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All New X Men Minimates 001

Diamond Select Toys has added a ton of pics of upcoming X-Men Minimates. these include X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Minimates as well as All-New X-Men Minimates. Here’s the breakdown:

X-Men: Days of Future Past Minimates

  • Charles Xavier and Bone Claw Wolverine
  • Young Magneto and Mystique
  • Future Wolverine and Future Storm
  • Professor X and Future Magneto

Marvel Minimates Series 59 – All-New X-Men

  • Cyclops and Marvel Girl
  • Beast and Angel
  • Iceman and Sentinel
  • Bobby Drake and Sentinel (variant, shot-packed)

The All-New X-Men Minimates and the Days of Future Past Minimates hit stores today! Read on to see the photos.

Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue 001

After a sneak peek photo earlier this week, Kotobukiya has unleashed their Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue gallery. The statue is 1/6 scale. Carnage will feature a detailed destruction base and include a swappable right arm. Additional details are being kept under wraps for now, but we do know that the Maximum Carnage Statue will ship in June 2015.

See the photos by reading on.

Hot Toys X Men DOFP Wolverine Scan 002

Thanks to Toyark forum member Tiberius, we have a magazine scan showing that Hot toys will be making a new Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure. The new version will be based on his “future” appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past. A larger page scan comes courtesy of the Hot Toys Community, showcases the full page display.

Read on to check them out.

Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue Preview

A new Carnage Statue is coming from the folks at Kotobukiya. This is likely the Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue we saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The 1/6 statue will come on a detailed base and include a swappable right arm. We’ll have more info as it becomes available.

Check out the preview photo by reading on.

Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Unmasked Head Sculpt 2

Hot Toys has posted an updated look at their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord 1/6 Scale Figure. The previous official look at the figure obscured the face sculpt. And subsequent at show displays were using a still in-progress head sculpt. Now they have posted clear photos of the newly updated unmasked head sculpt, showing the likeness of actor Chris Pratt.

Check it out by reading on.

Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure 001

Sideshow has posted the pre-order page for their upcoming Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure. Expected to ship in October 2015, Deadpool will come armed to the teeth. Included are numerous guns, swords, grenades, and a knife. The figure also includes numerous interchangeable hands, a hand tailored costume and two swappable heads. The Sideshow Exclusive version will include Headpool with Float Wire. Best of all, Deadpool will include two word bubbles that can be altered with numerous Deadpool-isms or Deadpool-themed emoticons. The figure is priced at $229, and you can pre-order it Here.

See all of the photos after the jump.

003 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Hall Of Armor1

The Mandarin and his Extremis Soldier are launching an attack on Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion. Battle their high-tech helicopter’s spinning rotors, 4 flick missiles and side-mounted cannons with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man! Get to the armory and suit up before the bad guys fry Jarvis’ circuits!  Includes 5 minifigures:

  • Tony Stark
  • Mark 42 Armor
  • Pepper Potts
  • The Mandarin
  • Extremis Soldier

Check out all the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 3 Malibu Mansion Attack 76007 images after the jump

Grimm Minimates1

Diamond Select Toys has posted up their releases for the month of October. The future is now! By which we mean that a bunch of future releases from Diamond Select Toys are now up for pre-order from your local comic shop or specialty retailer! Although some of them are pretty futuristic, too: our long-gestating Mr. Fusion prop replica, starship Captain James Kirk, time-traveling mutant Cable… the chronal energy in this blog post is off the charts! Plus: Godzilla, Spider-Man, Buddy Christ, Mooby and Grimm Fairy Tales! Read on for details, and pre-order today through your local comic shop!

Check out all the new DST Previews images after the jump.

Guardians of the galaxy hot toys china display2

It would seem that China is gearing up for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy at their Super Shopping Mall TaiKoo Hui, with a huge display by Hot Toys and Marvel Studios! A rendition of Star-Lord’s spaceship “Milano” as seen in the film is set up, and visitors can go inside to see the authentic costumes of Star-Lord, Gamora and Nova Corpsman. A range of Hot Toys 1/6th scale Collectible Figures from Guardians of the Galaxy and real-like prop of The Orb, life-size statue of Rocket are also on display.

Check out all the Guardians of the Galaxy images after the jump.

fugitive toys pop

Funko dropped a line highlighting some new NYCC exclusive POP! Vinyls. Fugitive Toys will have 4, 2 Wonder Woman and 2 Loki. The Wonder Women are Star Sapphire variants, one regular and one with a darker metallic finish. The Loki are Frost Giant themed, and one will glow in the dark. Check out the shots after the break!