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Life Size Amazing Spider Man 2 Statue 001

If you own a comic shop or local theater or are just a huge Spider-Man fan, then this new Life Size Amazing Spider-Man 2 Statue might be worth investing in. It comes from Section 9 Entertainment, the same folks bringing us a Life Size Captain America Statue. The statue comes in two versions. One with and one without the display base. The Spidey Statue itself stands about 63″ tall, and with the display base the whole things comes in at a massive 96″ tall. has an interview with Stephan Lokotsch, CEO of Section 9 Entertainment, about the statue.

You can order theĀ Life Size Amazing Spider-Man 2 Statue by Clicking Here. It costs $2,897 without the base and $3,494 with it.

WC2014 Koto DC Batwoman Bishoujo Statue

At WonderCon 2014, Kotobukiya held a presentation and showed some of their upcoming items. The folks over at Nerd Reactor snapped pics of the slideshow. We’ve mirrored a few of the images, and you can see the rest at the link. Included are:

  • Star Wars: A New Hope – Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia ARTFX+ Statues
  • Halo – Master Chief Statue
  • Tekken – Nina Williams Bishoujo Statue
  • Marvel Now – Iron Man Avengers ARTFX+ Statue
  • Marvel – Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue Announcement
  • Marvel – Wolverine (Brown outfit) Fine Art Statue
  • DC Comics – Wonder Woman ARTFX Statue
  • DC Comics – New 52 Green Arrow ARTFX+ Statue
  • DC Comics – Damian Wayne Robin ARTFX+ Statue
  • DC Comics – Batwoman Bishoujo Statue
  • Freddy vs Jason – Female Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue

Read on for the images.

Days of Future Past Minimates

Diamond Select Toys are dropping all types of Marvel Minimates Heat today, with another first look at X-Men Days of Future Past Minimates over at MTV. Included in this wave are:

  • Future Professor X with Past Magneto
  • Future Magneto with Past Mystique
  • Future Wolverine with Future Storm
  • Past Logan with Past Charles Xavier

These will also be $9.99 per two pack, just like the Best Of wave we reported on earlier today. Check out the shots after the break!

Incredible Hulk Statue 1

Sideshow has released a full preview gallery of their Incredible Hulk Statue. Pre-Orders go up on Thursday, with a retail price of $549.99. This is one of three in their Hulk Trio, with Red and Gray also coming down the line. Check out all the spectacular shots after the break!

Best of Marvel Minimates Series 3

Diamond Select Toys is set to release their 3rd wave of “Best of” Minimates soon, and has a first look. Included are:

  • Marvel Now Captain America with Modern Spider-Man
  • Transforming Grey Hulk with Extremis Iron Man
  • Classic Hawkeye with Lab Coat Ant-Man
  • Luke Cage Power Man with Iron Fist

These should be on shelves this summer at $9.99 per two pack. Check out the shots after the break!

DST Retro Spider Man 001

Check out a new Retro Style 8-Inch Spider-Man by Diamond Select Toys. has posted the first images and info for the upcoming Mego-style figure. The figure will be part of a limited edition set. There will be just 3,000 made and they will run $80 each. The set will reproduce the original Mego World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Amazing Spider-Man Figure, complete with original style costume. It will also include interchangeable heads, multiple hands, a modern style outfit and accessories. The set will include a Peter Parker outfit and head sculpt as well. future releases will include Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine.

Read on to check out the images.

Incredible Hulk Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview of their upcoming Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure. We previously got a quick glimpse of the Hulk Statue in March. The statue is part of a series of Hulk statues from Sideshow. It is being joined by both a Red Hulk and a Gray Hulk. Pre-orders for theĀ Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure go live on April 24th. Expect a full gallery sometime next week.

Read on for the preview.

X Men Jean Grey Premium Format Figure 001

Sporting a design based on her 1990′s era costume, the X-Men 1/4 Scale Jean Grey Premium Format Figure is the latest Marvel Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. There will be a Sideshow Exclusive version as well. It will come with an additional head sculpt, showing Jean with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Pre-orders kick off Thursday, April 17th at a price of $359.99.

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Hot Toys Amazing Spider Man 2 Figure 007

Hot Toys has revealed a new Spider-Man 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure. The figure is based on the updated costume in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie. Accessories include a jacket, knit cap, backpack, bullhorn, figure stand, multiple hands and much more. It’s due for release in the second or third quarter of the year.

Read on for more info and a full gallery.

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Marvel has posted two new updates for some upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe items. First up, has released some cool new shots of the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy Figures. The 6″ figures features the main movie cast as well as adding a new Iron Man and Nova figure. Collect them all to build Groot from the included figure parts.

Also revealed was a new Life-Size Stealth Suit Captain America Statue by Section 9 Entertainment. The over 6 foot tall statue will set you back nearly $3,300. It makes a great display piece for comic shops, movie theaters, or for the Cap collector who has it all. talked with Stephan Lokotsch, CEO of Section 9 Entertainment about the creation of the statue. You can order one for yourself here.

Read on to check out the photos.