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Hot Toys Days of Future Past Wolverine 017

After getting a glimpse of the figure last month, Hot Toys has finally released images and info for their next Marvel figure. They are releasing an X-Men: Days of Future Past  – Future Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure. The figure will feature three interchangeable hands and a new head sculpt with the likeness of Hugh Jackman. The figure is scheduled to be released late next year.

Read on for much more info and all of the images.

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Marvel Legends 3 Pack Found

A post over on Facebook gives us word that the Marvel Legends Infinite Series 3-Pack has made its way to retail. This was found at a Target in Miami, Florida. The 3-Pack contains:

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Captain America
  • Radioactive Man

J Scott Campbell Classic Spider Man Statue 005

The next J. Scott Campbell designed statue has been fully revealed by Sideshow. they have released new photos and info for a J. Scott Campbell Classic Spider-Man Statue. The dynamic statue features Spidey on a wall base, featuring graffiti style Spider-Man art. This is a repaint of the previously revealed Classic Spider-Man Statue. The original version which features a brighter red and blue paint scheme, different wall art as well as having a Sideshow Exclusive variant.

This J. Scott Campbell Classic Spider-Man Statue goes on pre-order October 16th. It’s priced at $299.99. Check out the new images by reading on.

Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man 017

Diamond Select Toys has released some new photos of their new Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man Figure. The figure is an exclusive to both the Marvel Shop and Disney Stores. DST reports that the figure should be hitting the Disney shops around the 27th of the month. Bleeding Edge Iron Man stands 7.5″ tall, features 16 points of articulation, a gleaming metallic paint job, and a figure base. It’s priced at $24.95.

Read on to see the new images.

Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man 1

Marvel Shop has a new Bleeding Edge Iron Man Marvel Select Figure for sale. The 7.5″ tall figure features 16 points of articulation, a gleaming metallic paint job, and a figure base. The figure is available now and is priced at $24.95. You can order it Here.

Check out a few photos after the jump.

Kotobukiya She Hulk Bishoujo Statue 006

Kotobukiya fully revealed the She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue at New York Comic-Con 2014. After debuting there, Kotobukiya dropped some new official photos for the upcoming statue. She-Hulk is scheduled for release in May 2015.

See the photos by reading on.

NYCC 2014 3A 002

There was a small selection of 3A Collectibles at New York Comic-Con 2014. We got to check out the cool looking Dr. Doom 1/6 Scale Figure, as well as their Microman figures. they also had a few other of their signature figures on display as well. Here’s what you can see after the jump.

  • Dr. Doom 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Popbot Figures
  • Evol Figure
  • WBR – Worlds Best Robots
  • Microman String Divers
  • Isobelle Pascha Series
  • Tomorrow Kings

NYCC 2014 Previews Medicom 001

The Previews booth at New York Comic-Con 2014 displayed a few cool items. They were showcasing collectibles from Funko, Medicom and ThreeZero. Here’s what they had:


  • The Book of Life – 6″ Legacy Series Figures
  • Magic the Gathering – 6″ Legacy Series Figures
  • TMNT Mystery Minis
  • Sci-Fi Mystery Minis (Robocop, Tron, Aliens, Predator, ET, etc.)


  • DC New 52 – Batman – Real Action Hero 12″ Figure
  • DC New 52 – Superman – Real Action Hero 12″ Figure
  • DC – Catwoman – Sofubi 
  • DC – Batgirl – Sofubi 
  • Marvel – Ultron – Sofubi 
  • Marvel – Iron Man – Sofubi 


  • Game of Thrones – Ned Stark – 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Titanfall – Atlas
  • Robocop 2014 – EM-208 – 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Robocop 2014 – ED-209 – 1/6 Scale Figure
  • Fullmetal Ghost – Captain Form
  • 3A – WBR

They did have two 1:12 Collective figures, but we previously saw the Judge Dredd and Dark Knight Returns 1:12 Collective Figures earlier during the show. So we didn’t duplicate those pics here. You can check out those awesome figures Here.

NYCC 2014 Yes Anime 008

We have a small, but cool gallery of images from the Yes Anime booth at New York Comic-Con 2014. These include the Samurai Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Iron Man, a Darth Vader and even a Toy Story Buzz Lightyear collectible.

TMNT Samurai

  • Leonardo
  • Donatello,
  • Raphael
  • Michelangelo
  • Shredder

Iron Man Egg Attack Figures

  • Mark IV Armor
  • Mark V Armor
  • Mark VI Armor
  • Mark I Armor
  • Mark 1 Armor 8″ Figure
  • War Machine
  • War Machine 2.0
  • Mark XLII Armor
  • Iron Patriot
  • Iron Patriot A.I.M. Version
  • Mark II SP Armor
  • Mark II Armor


  • Darth Vader 8″ Egg Attack Figure
  • Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Egg Attack Figure

NYCC 2014 Dark Horse 009

Dark Horse Comics brought some really great looking items to New York Comic-Con. Of course they had their Game of thrones collectibles, but they also had stuff from Sin City, Legend of Zelda, Marvel and More. Here’s the full list:

Game of Thrones

  • The Hound Bust
  • Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish Figure
  • King Joffrey Baratheon Figure
  • Tywin Lannister Figure
  • Hodor and Bran Stark Figure
  • Brienne of Tarth Statue
  • Map Markers
  • Lunch Boxes and Coasters
  • Stannis Baratheon Shield Wall Plaque

Sin City

  • Marv Vinyl figure by Eric So
  • Coasters
  • Stickers

Legend of Zelda

  • Ganondorf 12″ Figure
  • Link 10″ Figure
  • Coffee Mugs


  • Frank Frazetta Collectibles
  • Legend of Korra Collectibles
  • Mass Effect Miniature Ships
  • Marvel Classic X-Men Character Tins with Mini-Statues