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Just a quick update here. Most of those affected will already know, but MattyCollector fans have been hit with a one two punch of bad news over the last week or so. First up, the Doomsday Unleashed figure, which was sold as a in stock item during MattyCollector’s Cyber Sales, has been delayed. The figure was not in stock and is still currently on a boat heading to the distribution centers. Fans have been none too pleased by this news.

The second bit of news to hit this week came yesterday. The Masters of the Universe Minis Sub has failed to reach its goal. This has caused Mattel to scrap the entire line and refund (but not for 7-10 business days) those who did happen to sub. Keep your eyes on your inboxes for a refund confirmation.

Toy Guru

For the most part, I usually don’t report on the organizational personnel from assorted toy companies. Hirings, firings and shuffling occur all the time. However, some people work so closely with their customers that they become the face of the brand they represent. Such is the case with Scott Neitlich, aka Toy Guru, who, for nearly a decade, has been the personality fans and collectors thought of when they talked about MattyCollector. Yesterday, a report over at Action Figure Insider has revealed that Scott is no longer with MattyCollector. On Friday he had handed in his resignation with the company and is moving on to work with another toy company. The new company is not named.

AFI posted an audio interview and you can listen to it Here. Sounds like the MOTU figures revealed are still set for 2015, so no need to panic there.

MOTUC Multi Bot 001

MattyCollector has posted photos showing a bunch of upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics and Masters of the Universe Minis. These were revealed as part of their online New York Comic-Con reveals. Included are:

Masters of the Universe Classics

  • Princess of Power – Angella
  • Blast Attack
  • Multi-Bot
  • Spirit of Grayskull (2015 Chase Figure)
  • Sssqueeze

Masters of the Universe Minis

  • Horde Trooper
  • Jitsu
  • Mekaneck
  • Ram Man
  • She-Ra and Horde Trooper
  • Trap Jaw
  • Snake Mountain

Mystery Accessory

  • Evil Seed Staff (possibly for Mini)

MOTUC 2015 Figures

MattyCollector has posted another new video. It gives fans a look at some of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics 2015 Figures. Included are:

  • Lizard Man
  • “Ninja Warrior” (Ninjor)
  • Huntara
  • Oo-Larr
  • 200X Snake Armor He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hssss

Check out the video below.


MattyCollector’s Toy Guru, Scott Neitlich, has posted a couple of videos leading up to New York Comic-Con. The first, DC Universe themed, videos showcases Doomsday, DC Super Powers  and the 1966 Batman Cowl. The second video gives a look at upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figures. Included there are Tung Lashor, Mermista, New Adventures She-Ra, Spinnerella, and Gwildor.

Check out the videos after the jump.

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Disney Hasbro

Mattel has been producing Disney Princess dolls for quite some time now, as they covered aisles in Toy “R” Us, Target, Walmart and more. More importantly, these dolls have a huge presence inside of Disney’s Parks and Disney Stores. Now, IGN reports that Disney has dropped Mattel in favor of a new deal with Hasbro. Here’s a snippet:

“We are delighted to have been selected by Disney Consumer Products to develop dolls for the Disney Princess and Frozen franchises,” said Hasbro President & CEO Brian Goldner.

“Our strategic thought leadership and innovation has led to the steady growth of our girls business over the past several years demonstrating that we have a true understanding of girls globally and how today’s girls want to play. The entire Hasbro team is looking forward to providing consumers with inventive new play experiences based on the beloved Disney Princess and Frozen characters and stories.”

New Disney Princess Dolls from Hasbro should begin hitting stores in 2016. You can read the original report Here.

Club MOTU Giants Logo

MattyCollector‘s line of oversized Masters of the Universe figures gets the subscription treatment. They are attempting to capitalize on the market popularized by Gentle Giant, by taking classic figures and upscaling them. However, unlike Gentle Giant, they don’t appear to be upscaled replicas, but newly sculpted figures meant to convey the look of the classic 80’s toys.

The MOTU Giants sub launches on September 10th and will run until September 25. By subbing, you guarantee all four figures; He-Man, Skeletor, Stratos and Beast Man. The figures will sell for $75 each, plush shipping. The figures are scheduled for release in December. Read on for the full update.

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DC Multiverse Arkham City Robin 1

Amazon has posted listings, and marked as IN STOCK, some of the DC Multiverse Batman: Arkham Knight Figures. These include the following figures:

These 4″ scale figures aren’t scheduled until later this year for release. So grab them now. Read on to check out the figures in and out of packaging.

MOTUC Club 2015 Goes through

MattyCollector has announced that the 2015 Club Eternia Sub extension has paid off and will now go through. Fans of Masters of the Universe can now look forward to the entire years worth of figures being released. They posted the following update:

By Tara Z.

Yes, you do have the power! The fans have spoken, and it’s official… we’ve reached our subscription goal for the final Club Eternia®! That means we’ll be seeing Lizard Man, Ninja Warrior, Huntara™, club-exclusive Oo-Larr®, and the rest of the lineup for 2015.

King GrayskullIt’s been an amazing journey for the Masters of the Universe® Classics line, starting in 2008 with King Grayskull™ at San Diego Comic-Con, followed by He-Man®, Beast Man®, Skeletor®, and all the others leading up to this final year. We can’t wait to get started on 2015, when we’ll wrap up the vintage and A-list characters and the “Fall of Eternia” mini comic storyline. We thank each and every one of you who subscribed and made it possible. We’ll have more news about the rest of the lineup in the months ahead, so make sure you sign up to get email updates!

Club Eternia 2015 Logo

The Club Eternia Sub is now live. You have until 11:59PM PT to get your sub in. The need an additional, roughly, 10% to get the Sub to go through. Go Here to sub if you are so inclined.


Fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Club Eternia subscription from MattyCollector will have to wait just a tad bit longer. With subscription levels a bit too low to go forward (came in at about 90%), they have re-opened the subs. The new deadline is this Monday, August 25, at 11:59 PM PT. Subs re-open Friday at 9:00 PM PT. If you missed a shot earlier this week to sub, here’s your second chance. Here’s the full update:

Hey He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We are sooooo close! 2015 subs ended with about 90%. A great showing but not quite close enough to go forward. With the end of the vintage line (redone in Classics) in question, we truly do believe in our fan base. We’re going to reopen the subs for an extension window from Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Monday, 8/25 at 11:59 PT.

Now is the time to rally! If everyone who sub’d last year would renew, we’d be golden. If you’re on the fence or were thinking of cherry-picking, remember… if the sub does not get that last critical 10% there won’t be a line to cherry-pick.

So please, let’s all come together! All MOTU fans of all eras truly make Classics the greatest MOTU (if not all brands) toy line of all time! I know we can do it! If you’re holding out, remember, unlike any previous year you pretty much know exactly who you’re getting, with our absolute promise to finish the vintage MOTU line, MOTU variants, original POP characters, and A-list New Adventures and media characters.

Let’s come together and make this happen! We really believe in our fans, and we’ve got one last chance. All our cards are on the table… it’s time to go all in!

Subscriptions open Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Monday, 8/25 at 11:59 PT.

Here’s (hopefully) to a great 2015!

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich