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LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F150 75899

LEGO has released new official images for the upcoming Speed Champions 2015 sets.  If you are into Super Cars and Need For Speed then check these sets out.

  • LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F150 75899
  • LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 75908
  • LEGO Speed Champions McLaren P1 75909
  • LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 918 Spyder 75910
  • LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Mercedes Pit-Stop 75911
  • LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 911 GT Finishing Line 75912
  • LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck 75913

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lego bionicle 201510

LEGO has released new images for it’s upcoming re-launch of it’s hot series Bionicle! There are a few rumors running around that Bionicle will be a major focus at this years LEGO New York Comic Con display. The new set images released today are:

  • Lewa of the Jungle 70784
  • Pohatu Master of Stone 70785
  • Gali master of Water 70786
  • Tahu Master of Fire 70787
  • Kopaka Master of Ice 70788
  • Lord of Skull Spiders 70790

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LEGO DC Super Heroes Darkseid invasion 76028

LEGO has just released official images of the upcoming LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League 2015 Sets!  There is still one set that has not been released Brainiac Attack 76040, if those images become available we will keep you updated. For now you can enjoy images of:

  • 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro: Space Batman, Green Lantern and Sinestro
  • 76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas: Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Also includes Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet and Batman’s Mech Suit.
  • 76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike: Black Manta, Aquaman, Scuba Robin and Batman.
  • 76028 Darkseid Invasion: Darkseid, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg, Superman

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The LEGO MOVIE 2015 70819 Bad Cop Car Chase

LEGO has released official images of upcoming The LEGO Movie sets for 2015. At SDCC 2014 LEGO had on display, the first of the 3 new sets, Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack 70817. Over the weekend two new sets were released:

  • Double-Decker Couch 70818
  • Bad Cop Car Chase 70819

Check out all the new The LEGO Movie images after the jump.

LEGO Double VIP Points Special

LEGO has released it’s October 2014 store calendar that sports LEGO Double VIP Points! With the LEGO Double Points promotion going on, you get a $5 reward credit for every $50 you spend at the LEGO Store. So if your not already a LEGO VIP member and you are looking to purchase a few sets this is a great time to jump in.

Check out all the LEGO October 2014 Store Calendar Information and Images after the jump.

003 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Hall Of Armor1

The Mandarin and his Extremis Soldier are launching an attack on Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion. Battle their high-tech helicopter’s spinning rotors, 4 flick missiles and side-mounted cannons with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man! Get to the armory and suit up before the bad guys fry Jarvis’ circuits!  Includes 5 minifigures:

  • Tony Stark
  • Mark 42 Armor
  • Pepper Potts
  • The Mandarin
  • Extremis Soldier

Check out all the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 3 Malibu Mansion Attack 76007 images after the jump

Star Wars Rebels 12

Disney Consumer Products dropped a press release hyping the wide range of upcoming Star Wars Rebels products from multiple companies, Hasbro included. Key points for us here at Toyark include:

Action Figures & Role-Play:

Star Wars Rebels Action Figures by Hasbro (MSRP: $5.99-9.99): Team up characters or pit them against each other with these awesome action figures, featuring heroes and villains from the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Lightsaber by Hasbro (MSRP: $29.99): The signature weapon of the fearsome new villain from Star Wars Rebels – the Inquisitor — comes to life in toy form. Start the battle with a single blade, and then attach the second blade to the special hilt for three feet of double-bladed power. And, for the first time ever, launch the Force Disc for a long distance strike!

Star Wars Rebels The Ghost by LEGO (MSRP: $89.99): Get ready to battle the Empire with the rebel heroes’ awesome starship – the Ghost! The ship has plenty of weaponry on board with 2 spring-loaded shooters, storage for a spare missile and a lightsaber.

For the full break down check out the shots and product descriptions after the break!

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bionicle lego 2015 poster the return

LEGO has officially announced the return of the Bionicle line for 2015 today via their Facebook page with just a very short video of the Mask of Creation. With the leaks that have been coming out over the last few weeks here is currently a list of products.

LEGO Bionicle 2015

70778 – Defender of Jungle
70779 – Defender of Stones
70780 – Defender of Water
70781 – Defender of Land
70782 – Defender of Ice
70783 – Defender of Fire
70784 – Lewa Master of Jungle
70785 – Pohatu Master of Stones
70786 – Gali Master of Water
70787 – Tahu Master of Fire
70788 – Kopaka Master of Ice
70789 – Onua Master of Land
70790 – Lord of Skull Spiders

Check out the the LEGO Bionicle Mask of Creation teaser images after the jump.

Lego Tumbler 76023 025

The Lego Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler Batmobile is here! (#76023) This ain’t no kiddie set either, this is a 200 dollar, 1800+ piece monster build that is NOT for the faint of heart. Announced during SDCC 2014 – this thing dropped pretty soon afterwards, and is continues to trickle out to Lego stores now. I am not a hardcore Lego guy like fellow staffer DESTRO, but I couldn’t pass this bad boy up. We’ve done a nice photo shoot with it, showing the build process and then some crispy glamor shots after that. Check our video below, with high res pics and thoughts after the break!

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LEGO justice league dc super heroes 2015

Big LEGO news has hit the web over the weekend. Thanks to a German retailer who has posted up images of the up coming LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League 2015 sets, we now have a list of the contents and LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures that will be included in the first 5 sets that will be released.

  • 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro: Space Batman, Green Lantern and Sinestro
  • 76026 Gorilla Grodd 76026 Goes Bananas: Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Also includes Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet and Batman’s Mech Suit.
  • 76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike: Black Manta, Aquaman, Deep Dive Robin and Batman.
  • 76028 Darkseid Invasion: Darkseid, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg, Superman
  • 76040 Brainiac Attack: Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Superman

Check out images of the LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League 2015 sets after the jump.
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