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Hot Toys STGCC 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy 001

Hot Toys was in attendance at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC). They had a display up showcasing many of the current and upcoming products. For the most part, we’ve seen all of these items before, but they put up such a nice display that it’s worth looking over one more time. Some of the items included:

  • Star Wars Booth (no figures on display)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Star-Lord, Groot, Drax, Gamora and Rocket
  • Avengers – Diorama Display
  • Assorted Iron Man Armors
  • Captain America: the first Avenger – Diorama Display
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Steve Rogers and Winter Soldier
  • Aliens – Ellen Ripley and Power Loader
  • Back to the Future – Marty McFly and DeLorean
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Rhino, Electro and Spider-Man
  • Assorted Predators
  • Malificent
  • Dark Knight Trilogy – Batman, Jim Gordon, John Blake, Alfred
  • Arkham City Batman
  • Robocop – ED-209 and Robocop
  • Batman 1989

Read on for the images, which come courtesy of the Hot Toys Community and Non Solo Hobby.

SDCC 2014 Chronicle 018

The Chronicle display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 had some truly amazing items. They work with the likes of Tippet Studios to bring Hollywood props to fans. They had their Robocop 2 Cain on hand, as well as an equally impressive ED-209, a Ghostbusters Terror Dog replica, a Starship Troopers Tanker Bug and a few more items.

Check them out by reading on.

Wonder Festivel Robocop 2014 ThreeZero 4

Wonder Festival 2014 we held this past weekend. ThreeZero was there displaying some of their upcoming figures. Included are the following:

• Robocop 2014 – Robocop 1.0
• Robocop 2014 -Robocop 3.0
• Robocop 2014 -ED-209
• Game of Thrones – Tyrion Lannister
• Walking Dead – Merle Dixon
• Zoids- Iron Kong
• Mazinger Z

Read on to see the photos, which come courtesy of Tag Hobby.

Robocop 2014 ED 209 Painted Prototype 1

The folks at ThreeZero recently released a bunch of photos of their upcoming Robocop 2014 – Robocop 1.0 and Robocop 3.0 Figures. We’ve seen a few photos of their upcoming ED-209 as well. Now they have released pics of the full painted ED-209 prototype.

Meet one of most powerful and impressive OmniCop creations: ED-209, which Twin Cobra cannons provide precision-strike cover for close-combat searches!

Our ED-209 is fully based on the official movie model, comes with fully posable action joints, articulated head arms, legs and toes.

See the new Robocop 2014 – ED-209 photos after the jump.

Robocop 2014 Painted Robocop 1 0 Prototype 4

After the teasers and the first look at the ED-209, we finally see what ThreeZero is releasing for their Robocop 2014 line. They have officially released fully painted images of their upcoming Robocop 1.0 and Robocop 3.0 figures. Also released was a teaser of the painted Robocop 2014 ED-209. No price or release date is listed. We’ll be sure to update as more info and images are released.

Read on to see the photos.

NECA Robocop ED 209 016

I received my Robocop ED-209 last night and wanted to share my review and a full gallery of the figure. This highly anticipated figure may be NECA‘s best yet. The figure stands at 10″ tall and is compatible with their previously released 7″ Robocop figures. It features full articulation as well as embedded sound effects.

Read on to check out a review as well as a full gallery of NECA’s ED-209.

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NECA Robocop 1987 ED 209 003

NECA has released an updated look at their Robocop (1987) ED-209. The new look gives us some updated packaging and loose photos. Also included is a video showing off the sound effects of the figure. Here’s a bit more from NECA:

Standing nearly 10″ tall, the Enforcement Droid 209 Series is totally in scale with the 7″ Robocop figures. It’s fully poseable and features articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, poseable cannon arms, and pop-out rocket launcher on the right arm. Also features movie accurate sound effects and dialogue – press a button and hear the hydraulic machinery sounds, the guttural metal growls, “Warning, Throw Down Your Weapon, You Have 15 seconds to comply” and more!

Comes in deluxe closed box packaging featuring original illustrations by Jason Edmiston and product photography highlighting key action features.

The ED-209 Action Figure with Sound is scheduled to ship in early January.

Read on to check out the video and all of the new photos of the ED-209.

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Robocop Real Figure Collection

A new magazine scan shows that Takara Tomy is releasing a set of four Robocop Real Figure Collection miniature figures. These miniature stand at 85MM tall, which comes out to a little over 3.3″ tall. These are non-poseable PVC figures that are due out in March 2014. Included are:

• Robocop 1.0
• Robocop 3.0
• ED-209
• EM-208

There also appears to be a chase variant Robocop 3.0 figure as well. Check out the photo after the jump.

ThreeZero ED 209 Robocop 2014 3

ThreeZero has released a second photo of their upcoming ED-209. Yesterday we had a shot showing the front of the figure. Today’s photo gives us a look at the back. We’ll have more images and info on the Robocop 2014 ED-209 1/6 Scale Figure as they become available.

ThreeZero has released a few more ED-209 photos. One of them is a behind-the-scenes image. It gives us our first look at how big this thing actually is. Read on to check out the new photos.