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PCS He Man Statue 1

Pop Culture Shock has released a new preview for an upcoming Masters of the Universe He-Man 1/4 Scale Statue. The preview images show off the in progress sculpt, and shows it will include the Power Sword and shield. It also appears that the statue will sit atop a Grayskull themed brick base.

Read on to see the preview.

MOTUC Snake Armor 70

Masters of the Universe Classics is hitting end of line soon, but there are still some pretty solid figures dropping. I personally haven’t been collecting the line front to back, but I do grab a piece here and there. Back at SDCC 2014, we saw Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hsss, and I immediately went into WANT mode. These guys dropped last month, and I picked one up on eBay for near retail, thank goodness – these things can spike quick if they’re hot. Anyway, we’ve run He-Man and King Hsss through the motions and done up over 75 images of them in action after the break, read on to check them out!

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Toy Fair 2015 Mattel MOTU 035

Here’s what Mattel had on display for their Masters of the Universe Classics ad Giant Figures at Toy Fair 2015.

Masters of the Universe Classics

  • Ninja Warrior
  • Lizard Man
  • Huntara
  • Snake Armor He-Man
  • Battle Armor King Hsss
  • Spirit of Grayskull
  • Oo-Larr
  • Angella
  • Blast Attack
  • Multi-Bot
  • Sssqueeze
  • Hover Robots
  • Peeka Blue
  • Callix
  • Mara of Primus
  • Evil Seed
  • Heads of Eternia

Giant Masters of the Universe

  • Zodak
  • Man At Arms


PCs He Man and Battle Cat Dio Preview

In the latest Pop Culture Shock Newsletter, they posted a few new previews. The first one is for a new He-Man and Battle Cat Diorama. That will be fully unveiled at WonderCon in April. The other two previews showcase a few upcoming Street Fighter Statues. These include a look at the final approved design for Street Fighter IV’s Oro as well as an in-progress sculpt for a 1/3 scale Akuma Statue.

Check out the new preview images by reading on.

MOTUC 2015 Figures

MattyCollector has posted another new video. It gives fans a look at some of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics 2015 Figures. Included are:

  • Lizard Man
  • “Ninja Warrior” (Ninjor)
  • Huntara
  • Oo-Larr
  • 200X Snake Armor He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hssss

Check out the video below.

He Man Mixed Media Statue Preview

Also in this weeks Pop Culture Shock newsletter was a preview of a second He-Man Statue. This 1/4 Scale He-Man will be a mixed media statue. They mention that this will not be on hand at New York Comic-Con, presumably because it’s still early in the design phase. The preview image shows off an early, in-progress, 3D sculpt.

See the preview after the jump.

PCS Exclusive He Man Life Size Bust with Power Sword

Check out a new photo of Pop Culture Shock’s Masters of the Universe He-Man Life Size Bust. Back in July, when the finalized bust was revealed, PCS revealed that their exclusive version of the He-Man Bust would include a Power Sword hilt, however, no images were made available for it. Pop Culture Shock has released an image giving us our first look at the accessory.

You can still pre-order the PCS Exclusive He-Man Life Size Bust at According to the update, there are less than 25 remaining. Check out the image after the jump.

Club MOTU Giants Logo

MattyCollector‘s line of oversized Masters of the Universe figures gets the subscription treatment. They are attempting to capitalize on the market popularized by Gentle Giant, by taking classic figures and upscaling them. However, unlike Gentle Giant, they don’t appear to be upscaled replicas, but newly sculpted figures meant to convey the look of the classic 80’s toys.

The MOTU Giants sub launches on September 10th and will run until September 25. By subbing, you guarantee all four figures; He-Man, Skeletor, Stratos and Beast Man. The figures will sell for $75 each, plush shipping. The figures are scheduled for release in December. Read on for the full update.

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Masters of the Universe He Man Bust 004

We got a chance to check out this massive and impressive He-Man Bust at San Diego Comic-Con. Another fantastic MOTU items from Pop Culture Shock. they have released official photos and info for the PCS Exclusive Version of their upcoming Masters of the Universe He-Man Life Size Bust. The exclusive version will be limited to 125 pieces. It will include a Power Sword hilt (not pictured) and moveable acrylic eyes. It will sell for $679.99, with pre-orders going live August 4th at 3:00 PM PST.

Check out the photos by reading on.


Take a look at the Masters of the Universe figures popped into the display after the Mattypalooza panel as San Diego Comic-Con 2014!

Oversize MOTU

  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Beast Man
  • Stratos


  • Gwildor
  • Arrow
  • Snake Armor He-Man vs 200x King Hsss
  • Oo-Larr
  • Eldor
  • Tung Lasher
  • Mermista
  • Light Hope
  • Spinnerella
  • Huntara
  • Ninjor
  • Lizard Man

MOTU Minis

  • She-Ra vs Horde Trooper
  • Jitsu vs Mekaneck
  • Zodac vs Beast Man

A Few more photos added for your enjoyment.