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SDCC 2015 Tweeterhead Booth 028

The Tweeterhead booth was full of fantastic looking statues and busts from DC Comics, Masters of the Universe, Elvira and More. We’ll break down what was on display below:

DC Comics Statues

  • Batman Returns – Catwoman
  • Batman Classic TV Series – Batgirl
  • Batman Classic TV Series – Batman
  • Batman Classic TV Series – Robin
  • Batman Classic Comic – Batgirl
  • Batman Classic Comic – Penguin
  • Batman Classic Comic – Two-Face
  • Batman Classic Comic – Batman

Masters of the Universe Busts

  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Teela
  • Evil Lyn
  • Beast Man

Other Collectibles

  • The Munsters – Eddie Munster Statue
  • Mars Attacks – Martian Statue
  • The Addams Family – Cousin It Statue
  • Elvira’s Dagger
  • Elvira – Scary Christmas Statue
  • Art by Olivia De Beradinis


SDCC2015 Mattel Concept Mega Bloks Grayskull 009

Mattel set up a Mega Bloks Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull. This is a concept piece and is not guaranteed for release, and wouldn’t be the final design if and when a release happens. They are looking for fan feedback at the show, to see if something of this nature is desired by fans. You will also see a mini He-Man and Battle Cat with the castle, these are also just concept ideas. Check out some pics after the jump.

SDCC2015 Mattel MOTU Friday Pics 013

Mattel put the first Masters of the Universe 2.0 Figures in their San Diego Comic-Con Display. They also added a few new figures from the panel reveal.

MOTU 2.0

  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Beast Man
  • Evilseed


  • Anti He-Man (Black and Red He-Man)
  • Crita
  • Lord Masque
  • Vultak
  • Darius
  • Despara

More photos added including Snake Mountain!

A few more Snake Mountain pics added.

SDCC2015 Sideshow MOTU 0001

Sideshow unveiled their Masters of the Universe Skeletor and He-Man statue at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. These newly designed statues are like nothing from the MOTU brand yet. Still pending approval though, so things may change.

SDCC2015 Super 7 Display 007

The Super 7 display at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 was filled up, mainly, with their assorted exclusives. They had all of their newly announced Masters of the Universe Exclusives on display, for those that want a closer look. They also showed a Jumbo Kenner Alien Figure prototype, their art horror pieces and more.

SDCC2015 Mattel MOTU 001

Check out the Masters of the Universe display at Mattel’s booth. These images are from San Diego Comic-Con 2015’s Preview Night. Included are:

  • Lizard Man
  • Ninjor
  • Huntara
  • Angella
  • Peekablue
  • Mara
  • Saurod
  • Blast Attack
  • Squeeeze
  • Dragstor
  • Dare
  • Oo-Larr
  • Spirit of Grayskull
  • Rotor vs Twistoid
  • Hover Bots
  • Snake Armor He-Man vs 200X Add-On King Hsss
  • Multibot
  • Laser Light Skeletor vs Laser Power He-Man
  • Buzz Saw Hordak
  • Flying Fist He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor
  • Point Dread and Talon Fighter
  • Super 7 Exclusives

MOTU Sixth Scale Teaser Art

It looks like Mattel has really gone all out with licensing for the Masters of the Universe brand. We’re getting a ton of MOTU Exclusives from Super 7, and now a major bombshell has been announced. Over at Idle Hands, Mondo shared news that they will be making Masters of the Universe 1/6 Scale Figures. That’s right, a whole new line of detailed collectible MOTU figures coming from one of the hottest new players in the toy biz. They’ll be starting off with the He-Man and Skeletor.

“The idea is to take the basic designs of the original figures, some of the art from the original mini comics and packaging,  add a bit of realism to them, along with a bit of our own tastes, and create a series of high-end figures that fans like us would be stoked to have. Designed by Dave Rapoza. Sculpted by Ramirez Studios. EPIC.”

These will NOT be on display at San Diego Comic-Con. They  will make their first appearance at MondoCon on October 3-4th in Austin, TX.

Super 7 SDCC2015 MOTU Giant Size He Man Test Shot 2

Super 7 took to their blog over the the last few days to share a crazy amount of new Masters of the Universe Exclusives. These items will be available at their pop-up store during San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Included are the following new items:

  • Resin He-Man and Skeletor Sculptures – $100 each
  • Giant Sized He-Man and Skeletor Test Shots – $95 each
  • Moss Man Chia Pet – $29.99
  • Assorted MOTU T-Shirts – $25 each
  • MOTU Character Drinking Glasses – $10 each or $40 for set
  • Skeletor Soft Vinyl Figures – $60

Previously announced MOTU Exclusives:

Read on to check out photos and info for the new items.

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PCS He Man and Battle Cat Exclusive Statues

In their latest newsletter, Pop Culture Shock has shared image and info for some upcoming Masters of the Universe 1/4 Scale Statues. Starting Monday, July 13th, fans will be able to pre-order the PCS Exclusive MOTU He-Man and Battle Cat Statue Set. That set contains He-Man and Battle Cat with both helmeted and unhelemted heads. The set will also include an art print. Then, on Monday, July 20th, fans can then order the standard versions of Battle Cat and He-Man separately. There will also be a second, PCS Exclusive Version of Battle Cat, which will include an unhelemeted head.

Pop Culture Shock has released a full gallery for the combo set as well as the three individual statues. They have been added to this post.

You can check out the full details and images by reading on.

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Sideshow He Man MOTU Statue Preview

The latest preview by Sideshow Collectibles is a major announcement for 80’s cartoon fans. they will be producing a new series of statues based on Masters of the Universe! They’re going to kick off the line up with He-Man and Skeletor. The first statue will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con next week!

In an Instagram post, Sideshow showed the He-Man Statue being painted.

Check out the preview images after the jump.