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PAK Cloud 55

Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife. Play Arts Kai. Perfection. As soon as I saw this, knew I had to have it. I am a big Final Fantasy fan, pretty much just FFVII too. I long for the days of countless hours wasted world exploring, not being online, just battling and leveling up through 3 discs of greatness all by my lonesome. It was an epic story and as much as Square wants to move the FF series forward, they can’t, because this stuff is just too awesome.

Advent Children was also a worthy sequel to the game, ahead of it’s time IMO and still holds up 10 years later. Square originally did Advent Children figures in their Play Arts (no Kai) line early in their figure career. They were good, but the last 8 years or so has made them look a bit dated. Thankfully they are revisiting now that they’ve hulked up with Kai, and Cloud is the perfect upgrade to the original offering. Check out over 80 shots of him showing off all his different swords and moves after the break, courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

Entertainment Earth

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Mezco Raiden TRU 15

The Toyark is wrapping up it’s Mezco Mortal Kombat X wave 1 galleries today with Raiden! Raiden is the third of the wave along with Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Even though this is Mortal Kombat X, these three are OG and hit that nostalgia cord well. Their looks are updated yet still touch those classic notes. Raiden in particular is very well done, the paint detailing is stellar. The alternate clear lighting hands are a great touch, and of course the removable traditional hat. We also got a hold of the TRU exclusive Glow in the Dark Raiden, which premiered at SDCC 2015. Same figure, no paint, glows in the dark. Shots of him are in here as well. As with all of these, the pics speak louder than words, so check out almost 50 shots of the two Raidens after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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Gecco Bloodborne Hunter Original 056

Gecco has sent along photos and info for their Bloodborne – 1/6 Scale Hunter Statue. We got a chance to check out the unpainted prototype back at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. The 1/6 scale statue comes in at over 12.5″ tall. It’s scheduled for release in December at a price of $299. There will be two different versions. The first is a Hunter in his standard color and a “Puddle of Blood” version.

You can check out over 80 photos and much more info by reading on.

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KidRobot Mega Man Capsule Series

KidRobot has updated with new info on their Mega Man Capsule Figures and Mega Man Figure Keychains. Starting on August 4th, you’ll be able to grab these online at as well as in specialty stores. Here’s more info direct from KR:

Kidrobot and Capcom team up to bring the video game phenomenon Mega Man™ to vinyl by ‘botifying the highly evolved Robot Masters and the brilliant scientists that created them.

Kidrobot and Capcom launched the highly anticipated series at San Diego Comic Con, with two Con exclusives: Break Man 7” Medium Figure and a Mega Man Con Exclusive Colorway 7” Medium Figure. Following the popular SDCC releases, Mega Man and Proto Man 7” Medium Figures were made available in stores and online at

We are excited to announce that the full Mega Man Capsule will be available in stores and online at on Tuesday, August 4th. This includes the mini series, keychains and previously released medium figures. The capsule will retail from $5.99-$49.99.

Check out a few photos by reading on.

Mezco Scorpion 19

Mezco‘s Mortal Kombat X line is out in the wild and we have been itching to get our hands on ’em. Yesterday we took at look at Sub-Zero and the line overall, today we are seeing what Scorpion is all about. Personally, I’m a Sub-Zero guy (from way back when MK 1 was in arcades). But, I do have to say, Scorpion takes the cake in this wave. He’s got a bit more movement than Sub-Zero since his waist twist is above the belt line. The swords and “Get Over Here” chains both allow for super kick ass poses. Removable face mask is a plus too. As we said yesterday, these figures are some of the best constructed in recent times, they just feel “right” in your hand. Coupled with awesome paint and sculpts, they are winners. Check out over 35 High Res shots of Scorpion after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Check back tomorrow as we round out Wave 1 with Raiden!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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Metal Gear Solid V Ocelot Play Arts Kai 006

Square Enix has sent out photos and info for a new Play Arts Kai figure. Check out the first photos and info for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Revolver Ocelot Play Arts Kai Figure. The figure will include a number of accessories. Included are a swappable head, interchangeable hands, two different revolvers and a figure stand.

Ocelot is scheduled for a Japanese release in October. The figure is priced at 12,800 Yen (About $103 USD). Look for pre-orders to hit U.S. shops soon. You can check out the images after the jump.

Mezco Sub Zero 31

Mezco showed off their Mortal Kombat figures back at Toy Fair 2015, and they immediately impressed. They are a return to fully articulated offerings with sculpting and paint apps to die for (no pun intended). The one thing I was concerned with was that as great as the prototypes looked back then, how would it translate when it hit production? Answer – perfectly.

These things have multiple layers of paint just as detailed as the protos. They are also some of the most well constructed 6 inch figures I’ve handled in recent times. Build quality good, plastic heft is there, all joints move smooth and silky, but stay in their desired position. There aren’t traditional double jointed this, rocker that – but, they all move as needed in all the right points. Bottom line, Mezco hit a home run here. We’ll be looking at all three wave 1 figures this week, starting today with Sub-Zero. Check out 35 HD shots after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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PCS Street Fighter Ryu Progress 1

Pop Culture Shock teased their Street Fighter 1/6 Scale Figures over a year ago. We had seen a few initial teasers, but it had been some time since we last heard anything. Now we finally have an update. It seems that PCS has been working on the sculpt and articulation for the figures since then. They have been trying to make a super articulated figure that hides as many of the points as possible. Unfortunately, they haven’t been happy with the results and are coming to the fans, asking their opinion on where to go next.

The choices are either a super articulated figure, that’s a little less realistic and has most of the joints exposed, or a more realistic looking figure with less articulation. PCS is asking for fans to give them feedback on the PCS Facebook Page. Why not drop them a line and let them know what you think they should do. They have also released a few new images, showing where they were at in figure development (and a side-by-side with the Kids Logic Akuma). Read on for those as well as the full statement by Pop Culture Shock.

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3A Destiny Titan Figure 001

The 3A Destiny – 1/6 Scale Titan Figure is up for pre-order now on That is for the Bambaland Exclusive version. 3A has posted up their newsletter with much more info. Turns out, there will be a total of three different editions for the figure.

  • Bambaland Exclusive Edition Titan
  • Retail Edition Titan
  • Bungie Exclusive Edition Titan

Each one is priced at $190. For more info on each edition, read on.

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Street Fighter 2 Continue Portrait Mini Busts 003

This is a pretty odd collection of mini busts, but tug nicely at the 90’s nostalgia strings. Embrace Japan had these Street Fighter 2 “Continue? Portrait” Mini Busts on display. I believe these were at Summer Wonder Festival 2015, though the post at doesn’t mention that. Each mini bust shows a beat down portrait of the original World Warriors from the continue screen. Included are:

  • Ryu
  • E. Honda
  • Blanka
  • Guile
  • Balrog
  • Vega
  • Ken
  • Chun Li
  • Zangief
  • Dhalsim
  • Sagat
  • M. Bison

Read on to check out the images.