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lego super hero 2 2015

Thanks to Flickr user BrickHero for posting up new images of upcoming LEGO Super Heroes Marvel and DC Comics 2015 Sets. The new images are preliminary and may change before they hit retail later in 2015. The new LEGO Super Heroes sets include.

  • Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team Up 76037
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Carnage 76036
  • Joker’s Fun House 76035
  • The Batboat Harbor Pursuit 76034

To check out all the new LEGO Super Heroes Marvel and DC Comics 2015 Set Images after the jump.

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New Batman Adventures Roxy Rocket Figure

DC Collectibles has posted their group solicitations for items scheduled to be released in August, with a few shipping a little earlier than that. Here’s the full list of items:


After the jump, you can check out all of the images and much more info.

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DC Collectibles Deadshot Bust

In a new article talking about various unreleased DC Collectibles from the past, they did unveil a new product. The image gives us our first look at an upcoming DC Comics Super-Villains Deadshot Bust, which was designed by Jim Lee. The bust is scheduled for release in April.

for those that are interested in the article, they talk about and show off a few unreleased items. These include DC New 52 3.75″ Action Figures, a few statues/busts, DC Universe Online Figures, and Batman Rainbow Action Figure Collection. They are taking a poll to see which one fans would most like to see released, though there are no promises of seeing the winning product as a release.

Check out the images after the jump.

Thrasher Batman 15

The Toyark is running catch up today with a figure out in limited quantities late last year, Thrasher Armor Batman from the Capullo Designer Series. He’s now getting a wider release, we have our copy, and he’s awesome. He first showed up almost a year ago at Toy Fair 2014, and ever since then I’ve been itching for him. I’m a fan of Batman and Transformers, robits and mechs in general, so mashing the two up in a big ass Batmech is almost too good. This armor comes from the Court of the Owls story arc where a team of Talon‘s got into the Batcave, so Batman jumps in this bad boy and goes to town. Check out over 50 photos of the Thrasher Armor along with our thoughts after the break courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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Prime 1 Studio Dark Knight Trilogy Teaser

Prime 1 Studio has been teasing some new license announcements and reveals. Over the past few days, they have posted teaser images and reveals for the following licenses:

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Batman: Arkham Series
  • Batman: 75 Years
  • Man of Steel

They had also, originally, teased a TMNT 1990’s Movie license, but have since removed the post and have stated on various social media platforms that it is no longer in the works. Read on to see the logo and teaser images they posted.

Designer Zero Year Batman 26

2014 is almost done, but we aren’t done with the galleries just yet! The Toyark will be banging out another set of DC galleries to wrap up the year, starting with DC Collectibles Designer Series Zero Year Batman! (Don’t worry Marvel fans, next year is sure to be stacked with Marvel shoots :)). Wave 3 of the Greg Capullo inspired Batman Designer Series dropped at comic shops on Christmas Eve. Zero Year Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Batgirl are out now, Two-Face did not ship, may be delayed till later in 2015.

The wave continues it’s unique look with bulky sculpts and comic centric designs based on the Greg Capullo New 52 run of Batman comics. Batman features his “Zero Year” look, which was a multi-issue flashback story showing Bruce Wayne’s first year as the Batman in Gotham. A throwback to the original Batman design with the purple gloves is present as is the frowning mug Capullo (or at least his figures) are known for. We’ve done up over 30 shots of Batman to show off his skills, check em out with our quick thoughts after the break!

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Batman 1989 NECA 011

NECA has delivered on a item that no one thought would be possible. After the release of their Batman NES Figure, they claimed that this was a one-off item that they were lucky enough to be able to release. But they worked out a deal with Warner Bros. to bring fans a movie accurate 7″ Scale Batman 1989 Figure, thought it would only be available with the purchase of a Batman 1989 Blu-Ray. Originally released on Ebay, the figure and Blu-Ray combo is now available at Toys “R” Us Stores.

After the jump, check out our gallery for the figure, as well as a quick review.

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Mezco One12 Collective Batman Figure 003

Back in July, Mezco surprised collectors by announcing an all new line of highly articulated collectible figures; the One:12 Collective line. To introduce us to the line, Mezco revealed the first figure, which was a Batman based on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The One:12 Collective Figures fall somewhere between the look of traditional 1/6 scale figures and retro Mego style designs. They feature the high level of articulation and cloth outfits you would expect in 1/6 scale figures, but are scaled down to about 6” tall. At this size, it keeps the price low for fans who want the look and feel of the much more expensive 1/6 scale figures, but don’t want to sacrifice the bells and whistles that those lines offer.

The Dark Knight Returns Batman alone features over 32 points of articulation and includes numerous accessories. The figures includes an alternate head sculpt, four sets of interchangeable hands, interchangeable boots, a removable utility belt, a pistol, a grappling hook, and a figure stand with Bat-symbol base. That’s an impressive array of accessories for the roughly $65 price tag online retailers are listing it for. The Batman figure is also coming in multiple colors. Right now, there are three versions revealed, giving fans a chance to own the version that suits their tastes. These include the iconic black and gray outfit, a Previews Exclusive retro style blue and gray costume and a Special Limited Version featuring a navy blue and gray costume.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, we got our first in person look at the Batman Figures. We also got our first news of the next figures in the line. They had announcement cards revealing that we would get a comic version of Judge Dredd and a Michael Keaton Batman. While we haven’t yet seen the 1989 Batman, we did finally see the awesome looking Judge Dredd in October during our coverage of Mezco’s New York Comic-Con 2014 Display. Like the Batman, the Dredd figure features a highly articulated body, a cloth outfit, interchangeable hands, numerous weapons and a themed figure base. Fans were especially pleased with the Judge Dredd design. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the line.

Mezco has shared with us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes style look at the upcoming Dark Knight Returns Batman Figure. This “exploded” x-ray style view gives us a look at how the figures will be assembled. It also gives a look at where and how the alternate pieces will connect. As you can see, the figure has no shortage of articulation points. Articulation ranges from ball joints to hinge joints and features the much loved ab/torso articulation for truly dynamic poses. Read on to check out the image as well as a bunch of other official images showcasing the figures and a cool shot of the figure displayed in Times Square, NY.

You can also view all of our One:12 Collective Coverage for more info. Keep an eye on Mezco’s One:12 Collective Landing Page to pre-order upcoming items.

Toy Soul 2014 Toy Soul 2014 Hot Toys 015

Here we have mirrored a massive gallery of over 85 photos from Toy Soul 2014. These images come courtesy of Plastic Enemies. their gallery contains 312 photos from the show, so check them out for even more pics. I’ve mirrored the ones that may be of most interest to our readers. These include the following companies:

  • 3A
  • ACI
  • Enterbay
  • Hot Toys
  • Kids Logic
  • Oritoy
  • Sentinel
  • Sideshow
  • Soap Studio
  • ThreeZero
  • And More

In the pics, you can see that Hot Toys is prepping for some Avengers: Age of Ultron reveals. ThreeZero debuted a Chappie figure as well. There’s much more after the jump.

Triforce Arkham Origins Batman Cowl 2

Triforce has sent along images and info for their newest video game replica. They have revealed a Batman: Arkham Origins – Batman Cowl Full Scale Replica. The awesome looking Batman Cowl Replica is cast in polystone and comes on a Batcave themed base with working LED lights. It stands at 26″ tall and weighs in at 35 lbs. It’s limited to just 500 pieces worldwide and is priced at $850. Here’s more info from Triforce:

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cowl Full Scale Replica

TriForce proudly presents the officially licensed Batman: Arkham Origins – Cowl Full Scale Replica, masterfully sculpted and painted by the artisans at TriForce. The end result is the most authentic representation of the Batman Cowl from Arkham Origins available on the market. The Cowl Full Scale Replica is hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality. Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, it measures 26″H x23.5″W x 24.5″L, weighs in at 35 pounds, and features working LED effects modeled to mimic the Batcave design and technology! Own this authentic piece of videogame history as part of a Limited Edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

Price: $850
Item Number : Arkham_Origins_Cowl
License: Batman: Arkham Origins
Product Size: 26″ H x 23.5″ W x 24.5″ L
Product Weight: 35lbs
Artist: TriForce Development Team
Estimated Ship Date: 4th Quarter 2015

You can pre-order it by Clicking Here. Read on to check out some images.