Horse Predator Comic, NECA has released a figure based on the first issue. The Dark Horse Predator, a repaint of the previous Jungle Hunter Predator, features a deco based on the Predator seen on the cover of the first issue. The comic, which follows the brother of Dutch Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenneger) as he battle the Predator’s that have infiltrated his city. The figure includes an all new staff accessory to help give it a more accurate look. Also included is a reprinted copy of Predator #1 by Dark Horse.

Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has provided us with the figure, and I have a full gallery and review to check out.

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Toyark Round Up

It’s been a very busy last few weeks. After sharing over 6,200 photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2015, we jumped right back in with new reviews and photo shoots. We’ve been fortunate enough to cover some really fantastic figures lately. Below, you can find a round-up of the toy galleries we’ve shot since SDCC 2015.

Star Wars Black Series Photo Shoots

NECA Photo Shoots

Other Photo Shoots

NECA Godzilla NES Figure 048

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! is a video game released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game, created by Toho, featured Godzilla and Mothra teaming up to battle creatures from Planet X. While not considered a good game, it featured appearances by plenty of Toho kaiju, such as Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and Gigan.

Big Bad Toy Store

In continuing their top selling Video Game Appearance series of figures, NECA was able to capture the look of Godzilla from the game. They used their Godzilla 1985 figure as the base and even crafted new pieces to go with it. Today we have a gallery and review of the figure, which came from Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store.

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NECA SDCC2015 Pacific Rim Chibis 011

For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA offered a very different type of exclusive. The put together a box set of stylized, Chibi versions of a few of the Jaegers and Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Each 3″ tall figure features an adorable take on the different characters. The set contains five figures.

  • Romeo Blue
  • Horizon Brave
  • Trespasser
  • Karloff
  • Hardship

NECA sent along one of the sets for us to check out. We’ve got a full gallery and review. You can check them out after the jump. If you missed one of the NECA items we’ve photographed, be sure to check out our selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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NECA Force of Freedom Rambo 022

Rambo: The Force of Freedom was a cartoon and toy line from 1986. The line was spawned from the classic Rambo series of films and was produced by Coleco. For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA produced a great homage to the classic John Rambo figure. Their Rambo: The Force of Freedom 7″ Scale Figure, which Toyark was given a chance to exclusively reveal prior to SDCC, features a paint scheme and packaging that harkens back to the 1986 figure.

NECA was kind enough to provide us one for a gallery and review. After the jump you can check out all of the high resolution photos as well as my thoughts on the exclusive figure.

Don’t forget to check our ever growing selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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NECA Arkham Knight Batman 027

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final installment of the fantastic Arkham series of games by Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios (with Arkham Origins being handled by WB Montreal). In the game, you face off against a wide array of villains from Batman’s rogues gallery. The main story protagonists are the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. Both have their own scores to settle with Batman, and use Gotham City to enact their revenge. In the game, you acquire an all new V8.03 Batsuit, which allows Batman to move faster than he ever had, as well as use new features such as multi-fear take downs and eject glides from the Batmobile. The V8.03 suit has a more armored look to it than any previous main suit from the series.

NECA has taken the new suit design, and turned it into a beautiful 1/4 scale figure. Arkham Knight Batman stands at 18″ tall and includes multiple hands and accessories. The folks at NECA sent the figure along for us to review. We have a full high resolution gallery and review after the jump.

Check out our NECA Toy Galleries to view all of our ongoing NECA photo shoots.

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NECA Pacific Rim Anteverse Gipsy Danger 039

In Pacific Rim, the assorted Kaiju cross over from a breach, which bridges their world with Earth. In the climactic battle, a heavily damaged Gipsy Danger uses a Kaiju carcass to enter the breach, giving him time to destroy the Kaiju production facility in their dimension, which is known as the Anteverse. NECA commemorates this scene with a Toys “R” Us Exclusive repaint of their Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger 7″ Figure.

NECA sent along an Anteverse Gipsy Danger 7″ Scale Figure and we have a full gallery for you to check out. After the jump you can see all the images as well as my thoughts on the figure.

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