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PAK Steampunk Batman 002

Batman Timeless is the Play Arts Variant line of redesigned Batman figures. Each one is based on either a specific designers vision, or an interpretation of how a Batman would have appeared in a historical setting. The latest entry in the line is the Play Arts Variant Steampunk Batman, a 19th century Victorian-era styled Batman. We had a look at the figure most recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Square Enix has released two new official photos of the Steampunk Batman. Expect a few more photos as well as pricing and release dates to be revealed soon. You can check out the images by reading on.

ACGHK2015 HEROCROSS Display 001

Two really cool new items from HEROCROSS were on display at ACGHK 2015. Tag Hobby loaded up some images. Newer items include the following Hybrid Metal Figuration figures:

  • Robocop (1987) – ED-209
  • Aliens vs Predator – Wolf Predator

Also included in their display was plenty of previously seen items such as Star Wars, Aliens vs Predator, DC Comics, Robocop, etc. Read on to check out the images.

ACGHK 2015 Floor Photos 045

Here are a bunch of photos from the floor of ACGHK 2015. posted up a huge gallery. Unfortunately, they didn’t capture the placards for the items, so it’s tough to tell which companies some of these products are from. However, there are some really fantastic items here for Robocop, Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Terminator, Aliens and much more.

Read on to check out over 80 photos. The images come courtesy of, who has over 265 photos in their gallery.

Blueline Batman 37

DC Collectibles put out a pretty awesome exclusive this year at SDCC – a “blueline” version of their New 52 Batman figure. The figure is pure white head to toe, with paint apps meant to mimic inking as would be done on a penciled page of a comic book before it is colored. This was overseen by none other than all star artist Jim Lee. The “blueline” aspect comes into play because the packaging features design cues from the blank pages comic artists use to do their pages, what they submit to the comic publisher to be inked and then scanned for coloring (now a days). The standard one came with a printed sketch by Jim Lee, and there were 150 units with hand done sketches, 50 Batman, 50 Joker, 50 Harley. Those are running crazy prices right now in the aftermarket, but I’m cool with the standard one, I can open this without ruining a down payment on a car.

The figure is a fantastic art piece that I was looking forward to since they announced it. Even though doesn’t fit in on a “DC Universe line up” shelf, it’s a cool unique accent piece, and I’m happy I was able to pick one up. Check out over 35 shots of the SDCC Blueline Batman after the break!

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Hot Toys at ACGHK2015 Display 004

Here is a bunch of photos showing the Hot Toys Display from ACGHK 2015. It includes a look at some life size Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtroopers on display. There are also more photos of the massive Star Wars 1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon, Ant Man figures, Terminator, and More.

Check out the photos, courtesy of NonSoloHobby and One Sixth Republic, after the jump.

Amazon JP Wild West Batman Play Arts Variant 006

Amazon Japan has posted an Exclusive Wild West Batman Limited Color Play Arts Variant Figure. This new variant version looks to include all the same accessories at the standard version. It includes a figure stand, a Tomahawk, grapple gun, Batarang, a knife, and multiple sets of swappable hands. It’s scheduled for release on August 31 and is priced at 12,960 Yen (about $104 USD).

Read on to check out the new photos.

HEROCROSS Classic Batmobile Preview

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, we spotted a cool looking Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile by HEROCROSS. They’ve posted an update for the vehicle, which will be a companion piece for their Hybrid Metal Figuration Batman and Robin figures. If you pre-order the vehicle from HEROCROSS, you will get to personalize the license plate. The vehicle will also include a built-in bluetooth speaker that can stream music from your mobile devices. Pre-orders kick off on July 24th at ACGHK or at their online store;

Read on to see a new image.

NECA Arkham Knight Batman 027

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final installment of the fantastic Arkham series of games by Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios (with Arkham Origins being handled by WB Montreal). In the game, you face off against a wide array of villains from Batman’s rogues gallery. The main story protagonists are the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. Both have their own scores to settle with Batman, and use Gotham City to enact their revenge. In the game, you acquire an all new V8.03 Batsuit, which allows Batman to move faster than he ever had, as well as use new features such as multi-fear take downs and eject glides from the Batmobile. The V8.03 suit has a more armored look to it than any previous main suit from the series.

NECA has taken the new suit design, and turned it into a beautiful 1/4 scale figure. Arkham Knight Batman stands at 18″ tall and includes multiple hands and accessories. The folks at NECA sent the figure along for us to review. We have a full high resolution gallery and review after the jump.

Check out our NECA Toy Galleries to view all of our ongoing NECA photo shoots.

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NECA Aliens Genoicide Red Alien Queen 006

NECA revealed a bunch of new items at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Here we will have the round up of official images and info that was released during the show. Included are:

  • Iron Maiden – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – 2 Minutes to Midnight
  • Aliens – Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Genocide Red Queen
  • Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 6 (Alien Isolation)
  • Friday the 13th – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Classic Video Game Appearance Jason with Theme Music Packaging
  • Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Mutavore
  • Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Striker Eureka
  • Terminator 2 – 7″ Action Figure – Ultimate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Iron Man Mark 43 with LED Lights
  • Batman Begins – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Batman (Christian Bale)
  • Predator – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Jungle Hunter with LED Lights

You can check out the images and all of the info by reading on.

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SDCC 2015 DC Collectibles Statues Saturday 011

Here are the Statues, plushies an more from the DC Collectibles booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Included are:


  • Batman and Robin – Black and White Statues by Carmine Infantino
  • Catwoman – DC Comics Cover Girls Statue
  • Black Canary – DC comics Cover Girls Statue
  • Power Girl – DC comics Cover Girls Statue
  • The Joker – DC Comics Icons Statue
  • Deadshot – DC Comics Icons Statue
  • Killer Frost – DC Bombshells Statue
  • Cheetah – DC Bombshells Statue
  • Green Arrow and Black Canary – Statue by Cliff Chiang

Other Items

  • SDCC Exclusive Jim Lee Batman figure
  • Plushies
  • Justice League Tarot Cards