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DST ASM2 Spider Man 26

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drops today on Blu-Ray and DVD. What better way to celebrate than with a gallery of Spidey himself (here at Toyark, anyway)! Diamond Select Toys recently released their Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man in three flavors: Unmasked as a Disney Store exclusive, one with a window/wall base, and one with a Fire Fighter set of accessories, which we have here today. Read on to check our quick thoughts and over 35 shots!

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Hot Toys Rocket and Groot Collectible Set

Mild Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy. Read No further to avoid spoilers…

Toyark forum member ThaddeusVenture stopped by to share an email he received from Sideshow. Apparently, people who ordered the Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket Raccoon Set, which was set to include a potted baby Groot. Now Sideshow is getting a second, and exclusive, addition to the set. The set will also include another baby Groot, but without arms. So you’ll get two stages of the growing baby Groot with your order!

Read on to check out the email sent by Sideshow.

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Emma Frost Premium Format Figure 003

Sideshow’s Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 gave us our first good look at the Emma Frost Premium Format Figure. The White Queen was beautifully sculpted and drew plenty of attention from fans in attendance. Now Sideshow has released official images and info for the 1/4 scale statue. The statue will feature a fur-trimmed cloth cape and a Hellfire Club themed base. A Sideshow Exclusive edition will also offer an additional interchangeable head sculpt, which will feature a shorter hair style.

The Emma Frost Premium Format Figure will sell for $369.99. Pre-orders begin on Thursday, August 14th. Check out the new photos after the jump.

Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates Comic Shop Series

Diamond Select Toys has posted an update for their Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates. They have released in-package photos for the full Comic and Specialty Shop Assortment. We’ve seen a few of these packaged pics before, as they were released at Toys “R” Us along with an exclusive Yondu. Here’s the breakdown of who you will find at comic shops soon:

  • Drax and Groot with Rocket Raccoon
  • Gamora and a Nova Corps Centurion
  • Nebula and a Sakaar Trooper
  • Star-Lord and Ronan

We’ve also shared a few of DST’s loose pics of the of the figures Toys “R” Us assortment for your viewing pleasure. The Comic shop assortment should be hitting soon. Read on to check them out.

Marvel Select X Men DOFP Mystique 2

This one slipped by us last week. According to Zach Oat, the X-Men: Days of Future Past – Marvel Select Mystique, which we saw from C2E2 earlier this year, has been cancelled. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence decided against them using her likeness rights. Here’s what Zach posted in response to a question on Facebook:

Mystique has been canceled. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence declined to participate.

A bummer for fans looking to pick up the figure.

Agent Venom Released

Toyark forum member Kernel has purchased the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom at his local Walgreens. The Walgreens Exclusive 6″ Agent Venom figure has officially begun to hit store shelves. The figure is priced at $19.99. It is currently sold out online.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom Figure
With his wall-crawling super-powers, Spider-Man is usually too much for any villain to handle. But this is one terrifying villain! Your Agent Venom figure is dressed in his signature black suit, with a helmet and tentacles that make him extra tough to beat. Send him into battle against the forces of justice and see what happens!

No news yet on the Black Series 6″ Prototype Armor Boba Fett. Start checking your local Walgreens stores for Venom. Happy hunting!

Kotobukiya X Force Deadpool ARTFX Statue 001

The Kotobukiya Marvel Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 gave us our first look at their upcoming Marvel Now – X-Force Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue. Today, Kotobukiya has released some official photos of the statue. It will be available exclusively via Diamond Comics Distributors. It’s scheduled for a release next March. You’ll be able to pick it up local comic and specialty shops.

You can see a few photos by reading on.

2014 Hot Toys Gallery by Beast Kingdom 072

Check out photos from the “2014 Hot Toys Gallery by Beast Kingdom” (that’s the full name of the event by the way) courtesy of Toy-People News. At the event, they had on display a ton of figures, including the following displays

  • Aliens – Power Loader and Ellen Ripley
  • Dark Knight Trilogy Figures
  • Avengers – Figures and the Hellicarrier
  • Captain America and Winter Soldier
  • Iron Man – Figures and Hall of Armor
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Rhino and Peter Parker
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Including Drax
  • Back to the Future – Marty McFly and the DeLorean
  • Robocop
  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Raiden
  • Transformers
  • And More

Read on to check out over 100 images.


Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora 003

Hot Toys is one step closer to bringing the whole team together as we get our first look at the Gamora 1/6 Scale Figure. This Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Figure showcases a fantastic looking likeness to Zoe Saldana, who plays Gamora in the film. The figure will include three sets of interchangeable hands, an extended sword, a sword hilt to hang on her belt, and a figure stand.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora 1/6 Scale Figure is scheduled for release in the first or second quarter of 2015. You can get some additional info and see all of the photos by reading on.

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Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Unmasked

We had seen some official photos of the Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord already. While we got a great look at the cloth costume, accessories and the masked head, the lone shot of Peter Quill unmasked was blurred out. Now we have the first real good look at the unmasked head sculpt courtesy of the Hot Toys Community. My guess is that this is still a work in progress, and not the finished design. The head doesn’t match up to the shape and style of the blurred out head sculpt we originally saw.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for an official release showing the finalized head sculpt. for now, you can read on to check out the image.