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Dragon Models Terminator Genisys

Dragon Models has announced the acquisition of the Terminator Genisys license. Normally Dragon releases 1/9 scale pre-painted model kits, but the announcement art reveals they will be doing 1/9 scale action figures, which would put these between 8 or 9 inches tall. We’ll update when images and more info surface.

NECA Guardian T 800 Preview

NECA posted up a cool behind the scenes preview of their upcoming Guardian T-800; aka “Pops”. The images shows us the work in progress sculpt as it’s being hand painted. The figure, which will also include a Remington shotgun, is due out during the Summer and will be joined by the new T-800 Endoskeleton as the first figures in the 7″ scale line.

Read on to check out the preview.

Legacy Firefly Malcom Reynolds

Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth has dropped in new pre-orders for upcoming Funko ReAction and Legacy items. These were figures that were revealed during Toy Fair 2015. These listings come with the official photos:


  • Breaking Bad
  • Arrow TV Series
  • Taxi Driver
  • Boondock Saints
  • Terminator 2
  • Fifth Element


  • Firefly
  • The Rocketeer

Read on to check out the images.

Chronicle Terminator Genisys T 800 Bust 001

Chronicle Collectibles has released images of an upcoming Life Size Terminator Genisys T-800 Endoskeleton Bust. This full size replica is created directly from the Legacy Effects master files, which come directly from the film. the bust will feature light up eyes as well as a themed base. Pre-Orders begin February 24th at a price of $499.99 at

Chronicle has also release a series of comparison photos. These images show the differences between the Terminator 2 and Terminator Genisys T-800 Skulls. You can see the finalized T-800 bust images as well as the comparison images after the jump.

NECA Ultimate T 800

NECA has posted a few more official images of products we got a look at during Toy Fair 2015. These include the following:

  • Terminator 2 – T-800 Ultimate 7″ Figure – June 2015
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface Ultimate 7″ Figure – May 2015

These all new sculpts will offer up fully articulated versions of the characters. Each will include numerous accessories as well. Read on for the official images and more info direct from NECA.

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Terminator Genisys Hot Toys Announcement

Hot Toys has announced a new license. They will be producing Terminator Genisys 1/6 Scale Figures. While no figures were revealed, expect to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guardian T-800 as well as the new T-800 Endoskeleton. Time will tell if they decide to do Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and the new T-1000.

We’ll update when more info becomes available.

Terminator Genisys NECA Announcement

Over the Toy Fair weekend, NECA made a surprise announcement. They will be producing figures based on the upcoming Terminator Genisys movie. Right now, they have announced two 7″ scale figures. The first will be based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guardian T-800. That figure will include a Remington shotgun. they will also produce an all new T-800 Endoskeleton, which will be based on the updated look in the film. That figure will include a plasma cannon.

No images of the actual figures have been released. We’ll update when more info becomes available.

Toy Fair 2015 Mega Bloks Booth 007

At Toy Fair 2015, MEGA Bloks had a separate display as well as a setup at Mattel’s preview event. Our crew was able to stop by and take photos of the additional items they had on display at the proper booth. Included are the following MEGA Bloks licenses:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (License Announcement Banner)
  • Terminator Genisys
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • Minions
  • Monster High

Toy Fair 2015 NECA 18 Inch Figures 005

NECA finally brought out their much teased Christopher Reeve Superman 18″ Figure at Toy Fair 2015! That wasn’t all. They showed off a few new Ultimate 7″ Figures as well. Here’s what they had on display:

1/4 Scale and 18″ Figures

  • Christopher Reeve Superman
  • Batman Returns – Penguin
  • Aliens Xenomorph (Prototype)
  • Arkham Knight – Batman (Prototype)

Ultimate 7″ Scale Figures – 2-Up Prototypes Shown

  • Terminator 2 – T-800
  • Commando – John Matrix
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface


  • Halo – Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

Toy Fair 2015 NECA Classic Video Game Series 001

NECA debuted a few new Classic Video Game figures at Toy Fair 2015. These included a much requested Godzilla NES Figure, a new Gremlins 2 NES Figure and more. Here’s what was on display:

  • Godzilla – NES Version
  • Mohawk – Gremlins 2 NES Version
  • Rocky Balboa – Sega Master System Version
  • John Rambo – NES Version
  • Robocop vs Terminator – 16-Bit Versions (Already Available)
  • City Hunter Predator – Predator 2 Sega Genesis Version
  • Dog Alien – Alien 3 NES Version