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Armarauders‬ Bellerophon ‪Pegasus Drone Add On 3

Did you check out our gallery of the beautiful upcoming Armarauders‬ Bellerophon? ‪If not, you can do so Here. The folks at Mecha Workshop have no revealed a great looking add-on for the figure. The Bellerophon ‪Pegasus Drone Add-On is a piece that can attach to the back of Bellerophon. It can also act as a stand alone jet or change into a walking quadruped drone. Here’s the full details direct from Mecha Workshop:

The ‪Pegasus Drone‬ is A.I. controlled and has 3 different modes:
1) Combine-mode: The ‪#‎Pegasus‬ Drone merges with the mech enabling flight capability.
2) Sidekick-mode: The Pegasus gallops alongside its master mech guarding it like a noble steed.
3) Drone-mode: A supersonic aerial jet protecting its master mech from above.

*Adding more universal slots and articulating joints to certain areas, along with more gimmicks*

*It can also combine with ‪‎Armarauders‬ ‪mechs‬ of different models in the future*

Design — ‪#‎DonFigueroa‬
3D design — Keiichiro Maeno [T-REX]
Manufacturer / Distributor / Release / Price — TBA

Read on to check out the artwork.

Club Zeton Sales sheet

John Kent of Toyfinity Toys tweeted out word that the Robo Force themed Club Zeton is moving forward. They have secured the required number of members to get this club off the ground, and are now moving forward. They have also released a sales sheet/infographic, giving a more visual representation to what is included with Club Zeton. Some of the included perks are:

  • Robo Force – Ultimate Maxx Zero Imperious Edition
  • Mystery Maxx Modules
  • Mystery Onell Design and Rawshark Items
  • Lenticular Stickers
  • Test Shot of an upcoming Figure
  • And More

Check that out after the jump.

Imperious Maxx mock up

Toyfinity Toys has posted an update on their upcoming Club Zeton memberships. They are just 39 members away from the club going through, you can join Here. They have also dropped a mock up image showing what the upcoming Club Zeton Exclusive Robo Force Imperious Maxx should look like. the build is based on their Advanced Form Maxx Zero build. The art released for the figure last week shows there will be a few tweaks to the final build.

Read on to check out the story details for this change in look, and to see the mock up of Imperious Maxx.

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Toy Fair 2015 Diamond Select Toys 035

This is the remainder of the Diamond Select Toys booth from Toy Fair 2015. A bit of everything can be seen here. Here’s what you’ll find inside.

  • Horror Collectibles
    • Monster Hunter Lucy Westenra – Select Figure
    • Black and White Hunchback – Select Figure
    • Black and White Dr. Jekyll – Select Figure
    • Black and White Mole Person – Select Figure
    • Cassie Hack Femme Fatales Statue
    • Cthulhu Bank
  • Sin City Minimates Series 3
  • Pulp Fiction Minimates
  • Kill Bill Deadly Vipers Minimates
  • Sin City Marv Bank
  • Sponge Bob Minimates
  • Star Trek Collectibles
    • Enterprise-A Electronic Ship
    • U.S.S. Excelsior NX-2000
    • Worf Bust Bank
    • Worf – Select Figure
    • Assorted Phaser Replicas
  • Assorted Back to the Future Collectibles
  • View Askew Collectibles
    • Black and White Clerks – Select Figures
    • Comic Book Men Minimates
    • Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Minimates
    • Zombie Jay & Silent Bob Minimates
    • Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back- Select Figures
    • Assorted Jay and Silent Bob Collectibles
  • Alien Warrior Cookie Jar Bust
  • Predator Bust Bank
  • Godzilla Figure Banks
    • Godzilla 1974
    • Mechagodzilla
    • Rodan
  • Lost in Space Collectibles
  • Plants vs Zombies Action Figures
  • Dragon Age Minimates

Toy Fair 2015 NECA Pacific Rim 005

NECA‘s display at Toy Fair 2015 wouldn’t be complete without a great looking Pacific Rim display. They showed off some of their newly announced figures and revealed a few more. Also, they showcased their Godzilla figures, including the newly announced NES Godzilla.


  • NES Godzilla
  • Godzilla 1954
  • Burning Godzilla

Pacific Rim

  • Horizon Brave
  • Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger
  • Otachi
  • Baby Otachi
  • Striker Eureka – 18″ Figure
  • Pacific Rim Chibi Figures – Movie Replica Figures – SDCC
  • Assorted Pacific Rim Merchandise

Toy Fair 2015 Bluefin Booth Armarauders 001

We’re continuing our look at the Bluefin booth from Toy Fair 2015. This post showcases the displays of Sentinel, Studio Ghibli and the Tamashii Buddies.


  • Mecha Workshop’s Armarauders
  • Anime Collectibles
  • Microman
  • Zone of Enders
  • Other Mech Figures

Studio Ghibli

  • Totoro
  • Louise Music Box
  • Other Animated Movie Collectibles

Tamashii Buddies

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Sailor Moon

Advanced Imperious Maxx Zero Mechanical

As part of the Club Zeton package, members will receive an exclusive Robo Force figure. Toyfinity has revealed the concept behind the character; Imperious Maxx. The figure will be a metallic gold color, with metallic bronze, metallic green, and metallic silver paint highlights. The kit will only be available to members of the club, which you can join by Clicking Here.

Check out the artwork after the jump.

Robo Force Basic Maxx 030

We continue our week of Toyfinity photo shoots with the second part of our Maxx Zero photo shoot. Today we take a look a the other two Robo Force releases; Maxx Zero Basic Edition and Maxx Zero Unpainted Edition. The Basic Edition is the pure homage to the original Maxx Steele Robo Force figure. the Unpainted Edition was a way for Toyfinity to offer fans a way to customize their Robo Force kit from top to bottom.

After the jump, check out my thoughts on these two as well as the full gallery.

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Armarauders Bellerophon 028

Back in 2012 Mecha Workshop debuted Armarauders, an ambitious project featuring an all original story, comic book, and hopes for figures based on the mechs designed by Don Figueroa. A prototype was seen even back then, showing us the potential of things to come. Well, the Armarauders team has been hard at work on that figure over the last 2+ years and it’s getting close to go time. Pre-Orders for the first mech called the Bellerophon will be going up around March 1st and should ship in the 3rd Quarter of 2015. If you can’t wait any longer don’t fret, we have you covered :)

The fine folks at Mecha Workshop have sent us an early sample of the first figure, and we’ve done up a high resolution gallery for it. Over 140 pictures from every angle are inside. Check them out along with our thoughts after the break! [Read more…]

Robo Force Ultimate Maxx 001

Over the next few days, we’ll be uploading galleries of the newest releases from Toyfinity Toys. We’re kicking it off with their most ambitious release yet, Maxx Zero Ultimate Edition. The release takes the original colors from the 1980’s Maxx Steele figure and goes one further by adding in more details. This version feature more paint apps than they’ve ever done, including detail paint lines in all of the sculpted areas.

After the jump, you can check out all of the images.

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