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Welcome to another addition of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A. Here we present you answers to questions we sent off last month. Without further ado, here we go:

Ok How are you going to push a club through when you did not get 100% you told DC Fans they would not get their club but when the March club fell short you pushed through any way. Why?

The DC club had 63%, that is REALLY far from the 97% that Club Etheria ended with. Had the DC club only been shy 1 or 2 points off like POP was we would likely have gone forward. But at 63% we are almost 40% short. That is just way too short to cut it! Big difference between 97% of a goal and 63% of a goal!

Would Azrael Batman be a more likely fit for Total Heroes Ultra than the mainline Total Heroes line? I ask this due to the amount of new tooling needed(mask or new head, cape/wings, armor, et al)

Right now we don’t have any plans beyond the 4 announced 2014 figs so you would need to ask the retail team on any specifics on their 2015 line!

Any special figures planned to honor Harold Ramis?

Toy Guru did post this blog:

Ever think about re-releasing Man-At-Arms with a huge arsenal of weapons, like the weapons packs from before but repainted?

That would be cool, but at the earliest maybe 2016 as our focus is on the A list and vintage figs for the next 2 years. Reissues or 2.0′s with more articulation or accessories will need to wait.

Before the decision to end Club Infinite Earths, did the 4H experiment behind the scenes with ways to hide the pins on joints? For example, the exposed pin joints on the knees and elbows.

We did this on our Swampthing and Batman 8″ figures.

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Welcome to another edition of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A! Without further ado, here are answers to the questions we sent off earlier this month:

What will the Production values be on the 6 figures Planned for Sept and Oct? By that I mean is it possible that they will sell out before DC Fans can get the like the CIE figures?

It is always possible figures can sell out during EA but it is not a sure thing.

Your way cool Super Powers 30th Anniversary surprise brings to mind another 30th Anniversary = Masters of the Universe. You pulled the near-impossible by giving fans a huge new Grayskull. Mattel accomplished it, in the face of the post Great Recession. You did it seemingly with the nifty help of the Pre-Meter. Like Grayskull, can you put a Super Powers 30th Anniversary Pre-Meter, for a equally huge Hall of Justice? Perhaps join forces with Total Heroes the retail line, to advertise it as something like a mail-away, available only at

We definitely do not have plans for a Hall of Justice playset at this time. If we can’t sell tier 1 of the basic DCU figures (in the sub) we will not be in a position to explore large Epic Creation items. One of the reasons that door was more open on the MOTUC brand for a playset was because MOTUC has sold the basic figures at the tier 2 level year after year.

This may be the wrong place to ask, but is there a reason the MattyCollector store does not accept Paypal?

Yes, we tried Paypal years ago and fan overwhelmingly asked us to remove it as an option do to it being too slow.

Now that the regular Total Heroes line has a female buck(Wonder Woman), which female characters would lend themselves better for the Total Heroes Ultra line instead of the regular Total Heroes line?

There are countless females in the DC Universe that we could now do in either the retail or Ultra line with the addition of the female buck. Likely the more well known the character the more likely she would be in the retail line. The less well known females (and males) would be in the online line. You can use the 2014 line as a litmus test noting Hal Jordan in the retail line and Tomar Re/John Steward/Greenman in the online offerings.

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Welcome to another round of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A! Here we go:

The Super Powers Collection revealed at Toy Fair has figures listed for $30 each. For clarification, is this line a MattyCollector exclusive or destined for retail too?

This line is only available on and will be released in two “waves” of 3 individual figures in late summer, early fall.

The MOTUC Mini figures look adorable – especially Castle Grayskull. Is this line only going to consist of that one wave of six 2-packs, or will this be an ongoing line (with say, Snake Mountain as the next “theme” build)?

If the line does well enough in 2014 we’d love to look at what we can do in 2015. But that has not been determined yet.

So does anyone know if Matty is doing anything to improve the way their con exclusives are being distributed? Every year I have to fight re-sellers (Who are buying 9 Monster High Dolls at one time) just so I can get my 6 yr old daughter 1 so she can play with it. IS Matty planning on doing anything about the amount people can buy so their core fans can have the excitement of picking up one of the dolls at con.

Yes, we always enforce strict limits on all of our figures at conventions to six per person per line wait.

Last time you mentioned that the 4H had designed the Total Heroes Ultra figures. Being that those figures use base bodies from the retail Total Heroes line, does this mean that the 4H sculpted the mainline Total Heroes line at retail too, or just the new parts that come with the Total Heroes Ultra figures? We had heard before that the 4H had provided design supervision for the mainline Total Heroes line, we just wanted clarification if they are indeed the actual designers behind the mainline.

This would be a question for the DC retail team. Quite a few sculptors and toy makers worked on designing aspects of this line, both for the retail and online components. For full details and breakdown, the DC retail team would be the folks to ask!

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Welcome to another round of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A! Remember to post all your MattyCollector Q&A questions here! Without further ado, here’s the 1st batch of answers for February 2014:

Last time you mentioned that Total Heroes would have minimal new tooling and for the most part will use existing bucks used on mass retail figures/characters. Figures like Bat Girl, could come with 2 heads, one for Babs, one for Cassie. Will female figures be part of the line, and if so, will they be limited to MattyCollector?

Females are definitely feasible, but we (Matty) would need to wait for a female buck to be developed by the retail team before we could offer collector based female TH figures.

With the DC Universe Classics line no longer continuing under the Infinite Earths Subscription, does this mean the 4H are done sculpting DC figures for you? We’re just trying to get clarification, I mean after 2014, is that really “it” for 4H DC product for you guys? We read that the 4H supervised the Total Heroes line but that’s different from what they did with the DCUC line.

The 4HM continue to work with Mattel on a variety of lines including those in the DC world. Most recently they sculpted the TH Ultra figures for 2014.

The man, the legend, the incomparable Ric Flair has yet to be made in the WWE line. Please tell me he is not going to be limited to the MattyCollector store. WOOOOOOO!

We have no current plans for a Ric Flair figure on

It’s been a few years since the MOTUC line was launched. If you and the 4H could go back in time, what changes would you make to the likes of He-Man and Skeletor? For example would you give them double jointed knees/elbows, hinged wrists, et al?

It would be great to give He-Man improved articulation and this is something we could look into for 2016 and beyond once the vintage roadmap is complete.

With not enough fans to support the Infinite Earths subscription financially after next year, does this mean the DC 6″ figure license is up for grabs?

Not in the least. The DC 6″ scale is alive and well with the Total Heroes line. Basic figures are available at retail and Ultra figures in 6″ scale with additional piece count will be offered quarterly on!

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Hello folks, welcome to another round of MattyCollector answers, this time the 1st batch for 2014. This is late, I haven’t been around the computer much between work and being sick, so my apologies for the delay. Without further ado, here’s the questions we sent off and the answers we got:

The fans feel as if you are blaming the end of the 4H DC Universe Classics/DC Unlimited/Club Infinite Earths on them. It might be safe to say that most fans would have bought Doomsday Unleashed and the disappointment over its cancellation is seemingly universal on the boards. Is there any chance for this figure to make it into fans hands, possibly as a shared online exclusive with e-tailers such as Amazon? What will it take to get that figure made?

In no way are we “blaming the fans”! Our DC fans are amazing, and very passionate. We just don’t have enough of them to justify a fully tool’d figure this year. To provide some background, the way it works is we use the 12 monthly figures that have partial tooling to off set the cost of the one fully tool’d figure (the same is true for most of our collector brands like GB and MOTU). We needed the tier 2 level (higher quota) of the 12 monthly partially tool’d figure to off-set the higher cost of the fully tool’d Doomsday. Because we didn’t even get tier 1 support (the bare min quota to go into production) it prevents us from doing a full year’s worth of product which is what we need to bank the fully tool’d Doomsday figure against. So unfortunately, the answer to your question of “what fans could do” is they needed to support the 2014 sub in higher numbers, and we just didn’t get that. Nothing against our fans, they are great, but as we said, this year we just didn’t have enough of them. We know fans are looking for “what else they can do to make a Doomsday happen” but really, as we have always said, the time to support that was during sub sales in July/Aug. And unfortunately we did not get the support needed.

Total Heroes Ultra is an all new subline of the upcoming Total Heroes line. The collectors appeal is in the extra accessories and swappable heads. No complaints there. However, if an all new line with all new tooling can be made this way, why can’t Club Infinite Earths continue?

This all new line with all new tooing is a retail line. The Ultra figures offered online are minimal new parts on retail funded bucks.

Now that the Voltron toy license is back with Toynami, can you tell us what plans you had for the license beyond what was released?

We had a line planned to support the new Voltron animated series that was shown at SDCC, but the line never made it to retail once the show ended.


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Welcome to another addition of the MattyCollector 2013 Q&A! It’s almost the end of the year! Without further ado, here’s our latest batch of answers to our questions:

We’ve seen Total Heroes Ultra Green Lanterns and Batman Beyond. Have you considered making Clark Kent/Superman and Bruce Wayne/Batman both with masked and unmasked heads for the line?

These would be great additions to the TH line, but nothing to announce yet. Stay tuned!

Are new Watchmen figures from the upcoming books possible for this line?

At this time no. The line is wrapping up with the 6 figures from 2013. All 4 of the Signature Series figures have been revealed. In lieu of a full year 12 figure sub (due to not hitting the min tier 1 level) we will be releasing 4 Quarterly figures Aquaman, Ice, Superboy and Damian Wayne

Are any MattyCollector exclusives planned for DC Multiverse? Also is the line designed in-house or by another group like the 4H?

No, there are no DC Multiverse 4″ scale figures planned for at this time. This is a retail line in 2014.

Why is everything so Kryptic when it comes to NonMotu lines? By that I mean not getting straight answers and making people wait months to hear yes or no that probably is costing customers in the process

We’ve been pretty straight forward with all your answers above on DC product. Please let us know if there is a specific question fans are looking for info on!

Yamashitas Sapphire Mouse Pad

When we reviewed the Yamashita’s Sapphire Gathering Model Kit, we announced we would be doing a random drawing to win a Yamashita’s Sapphire Mouse Pad courtesy of our friends at E2046.

• Optimus Neeson
• RavenXL7
• salsa4datass
• Snowflakian
• kylactus

Last winner added!

Mouse pads will be shipped out shortly to the winners. Congrats.

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Due to the holiday festivities towards the end of last week, we had a delay for posting our MattyCollector Q&A answers. So they go up today! This edition brings some sad news for DC Universe Classics/Club Infinite Earths collectors. It was good while it lasted. =(

Also we got some clarification on the upcoming DC Multiverse line and more. Read on!

How far along was the tier 2 Doomsday before it was cancelled? Did it make it to the tooling stage? The 4H have wanted to release a big Doomsday figure since the DCSH line and it’s a shame that it’s not happening.

It was a sculpt only which is a fraction of the cost compared to the sunk cost of tooling. It is a shame, and we really hoped to hit tier 2 level to release him, (heck, we would have settled for tier 1 to have 12 figures over 4). In the end we  can only make figures when there are customers to buy them!

Will Damien Robin come with a staff or any weapons and accessories?

He comes with a batarange,no staff.

We noticed that General Zod is already up for preorder but not Superman. Please tell us Superman is not an online exclusive.

Superman is not an online exclusive

Could a Dick Grayson Batman be snuck into the line before it ends?

No, we will not be doing any more sculpts without tier 1 support of the sub.

There you have it folks. Remember to post your MattyCollector 2013 Q&A questions here!

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Sorry for the delay folks, we got this set of answers for the MattyCollector 2013 Q&A this weekend but I was not able to post it until now. In addition, for those who have not heard, the Q&A switched from covering all Mattel products to solely covering MattyCollector’s online exclusives. Without further ado, here are our answers for the 1st half of November:

We’ve seen the MOTU Mini’s and they’re neat, they look like the small DC action packs you make. Have you considered making MOTUC Imaginext figures? Imaginext seems to be taking off very well.
That would be cool but no plans right now!

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the 2014 Damien Robin actually different from the prototype?
Some changes are always made from prototype to toy, but it is the same sku and sculpt. No changes beyond logistical production ones.

With the amount of swappable parts included with these figures, the playability is increased substantially. Was there not any mass market retail support for these Ultra figures? The kid in me re-awakened once I saw these figures.
Swapable parts are expensive and the goal was to keep the retail execution to a $9.99 SRP. One of the great things about is it allows us to experiment with items that would not work at retail such as the plus’d up Ultra Total Heroes line!

After the 2014 figures are done, is that IT for the 4 Horsemen on Mattel DC product? Will they continue to sculpt 6″ DC figures for MattyCollector’s online store or is 2014 really the end of their era with you on DC figures?
We really can’t comment on plans that far in the future. The Four Horsemen continue to be our sculpting team on MOTUC, DCUC and the Ultra Total Heroes lines.

Well that’s a wrap, remember to post your MattyCollector 2013 Q&A questions here!