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Can of Beams DBZ 11

Today we’d like to spotlight something really cool we found in our travels over on Instagram. The fine folks over at Can of Beams have been making high end custom effects pieces compatible with SH Figuarts Dragonball Z and other lines that really make the figures come to life on your shelves. Goku gets his Kamehameha, Vegeta gets his Big Bang Attack Final Flash, and Piccolo gets his Special Beam Cannon. They have a ton more, plus pieces for S.H. Monster Arts, Gundam, Figma, Naruto, and recently even Marvel Legends!

The quality is really top notch, crystal clear solid plastic with fades and gradients throughout so it isn’t just a colored blob. Each one is unique and fits with the character they are designed for. Each effect piece has a peg hole to use with display stands. Previously they were tuned for Tamashii stands but Can of Beams have moved to Obitsu compatability since their pegs are a bit longer and the stands themselves are a bit cheaper and more versatile.

Can of Beams produces these things in waves and puts them up on eBay when they are ready to go, with notice. Check his account here for items, and keep an eye on his website for new effects and for a heads up on when they are going up for sale. You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up to date. Hit their ordering page for details on how that works and even commission a custom piece!

Can of Beams let us check out pieces for Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo, plus some standard energy balls that could be used by anyone. We’ve run them through a quick photo session – check out how they look in action after the break!

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Toyark Comicave Contest TA Featured

Last week The Toyark and Comicave Studios ran a contest giving away a copy of Play Imaginative’s War Machine Mark II quarter scale die cast figure. We needed a bit of time to get in contact with the winner but we squared it all up and let him know he’s officially won. And the winner is… Radd Roberson! He liked both our Facebook pages and was randomly picked. Congratulations! Comicave Studios will be sending out the figure in the near future.

Don’t forget to follow the Toyark on Facebook to keep up with daily toy news and Comicave Studios for all their awesome upcoming products.

damnplasticcrack36 combiners

Over the last week and a half The Toyark and Entertainment Earth ran an Instagram contest for a Transformers Combiner Wars prize package. We asked the fans to submit pics of Combiners from any generation and today we have our winner! And the prize goes to…

He will receive all 10 Combiner Wars figures listed below:

  • Voyager Optimus Prime
  • Voyager Silverbolt
  • Deluxe Firefly
  • Deluxe Alpha Bravo
  • Deluxe Skydive
  • Deluxe Dragstrip
  • Legends Windcharger
  • Legends Powerglide
  • Legends Thundercracker
  • Legends Bombshell

We’d like to thank EVERYONE who participated, there were some really awesome shots in there. And, just seeing everyone’s Combiners together regardless of pic quality or anything else was awesome. Check out the slideshow below to see all the entries!

The Toyark and Entertainment Earth are giving away a set of Transformers Combiner Wars figures! In order to enter, follow the below steps:

  • Follow @toyark and @entearth
  • Like the contest announcement picture.
  • Post one picture on Instagram under your own account featuring ANY Transformers combiner figure from any point in Transformers history. Devastator, Bruticus, Superion, G1, Energon, Combiner Wars, it’s all good!
  • Tag that combiner picture with #toyark_combiners. That let’s us find it, and officially enters you into the contest.

On April 22nd (next Wednesday) we will end the session and pick one lucky winner who will get the one grand Combiner Wars prize. That prize will be the following:

  • Voyager Optimus Prime
  • Voyager Silverbolt
  • Deluxe Firefly
  • Deluxe Alpha Bravo
  • Deluxe Skydive
  • Deluxe Dragstrip
  • Legends Windcharger
  • Legends Powerglide
  • Legends Thundercracker
  • Legends Bombshell

All of them will be shipped directly to you, free of charge. Open to all countries. We will check that you tagged it properly, and liked both @Toyark and @entearth before announcing the winner, so don’t forget to do that! We will inform you via instagram direct message if you win.

Now, get posting those Combiner pics!

Combiner Wars Giveaway

En Sabah Nerd Haul 1

The holidays give way for fans to share some of the sweet collectibles they acquired. Either from friends, family, or even a gift to themselves, it’s always fun to share what we received. Toyark forum members and staff shared some of their holiday goodies, and we thought we’d post them up for our readers to check out. After the jump, check out the Toyark Holiday Hauls. Feel free to join in and shares your in the discussion. Thanks for sharing.


Tron Ornament

No matter what you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), the staff at Toyark want to wish you Happy Holidays. Be safe out there in your travels and enjoy the time with your friends and families. I personally want to take a moment to thank all of our forum members, readers, and visitors for stopping by. We’ll be back online soon. In the meantime, click on the discussion link to share your holiday hauls. If you’re on Instagram, tag #toyark to share your hauls there as well. We’ll feature a round-up of the great pics this weekend.

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Sorry for the delay folks, here are our latest answers to questions we submitted for the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A.

Out of curiousity, do Total Heroes Ultra figures cost more to tool than a Club Infinite Earths figure?

It depends on the figure, but it is not the tooling, it is the production cost that is lower due to less deco and articulation on the TH figures. This is why Signature Series figures are 25.00 and THU are 20.00.

I have to ask this. Is Mattycollector not allowing 3rd Party sales of Figures purchased in Early Access? and if So why? It seems as if you do not want the DC Collectors to get the figures and you are trying to stop them simply because they didn’t want the MOTU Sub.

Once a customer purchases a product, they are welcome to save it, play with it or resell it at their discretion. Once the item leaves our facility we have no control over what a customer chooses to do with their toy.

For the Super Powers figures, each figure uses existing tooling, they are just repaints. We get that the average DC figure at MattyCollector is $20+ but some of those figures feature unique tooling, like Huntress and many others., Shouldn’t the Super Powers figures be cheaper due to just being repaints?

It is not the tooling that determines this, it is the production cost in terms of plastic and paint that physically make up a figure and this cost for a 6″ figure is pretty standard whether it is a redeco or a new figure. It would waiver more if said figure had larger parts like giant armor, wings or a tail because this would mean the figure needs more plastic and paint overall. The production run is also a factor and the fewer figures we make, the more expensive they are to produce. In 2014, Signature Series figures are $25.00 (not $20), the SP figures are priced higher at $30.00 due to the inclusion of a C&C piece, larger packaging and smaller production runs.

The 200X line had some neat variations such as Snake Armor He Man and the arctic He Man with spear. Have you considered these variations for the MOTUC line(I ask this because we already have some Snake Men in the line)?

Those would definitely be cool variants. Whether or not they will make the line remains to be seen. Our latest reveals will be at SDCC 2014 during our fan panel on Friday at 11:00 in room 25ABC.

When Club Infinite Earths comes to a close, will you be willing to show the 4H concepts/fgures that never made it? Kind of like a “concept vault”?

Likely not. While this would be cool there are often mitigating factors preventing us from doing something like this.

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Welcome to another round of the MattyCollector Q&A! Here’s the latest set of answers:

For Total Heroes Ultra we’ve got a Green Lantern set, how long before we see Red and Yellow Lantern sets?

Should the Ultra version of Total Heroes do well we’d love to get to more Lantern colors in this line. It is all in fan/customer’s hands as we see how well the 2014 items do and whether we can do more in 2015!

Recently you revealed the SDCC exclusive Arkham Knight Batmobile. Thus far, is this the only vehicle planned for the DC Multiverse line? Also, why does it cost $85? That’s even more than the 1966 Batmobile at Toys R Us and that one might be larger.

You will need to ask the DC retail team. This Q&A can only cover items from the team, and for SDCC that includes our Hordak and Doomsday figures. All of the other SDCC items are from each brand’s retail team. Reps from the DC retail team should be at SDCC or you can always catch them online! (Editors note: we have tried on more than 1 occasion to get in contact with the DC retail team but have yet to receive a response).

The upcoming Super Powers figures retail for $30. Why do they cost this much when they are almost all repaints of existing figures?

n 2014, a standard 6″ DC figure on (i.e. Auqaman, Ice) retails for $25.00. The SP figures have larger cards and include a Kalibak piece. This pushes them to $30.00. One of the reasons the figures are a little higher priced is do to the very small run. The smaller the run, the higher the price per unit and that costs goes forward to the consumer.

Matty Collector 1292474719 1296666455 1302923122 1304408764 1305657977 1306986669 1310793158 1313520 13584477151

It’s the middle of the month and we’ve received our answers from the latest round of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A.

We’ve seen figures with swappable heads in Total Heroes Ultra and coupled with more accessories, we can see how this justifies their higher than retail pricepoint. Is it outside the realm of possibility to have larger figures with the Total Heroes Ultra pricepoint? For example, Clahyface, Doomsday, Arkillo, et al. Or is it limited by what body bucks are made for the regular retail line?

For the THU figures we offer on, doing larger figs is certainly something we would love to tackle but we need to see how the basic figures perform first before expanding.

Provided that you still have the DC toy license in 2016, are Superman/Batman Movie Masters in the realm of possibility?

2016 is just too far off for us to comment right now.

Castle Greyskull was impressive not just as a toy but the fact that it was even made. Has a new Starship Eternia toy ever been considered?

Considering that NA consistently is the poorest selling “faction”, doing a large Epic item for this faction is highly unlikely. But hey, you never know!

When nearly the entire cast of MOTU has been made into MOTUC, will you consider making 200X based MOTUC figures? This may sound like beating a dead horse but those 4H figures from 2002 struck a chord with fans and the only thing making them dated(in this editor’s opinion) is the lack of full articulation. If new figures based on those designs were made, it would be like the 4H coming full circle with MOTU, since those were the 1st MOTU figures that they worked on.

Not at this time. We may do some 200X inspired heads or characters from the show in Classics style, but there are no plans for a full 200X revision line in that style. Honestly, there is just too much tooling involved!

Remember to post your MattyCollectgor 2014 Q&A questions here!

Matty Collector 1292474719 1296666455 1302923122 1304408764 1305657977 1306986669 1310793158 1313520 1358447715

Welcome to another around of the MattyCollector 2014 Q&A! Here are answers to questions we sent off in mid-April.

Ever consider making a bigger Collect n Connect Hall Of Justice by adding additional parts to the existing CnC Hall Of Justice from the Young Justice line?

We have talked about a HOJ for years but at this point nothing has come to fruition. Without the support to do the basic full year 6″ subscription, it maybe difficult to tackle larger items like this right now. We really needed to start with the basic sub and work up like MOTUC does. With DCU not hitting the basic 6” figure monthly sub, hitting larger items becomes a little difficult. Not that we wouldn’t love to!

You guys have the 6″ scale covered for MOTUC. With 4″ being a classic scale still popular with older collectors, have you considered making 4″ MOTUC figures?

We are always looking into new scales and form factors for MOTU! Nothing to confirm now but great ideas!

Will there be a total heroes Ultra action figure five-pack of the new 52 crime syndicate anytime soon and are there any plans to release the total heroes blank customizable action figure which was shown at NYCC last year?

At this time “no” to both of those questions. Batman Beyond won the fan choice vote so he will be the one produced.

How many points of articulation Mr Mxyzptlk will have?

The head and shoulders. But he does come with the largest piece of Kalibak, the head and torso.

I am curious about how the DC team decides what is a good idea, and what is not.

For example, I see oodles of the new 5-6″ DC figures [Batman, Supeerman, Aquaman, ect] but obviously with the design they are aimed at children. But with the 14.99 price tag I can’t see many parents buying them any of those.

For this you will need to talk to the DC retail team. This Q&A is for the online product offered on and we can only answer questions related to product we work on. Mattel makes thousands of SKUS every year and not every team works on every product!

Remember to post your MattyCollector 2014 Q&A questions here!