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Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Work Shop 001

Continuing their line of Iron Man 3 Diorama pieces, which started with the Hall of Armor, Hot Toys has revealed Tony Stark’s Work Shop. Details from Hot Toys below and all the photos after the jump.

Hot Toys’ Iron Man 3 Collectibles Series has been very popular with fans since its introduction! In addition to MMS, new series such as Power Pose and MMS Diecast were specially developed for collectibles based on this high grossing Marvel Studios blockbuster. Today, we are happy to further diversify the Iron Man 3 Collectibles Series and present the 1/6th scale Workshop Accessories Collectible Set!

The Workshop Accessories Collectible Set is a great complement to Hot Toys’ Iron Man 3 Movie Masterpiece Series featuring accessories that can be used together with Hot Toys 1/6th scale Mark XLII and Tony Stark Collectible Figures to reenact scenes from the movie! Iron Man fans don’t pass up on this Collectible Set to add to your collection.

Fans in Hong Kong can firstly purchase it directly at Hot Toys’ booth (F02) in the 16th Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong from 25 – 29th July!

Retail Price: HKD$750 (about $96 USD)

Special Bundle Price:
1/6th scale Hall of Armor (House Party Protocol Version) + Workshop Accessories Collectible Set: HKD$1,150 (about $148 USD)

Hot Toys Limited & Secret Base reserve the rights for final decision of the above terms & conditions if changes occur.

Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol Hall of Armor Hot Toys 001

The House Party Protocol was one of the best scenes from the Iron Man 3 movie, where we finally got a look at the real, and massive, Hall of Armor. Now Hot Toys looks to capture that display with a new Iron Man 3 – Hall of Armor House Party Protocol Version. These display pieces will be able to hold any of the 1/6 Scale Iron Man Armors released by Hot Toys. They feature LED lights and will be able to connected and stacked. From Hot Toys:

Tony Stark has introduced a large number of armor suits in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3, and they stored in the underground wine cellar of Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion until the “House Party Protocol” is initiated. To let fans display their own armor hall, Hot Toys is delighted to present the new 1/6th scale Hall of Armor (House Party Protocol Version) Collectible.

The movie-accurate collectible is highly detailed and specially crafted, featuring LED light up functions on back wall and ceiling as well as a LED light up figure stand. The collectible can be assembled side-by-side and on top of each other and suitable for displaying Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figure series!

Fans in Hong Kong can firstly purchase it directly at Hot Toys’ booth (F02) in the 16th Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong from 25 – 29th July!

Read on to see the photos.

Battle Damaged Mark 42 Iron Man with Battery Preview

Hot Toys has posted a preview for an Iron Man 3 – 1/6 Scale Battle Damaged Mark 42 Figure that will include a Car Battery. This figures is a reference to the scene from Iron Man 3 where the Mark 42 Armor is losing power and Tony Stark attempts to jumpstart it the old fashioned way. They promise more info for this figure at Ani-Com in Hong Kong, which takes place next weekend.

See the preview after the jump.

Preview Iron Man Mark II Maquette by Sideshow

Sideshow will have an Iron Man Mark II 1/4 Scale Maquette on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. To whet the appetite of fans, they’ve revealed a quick preview photo. Check back during our coverage of SDCC to see a full gallery of Sideshow’s display.

Read on to see the teaser.

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Mark XLI Bones Armor 009

Hot Toys has released photos and info for another amazing looking Iron Man figure. Those looking to expand their Iron Man Hot Toys Collection even further will want to check out the Iron Man 3 – Iron Man Mark XLI “Bones” Armor 1/6 Scale Figure. Here’s some info direct from Hot Toys:

“Gentlemen!” and with that said, the Skeleton Suit Mark XLI has split into multiple parts to attack Extremis soldiers during Tony Stark’s showdown with Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3! Nicknamed “Bones’, this armor is built by Tony Stark with speed and maneuverability in mind. It earns its name because of the very unique external appearance of thin black and gold colored armor plating with internal contents exposed.

Today Hot Toys is proud to present this distinctive armor from the Iron Legion – 1/6th scale Bones (Mark XLI) Collectible Figure! In addition to featuring finely crafted structure, black and gold colored armor, LED light-up functions and accessories, this collectible figure has specially designed magnetic components which allow it to be split into multiple parts and re-attach back together at will.

Iron Man fans should not miss out on the opportunity to pre-order this one-of-a-kind armor from the House Party Protocol!

The Iron Man “Bones” Armor Figure is due for release in the second or third quarter of 2015. See all of the photos and more detailed info after the jump.
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Toy Fairs Hot Toys Exclusives 2014

Well, that was first. After teasing the figures that they would have as exclusives for the summer convention circuit, Hot Toys has quickly revealed the three figures that will be available. These include the following:

  • Alien vs Predator – Ancient Predator
  • Iron Man 3 – Iron Man Mark XX Python Armor
  • The Dark Knight – The Joker 2.0 – Bank Robber Version

These 1/6 scale figures will be available at assorted conventions and toy shows throughout the summer. For much more info and the images for each, read on.

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Hot Toys Toy Fairs 2014 Exclusives

Hot Toys has posted a new teaser photo. With the summer con circuit getting ready to go into full swing, Hot Toys is prepping to reveal their exclusive figures that will be available at the assorted worldwide shows. Their “Toy Fairs Exclusives” for 2014 look to include a new Predator, Dark Knight Joker and an Iron Man. The teaser doesn’t give us much to go on right now, so look for updates within the coming days and weeks.

Our own MegaPrime33 has posted out that a few of the fans discussing the story at the Hot Toys page have been sharing an image of the Iron Man – Mark XX – Python Armor, revealing it as one of the exclusives. We’ve added the photo after thej ump as well.

Read on to see the teaser and stay tuned for updates.

Iron Man 3 Mark 38 Igor Action Heroe Vignette 001

Dragon Models has revealed two new Action Hero Vignette Iron Man 3 Statues. These include an Unmasked Tony Stark in Battle Damaged Mark 42 Armor and a Mark XXXVIII Igor Armor. These are hybrid model kit, statue and figures that are 1/9 scale. They are created using 3D data directly from Marvel and will include a diorama base.

These will sell for $1,288 Hong Kong Dollars ($166 USD) each. They should be shipping now. Read on to check out the images.

Koto Marvel Now Iron Man Statue 002

Kotobukiya has revealed two Marvel Now Iron Man ARTFX+ Statues. The first one is in a mainly black color scheme, while the second is a repaint of the statue in classic red and gold Iron Man colors. These 1/10 scale statues will stand roughly 8″ tall. They are due out in December and will sell for about $55 each.

Read on for more info and all of the images.

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GotG Infinite Legends 103

Marvel Legends continues the movie specific releases with this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy! Earlier this year, there were Spider-Man 2 and Captain America waves to compliment the movies, and next up is GotG. The wave features the core characters – Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot as the Build A Figure. Filling out the wave are comic versions of Iron Man and Nova. Each case comes with an extra Iron Man and Star Lord, so those should be filling the pegs soon enough. We’ve done up a high res photo shoot of the whole wave for you, check out the images and our thoughts after the break courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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