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E2046 Diorama Contest

Our friends at E2046 have let us know that judging is now underway for the GK Contest 2014. Yours truly is one of the judges and I’m already quite impressed with many of the entries there. Choosing is not going to be easy. There were three categories that you could enter; Figure, Diorama and Robot.

You can check out the entrants by Clicking Here. Please keep in mind that some of the entries are NSFW. I’ll be sure to update when the winners are announced.

Bunaha Armor Hunter Pre Painted Model Kit 002

Our friends at E2046 have updated their listing for the Monster Hunter – Bunaha Armor Hunter Pre-Painted Gathering Model Kit. We first reported on the Bunaha Armor Hunter Model Kit in March. The updated listing has added a bunch of new photos of the fully painted model kit as well as a release date of April 30th. Here’s a bit more info:

Bunaha Armor Hunter (Pre-painted) – With Surprise Base

  • Price: $177.77
  • Series: Monster Hunter
  • Gathering Surprise – To suit original design, we offer the Desolate Display Base which doesn’t come with the GK version.
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Instructions Provided
  • Height: 25.50 CM
  • Scale: 1/6

Read on to check out the new photos.

Genetic Gao Gai Gar Head 002

Our friends at E2046 have sent along images for a new Genetic Gao Gai Gar “Head” – Pre-Painted Gathering Model Kit. Limited to just 30 pieces, the head stands at 25CM tall (just under 10″). It requires some minor assembly and includes the display base pictured. For the next 29 days, it’s on sale for $279.99. You can pre-order it Here.

Read on to check out the photos.

Kamael Gathering Model Kit 005

Check out this new Lineage II – Kamael Gathering Model Kit, from our friends at E2046, which will come with a “Gathering Surprise” exclusive Kamael Keychain. The keychain will only be available by purchasing the model kit. The 1/7 scale Kamael model kit comes from the online role playing game Lineage II. It will stand at just under 9.5″ tall. This is a pre-painted model kit that will require some minor assembly.

It is available for pre-order now and will sell for $157.49. The release date has not been revealed. Read on to check out the images.

Gastness Temple Version 2 Model Kit 001

Check out this Five Star Stories – Gastness Temple Version 2 Model Kit from E2046. The 1/100 scale model kit will stand just under 12″ tall. This is part of the Gathering line of pre-painted model kits. It is priced at $212.99 with a release date scheduled for April 21st. You can pre-order it Here.

See a few photos after the jump.

Gundam MSN 04 Sazabi Ver Patch Work 006

Check out the new Gundam MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Patch Work Pre-Painted Gathering Model Kit from our friends at E2046. The 1/100 scale kit stands 11″ tall model kit comes pre-painted with some minor assembly required. It includes a small bust of Char Aznable, a shield and a gun. Priced at $299, the kit is expected to be released April 30th. You can pre-order it Here.

Read on to check out the images.

Wen Rou Pre Painted Model Kit 009

Our friends at E2046 have sent along word that they have updated with a new model kit in their Elegance line. Wen Rou is the latest kit. It is available as an ORI x Gathering Model Kit (Pre-Painted) or as an ORI Model Kit (Unpainted). The model kit is 1/6 scale and stands just over 11″ tall. Here’s more info from E2046:

After a long break, our ORI Team decided to bring a new member to Elegance! Meet the latest martial art master — Wen Rou. As one of the Ten Great Assassins, she is highly agile and a veteran in infiltration and assassination. Her Shuriken is also well-known in the world of rogues. With the contract on Qiao Yin, you can totally expect some fierce battles between her, Fei Yan and Jian Xue.

The design of Wen Rou had followed most of the Elegance girls. While she had ninja-like abilities, you can also see traces of Japanese elements from her. As an infiltration expert, her costume was simplified; yet she can fit in the series as well as it can goes.

Qiao Yin and Wai Fung had gone through so many ordeals since the start of their journey. Are they going to survive the hit from Wen Rou?

The Wen Rou Pre-Painted Model Kit is listed at $149.99, while the Wen Rou Unpainted Model Kit is selling for $42.74. Read on to see some photos.

Metal Gear Rising Raiden Model Kit 004

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was a game that gave us an awesome new take on Raiden. The cyborg is extremely deadly with his blade as well as any firearms. E2046 has captured the character in an all new Gathering pre-painted model kit. Raiden comes in at 1/6 scale, standing a little under 12″ tall. The kit comes with the Raiden, his blade and a stylized figure stand. Like all Gathering kits it requires minor assembly.

Read on to check out 30 photos of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Gathering Model Kit as well as our review. Special shout out to our own Tony Bacala for helping with this shoot and letting me use his studio.

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E2046 Sale

Our friends at E2046 are moving to a new office and warehouse in China. To make that move easier, they’re clearing out a ton of items, with a sale of up to 50% off from now until March 24th. Right now, there are over 760 items in the promotion. If you’re into model kits and PVC figures of anime and video game based characters, then it’s definitely worth checking out. They also have supplies and tools for displaying their items on sale. You can visit the sales page by Clicking Here.