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SDCC2015 Flash Gordon Set 022

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Entertainment Earth had an exclusive set of Flash Gordon 3.75″ Scale Figures. The set included both Flash Gordon and Ming The Merciless. The figures are based on the cult favorite film from 1980 starring Sam Jones as Flash Gordon and the legendary Max von Sydow as Emperor Ming. The set is limited to 1500 pieces and sold for $29.99.

Entertainment Earth

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Read on to check out our gallery and review of the set.

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x gotham slider

Gotham (the TV show) made it’s first appearance in collectible form at SDCC 2015 via two offerings from Diamond Select Toys. DST released 2 items, a Minimates set and a Select offering. The Minimates set featured Jim Gordon and child Bruce Wayne, representing their first meeting in the show the night Bruce’s parents were killed. The Gotham Select figure was a SDCC exclusive version of the Penguin, showing off what is to come in the 7 inch line later this year. We’ve done up a session with them both so check out over 30 shots and our thoughts after the break!

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Star Wars Force Awakens Stormtrooper Black Series

Later today, Hasbro Toy Shop will be posting some San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives for sale! There’s no word on which exclusives will be available, quantity or even time that they will go live. So be sure to keep checking to see if you can grab them. Hasbro’s SDCC 2015 Exclusives included:

The sale is LIVE! You can access it Here.

Mattel SDCC 2015 Sales

A few Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives are up for sale Right Now! There are a few that have sold out, but some others are still up for grabs. You can buy them Here. Included are:

  • Batman™ v Superman™ Figure Two-Pack ($30) – Sold Out
  • BOOMco.™ HALO® UNSC/Covenant Battle Pack ($30)
  • Ghostbusters™ Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler ($30)
  • Masters of the Universe® Hover Robots™ 3-Pack ($35) – Sold Out
  • Masters of the Universe® Rotar™ vs. Twistoid™ ($55) – Sold Out
  • Mega Bloks® Halo® Icons Character Pack ($20.00) – Sold Out
  • Monster High® Villain 2-Pack ($40.00)
  • Monster High® Vinyl Nefera de Nile™ ($20.00)
  • Thomas & Friends™ Super Friends MINIS ($30)

SDCC 2015 Goku 36

Back in June of this year, Tamashii Nations released a repaint of Son Goku featuring his Go Kanji logo, a new belt, and a new face. Everyone was down, except that it was limited to 300 units and available only in person, at Mexican event. I think most of the DBZ SHF fans first reaction was – WTF? Fast forward to SDCC 2015, and that same figure has been released, this time as a Comic Con exclusive, just with a different box. That definitely bumps the numbers up and lets the hardcore fans get a hold of him for a much more reasonable price. We were able to get a hold of him finally and have done up a photo shoot showing off Goku’s new digs. Check out over 35 HD shots of him in action after the break!

Make sure to hit our ongoing S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z coverage on our Jump Off page here: S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Reference Guide.

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Blueline Batman 37

DC Collectibles put out a pretty awesome exclusive this year at SDCC – a “blueline” version of their New 52 Batman figure. The figure is pure white head to toe, with paint apps meant to mimic inking as would be done on a penciled page of a comic book before it is colored. This was overseen by none other than all star artist Jim Lee. The “blueline” aspect comes into play because the packaging features design cues from the blank pages comic artists use to do their pages, what they submit to the comic publisher to be inked and then scanned for coloring (now a days). The standard one came with a printed sketch by Jim Lee, and there were 150 units with hand done sketches, 50 Batman, 50 Joker, 50 Harley. Those are running crazy prices right now in the aftermarket, but I’m cool with the standard one, I can open this without ruining a down payment on a car.

The figure is a fantastic art piece that I was looking forward to since they announced it. Even though doesn’t fit in on a “DC Universe line up” shelf, it’s a cool unique accent piece, and I’m happy I was able to pick one up. Check out over 35 shots of the SDCC Blueline Batman after the break!

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NECA SDCC2015 Pacific Rim Chibis 011

For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA offered a very different type of exclusive. The put together a box set of stylized, Chibi versions of a few of the Jaegers and Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Each 3″ tall figure features an adorable take on the different characters. The set contains five figures.

  • Romeo Blue
  • Horizon Brave
  • Trespasser
  • Karloff
  • Hardship

NECA sent along one of the sets for us to check out. We’ve got a full gallery and review. You can check them out after the jump. If you missed one of the NECA items we’ve photographed, be sure to check out our selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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NECA Force of Freedom Rambo 022

Rambo: The Force of Freedom was a cartoon and toy line from 1986. The line was spawned from the classic Rambo series of films and was produced by Coleco. For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA produced a great homage to the classic John Rambo figure. Their Rambo: The Force of Freedom 7″ Scale Figure, which Toyark was given a chance to exclusively reveal prior to SDCC, features a paint scheme and packaging that harkens back to the 1986 figure.

NECA was kind enough to provide us one for a gallery and review. After the jump you can check out all of the high resolution photos as well as my thoughts on the exclusive figure.

Don’t forget to check our ever growing selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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SDCC 2015 Crowd

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has come and gone. We want to thank everyone for stopping by, and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of the event. The on site crew of Tony Bacala, Destro and Kickback provided us with some fantastic images and panel coverage (as schedules allowed). Across the network, we shared over 6,200 photos. If you missed anything, you can see every SDCC 2015 news post from our entire network below.





SDCC 2015 Gecco Booth 011

Check out the photos from the Gecco booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. They had an assortment of new and previously released statues at the show. You can check out a few of their excellent Metal Gear Solid V statues, including the stunning White Armor Raiden, which was an exclusive for the show.

They had their first Bloodborne Hunter 1/6 Scale Statue on display, which was announced right before SDCC 2015. At the show they announced a new Ultraman statue. You can find a few shots of the new Ultraman sculpt here as well. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s already looking impressive.

Read on to see the new items as well as some of their previously released states for Silent Hill, Naruto and more.