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avengers age of ultron new poster 2015

New official Hasbro images for the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron have been released from the London Toy Fair 2015. The new images cover the new Marvel Miniverse, Titan Class, Role Play and more. With just a few weeks away from New York Toy Fair 2015 stay tuned for more Marvel news!

Check out all the new Avengers age of Ultron images after the jump.

Jurassic world 2015 official Hasbro Images

New official Hasbro images for the upcoming Jurassic World toy line have been released via London Toy Fair 2015. In the new images we get our first look at the impressive 18″ Chomping T-Rex! Also of note if the new Hasbro Jurassic World Growlers Assortment that will include electronics.

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Toy Fair 2014 Logo Small

Now that we’ve had time to digest the excitement and craziness that is Toy Fair, we want to hear what you all liked and didn’t like. What companies or products hit it out of the park? Was there a company, line or product that didn’t quite hit the mark? What was the most surprising bit of news from the event for you? If you missed any of our coverage, you can check out Every Toy Fair Link from our entire network by Clicking Here.

For me, there were a few different companies that really came out swinging. NECA, Diamond Select Toys, LEGO, and Playmates revealed some of the best new items at the show. Capo Toys’ Street Fighter Figures, and Bif Bang Pow’s lineup were some of the biggest pleasant surprises. These guys all look to be gearing up for a great 2014.

Read on to check out my thoughts, and be sure to join in on the discussion to let us know what you liked and didn’t like.

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Barlowe Ggripptogg 15

During Toy Fair 2014, The Four Horsemen hosted Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy at Toy Tokyo in NYC. On display were figures from Gothitropolis, Mythic Legions, Outer Space Men, and Power Lords (among others). To celebrate the event, they released a cool limited edition GGRIPPTOGG figure from Power Lords. The color scheme was based on original concept art by Power Lords creator Wayne Barlowe, who was also in attendance. We missed Barlowe at the show, we were frazzled and beat after a long day at Hasbro, but he did sign the figures throughout the event. Luckily we were able to grab one of the exclusives and we’ve done up a nice gallery of the figure. Check out the shots after the break.

Keep an eye on Power Lords Return and Toyark for when additional units of this exclusive will go live on the Four Horsemen’s website.

Toy Fair 2014 002

Here’s our last round of Toy Fair 2014 Redux photos. We could probably split it up a bit more, but it’s almost a week later and we’ve all seen this stuff (mostly). So, check out some hand picked & touched up pretty photos from Toy Fair 2014 inside.

Included are shots from McFarlane, ThreeZero, Enterbay, Kotobukiya, Mattel, Mega Bloks, Diamond Select Toys, Good Smile, Bif Bang Pow, KasualFriday, Mezco, Hasbro, The Loyal Subjects, The Four Horsemen, Lego, Bandai, Tamashii/Bandai, and NECA. Whew.

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MOTU Mousepad Characters

Icon Heroes unveiled a bunch of great new Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and Star Trek items at Toy Fair 2014. They just sent over their new 2014 Catalog, showing both the previously released and new Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and Star Trek items. They have also sent over official images of the new products. The new items are:

  • She Ra Sword of Protection Letter Opener
  • Snake Mountain Card Holder
  • Star Trek Logo Bookends
  • Spock Hands Card Holder
  • Klingon D’k Tahg Letter Opener
  • Star Trek TOS Sticky Note Cubes, 3″ x 3″, 400 sheets/cube, 3-Pack

Read on to check out the images as well as the catalog.

Toy Fair 2014 DC 43

Our Toy Fair 2014 Redux images continue with a select group of DC themed images. DC was everywhere this year (as usual) and there is no shortage of cool stuff coming from a ton of licensees. Included here are select hand edited shots from Kotobukiya, Mattel, DC Collectibles, Bandai, Diamond Select Toys, NECA and Square Enix. And that’s just the start! If you’d like to check all our DC coverage, hit up the Toy Fair Master List.

Toy Fair 2014 Ninja Turtles 16

The Ninja Turtles movie is set for later this year, but the non movie Turtles stuff is still flowing. Check out a collection of cool TMNT shots from Toy Fair 2014 in this Toy Fair 2014 Redux post. Included are products from Playmates, Diamond Select Toys, and KidRobot. This is not a comprehensive list of all things Turt – just a set of clean, crisp, cool images. You can check out our full TMNT coverage on the Toy Fair Master List.

Capo Street Fighter 02

Continuing our Toy Fair Redux series of posts, we have a nice clear set of images from Capo Toys Street Fighter line of 7(ish) inch figures. Somewhere in-between the SOTA releases and Play Arts Kai – these estimated 20-25 dollar figures balance sculpt, articulation, paint and price almost perfectly. Check out high res images of the figures from the show floor after the break!

Toy Fair 2014 Ionix 015

Ionix produces their own brand of construction based toys. Their unique pieces and sets separate them from the likes of Mega Bloks and LEGO. At Toy Fair2014 they had sets from numerous lines. Included are:

  • Tenkai Knights
  • Pokemon
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2

You can see our photos of the Ionix display after the jump.