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Variant Superman 53

Square Enix‘s Play Arts Kai Varaint line has been going strong now, with offerings for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Final Fantasy and more available now or coming soon. The line features their unique take on the characters, being influenced by the original designs but taking them in a completely new direction. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Some wind up cool, others just a bit weird. I am personally grabbing random ones here and there, we shot the Flash a while back. Recently I grabbed Superman which has been out for a while now. So to really keep with this category’s theme, here is a Random Photo Shoot of Play Arts Kai Variant Superman!

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Kotobukiya Toy Fair Catalog Halo Statues

Over the weekend Kotobukiya posted a ton of product updates. they revealed a few new items, and posted the first pictures of some previously announced items. The announcement come via their Toy Fair 2015 Catalog, which they posted online. Included are:

  • Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo Statue – Full Gallery
  • DC Super Powers Superman ARTFX+ Statue – Full Gallery
  • DC Super Powers Additional Statues – Announcement
  • Halo ARTFX+ Statues – Announcement
  • Metal Gear Solid Bishoujo Statues – Announcement
  • Marvel Now X-Men ARTFX+ Statue Line Up – Announcement
  • New Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues – Announcement
  • Alien ARTFX+ Statues – Announcment
  • ARTFX+ DC Comics Red Hood Statue – Announcement

Read on for the photos.

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Toy Fair 2015 Yes Anime 042

The Yes Anime booth at Toy Fair 2015, as the name implies, was chock full of anime inspired collectibles. However, they had some really great looking Harry Potter 1/6 Scale figures from Star Ace Collectibles on display. Star Ace is also releasing a Steve McQueen 1/6 Scale Figure. They also had their Samurai TMNT Vinyl figures, some Sponge Bob figures, and the Play Imaginative 1/4 Scale Super Alloy Superman and Batman Figures there.

Toy Fair 2015 DC Collectibles 025

The final look at the DC Collectibles booth gives us photos of their Statues, Replicas, and Busts from Toy Fair 2015. Inside, you’ll find these:

  • DC Icons Statues
    • Shazaam
    • Green Lantern
    • Firestorm
  • DC Cover Girls
    • Harley Quinn
    • Wonder Woman
    • Bleez
  • DC Comics Bombshells Statues
    • Lois Lane
    • Batwoman
    • Catwoman
  • Harley Quinn & Joker Kiss
  • Man of Steel Superman Statues
  • Wonder Woman: Art of War Statues
  • Gotham City Harley Quinn on Motorcycle Statue
  • Constantine Statue
  • Batman Black and White Statues
    • Batman
    • Batgirl
    • Scarecrow
    • Harley Quinn
  • Green Arrow and Black Canary Statue
  • Catwoman Bust
  • Deadshot Bust
  • Wonder Woman Bust
  • DC Pets Plushies
  • Mother Box Replica

Toy Fair 2015 DCC DC Designer Series 010

Check out the latest DC Collectibles DC Designer Series photos from Toy Fair 2015. Included in this post are:

Jae Lee Designer Series

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Catwoman
  • Superman

Terry Dodson Teen Titans

  • Earth One Beast Boy
  • Earth One Raven
  • Earth One Cyborg
  • Earth One Starfire

Toy Fair 2015 DCC DC Icons Series 004

The awesome looking new DC Icons Series kicked off at Toy Fair 2015. DC Collectibles showed a ton of upcoming figures. Included are:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Green Arrow
  • Mister Miracle
  • Deadman
  • The Flash
  • Blue Beetle
  • Lex Luthor
  • Green Lantern
  • Black Adam
  • Aquaman
  • Atomica with Atom
  • Harley Quinn

Toy Fair 2015 QMX 073

The QMX display at Toy Fair 2015 had a nice variety of items. These included an all new Captain Picard 1/6 Scale Figure! They also had assorted Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DC Comics, Ghostbusters and more products.

  • Q-Pop
    • DC Comics
    • Ghostbusters
    • Firefly
    • Big Bang Theory
  • Q-Bits – Firefly
  • Firefly Statues
  • Firefly Mini Masters
  • Buffy Maquette
  • Firefly – Captain Reynold 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Captain Picard 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Battlestar Galactic Plush
  • Star Trek Plush
  • Assorted keychains, pins, merchandise

Toy Fair 2015 NECA 18 Inch Figures 005

NECA finally brought out their much teased Christopher Reeve Superman 18″ Figure at Toy Fair 2015! That wasn’t all. They showed off a few new Ultimate 7″ Figures as well. Here’s what they had on display:

1/4 Scale and 18″ Figures

  • Christopher Reeve Superman
  • Batman Returns – Penguin
  • Aliens Xenomorph (Prototype)
  • Arkham Knight – Batman (Prototype)

Ultimate 7″ Scale Figures – 2-Up Prototypes Shown

  • Terminator 2 – T-800
  • Commando – John Matrix
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface


  • Halo – Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

DC Icons The Flash

Another USA Today reveal comes in as DC Collectibles is set to debut a new DC Icons series of figures. the new figures, debuting this fall, will feature classic costume figures in the 6″ scale. The figures will sell for $24.95 each. Here’s who is coming:

Wave 1 (November/December)

  • Deadman, with interchangeable hands and a “ghost aura” that fits on most figure’s heads
  • Green Arrow, the version from writer Mike Grell’s The Longbow Hunter series with bow and arrow
  • Batman, a pre-“New 52″ iteration with Batarang and grapple gun
  • Mister Miracle, the latest incarnation who comes with Miracle disks and a Mother Box
  • The Flash, the Barry Allen from 1980s’ Crisis on Infinite Earths with Speed Force treadmill
  • Black Adam, the new version who comes with lightning hands

Wave 2 (December)

  • Blue Beetle, the Jaime Reyes version with arm cannons and removable wings
  • Lex Luthor, the Justice League member with clip-on energy blades
  • Green Lantern, a pre-“New 52″ Hal Jordan with power armor

Wave 3 (February 2016)

  • Superman, the pre-“New 52″ version with interchangeable hands and head, chain and robot helper Kelex
  • Aquaman, with trident
  • Harley Quinn, original version with hammer, rubber chicken, pop gun and pie
  • The Atom set, featuring female version Atomica from the Crime Syndicate of America, midsize figure Ryan Choy and small figure Ray Palmer

Read on to check out the images.

Update – Thanks to site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store, we now have images for Aquaman, Black Adam, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, and Mr. Miracle!

HLJ WF2015 Sentinel Hulkbuster 1

Toyark sponsor HobbyLink Japan has been covering Wonder Festival 2015. They have released a ton of photos and we have mirrored a bunch. Included are the following:


  • Hulkbuster
  • Iron Patriot with Cap’s Shield
  • War Machine
  • Iron Man
  • Ultraman
  • Armarauders


  • Star Wars Revoltech Boba Fett
  • Star Wars Revoltech X-Wing
  • Back to the Future II Revoltech DeLoreon
  • RevolMini Metal Gear Solid Figures

Good Smile Company

  • Legend of Zelda Link (statue?)
  • TMNT Statues
  • Star Wars Nendoroid Stormtrooper


  • DC New 52 Real Action Hero 1/6 Scale Batman
  • DC New 52 Real Action Hero 1/6 Scale Superman
  • MAFEX The Dark Knight Batman, Batpod, and Joker
  • Daft Punk (Real Action Heroes?)


  • Star Wars ARTFX+ Statues
  • Marvel BishoujoWasp
  • D-Style Optimus Prime Model Kit

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