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SDCC2015 Proto Boba Fett Mini Bust 001

Gentle Giant has revealed their latest San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive. They will be offering a Star Wars Prototype Boba Fett Mini Bust. The 1/6 scale bust will also be available to Premier Guild Members who cannot attend SDCC. Price and edition size have not been revealed just yet. Details from Gentle Giant:

In the summer of 1980, The Empire Strikes Back introduced us to one of modern cinemas most recognizable characters, Boba Fett. A man of few words, the gritty bounty hunter quickly made his mark despite having roughly 3 minutes of screen time in his debut film. The character had long been teased by Lucasfilm as far back as 1978, appearing in animated form and as a costumed character in parades and special events across the country.

It was a filmed screen test in early 1978 where we saw an early prototype of Fett that featured sleek all white armor over an off-white jump suit. This costume was rumored to be a “Super Stormtrooper” design that saw the character designed to be a kind of elite, special forces Imperial Trooper, better trained and equipped than regular foot soldiers. In the end, this concept was abandoned and Fett became the rogue bounty hunter we all know today.

Gentle Giant Ltd. is pleased to announce the exclusive Boba Fett-Prototype mini-bust to our collectors for San Diego Comicon 2015. Featuring polished white armor, unique blaster and minute details that set him apart from the bounty hunter version of Fett, this mini-bust is a must have addition for those looking to add a piece of early Fett history to their Star Wars/Gentle Giant Ltd. collection.

If you are not planning on attending San Diego Comic Con 2015, but still wish to purchase the Prototype Boba Fett Mini Bust, then join the Gentle Giant Ltd Premier Guild today!!! Not only will your membership allow you to purchase this exclusive item, but you will also receive 10% off all regular release items, access to past PGM items, access to future exclusives, and one of the below mini busts of your choice!!!

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SDCC2015 Jumbo 1st Appearance Boba Fett

For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Jakks Pacific will be offering a Star Wars 1st Appearance Boba Fett 20″ Tall Jumbo Figure. Jedi Temple Archives shared the news, which reveals the figure will be based on Boba Fett‘s first ever public appearance at the San Anselmo County Fair on September 24, 1978.

While Jakks claims this is the first time this version has ever received a figure, the team at JTA note that is incorrect. They note that it has been offered by Medicom twice. Once as a Vinyl Collectible Doll and once as a Kubrick. From Jakks:

SDCC First Appearance Boba Fett $50.00, limit one per customer, sold ONLY at SDCC at the JAKKS booth in the Lucasfilm area

Boba Fett, Legendary Mandalorian Bounty Hunter has a long and colorful history. While many fans remember him from The Empire Strikes Back as well as his animate debut in The Star Wars Holiday Special, his true first appearance was as a member of the Star Wars delegation in the San Anselmo County Fair on September 24, 1978! At the time, Lucasfilm was headquartered at 52 Park Way in San Anselmo, about twenty minutes north of San Francisco. As part of harvest parade, Darth Vader and for the first time in public, Boba Fett, marched throughout the street waving to fans of all ages. The armor was worn by assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham and featured several noticeable difference such as the brightly colored blue jump suit, yellow and red armor highlights, as well as the “tribal marks” on his helmet; all altered for his later film appearances. JAKKS Pacific is excited to celebrate this legendary character and offer an articulated action figure of First Appearance Boba Fett or the first time ever!

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Gentle Giant has updated their website with new images and info on their upcoming SDCC 2015 Exclusive Jumbo Star Wars Droids boba Fett Figure –

In 1985, everyone’s favorite protocol droid and astromech droid starred in their own animated TV series. Star Wars: Droids, featured R2-D2 and C-3PO on their early adventures that took place before Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. The series also featured the appearance of Boba Fett himself!

The figure will be priced at $100.00


The team at Yoda News have provided a first look at Gentle Giant‘s upcoming Jumbo Star Wars Droids Boba Fett figure. This offering will be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and is chock full of nostalgia!

The Jumbo Boba Fett comes packaged with a Star Wars Droids inspired backer card, furthering the vintage feel of this piece. That’s not all though, it also comes with a jumbo replica of the collectors coin that came with the original figure! Now, you might say to yourself “Ugh, but I’m not going to SDCC”…well no worries, you’ll be able to get this piece directly through Gentle Giant, but you’ll have to be a member of GG’s Premier Guild, so make sure to sign up today!

We’ve mirrored a small assortment of images for you to feast your eyes on after the break, but make sure to check out the source article for the full gallery. [Read more…]

SDCC2015 Vinyl Idolz Ghostbuster PEter Venkman

If you’re a fan of Pop! Vinyl Figures, and like to collect all the variants, then Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives are going to leave your wallet empty. They’ve revealed two batches of exclusive for the event. Also included are some Dorbz, Vinyl Idolz, Hikari and ReAction figures. Here’s the current list:

  • Pop! Animation: Futurama – Gold Bender
  • Pop! Disney/Pixar: Inside Out – Sparkle Hair Sadness
  • Pop! Television: Doctor Who – Twelfth Doctor (Spacesuit)
  • Pop! Rides: X-Force Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck
  • Hikari: Star Wars – Infrared Boba Fett
  • Vinyl Idolz: Ghostbusters – Slimed Dr. Peter Venkman
  • Dorbz XL: Batman – 6″ Batman
  • Pop! Marvel: Avengers: Age of Ultron – Captain American Unmasked
  • Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Golden Frieza
  • Pop! Television: Supernatural – French Mistake Castiel
  • Pop! Disney: Cars – Dinoco Lightning McQueen
  • ReAction: The Flash – The Flash Unmasked

There will be no pre-buy option for these, as they want to make sure they have more available for the show. You can see the images by reading on. We’ll update when they release the info on their next selection of exclusives.

Play Arts Variant Marvel Iron Man Packaging Illustration

Square Enix Play Arts Kai lead designer Hidemi Matsuzuka has shared a bunch of new images. With so many Play Arts Variant packaged previewed, we’re rounding them up in one post. He ha shared shots of the packaging and box illustrations for the following upcoming figures:

  • Marvel Variant Iron Man
  • Marvel Variant Spider-Man
  • Batman Timeless: Wild West Batman
  • Star Wars Variant Boba Fett

You can check out the images by reading on.

Sideshow Star Wars Celebration 022

Over the weekend, Sideshow shared photos of their booth from Star Wars Celebration. It has many of their previously released and upcoming Star Wars collectibles on display. Among the new items being shown are upcoming Star Wars Sixth Scale Figures such as the Jawas and the Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader. You’ll also see the Hot Toys Star Wars display, assorted statue, life size replicas and more.

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Tamashii Nations Star Wars Movie Realization Boba Fett

At Star Wars Celebration, Tamashii Nations revealed a few upcoming Star Wars Movie Realization items. These are Tamashii’s redesigned Star Wars figures, which are meant to evoke classic Japanese designs. Included in the reveals is our first look at the art for a Ronin Boba Fett as well as our best look yet at the Imperial Guard. In the photos, we get new looks at the Darth Vader and some new;y announced Stormtrooper variants as well.

The images come courtesy of Pop-Critica. Check them out after the jump.

Hot Toys Star Wars Sixth Scale Sandtrooper

Check out some photos of the Hot Toys Star Wars items on display during Star Wars Celebration. These were on display at the Sideshow booth. Hot Toys has loaded up a bunch of photos of the booth. Included on display are:

Star Wars 1/6 Scale Figures

  • Sandtrooper
  • Spacetrooper
  • Stormtroopers
  • Han Solo
  • Chewbacca
  • Darth Vader
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars 1/4 Scale Figures

  • Darth Vader (Episode III Version)
  • Boba Fett

Forum member TheBigMachine let us know that Sideshow Freaks forum member TK0083 posted detailed images of the Sandtrooper. Read on to see the images.

McQuarrie Darth Vader Figure

At Star Wars Celebration, Sideshow revealed some upcoming Star Wars items during their collectibles panel. These included the following:

  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept – Darth Vader – Sixth Scale Figure
  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept -Stormtrooper – 1/5 Scale Maquette
  • Ralph McQuarrie Concept -Boba Fett – 1/5 Scale Macquette
  • Jawas -Sixth  Scale Figure Set
  • R5-D2 – Sixth Scale Figure

Thanks to jedi_don of Statue Forum and Toyark forum member TheBigMachine for sharing these.

Star Wars Celebration Shadowtrooper Super Shogun

Funko has revealed a few new exclusives for Star Wars Celebration. they have teamed up with Super 7 to present Funko X Super 7 Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Super Shogun Figures. There will be a Boba Fett and a Shadowtrooper. Each will stand at 24″ tall and feature wheeled feet with a launching fist. The Boba Fett will also feature a jetpack launcher. Price is not listed. these will be available at the Funko booth during the event.

Read on to see the new photos.