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Hot Toys at STGCC 2015

The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) is fast approaching. Hot Toys has announced that they will be in attendance. They will be opening pre-orders for new Iron Man and Star Wars items during the event. Details:

The biggest annual pop culture event in Singapore, the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention – STGCC, will officially start on September 12-13 at Marina Bay Sands! Hot Toys is thrilled to be joining the event once again this year and will be bringing a wide range of latest collectible figures from Marvel and Star Wars to fans in the region to enjoy!

One of the most exciting and attention-grabbing news will be the world premiere and pre-order of exclusive 1/6th scale collectible figures from Iron Man and Star Wars by Hot Toys!

Fans remember to stay tuned for more updates when the event date draws near!

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Countdown to Force Friday 1

With the highly anticipated Force Friday just over a week away, has updated with news of a new event. They will be hosting a Golabl Youtube Event on September 3rd that will feature unboxing of new toys.This will be a rolling event,lasting most of the day.

Read on to check out the full press release.

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SH Figuarts Obi Wan Teased

A magazine scan, posted by Sith_fire30 Creations on Facebook, shows off the next SH Figuarts Star Wars Figure. It looks like we’ll be getting a SH Figuarts Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure. The scan also seems to indicate that we’re getting a re-release of the SH Figuarts Darth Vader (or perhaps a Vader 2.0 figure). We’ll update when more info is available.

See the preview by reading on.

Star Wars SH Figuarts Biker Scout and Speeder 004

Here’s one more SH Figuarts Star Wars Figure. Tamashii Nations has released official photos and info for their upcoming Biker Scout and Speeder Bike Set. In addition to the Speeder Bike, the figure will include a blaster pistol. It’s scheduled for release in March 2016 at a price of 12,960 Yen (about $108 USD). It appears to be a Tamashii Web Store Exclusive.

Read on for a few images.

Star Wars Micro Machines 006

Even more Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens items are hitting store shelves. Jedi Temple Archives has pictures up showing many new items. We also have a round up of other items popping up. These include:

Micro Machines

  • The Inquisitor’s Hunt
  • The Force Awakens – The First Order Attacks
  • The Force Awakens -Desert Invasion
  • Battle of Hoth
  • Clone Army Raid
  • The Force Awakens -Speeder Chase
  • Tantive IV Attack
  • The Force Awakens -Galactic Showdown
  • Droid Army Ambush
  • The Force Awakens -First Order Star Destroyer via Ebay

Hero Mashers

  • Sith Speeder and Darth Maul
  • Jedi Speeder with Anakin Skywalker

12″ Figures

  • Kylo Ren via Ebay
  • Finn via Ebay
  • First Order Stormtrooper via Ebay
  • Darth Vader via Ebay


  • 3.75″ Figure Compatible Cardboard Death Star Playset via JTA and Ebay
  • Titanium Black Series 3-Pack via Ebay

We’ve mirrored some of the Jedi Temple Archives images. You can see the rest on their site. Read on to see those and all of the Ebay images.

Star Wars Movie Realization Sandtrooper and Royal Guard

Also released by Tamashii Nations are new photos of the upcoming Star Wars Movie Realization Akazonae Royal Guard and Teppou Ashigaru Sandtrooper. The figures will be priced at 8,856 Yen each (about $74 USD).

The Akazonae Royal Guard is scheduled for release in March (with a Soul Web Store release in April). The figure will stand just over 7″ tall. It will include interchangeable hands, a Japanese sword set, dedicated weapons, abdominal parts which will allow for armor or cloak displays.

The Teppou Ashigaru Sandtrooper will be released in February. It stands about 6.7″ tall. The figure will include interchangeable hands, a Japanese sword, a two different blaster rifles and a backpack.

Read on to see all of the new photos.

Star Wars SH Figuarts Battle Droid and Clone Trooper

After being teased last month, we now have our first official look at the next Star Wars figures coming from Tamashii Nations. They have posted up details on the upcoming SH Figuarts Star Wars Battle Droid and Clone Trooper Figures. The figures are scheduled for release in November at a price of 4,860 Yen each (about $40 USD).

The Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Battle Droid Figure includes a blaster rifle that can be mounted on its backpack. The Battle Droid can be displayed in “storage mode” as well as a variety of other poses.

The Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones – Clone Trooper Figure will include a blaster rifle and pistol. It will feature a full range of articulation for an assortment of battle poses.

Check out the images by reading on.

Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett Model Kit 1

Check out the first photos of the Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett and Slave I Model Kits. These images come courtesy of Dengeki Hobby during 2015 C3×HOBBY. The 1/12 Scale Boba Fett model kit will come unassembled. Once put together you will have a fully articulated (roughly) 6″ figure. The 1/144 Scale Slave I vehicle will also come unassembled. Both will be pre-painted and are due out on September 30th. Boba Fett will be priced at 2,916 Yen (about $24 USD) while the Scale Slave I will be priced at 4,104 Yen (about $33 USD).

Read on to see the images.

Mafex C 3PO and R2 D2 001

First revealed at Summber Wonder Festival 2015, Medicom has now fully revealed the Star Wars MAFEX C-3PO and R2-D2. These roughly 6″ scale figure will be released in May 2016. C-3PO will stand at 5.8″ tall and R2-D2 will stand at 3.4″ tall. C-3PO will include interchangeable hands and a figure stand. R2-D2 will include his serving tray from Jabba’s Barge, a swappable third leg, and a holographic Princess Leia. The pair is priced at 10,584 Yen (about $86 USD).

See the new photos by reading on.

Star Wars Movie Realization Slides 003

A series of slides, which look to have been from San Diego Comic-Con 2015, have surfaced at Figsoku. They show off Tamashii Nations and Bandai‘s plans for the Star Wars Movie Realization lineup. There are new version of characters shown, as well as lists of possible releases in the future. Included are:

Upcoming Releases

  • Samuari General Darth Vader (Death Star Crest Version)
  • Foot Solider Sandtrooper
  • Feudal Japan Foot Soldier Stormtroopers

Being Considered

  • Darth Maul as Oni
  • Yoda as Sennin (Recluse Sage/Hermit)
  • Boba Fett and Jango Fett as Lone Wolf and Cub
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 as Ornaments and Bells
  • AT-AT Walker in Samurai Horse bridling
  • Princess Leia in Kimono

Read on to see the slides.