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Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett Model Kit 1

Check out the first photos of the Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett and Slave I Model Kits. These images come courtesy of Dengeki Hobby during 2015 C3×HOBBY. The 1/12 Scale Boba Fett model kit will come unassembled. Once put together you will have a fully articulated (roughly) 6″ figure. The 1/144 Scale Slave I vehicle will also come unassembled. Both will be pre-painted and are due out on September 30th. Boba Fett will be priced at 2,916 Yen (about $24 USD) while the Scale Slave I will be priced at 4,104 Yen (about $33 USD).

Read on to see the images.

Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett Preview

Bandai has revealed that they will unveil two new Star Wars Model Kits at Chara Hobby 2015. They will have a 1/12 Scale Boba Fett model kit as well as a 1/144 Scale Slave I vehicle. The Boba Fett, which will come unassembled, comes together to create a fully articulated (roughly) 6″ figure. No details on accessories or features have been revealed at this time.

Chara Hobby takes place August 22 – 23. We’ll update if and when photos surface. For now, you can see the preview image by reading on.

Bandai Logo 1

We just received the following press release. Diamond Comic Distributors and Bandai America are partnering up for North America distribution. Here’s the press release:

Diamond Appointed Master Distributor for Bandai America Products

Leading toy manufacturer signs with Diamond to distribute and market its products in the U.S.

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (August 11, 2015) — Diamond Comic Distributors has finalized negotiations with Bandai America Incorporated to become a Master Distributor for the leading toy manufacturer. The deal makes Diamond the preferred distributor on behalf of Bandai America to select retailers throughout the United States.

Bandai America is home to some of the most powerful entertainment toy brands, including Power Rangers, Big Hero 6™, GODZILLA™, and SprüKits®,  as well as extremely successful Japanese hobby and collector lines.

“We have a long standing strategic partnership with Diamond,” said Michael Ciminera, Bandai America’s Vice President of Sales. “We fully believe in their ability to distribute and market Bandai products far and wide into the U.S. market.”

“We’re gratified by the trust Bandai America has placed in us to be their Master Distributor,” said Diamond’s Director of Vendor Development, Eric Burkhardt. “We look forward to partnering with them to grow Bandai America’s diverse and successful product lines to U.S. toy , hobby and specialty retailers.”

Diamond will support Bandai America launches through its monthly PREVIEWS catalog, innovative programs to its retailer partners, and other unique marketing and distribution services.

New retailers interested in purchasing Bandai America merchandise from Diamond are encouraged to contact Diamond’s New Accounts Department at or via phone at 443-318-8001. To find Bandai America toys and collectibles, visit your local comic book shop. To find a comic shop near you, visit

Bandai Star Wars Model Kit Sandtrooper 003

The latest 1/12 Scale Star Wars Articulated Model Kit coming from Bandai is a Sandtrooper. Like previous releases in the line, this figure will come unassembled, but will be pre-painted. Once put together, it becomes a fully articulated figure. You can alter the appearance of the figure as it includes an adjustable shoulder pad, which can be displayed with a white, black or orange overlay. Also included are three backpack variations and an assortment of swappable hands and weapons. Also included is a Tatooine desert themed figure base.

The Sandtrooper is scheduled for release on August 29th in Japan. It will be priced at 2,916 Yen (about $23 USD). You can check out a few photos by reading on.

SDCC 2015 Goku 36

Back in June of this year, Tamashii Nations released a repaint of Son Goku featuring his Go Kanji logo, a new belt, and a new face. Everyone was down, except that it was limited to 300 units and available only in person, at Mexican event. I think most of the DBZ SHF fans first reaction was – WTF? Fast forward to SDCC 2015, and that same figure has been released, this time as a Comic Con exclusive, just with a different box. That definitely bumps the numbers up and lets the hardcore fans get a hold of him for a much more reasonable price. We were able to get a hold of him finally and have done up a photo shoot showing off Goku’s new digs. Check out over 35 HD shots of him in action after the break!

Make sure to hit our ongoing S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z coverage on our Jump Off page here: S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Reference Guide.

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Bandai Star Wars Y Wing Model Kit 008

The latest Star Wars vehicle model kit coming from Bandai is a 1/72 Scale Y-Wing. This is a prepainted model kit that measure 225MM long (just under 9″) and will include a variety of accessories. It will include a Death Star style display base, laser effects, two seated pilots, a standing pilot, an R5 style Astromech Droid and an R2 style Astromech Droid. The cockpit canopy opens to place the pilot inside.

The Y-Wing Model Kit is due for release at the end of July. It’s priced at 3,400 Yen (about $27 USD). Read on to see the photos.

SDCC 2015 Batgirl In Package

Check out the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives coming from Toys “R” Us. They will be teaming up with Entertainment Earth for distribution at the con. Included are:

  • Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak figure
  • Star Wars The Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit Set
  • G.I. Joe Desert Duel Pack
  • Batman vs. Harley Quinn Playset
  • My Little Pony Maud Rock Pie figure
  • My Little Pony Daring Do Dazzle figure
  • My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Princess Celestia figure
  • Power Rangers Limited Black Edition Legacy Megazord
  • Mortal Kombat Raiden 6″ figure
  • Batman Classic TV Series Batgirl figure

See a full press release and all the images by reading on.

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SHF Vegetto 046

The next S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z figure started to hit state side earlier this month and The Toyark is continuing it’s galleries of them today with Vegetto! Vegetto is the combined form of Goku and Vegeta, fusing together using the Potara Earrings to battle Majin Buu in the show. He uses the Goku mold as a base with a new head, forearms and feet to represent the Vegeta portion of the fusion. We’ve done up over 50 shots of Vegetto in action, so check him out after the break along with our quick thoughts!

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Biker Scout and Speeder Bike Bandai Kit 002

The newest Star Wars 1/12 Scale Model Kit has finally been added to Bandai‘s website. The latest update gives us an official look at the upcoming Biker Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike. The set will include a fully articulated Biker Scout, who comes with multiple hands and a blaster. The Speeder Bike will also include swappable rear thruster pieces. The set will contain two display stands; one based on Endor and the other based on a Death Star display.

This 1/12 scale model kit is scheduled for a June 2015 release. It will be priced at 5,000 Yen (about $42). You can see the new images by reading on.


Bandai Japan just dropped a bomb with the announcement of their S.H. Figuarts Hulkbuster! The figure stands 25cm tall (almost 10 inches) and looks to line up with their Hulk pretty well scale wise. It features light up LEDs, die cast construction, a metallic finish and a wide range of articulation. The figure however will retail for 34,560 Yen, which is currently roughly $285 dollars. It’s slated to go up for order on 5/29 in the Japanese Tamashii Web store. Check out the promo shots after the break, we’ll add more details as they become available via proper translations!