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Godzilla 2014 Movie Destruction City 002

Bandai and Toys “R” Us have fully revealed their official toys for the upcoming Godzilla 2014 Movie. Included are the following:

  • Godzilla 2014 – Atomic Roar Godzilla
  • Godzilla 2014 – Destruction City
  • Godzilla 2014 – Fighting Figures
  • Godzilla 2014 – Pack of Destruction
  • Godzilla 2014 – Figure 2-Packs

Read on for photos and much more info.

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S.H. MonsterArts Alien Warrior

Bandai has started producing FiguArts and MonsterArts figures beyond those with a Japanese twist, grabbing licenses such as DC’s Injustice, Super Mario Brothers, music acts like Daft Punk, and what we have here – Aliens Vs. Predator. Their Alien Warrior is one more Xenomorph figure from multiple companies putting out characters from the Alien franchise and we wanted to see what the Bandai treatment would do for it.

The figure features a large amount of articulation, especially in the tail which is impressive. The paint applications are top notch, using multiple levels of blacks and greys to present a 3d look and really bring out the mold details. Additional hands and a stand, commonplace with most S.H. offerings are present and welcome. The Alien Egg and Chestburster accessories are bonus and a nice capper to an overall solid figure. Standing 5/6 inches tall, he will work on your shelves if you feel like mixing him up with some more traditional super hero figures.

Check out over 40 shots of the Alien Warrior in action after the break, courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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Atomic Roar Godzilla 1

Dread Central has the first look at a new toy from the Godzilla 2014 film. The Atomic Roar Godzilla features built in Atomic Roar sound effects as well as light up Atomic Breath (a Godzilla staple). Looks like you activate the light up effect by tilting the figure forward at its hips. The figure is produced by Bandai. It’s hard to gauge exactly how big this figure is from the images.

Check them out by reading on.

Armor Plus Ronin Warriors Kuroi Kikoutei 08

Just when you thought the Armor Plus line has faded away, comes another new release, a Samurai Troopers Yoroiden/Ronin Warriors one at that! TamashiiWebshop has revealed their upcoming Armor Plus Kuroi Kikoutei figure. The armor made its appearance in the Samurai Yoroiden Troopers Kikoutei Densetsu OVA(which was included subtitled in the Ronin Warriors complete series DVD by Bandai over a decade ago but has been out of print for years). Instead of the swords that Ryo’s Inferno armor had, this one has a giant boomerang.

No clue if Talpa, Anubis, Cale or any of the other Dark Lords will ever be made in the Armor Plus line, but hey your Armor Plus Ronin Warriors finally have someone to fight! Armor Plus Kuroi Kikoutei is due out in July for 9,180 yen. Read on to check out the images.

DX VF 25G Renewal Ver Tornado Pack 01

The Tamashii WebShop has revealed parts sets that Macross Frontier fans have been waiting for; DX VF-25F and DX VF-25G Renewal Version Tornado Packs. Each set retails for 7,344 yen, with the VF-25F pack due out in July with the VF-25G pack due in August. Tornado packs made their debut in the 1st Macross F movie.

Images are attached, read on to check them out.

DX YF 25 Prophecy 02

Tamashii has released their official images of their upcoming DX YF-25 Prophecy. This is the prototype of the VF-25 Messiah. Prior to this, it only existed in 1/72 model kit form. For those wishing for a perfect transformation toy with diecast metal, your wish has come true. The Prophecy hasn’t been seen much, it was last seen in Macross The Ride.

Read on to check it out.

Toy Fair 2014 002

Here’s our last round of Toy Fair 2014 Redux photos. We could probably split it up a bit more, but it’s almost a week later and we’ve all seen this stuff (mostly). So, check out some hand picked & touched up pretty photos from Toy Fair 2014 inside.

Included are shots from McFarlane, ThreeZero, Enterbay, Kotobukiya, Mattel, Mega Bloks, Diamond Select Toys, Good Smile, Bif Bang Pow, KasualFriday, Mezco, Hasbro, The Loyal Subjects, The Four Horsemen, Lego, Bandai, Tamashii/Bandai, and NECA. Whew.

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Toy Fair 2014 DC 43

Our Toy Fair 2014 Redux images continue with a select group of DC themed images. DC was everywhere this year (as usual) and there is no shortage of cool stuff coming from a ton of licensees. Included here are select hand edited shots from Kotobukiya, Mattel, DC Collectibles, Bandai, Diamond Select Toys, NECA and Square Enix. And that’s just the start! If you’d like to check all our DC coverage, hit up the Toy Fair Master List.

Toy Fair 2014 Bandai SpruKits095

Check out these awesome, super poseable model kits from Bandai at Toy Fair 2014. The new line is called SpruKits and they feature a ton of DC Comics characters and even Master Chief and other Halo Figures. They stand about 4″ tall and require no glue, paint or tools to assemble.

SprüKits are offered in three building levels to accommodate builders of all abilities. Level 1 figures are designed to be entertaining and easy to assemble. For those builders looking for the next challenge, Levels 2 and 3 kits increase in complexity and build time, which delivers a larger figure with sharper details, and increased articulation.

Series 1 Kits
About 30 minutes to assemble and consists of 30-40 pieces that create a 4-inch figure with detailed sculpting and features. Just snap the pieces together; no glue, paint or tools are required. Figures include the New 52 Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Batman, New 52 Superman, and the Original Comic The Joker. The LBX series will offer Achilles, Deqoo, and Hunter.

Series 2 Kits
These kits give 60-90 minutes of assembly enjoyment to create a 5-inch figure consisting of 70-90+pieces! With enhanced detail and increased action poseability, Level 2 kits deliver a figure with articulation and detail not found in traditional action figures. Series 1 figures will include The Dark Knight Rises Batman, Batman: Arkham City Batman, Man of Steel Superman, The Master Chief, Spartan Gabriel Thorne and Commander Sarah Palmer of the Halo franchise, as well as LBX characters Achilles, Deqoo, The Emperor and Hunter.

Series 3 Kits
More serious builders and collectors will love the awesome detail provided by Level 3 SprüKits figures. Lifelike sculpting delivers realistic facial features and unreal articulation through the assembly of more than 150 pieces that will challenge skilled builders and provide hours of fun. These 8 inch figures will be displayed proudly in any collection especially because fans can say they personally built and posed them. Level 3 figures will include Batman: Arkham City Batman and Halo’s Master Chief.

SH Figuarts Super Mario 001

Italian site Nonsolohobby has posted a bunch of photos of the SH Figuarts Super Mario and the sets. Super Mario will include a mushroom, a coin and a question mark block. Diorama PlaySet A includes a Goomba, a question mark block, two brick blocks and a figure stand. Diorama PlaySet B includes a Koopa Troopa shell, a Goomba, two warp pipes and figure stands. The photos show off some of the articulation the figures has and is our best look yet at the new line.

Read on to see the new photos.