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Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Ezra and Kanan1

Thanks to the fine folks over at the Jedi Temple Archives, we have some new photos of a bunch of upcoming Star Wars figures. They have posted photos showing upcoming Star Wars Saga Legends for both classic and Rebels characters. These fall under the Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends banner, and come in Rebels styled packaging. Included are:

Star Wars

  • Commander Bly
  • Endor Han Solo
  • Endor Luke Skywalker
  • Endor Princess Leia
  • Bespin Han Solo
  • Hoth Luke Skywalker and Han Solor
  • Jabba’s Palace Lando Calrissian
  • Princess Leia and Stormtrooper Disguise Luke Skywalker
  • R2-D2 and Yoda
  • X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Rebels

  • Ezra and Kanan
  • Stormtrooper commander and Hera
  • TIE Fighter Pilot and Stormtrooper

Read on to see the images.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo

While not on display to general attendees, Hasbro did have some Star Wars: The Force Awakens items to show at London Toy Fair 2015. Jedi News is reporting that Hasbro held a special closed door, invitation only, presentation at the event. this was only open to very large retailers, with reporters being specifically barred from entry. Those who did attend were given a Star Wars: The Force Awakens tote bag.

Not much to go on here, I know, but at least we can hope that Hasbro may show off products sometime before San Diego Comic-Con, as they will not have The Force Awakens toys at NY Toy Fair in a few weeks.

Sideshow R2 D2 Sixth Scale Figure 001

Check out some photos of the final production version of Sideshow‘s upcoming R2-D2 Sixth Scale Star Wars Figure. The images showcase the Sideshow Exclusive Edition, which comes with an Utility Circular Saw Arm, Laser Welding Arm, Spacecraft Linkage Arm in addition to the accessories that already come with the figure. While the exclusive edition is sold out, Sideshow is still taking pre-orders for the standard edition. The figure s priced at $149.99 and is due out at the end of February or early March.

Check out the new R2-D2 photos and more details after the jump.

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Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America and Ultron Hero Mashers

Hasbro picked an odd site to debut their next line of Hero MashersForbes. They have revealed the first slate of new Star Wars and Jurassic World Hero Mashers, as well as new Marvel Hero Mashers. These include comic style characters for the Avengers: Age of Ultron product line.


  • Captain America and Ultron
  • Hulk and Iron Man
  • Vision and Thor

Star Wars Rebels

  • Kanan and Zeb

Jurassic World – Spring 2015

  • Dino Assortment – $9.99 each
  • Triceratops – $14.99
  • T-Rex – $19.99

Read the story Here. Check out some pics after the jump.

SH Figuarts Luke Skywalker 1

Thanks to Tamashii Nations, we have our first good look at their upcoming Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi – Luke Skywalker SH Figuarts. Details are light for the figure right now. We know it’s scheduled for a release in 2015, and it looks to include at least two interchangeable head sculpts, a lightsaber, and a lightsaber hilt that can mount on Luke’s hip.

Tamashii Nations also announced that the first production run of the SH Figuarts Darth Vader will include a special bonus. Included with the Darth Vader figure will be a Death Star Window Display Base from Return of the Jedi. Again, this is with the first production run only.

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Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Sixth Scale Figure 013

The TIE Fighter Pilot is the next Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure coming from Sideshow. They have released new photos and info for the upcoming 12″ figure. The figure includes three sets of interchangeable hands, a blaster, a holster, and a figure stand. If you opt for the Sideshow Exclusive edition, you’ll also get a retro style blaster pistol. Pre-orders for the TIE Fighter Pilot  kick off on January 15th at $199.99.

You can see the photos by reading on.

black series bossk

Thanks to seller viperskingom we now have a look at near final or final production runs for Star Wars Black Series wave 7 Bossk and Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear. The wave should also have C-3PO and another repack. Since these are hitting eBay loose, it shouldn’t be long until they are in stores. Check out the auctions for some additional pics!

Stormtrooper Han

Sideshow TIE Pilot Preview

Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Sideshow revealed some new Star Wars Sixth Scale Figures. Among those reveals was an Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot. The figure is drawing closer to its pre-order date and Sideshow has posted a new preview pic. Fans will be able to pre-order the TIE Fighter Pilot Figure starting January 15th.

See the new teaser by reading on.

Hot Toys Malaysia Figure Community 2

Some really cool Hot Toys info courtesy of the Malaysia Toy Community. they did a Q&A with Hot Toys at Toy Soul 2014. they were kind enough to post an English translation, and there’s some good stuff in there. Here’s a round-up of the tidbits:


  • Age of Ultron Hulkbuster will NOT be diecast. It will include an Iron Man Mark 43 head sculpt.
  • The Age of Ultron figures seen are still in development. they are not the final versions.
  • Additional Age of Ultron characters are coming.
  • They may produce all 42 previous Iron Man suits, but don’t guarantee it. Mark I – Mark VII may be produced in the Diecast Series.

Star Wars

  • Vader has an LED lightsaber and built in sounds (we knew that part, though).
  • Main focus on Original Trilogy characters and The Force Awakens characters.
  • May or may not do C-3PO and R2-D2 as they think Sideshow’s Sixth Scale versions are very good.


  • No further plans for additional Batman vehicles.
  • A new figure from Batman Returns will be revealed soon.
  • Considering producing both John Rambo and Rocky Balboa figures.

Let us know your thoughts by jumping ion on the discussion.

Star Wars Box Set Figures 2

Over at Jedi News, they have a few updates for some upcoming Star Wars Action Figure box Sets as well as Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO Sets. The box sets will contain four figures from each of the six Star Wars films. The spines of the boxes will line up to form a full artwork display, similar to many Blu-Ray box sets. The figures, in the promo art, look to be 5 points of articulation “Saga Legends” style figures. They presume that these will be released to coincide with the digital release of the films. The sets break down as follows:

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

  • Battle Droid
  • R2-D2
  • Darth Maul
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

  • Jango Fett
  • Mace Windu
  • Clone Trooper
  • Super Battle Droid

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Yoda

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

  • Stormtrooper
  • Han Solo
  • Chewbacca
  • C-3PO

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

  • Bossk
  • IG-88
  • Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit)
  • Darth Vader

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

  • Boba Fett
  • Biker Scout
  • Wicket
  • Luke Skywalker

They also have release info for Star Wars: The Force Awaken Merchandise. That will supposedly launch on September 4th, 2015. Included in the news are new LEGO listings.

June 2015 Release

  • 75091 Classic Flash Speeder £34.99
  • 75092 Naboo Starfighter £54.99
  • 75093 Death Star Final Duel £69.99
  • 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium £79.99
  • 75106 Imperial Assault Carrier £99.99

Unspecified Post Summer 2015 Releases

  • 75099 Episode VII £19.99
  • 75100 Episode VII £39.99
  • 75101 Episode VII £59.99
  • 75102 Episode VII £69.99
  • 75103 Episode VII £79.99
  • 75104 Episode VII £99.99
  • 75105 Episode VII £129.99
  • 75107 £14.99
  • 75108 £14.99
  • 75109 £19.99
  • 75110 £19.99
  • 75111 £24.99
  • 75112 £29.99

According to Jedi News both a Millennium Falcon and X-Wing are among those Force Awakens LEGO Sets.