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Sideshow Terminator T 800 Life Size Bust 003

New photos and info have been released for Sideshow’s The Terminator – T-800 Life Size Bust. The new pics give us a very detailed look at the finalized collectible. It will feature light up LED eyes and an articulated neck joint. The T-800 Bust stands at 27″ tall and 17″ wide at the shoulders. The bust is Available Now at a price of $899.99.

Bring home a piece of Terminator film history! From the original sci-fi blockbuster, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Terminator Life-Size Bust.

In 1984, James Cameron introduced the world to the Terminator. Part man, and part machine, Skynet’s merciless T-800 cyborgs brought chills of terror that would haunt generations to come. Measuring over two feet tall and nearly as wide at the shoulders, Sideshow’s artists have faithfully reconstructed every detail of the iconic endoskeleton, from the intricate mechanical chassis to the weathered metallic finish. Complete with an articulated head and menacing red light-up eyes, the Terminator Life-Size Bust is one of the finest models Sideshow – and Cyberdyne – have ever had to offer.

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NECA Terminator Genisys Guardian T800 Battle Damaged

It’s and NECA shared a new preview of an upcoming Terminator: Genisys item. They have shared an image of their Guardian T-800 7″ Scale Figure. The amount of battle damage indicates that his is likely a second version of the figure. NECA states that the Guardian T-800 will be on display next week at San Diego Comic-Con. We’ll be there, so be sure to check back for a ton of photos.

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Hot Toys Terminator Genisys T 800 Guardian 018

Hot Toys has posted up photos and info for an upcoming Terminator: Genisys Guardian T-800 1/6 Scale Figure. The figure, which features the likeness of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, will include two head sculpts; a standard and a battle damaged version. Also included with the figure will be multiple interchangeable hands, a shotgun, sunglasses and a figure stand with a LED light up feature.

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Dragon Models SD T 800 Figure 001

Another Terminator Genisys release coming from Dragon Models is a stylized SD T-800 Endoskeleton Hero Remix 6″ Scale Action Figure. The figure features 11 points of articulation, a semi-chrome finish, and a figure base. It’s priced at $388 Hong Kong Dollars (about $50 USD). Pre-orders are live now at UML Group, though no release date has been given.

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Dragon Models Terminator Genisys T 800 Preview 002

Dragon Models has shared a couple of preview photos. They will be releasing a Terminator: Genisys T-800 Endoskeleton 1/9 Scale Figure. This will be an articulated figure as opposed to the model kits Dragon is most known for. At 1/9 scale, the figure should measure somewhere between 8″ to 9″ tall.

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Chronicle Terminator Genisys Guardian T 800 Statue 001

Earlier this month, we got to see a bunch of new collectibles coming from Chronicle Collectibles. Among the display was our first look at the upcoming Terminator: Genisys 1/4 Scale Guardian T-800 Statue. Chronicle is prepping to launch their pre-order soon, and have released some new photos of the final design. This is a mixed media statue and will include a a cloth jacket, light up LED eye and a specially designed base. The jacket seen in the images is not final and will be refined prior to release.

We’ll updated when more images and info become available. Read on to see the photos.

Terminator Genisys T 800 Plasma Cannon

For their reveal, NECA shared a new weapon photo. It gives us our first look at the plasma cannon for their upcoming Terminator: Genisys T-800 Figure. The weapon can be seen in the hands of the T-8oo in some of the assorted trailers for the film.

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SDCC2015 ReAction T2 T 1000 Hook Arms

Here’s the latest batch of Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives. See the list below, and check out the running list after the jump.

  • Pop! Star Wars: Princess Leia [Boushh Unmasked]
  • Pop! Marvel: Avengers: Age of Ultron – Grinning Ultron
  • Pop! Hanna-Barbera: Lil’ Gruesome (Red)
  • Pop! Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy – Nova Rocket with Potted Groot
  • ReAction: Terminator 2 – T1000 with Hook Arms
  • Vinyl Idolz: Ghostbusters – Marshmallowed Egon Spengler

See the images and full list of all revealed Funko exclusives after the jump.

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NECA T2 Sarah Connor Head Sculpt Preview

For their latest Terminator Tuesday update, NECA shared a new look at their upcoming Terminator 2 Sarah Connor Ultimate 7″ Figure. The new behind the scenes look gives fans a glimpse at one of the head sculpts that will be included with the figure (there will be more than one). This particular sculpt is from the brief scene when Sarah attacks Miles Dyson. We have already seen a preview of one of the other head sculpts (though from the back). The figure is due out in the Fall, and will include a plethora of accessories from the film.

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Chronicle Terminator Genisys Life Size T800 Endo 003

Yesterday we shared word that Chronicle Collectibles has posted pre-order for some of their Terminator: Genisys items. Included as a full 1:1 Scale Terminator Genisys T-800. Now Chronicle has updated with some great official images of the full size T-800 collectible. Here’s some info on the collectible:

Terminator Genisys Full Size Endoskeleton
Pre-order before July 12th for our limited-time price of $7000

Chronicle Collectibles is excited to release the Terminator Genisys full size Endoskeleton, a unique T-800 design from Legacy Effects. This 1:1 Endoskeleton is molded from the original 3D prints and assembled right here in Dallas, Texas, USA. We have mastered the chrome paint technique used by Legacy Effects to give the Endoskeleton that well-known, metallic shine. This product is designed to be displayed in a classic museum pose on a provided steel base and does not hold a weapon. Each Endoskeleton will be individually numbered and include a logo plaque on the base.

Product Details:
Terminator Dimensions: 72″ tall, 24″ wide, 14″ deep
Base Dimensions: 25″ wide, 19″ deep
Manufacturer/Distributor: Chronicle Collectibles/Blue Realm Studios & © Skydance Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Limited-time Price: $7000, shipping not included. After 30 days, the pre-order price will go up to $7500.Price: $7000

Shipping charges will not be included in the price of this piece due to the large variance of shipping cost. Please contact us for shipping options to your address.

You can see the new photos by reading on.