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Marvel Legends Spidey Wave Gwen Ben

Hasbro sent out the official photos of the Marvel Legends figures they revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Included are:

Captain America 2016 Wave

  • Captain America
  • Axis Red Skull Onslaught
  • Mockingbird
  • Nuke
  • Taskmaster

Spider-Man 2016 Wave 1

  • Beetle
  • Ben Riley Spider-Man/Spider-Carnage
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Morbius
  • Speed Demon
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Venom
  • Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure


  • Namor – The Sub-Mariner

SDCC2015 DST Marvel 039

Diamond Select Toys has a nice assortment of Marvel items up on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. This included Minimates, Marvel Select, Statues, and Retro Mego. Marvel Cinemtaic Universe fans will want to check out the awesome Ant Man Minimates and Select figure. Here’s what was on display:

  • Marvel Select – Zombie Sabertooth
  • Marvel Select -Ant Man
  • Marvel Select -Dr. Strange
  • Mego Deadpool
  • Mego Thor
  • Wolverine Statue
  • Marvel Minimates Series62 – Axis Assortment
  • Marvel Minimates Series 63 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Assortment 2
  • Marvel Minimates Series 64 – Secret Wars
  • Marvel Minimates – Zombie Villains
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Spider-Man
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Avengers Assemble
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Marvel Minimates -Ant Man Box Set
  • Marvel Minimates -Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC Box Set
  • Marvel Minimates – Animated Series 1.5 (added by DST)


SDCC2015 3A Marvel 017

At San diego Comic-Con 2015, 3A showcased numerous 1/6 Scale Marve figures. While these included previously seen figures like Iron Man, Doctor Doom, amd Ultron, they did offer some cool new reveals. They had the Ashley Wood designed Spider-Man and Symbiote Suit Spider-Man figures on hand as well.

SDCC2015 Sideshow Marvel 025

Some highly anticipated Marve figures were revealed. We get our first good look at The Punisher and Wolverine Sixth Scale Figures! But that’s not all, they had numerous other statues on display as well. They had the Spider-Man and Iron Man statues they had teased along with some previously revealed items.

SDCC2015 Hasbro Breakfast Marvel Legends 023

At the Hasbro Breakfast during San Diego Comic-Con 2015, they revealed Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 1 – Spider-Man Wave. This includes our first Spider-Gwen figure and the new Beetle!

  • Beetle
  • Ben Riley Spider-Man/Spider-Carnage
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Morbius
  • Speed Demon
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Venom
  • Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure

A few more detailed images have been added. Enjoy!

SDCC2015 Gentle Giant Marvel 041

Here are the Marvel and DC Comics items on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Included are:

  • Marvel Jumbo Figures
  • Marvel Micrbobbles
  • Marvel Statues
  • Marvel Zombies Busts
  • DC Comics Jumbo Figures

SDCC2015 Play Arts Marvel 001

The Square Enix Play Arts Variant Marvel display was also full of surprises. At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, they revealed Captain America and Black Widow figures! Seen in the display were the following figures:

  • Captain America
  • Black Widow
  • Venom
  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man

SDCC2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 012

Here’s the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes display from San Diego Comic-Con 2015. There’s a mix of standard sets, Duplo and Juniors in here. there’s also a fantastic Hulk vs Hulklbuster LEGO sculpture to check out.

Marvel Super Heroes Sets

  • Spider-Man- Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up

LEGO Duplo

  • Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure

LEGO Junior

  • Spider-Man Hideout

SDCC2015 Marvel 3 75 Inch 027

Here’s what Hasbro had on display for their Marvel 3.75″ figures during Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Enjoy! Includes some of the following new figures:

  • Captain Marvel
  • Thor (Female)
  • Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  • Odinson
  • Yondu
  • Iron Man Mark I
  • Machine Men
  • Ulik
  • Triton
  • Spider-Man Noir
  • Major Victory

Sideshow Spider Man Symbiote Preview

Three new announcements have been revealed by Sideshow. These items will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, starting next week. Included previews are:

  • Spider-Man in Symbiote Costume Premium Format Figure
  • Temptation of Lady Death Premium Format Figure

Check back during SDCC as we will have thousands of photos, including the Sideshow display, live from the show floor.