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SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel 022

Here’s the Hasbro Marvel display from Wednesday at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. These include Marvel Legends Infinite Series, including a new announcement on Avengers and Spider-Man (no figures shown yet) under the ML Infinite Series banner. There also some Marvel Infinite Series 3.75″ figures on display. Expect new reveals as the show goes on.

gardians of the galaxy rockets warbird

The Wall Street Journal has unveiled this years LEGO SDCC 2014 Exclusivce Set the new Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket’s Warbird. It will be available at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, This 145-piece set is of Rocket Raccoon and his spacecraft Warbird, from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy team of superheroes. Rocket’s Warbird has a retail price of $39.99!

LEGO has also released limited edition Comic-Con Minifigures last year at SDCC 2013. LEGO gave away 4 different figures during the convention: Green Arrow, Spider-Man, Superman and Spider-Woman. The only way to get them was at the SDCC LEGO booth. The question remains, what will the 2014 LEGO Minifigures be?

Sound off on the ToyArk forums about the upcoming LEGO SDCC 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Exclusive set!

SDCC Guardians of the Galaxy Flocked Rocket Pop

Funko has revealed the fifth round of exclusives they will have for San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included in this round of reveals are:

  • Flocked Rocket Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Marvel Mystery Minis
  • Frozen Elsa in Transition Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Frozen Anna Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Glow in the Dark Olaf Pop! Vinyl Figure

Read on to check out the photos.

ASM2 Marvel Selecrt Unmasked Spider Man 1

A new video posted by the fine folks at Diamond Select Toys show off the different versions of their Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Spider-Man Figure. The standard version as well as a variant version with a base will be coming to comic and specialty stores. The Unmasked Marvel Select Spider-Man is available at Marvel Shop.

Check out the video below as well as official images of the Unmasked Spider-Man after the jump.


Check out the presser sent out by Diamond Select Toys. In it, they go over some of the releases scheduled to hit toy shelves this Fall.

  • Aliens Alien Warrior Vinyl Bust Bank
  • Back to the Future 2 Cafe ’80s Logo Pint Glass
  • Back to the Future 2 Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Pint Glass
  • Back to the Future 2 Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Shot Glass
  • Back to the Future 2 Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Poker Set
  • Back to the Future 2 Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Zippo Lighter
  • Batman Classic TV Series Batman Vinyl Bank
  • Godzilla Mechagodzilla Metal Bottle Opener
  • Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Buddy Christ Vinyl Bank
  • Marvel Minimates Zombie Villains Series 2 Box Set
  • Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure With Base
  • Pathfinder Minimates Series 1 Box Set
  • Pulp Fiction 20th Anniversary Minimates Jackrabbit Slim’s Box Set
  • Star Trek 3 U.S.S. Excelsior NX-2000 Electronic Starship
  • Walking Dead Michonne Vinyl Bust Bank

Read on for much more info and images of the items.

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Marvel Minimates Series 56

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is working it’s way through theaters now, and Diamond Select Toys has dropped an ASM2 themed Minimates wave just in time! Minimates Series 56 features 4 2 packs, in both general and TRU exclusive variants. Today, we are shooting the general release which features Spider Man and Green Goblin, Spider Man (Battle Damaged) and Electro, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, and the shortpacked one – Aleksei Sytsevich (Rhino) and Alistair Smythe (future Spider Slayer?). Read on to check our quick thoughts and over 75 shots of the little guys in action!

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SDCC Exclusive Scalers DC Comics Batman vs The Joker

NECA has revealed another of their San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives. They will have some exclusive Scalers 2-Packs at the show. The $10 2-packs will come in either a Marvel set or a DC Comics set.

Iron Man and Spider-Man
Features a Silver Centurion Armor Iron man with a “Marvels” black and red suit Spider-Man.

Batman vs The Joker
This set has black and white versions of Batman and his arch-nemesis; the Joker.

If you can’t make it to the show, some will be available for both domestic and international customers. But those will be limited as well. Read on to check out the images.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Minimates 010

The latest wave of Marvel Minimates is hitting comic and specialty shops now. Marvel Minimates Series 56 is dedicated solely to Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures! Toys “R” Us will also be getting their own 2-packs as well. Here’s the breakdown:

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic Shop Minimates

  • Battle-Damaged Spider-Man with Electro
  • Spider-Man with Green Goblin
  • Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy
  • Alistair Smythe with Aleksei Sytsevich (1 per case)

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Toys “R” Us Minimates

  • Damaged Spider-Man with translucent Electro
  • Spider-Man with grinning Green Goblin
  • Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy
  • Flashback Spider-Man with Max Dillon (1 per case)

Read on to check out the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 Minimates images.

Series58 DOPF minimatesNEW1

The latest issue of Previews Magazine is out and in it, there are a ton of new Diamond Select Toys solicitations. These include the following:

  • Pulp Fiction Jack Rabbit Slim’s Pint Glass
  • Aliens Pulse Rifle Metal Bottle Opener
  • Marvel Retro Spider-Man Limited Edition Action Figure Box Set
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Yeti Bank
  • Ghostbusters Toasted Mr. Stay-Puft Vinyl Bank
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie – Spider-Man Resin Bust
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie – Green Goblin Resin Bust
  • Godzilla Classic Minimates Series 1 Box Set
  • Godzilla Classic Mechagodzilla Vinyl Bust Bank
  • Star Trek III Phaser Electronic Role-Play
  • Marvel Minimates Series 58 X-Men: Days of Future Past Asst.
  • Marvel Minimates Series 59 All-New X-Men Asst.
  • Clerks Minimates 20th Anniversary B&W Box Set
  • Walking Dead Minimates Series 6 Asst.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Metal Bottle Opener
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Pizza Cutter
  • Best of Marvel Minimates Series 3 Asstortment
  • Marvel Select Venom Action Figure – Reissue

Check out images and more info after the jump.

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Amazing Spider Man 1 Minimates Cover

This is a cool trend I can get behind, seeing toys make the covers of their comic book counterparts. In this case, it’s artwork based on the toys. The Marvel Minimates have invaded Marvel Comics and they are featured on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #1. Check out the details below:

 Marvel Minimates Mix It Up on the Cover to Amazing Spider-Man #1!

Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Minimates line has been Minimate-izing everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes since 2003, when the very first assortment was released. So it’s only fitting that the first Marvel Minimates-themed comic book cover is of the line’s most frequently made character: The Amazing Spider-Man!

Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Select Toys have teamed with Marvel Comics to offer a variant cover of Marvel’s all-new Amazing Spider-Man #1. Limited to a 6,000 unit print run with cover art by lead Minimates designer Barry Bradfield, this issue is available now, exclusively through retailers who will be attending the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. The cover depicts the web-slinger battling Electro in the rigging of a TV studio, and was inspired by the cover to 1970′s Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #82.

Inside the issue, the greatest superhero of all time returns, as Peter Parker resumes the role of Spider-Man! The world may have changed since Spidey’s been gone, but so has Peter Parker – this is a man with a second chance at life, and he’s not wasting a moment of it. Putting the “friendly” back in the neighborhood, the “hero” back into “superhero,” and the “amazing” back into “Spider-Man,” Peter has the same Parker luck but a new Parker attitude. Also returning: The recharged and reenergized Electro!

Look for the variant cover (item #DEC138451) at your local comic shop! Find one at!