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Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue 001

After a sneak peek photo earlier this week, Kotobukiya has unleashed their Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue gallery. The statue is 1/6 scale. Carnage will feature a detailed destruction base and include a swappable right arm. Additional details are being kept under wraps for now, but we do know that the Maximum Carnage Statue will ship in June 2015.

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Metal Gear Solid V Model Kit Figure Set 006

Check out this awesome set of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 1/35 Scale Model Kit Figures. Kotobukiya is releasing these and they include non-poseable mini figures for a few of the characters from the game. Each figure stands at 50MM tall (about 2″). Included are multiple versions of Naked Snake, Skull Face, Chico, and assorted Marines. Also included are some interchangeable weapons and accessories.

The figures in the pics are hand painted prototypes. So the final versions may vary when released. The set will sell for 3,200 Yen (about $29 USD) and is scheduled for release in January 2015. You can check out the images by reading on.

Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue Preview

A new Carnage Statue is coming from the folks at Kotobukiya. This is likely the Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue we saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The 1/6 statue will come on a detailed base and include a swappable right arm. We’ll have more info as it becomes available.

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Luke and Leia Star Wars Statues 001

Back in April, we got a quick sketch preview for a new Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Statue Set coming from Kotobukiya. It seems we’ll be getting a full reveal soon, as Kotobukiya has posted a preview of their Star Wars Luke and Leia ARTFX+ Statues. The statues will be based on their appearance in A New Hope. We’ll have more as it becomes available.

Well that didn’t take long. Kotobukiya has fully revealed the statues. TheĀ Star Wars Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia ARTFX+ Statues are scheduled for release in May 2015. No other info was revealed, but there were some really nice pics.

You can see the original preview, and the new images, by reading on.

603259046333 p0 v1 s600

Barnes and Noble continues to get in on the collectibles market with another exclusive. They’ve been carrying various Kotobukiya products for a while, including the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper 2 pack statues. Now, they are getting a Koto R2-D2 repaint into R2-M5 as an exclusive. Check the details below, pics after the jump!

R2-M5 is a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

R2-M5 was a red R2-series astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton that served the Royal Naboo Security Forces. It was one of the astromech droids aboard the Queen’s starship as of 32 BBY. When a Trade Federation battleship opened fire on the Naboo Royal Starship, R2-M5 went out, along with R2-N3 and other astromech droids, to fix an imbalance in the starboard engines. Both droids were blasted off the hull.

Standing nearly 4 inches tall in 1/10 scale, R2-M5 can be displayed either upright or inclined on the included magnetic base.

NYCC Nightwing ARTFX Statue 1

Kotobukiya has revealed a new New York Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive DC Comics New 52 – Nightwing Origins ARTFX+ Statue. The limited edition 1/10 scale statue will feature Nightwing in a metallic blue and black costume, and will never be produced again. Limited amounts will be made available to non-attendees at The statue also features a magnetic base.

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Street Fighter Juri Bishoujo Statue 001

Kotobukiya has full revealed their Street Fighter Juri Han Bishoujo Statue. This is our first look at the completed, fully painted, figure. During our coverage of the Kotobukiya booth at SDCC 2014, we only saw an unpainted prototype. Kotobukiya has scheduled the statue for an April 2015 release.

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Chun Li Bishoujo Statue Pink Costume 005

Kotobukiya has sent out photos of an upcoming repaint to their Street Fighter Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue. We got our first look at the pink outfit repaint at the Kotobukiya booth at SDCC 2014. Now we have a bit more info on the release. The 1/7 scale statue is due out in Japan this November at a price of 6,800 Yen (about $65 USD).

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Street Fighter Juri Bishoujo Teaser

Kotobukiya has posted a teaser for a Street Fighter Juri Han Bishoujo Statue. During our coverage of the Kotobukiya booth at SDCC 2014, we got a chance to check out the unpainted prototype. The teaser is our first glimpse of the full color statue. Look for a complete reveal sometime soon.

For now, read on to check out the teaser image.

Kotobukiya X Force Deadpool ARTFX Statue 001

The Kotobukiya Marvel Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 gave us our first look at their upcoming Marvel Now – X-Force Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue. Today, Kotobukiya has released some official photos of the statue. It will be available exclusively via Diamond Comics Distributors. It’s scheduled for a release next March. You’ll be able to pick it up local comic and specialty shops.

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