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NECA Commando John Matrix 001

NECA shared a few new photos of their upcoming Commando – Ultimate John Matrix 7″ Scale Figure. The images are from the pre-production sample. The figure, based on Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s portrayal of John Matrix in the 80’s action film Commando, will include a ton of accessories. The figure will include a knife, a Desert Eagle pistol, M60E3 machine gun, Valmet M78/83 machine gun, grenades, and M202A1 FLASH rocket launcher with removable rocket. The figure will have over 25 points of articulation. Look for it this August.

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Predator Series 14 Unpainted Samples

Check out a new preview of NECA‘s upcoming Predator Series 14 Figures. The image shows off the unpainted test samples. The newest wave of figures feature three Predators based on the Alien vs Predator film. This is the first time NECA has created figures specifically from that film. It includes the following figures:

  • Celtic Predator
  • Scar Predator
  • Chopper Predator

The figures will each have roughly 30 points of articulation. They will stand about 8.25″ tall and will include character specific accessories. Look for them to be released this September. Check out the image by reading on.

NECA Terminator Genisys Guardian T800 Battle Damaged

It’s and NECA shared a new preview of an upcoming Terminator: Genisys item. They have shared an image of their Guardian T-800 7″ Scale Figure. The amount of battle damage indicates that his is likely a second version of the figure. NECA states that the Guardian T-800 will be on display next week at San Diego Comic-Con. We’ll be there, so be sure to check back for a ton of photos.

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NECA Batman Returns Penguin Quarter Scale Figure 012

A bunch of new photos and info has been released for the upcoming Batman Returns – 1/4 Scale Penguin Figure. NECA has shared news that, due to some manufacturing issues, the figure will not include an umbrella. However, they have added five new accessories to replace the missing one. Penguin will now include a monocle, an extra hand, a half eaten fish, a cigarette in holder and a “Cobblepot for Mayor” sign.

The figure will stand at 15″ tall and will be fully articulated, with a wonderfully sculpted likeness of Danny DeVito as The Penguin. The figure is currently scheduled for a release in July. You can check out a slew of new photos after the jump.

SDCC2015 NECA Planet of the Apes S3 TRU Version 1

NECA has released info on how to acquire their San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives if you cannot attend the show. Here are the details:

This summer we have six awesome convention exclusives (one of which has a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive variant) — and because the quantities are lower than in previous years, they’re even more exclusive than before! However, there are TWO ways to procure one DURING Comic Con WITHOUT GOING TO Comic Con… if you’re ready for a little excitement, that is!

1. IN STORE: From July 9th through 12th, we’ll seed a very small number of each in random Toys ‘R’ Us and Hastings stores all across the U.S. Which ones? That would ruin all the fun…

2. ONLINE FLASH SALE: During the show (exact time will be announced soon), we’ll make a small amount available online at – and once they’re gone, the sale’s over! Please note that you will not be able to get these on the Toys ‘R’ Us or Hastings websites.

And here’s the full list of their exclusives.

  • Friday the 13th – Pamela Voorhees & Young Jason
  • Predator – Ambush Predator
  • Terminator 2 – Retro Endoglow Endoskeleton
  • Rambo – Force of Freedom Rambo
  • Planet of the Apes – Classic Series 3 CONVENTION VERSION
  • Planet of the Apes – Classic Series 3 TOYS R US VERSION
  • Pacific Rim – Replica Mini-Figures Box Set

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NECA AvP Kenner Style 2 Pack Packaging Preview 1

If you missed it, there’s a great looking Kenner Homage Warrior Alien vs Renegade Predator 2-Pack coming from NECA. Last night NECA shared out a sneak peek at the packaging. The new images shows part of the back of the packaging, which will feature a mini checklist of Alien and Predator items. Last week they shared out an image showing the Warrior Alien art for the packaging. The 2-pack is scheduled for a release this Fall.

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Terminator Genisys T 800 Plasma Cannon

For their reveal, NECA shared a new weapon photo. It gives us our first look at the plasma cannon for their upcoming Terminator: Genisys T-800 Figure. The weapon can be seen in the hands of the T-8oo in some of the assorted trailers for the film.

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Eddie and Godzilla

Two new figures are on their way retailers from NECA. The Video Game Appearance NES Godzilla and Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind Eddie Retro Mego Style Figure should be hitting shelves over the next few weeks. If you can wait, you can grab them now directly from NECA.

  • Piece of Mind Eddie – Ebay – Amazon (Currently Sold Out)
  • NES Godzilla – EbayAmazon

Happy hunting.

NECA Logo Banner

Starts at roughly the 1 hour mark. But Randy talks SDCC exclusives, new toys, 1/4 scale figures, etc. Randy reveals they will be partnering with Toys “R” Us and Hastings (as well as online) to offer some of their exclusives during San Diego Comic-Con. Full details this week. They announce a new 1/4 scale Iron Man from Age of Ultron, They also announce the acquisition of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight on the show! Jump to the 1:26 mark to hear that. Those will be on display at SDCC and should be released around Christmas. These will be Mego style figures. Check it out below. Please be aware, since this is from satellite radio, the interview is uncensored. So expect a bit of foul language.

NECA Alien Eggs Carton 004

We’ve seen a few images and teasers for the NECA Alien Eggs Carton over the months. NECA has shared images and new info on this fun, tongue-in-cheek release. These are scheduled for a September release. Here are the details direct from NECA:

“New from Weyland-Yutani, these eggs are sourced directly from LV-426, where Xenomorphs are allowed to roam freely without being confined to cramped cages. Buy cage-free and support our efforts to study and protect this gentle, misunderstood species. Warning: see packaging for safe handling instructions. Weyland-Yutani is not responsible for any spaceship infestation or planetary destruction that may occur.”

From the terrifying Alien movie series, this set includes 6 Xenomorph eggs and 3 facehuggers with bendable tails. They make great diorama pieces, since they’re perfectly in scale with our line of 7″ figures – and for collectors, the full-color egg carton is designed to be eminently display-worthy.

The new images also give us a great look at the upcoming Aliens Ellen Ripley 7″ Figure. Read on to check out the images.