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SDCC 2014 Super Play Imaginative Super Alloy 013

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, the Yes Anime booth had some of the 1/4 scale and 1/6 scale Super Alloy Figures on display. These figures, by Play Imaginative, are die-cast metal figures and included DC Comics New 52 versions of Superman and Batman. Also on display were Iron Man 2 War Machine and Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby Series 2 Hot Toys 001

Hot Toys has posted images and info for their upcoming Iron Man 3 Cosbaby Series 2. The first series of Iron Man Cosbaby Figures gave us a Tony Stark along with Iron Man Armors Mark I-VII. the new series gives us a new Tony Stark, as well as the Mark XLII, War Machine and Iron Patriot. See more from hot Toys below and read on to check out the photos.

Hot Toys’ varieties of Iron Man Collectibles have been very popular and sought after by fans, and now Hot Toys is happy to present the Series 2 of Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (S).

This new series will feature Mark XLII, Mark XLII (Battle Damaged Version), Mark XLII (Pepper Potts Version), Tony Stark, Iron Patriot, and War Machine Mark II in baby form.

Each Cosbaby will include a special diorama base and stands approximately 3 inches/ 7cm tall. The Mark XLII, Mark XLII (Battle Damaged Version), Mark XLII (Pepper Potts Version), and Tony Stark will come with a Tony’s workshop circular stage diorama while Iron Patriot and War Machine Mark II will come with a flight landing diorama.


You can’t have a Comic Convention without Marvel’s The Avengers! As such, next up in our coverage of NYCC 2013 comes the Marvel Now Avengers 1/10 Scale Statue Line Up by Kotobukiya! 

These highly detailed statues are a must for any Avengers fan and look quite amazing when standing next to each other. The only painted sample on display is Black Widow, however Hawkeye, Thor and the Hulk look amazing even without paint!

Also shown are the Marvel Bishoujo Statues and illustrations. Just yesterday, we brought you word of the Jubilee bishoujo statue announced via new illustration. That artwork was on display along side a beautiful unpainted cast of their upcoming Spider-Woman statue! Also seenare Kitty Pryde and Lockheed, Storm, Psylock and Armored Wonder Woman, Starfire and Huntress from DC Comics.

You can view a gallery of all these amazing Marvel  & DC Statues after the break.



Iron Man fans, wait until you get a load of these. Yes Anime is in attendance at NYCC 2013 and have a full assortment of the Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man Armor Suits on display. The detail found in each piece is simply stunning. I won’t ruin the surprise by letting you know all the different armor types shown, but Peace Maker, Python and the Iron Man Mark X suit are there, just to name a few. Just as stunning are the Iron Man 2 Hammer Industries Mechs, including the Ground, Air, Sea and Tactical Assault Types.

These 1/4 & 1/12 scale works of art come with interchangeable pieces, such has hands, face plates to replicate damage, the works. Although not all offerings will have the same extras, each figure will have gear tailored to that specific character and it’s functionality. Pretty cool, huh?

Although these are initial display prototypes, they are close to final as these beautiful pieces will be available in 2014. We hope you enjoy the extensive gallery of over 100 images that we’ve collected for your viewing pleasure.

NYCC 2013 Kotobukiya 010

Our crew at New York Comic-Con 2013 have sent in pics from Kotobukiya’s display. It includes states and items from Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Video Game Characters and more.

Iron Patriot Life Size Figure 005

Sideshow has posted the pre-orders for a few products. These include the following:

Star Wars Sixth Scale Figures – Security Battle Droids 2-Pack
Batman Modern Age Life-Size Bust
Iron Man 3 – Iron Patriot Life-Size Figure
Iron Man 3 – War Machine Life-Size Figure

For details and images of the new pre-orders, simply read on.

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STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative by Waylander 038

Here we have an even larger gallery of images from STGCC 2013. This gallery shows off the Play Imaginative display. and if you thought Hot Toys ha a lot of Iron Man, then you haven’t seen anything yet. However, there are a few surprises here, giving us our first look at two upcoming DC Comics New 52 Super Alloy Figures. Here’s some of what you will see:

• New 52 Super Alloy Flash
• New 52 Super Alloy Cyborg
• New 52 Super Alloy Green Lantern
• New 52 Super Alloy Superman
• New 52 Super Alloy Batman
• Iron Man, Iron Man and more Iron Man

We’d like to thank the following for the photos; Open The Toys and Waylander.

STGCC 2013 Hot Toys by Waylander 017

This weekend was the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention 2013 (STGCC 2013). We’re rounding up some photos from the event. Let’s start with a massive gallery of the Hot Toys display. Iron Man toys dominated the display, but we did get new looks at some of the following:

• Man of Steel Superman
• Man of Steel Jor-El
• Man of Steel General Zod
• Batman and Robin Classic TV Series
• Lots and Lots of Iron Man
• GI Joe Retaliation Roadblock
• GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow
• Avengers Shawarma Display

Thanks to the following sites for the photos; Waylander, sham_mulisha on Instagram, and Open The Toy.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Collectible Bust Series 017

Hot Toys just can’t stop with the Iron Man items. The next series of products for their Iron Man license have been announced. Thankfully, the detail level is still top notch. Hot Toys is releasing an Iron Man 3 1/6 Scale Collectible Bust Series. These will come in a set of seven busts. For a limited time, and eighth bust will be available as well. Included will be busts of the following armors:

• Mark XLII
• Iron Patriot
• War Machine Mark II
• Heartbreaker (Mark XVII)
• Tank (Mark XXIV)
• Blue Steel (Mark XXX)
• Silver Centurion (Mark XXXIII)
• Mark XLII Battle Damaged Version (limited edition eighth bust)

For a bit more info, and images of all of the busts, read on.

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Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Armors

Not really news, just a fun pic from Hot Toys that looked too good not to share. They added a photo showing all (or most, it’s hard to keep track) of their upcoming Iron Man 3 Armors together in a single shot. Read on to check it out.