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SDCC 2014 Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night Reveals

Masters of the Universe® Classics Battle Ram with Man-At-Arms $110

The all-new fan-demanded MOTUC vehicle has arrived! The front half is a detachable Jet Sled™ with a snake design, which can be interchanged with the 2013 Griffin design Jet Sled™ that came with Sky-High. The new Battle Ram™ features real rolling wheels, a projectile launcher, and includes an all-new version of Man-At-Arms® with a helmetless head that shows off his awesome ponytail. The figure has double arm armor and “leather” boots, and arrives with mace, a pistol, and a sword that snap into his armor. This special year-end holiday item is not part of the Club Eternia® sub, and will be offered to everyone in our regular sale on 12/15.

Masters of the Universe® Classics Eldor $25

The October Club Eternia® figure has been revealed! This mentor to He-Ro® was a prototype figure seen in the 1987 Mattel catalog, and he arrives in the 2014 lineup as a perfect companion to your 2009 He-Ro® figure. Eldor™ arrives with his book of transformation, first glimpsed at the 2014 Toy Fair in New York. He comes with a removable hood and wizard staff with deactivated spell stone. Available 10/15.

Masters of the Universe® Classics Sweet Bee $25

Her helmet was shown at the 2014 Toy Fair in New York and now the rest of the October Club Etheria™ figure has been revealed! This Princess of Power® comes with her shield, bee blaster and removable articulated wings. This figure will ship only to 2014 Club Etheria™ subscribers in October and will not be available for purchase during the regular October sale or at any time during 2014.

Masters of the Universe® Giant He-Man® and Giant Skeletor $75 each.

A new Masters of the Universe® line is coming this fall! More details about all four large-scale figures will be revealed at the fan panel, including information about these two figures, available in September and October, and two additional figures available in November and December.

Epic Creations DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl $100

Featuring a hard helmet under real cloth, this Batman™ cowl is the perfect companion to the Batman™ utility belt that’s on sale at SDCC and at! One size fights most crime fighters. Available 9/15

DC Universe Super Powers Figures $30 each

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Powers! This six figure series arrives in Four Horsemen style with packaging that pays homage to the classic ’80s toy line. Figures in Wave 1 include Batman™, Superman™, and Wonder Woman, and figures in Wave 2 include Gold Superman™, Green Lantern as The Riddler, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Kalibak is the collect and connect figure. Wave 1 ships in September, Wave 2 ships in October.

He Man Life Size Bust PCS Preview

In this weekend’s Pop Culture Shock Newsletter, they revealed their next Masters of the Universe Collectible. The newsletter contained in in-progress look at a He-Man Life Size Bust. The sculpt reveals the Pop Culture Shock is going for a more realistic look for He-Man, as opposed to their statues, which are based on the original Filmation cartoon.

Read on to check out the preview.

MOTU He Man Statue Packaging

In this week’s Pop Culture Shock Newsletter they revealed the packaging for their He-Man 1/4 Scale Statue. This is the first release in their line of Masters of the Universe Statues. So far we’ve seen He-Man, Teela, Trapjaw, Beast Man and Man-At-Arms.

Check out the packaging after the jump.

MOTU Mousepad Characters

Icon Heroes unveiled a bunch of great new Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and Star Trek items at Toy Fair 2014. They just sent over their new 2014 Catalog, showing both the previously released and new Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and Star Trek items. They have also sent over official images of the new products. The new items are:

  • She Ra Sword of Protection Letter Opener
  • Snake Mountain Card Holder
  • Star Trek Logo Bookends
  • Spock Hands Card Holder
  • Klingon D’k Tahg Letter Opener
  • Star Trek TOS Sticky Note Cubes, 3″ x 3″, 400 sheets/cube, 3-Pack

Read on to check out the images as well as the catalog.

Toy Fair 2014 Comic Images 019

Continuing our coverage of Toy Fair 2014, we have some new images from the Comic Images booth. Comic Images produces licensed plush dolls, key chains, and backpacks. Their licenses include Marvel Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, DC Comics, Rocky and Bullwinkle and more. Check out the photos by reading on.

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Welcome to another round of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A! Remember to post all your MattyCollector Q&A questions here! Without further ado, here’s the 1st batch of answers for February 2014:

Last time you mentioned that Total Heroes would have minimal new tooling and for the most part will use existing bucks used on mass retail figures/characters. Figures like Bat Girl, could come with 2 heads, one for Babs, one for Cassie. Will female figures be part of the line, and if so, will they be limited to MattyCollector?

Females are definitely feasible, but we (Matty) would need to wait for a female buck to be developed by the retail team before we could offer collector based female TH figures.

With the DC Universe Classics line no longer continuing under the Infinite Earths Subscription, does this mean the 4H are done sculpting DC figures for you? We’re just trying to get clarification, I mean after 2014, is that really “it” for 4H DC product for you guys? We read that the 4H supervised the Total Heroes line but that’s different from what they did with the DCUC line.

The 4HM continue to work with Mattel on a variety of lines including those in the DC world. Most recently they sculpted the TH Ultra figures for 2014.

The man, the legend, the incomparable Ric Flair has yet to be made in the WWE line. Please tell me he is not going to be limited to the MattyCollector store. WOOOOOOO!

We have no current plans for a Ric Flair figure on

It’s been a few years since the MOTUC line was launched. If you and the 4H could go back in time, what changes would you make to the likes of He-Man and Skeletor? For example would you give them double jointed knees/elbows, hinged wrists, et al?

It would be great to give He-Man improved articulation and this is something we could look into for 2016 and beyond once the vintage roadmap is complete.

With not enough fans to support the Infinite Earths subscription financially after next year, does this mean the DC 6″ figure license is up for grabs?

Not in the least. The DC 6″ scale is alive and well with the Total Heroes line. Basic figures are available at retail and Ultra figures in 6″ scale with additional piece count will be offered quarterly on!

Matty Collector 1292474719 1296666455 1302923122 1304408764 1305657977 1306986669 1310793158 1313520 1358447715

Sorry for the delay folks, we got this set of answers for the MattyCollector 2013 Q&A this weekend but I was not able to post it until now. In addition, for those who have not heard, the Q&A switched from covering all Mattel products to solely covering MattyCollector’s online exclusives. Without further ado, here are our answers for the 1st half of November:

We’ve seen the MOTU Mini’s and they’re neat, they look like the small DC action packs you make. Have you considered making MOTUC Imaginext figures? Imaginext seems to be taking off very well.
That would be cool but no plans right now!

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the 2014 Damien Robin actually different from the prototype?
Some changes are always made from prototype to toy, but it is the same sku and sculpt. No changes beyond logistical production ones.

With the amount of swappable parts included with these figures, the playability is increased substantially. Was there not any mass market retail support for these Ultra figures? The kid in me re-awakened once I saw these figures.
Swapable parts are expensive and the goal was to keep the retail execution to a $9.99 SRP. One of the great things about is it allows us to experiment with items that would not work at retail such as the plus’d up Ultra Total Heroes line!

After the 2014 figures are done, is that IT for the 4 Horsemen on Mattel DC product? Will they continue to sculpt 6″ DC figures for MattyCollector’s online store or is 2014 really the end of their era with you on DC figures?
We really can’t comment on plans that far in the future. The Four Horsemen continue to be our sculpting team on MOTUC, DCUC and the Ultra Total Heroes lines.

Well that’s a wrap, remember to post your MattyCollector 2013 Q&A questions here!

NYCC 2013 Mattel Panel 037

Here’s our photos of the Mattel panel from New York Comic-Con 2013. Covers DC Universe, Masters of the Universe classics, Batman Classic TV Series, Watchmen, etc.


The hits just keep coming from this year’s New York Comic Con event! Next up is our coverage of the fan favorite Masters of the Universe Classics line by Mattel. Fans and collectors alike will be pleased with the assortment, as the likes of the heroic Extendarr and Modulok from the Evil Horde will finally join their MOTU series mates on our shelves. Sky High, Battle Lion, the in-package Castle Grayskull and many more are also on display to whet your appetite!

Also included in the assortment of images are the adorable MOTU Minis figurines! There will be 6 different sets of MOTU Minis to collect throughout 2014 and will cost $20 USD per set.

Join us after the break for a full gallery of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics display at NYCC 2013!


Our coverage of New York Comic Con 2013 continues with images from the Pop Culture Shock Toys display. Ladies & Gents, wait until you see these pieces, they truly are amazing. PCST has product on display from several licenses, including:

  • Masters of the Universe – Skeletor Bust, He-Man and Beast Man Statues. 
  • Street Fighter – Akuma Bust, Alex Statue and a battle scene of Gouken vs. Akuma!
  • Mortal Kombat – Goro, Shao Khan and Sub Zero in all his glory!
  • Judge Dredd – Judge Death makes an appearance!
  • Bravest Warriors – Catbug and Bendies!

I know several of these items will definitely be on my shelf, what about yours? Sound off on the ToyArk forums and enjoy the gallery after the jump.