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Star Wars Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader 005

Bandai has released some new images and info for their upcoming Star Wars Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader. We last got a look at the figure during at the Tokyo Toy Show 2014. The figure will stand at 180 MM tall, which is just over 7″. The Samurai Darth Vader will include a Lightsaber hilt, a fully extended Lightsaber, interchangeable hands and will have over 15 points of articulation. It’s cast in ABS and PVC plastics.

Look for the figure to be released in December at a price of 8,800 Yen (about $84 USD). Read on to check out the new photos.

Godzilla 60th Anniversary SDCC Figure 3

Bandai has revealed a Godzilla 60th Anniversary Figure that will be exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Here’s some info direct from Bandai:

Godzilla 60th Anniversary Figure in Exclusive Diorama Packaging
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the most iconic monster of all time, Bandai is releasing a limited edition 6.5“ vinyl Godzilla figure in exclusive diorama packaging. The “King of the Monsters” has taken many forms throughout his 60 year history, but fans have never seen a combination like this! If you dare ignore the danger warning and open this highly stylized and collectible Godzilla package, you will be unleashing a scene of epic destruction that only Godzilla can create. As you open the package a city amid destruction rises up to become the back-drop for your attacking Godzilla figure. With the colors of the burning city reflected across his massive body and his spine aglow with the tell-tale radioactive energy for his Atomic Breath, you can imagine the imminent destruction of his foes and hear the final echo of his iconic roar as he slips back into the darkest depths of the sea until he’s awakened once again.

Only 500 pieces produced and individually numbered.

Price $60.00

Our friends at TokuNation have word on the Power Rangers Exclusives for SDCC. Read on to check out the Godzilla images.

TRU SDCC 2014 Header

Toys “R” Us has revealed the toys that they will have for San Diego Comic-Con 2014. These figures will be available, at San Diego Comic-Con, from Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth at booth #2343.

This announcement also reveals that the previously reported Star Wars Black Series 6″ Cantina Showdown is in fact a Toys “R” Us SDCC 2014 Exclusive! We also now know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics – 1990 Movie Turtles will be available for the first time at the show! Here’s the full list:

  • Star Wars The Black Series –  Cantina Showdown Play Set
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Figures
  • G.I. Joe Danger at the Docks: Urban Assault Vehicle 2-pack
  • Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Legacy Lord Zedd
  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls Zecora Doll
  • My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis Doll
  • Winged Fairy Maleficent

Immediately following SDCC, these items should appear on Read on for images of each item.

SH Figuarts Injustice

A new magazine scan making the rounds shows that Bandai will be releasing some Injustice: Gods Among Us SH Figuarts Figures. The scan gives us our first look at Batman as well as a prototype of The Joker. As more info becomes available we’ll be sure to share the info.

Check out the image after the jump.

Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader Statue 3

At the Tokyo Toy Show, Bandai revealed that they will begin producing Star Wars collectibles. Included are the following:

  • 1/12 Scale Darth Vader Model Kit
  • Star Wars Picture Mini Bust Collection
  • Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader Figure
  • 1/72 Scale A New Hope X-Wing Model Kit
  • 1/48 Scale X-Wing
  • SH Figuarts Darth Vader
  • SH Figuarts Stormtrooper
  • 1/12 Scale Model Kit – C-3PO
  • Darh Vader and Stormtrooper Converge Minifigures
  • Star Destroyer
  • Death Star Space Warp
  • Transforming Egg Figures

Read on to check out the images and more info. Images come courtesy of Tag Hobby and Hobby Search.

Even More photos courtesy of Amiami.

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SH Figuarts Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal 001

One more item that Bandai has sent out new info on was their upcoming SH Figuarts Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Figure. The figure features Michael Jackson decked out in his white suit from the classic Smooth Criminal music video. The figure includes swap out hands, an interchangeable jacket body and a “shadow” stand. That stand allow owners to recreate the iconic lean from the video. The SH Figuarts Michael Jackson stands at 140MM tall (about 5.5″ tall) and will sell for 4,500 Yen (about $44 USD). Look for it to be released in September.

A North American release for the SH Figuarts Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Figure has been confirmed by Bluefin Tamashaii Nations. It’s due in October for $44.99.

Check out the images by reading on.

SH Monsterarts Godzilla 2014 007

Bandai has released new photos and info for the upcoming SH Monsterarts Godzilla 2014. The nearly 6″ tall figure (150MM) will feature numerous points of articulation including a poseable tail. The mouth can open and close as well. The SH Monsterarts Godzilla 2014 is due out in September at a price of 6,800 Yen (about $66 USD).

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has updated with North American release info. The SH Monsterarts Godzilla hits stateside in October at a price of $67.99.

Check out a few new photos after the jump.

SH Figuarts Iron Patriot 004

Bandai has also released new photos and info for some upcoming Iron Man 3 figures. They have sent out pics of upcoming SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 42 and Iron Patriot. Iron Man will stand at 155MM tall (about 6.1″) and Iron Patriot will stand at 160MM tall (about 6.3″) and feature the high level of articulation you would expect from SH Figuarts figures. Each figure will feature multiple interchangeable hands and effects pieces. Iron Man will also include a sofa to portray the seated armor pose as seen in the film. These are due out in September for 5,800 Yen (about $57 USD).

Check out the images after the jump.

Kaa Mee...

S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z line has been a fun ride, giving us super poseable screen accurate figures for a couple years now. Their most recent release was Son Goku, a non Super Saiyan rendition of the series main character. We’ve run him through a shoot so you can see for yourselves if he’s worth a pick up. Check out over 40 shots of Goku and friends after the break, courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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Godzilla 1962

Diamond Comics sent along images and info for some upcoming New Previews Exclusive Godzilla Figures from Bandai. Pre-orders for these figures went live in the May issue of Previews. These figures are coming to comic and specialty shops in October. The figures stand at 12″ tall. Included are:

  • Godzilla 1962
  • Godzilla 1968
  • Smog Monster

Read on to check out the press release and the images.

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