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lego dimentions dr who 2015

LEGO has just announced plans for a new line of LEGO sets called Dimensions. Included in the sets will be popular characters in smaller size classes for Star Wars, DC Comics Super Heroes, Scooby-Doo and many more.

  • LEGO Dimensions Team Packs
  • LEGO Dimensions Level Packs
  • LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs

Check out all the new LEGO Dimensions images after the jump.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Package Sample

Thanks to we now have our first images and information on what the in-package toys and merchandise will look like, as well as the release date for the huge Star Wars: The Force Awakens product launch.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS PRODUCTS TO ARRIVE ON ‘FORCE FRIDAY,’ SEPTEMBER 4 is thrilled to announce that Star Wars: The Force Awakens products will land in our galaxy on September 4, 2015, at 12:01 a.m. — “Force Friday” — with stores around the world opening their doors at midnight for a special celebration of all things Star Wars. It will be a day long remembered.

“Every lightsaber, every action figure, every LEGO set tells a story for generations of Star Wars fans, and this global event is a celebration of those stories. We’re excited to be part of the countdown to this enormous movie moment,” said Josh Silverman, executive vice president, global licensing, Disney Consumer Products.

Fans wanting to be the first to get their hands on Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise can set their hyperspace and social media coordinates now: They will be able to visit their local retailer starting at midnight on September 4, and are encouraged to document their experience using the hashtags #ForceFriday and #MidnightMadness. A wide-range of products — from toys and collectibles, to books and comics, ebooks and apps, to apparel and lifestyle accessories — will be available at mass retailers and Disney Store locations worldwide, as well as on

Also revealed here for the first time is the packaging for Star Wars: The Force Awakens products, featuring the shadowy new villain, Kylo Ren. The ominous shadowy figure and the red lightsaber he wields will be featured on Star Wars product packaging beginning September 4, 2015. Let the countdown begin.

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Comics has posted a press release detailing a new partnership between DC Comics, Warner Bros. and Mattel. Expect a line up for girls super hero action figures from Mattel. LEGO will be the exclusive “Building blocks” partner for the line as well. Here’s the press release:

Mattel to Launch Company’s First Action Figures for Girls

Unprecedented Initiative to Include Digital Content, TV Specials, Made-For-Videos, Publishing, Toys, Apparel and Other Products

Random House Children’s Books to be Master Publishing Partner
The LEGO Group to be Exclusive Construction Partner

Beginning in Fall 2015, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel join forces to launch DC Super Hero Girls, an exciting new universe of Super Heroic storytelling that helps build character and confidence, and empowers girls to discover their true potential.  Featuring DC Comics’ most powerful and diverse line-up of female characters as relatable teens, DC Super Hero Girls will play out across multiple entertainment content platforms and product categories to create an immersive world.

Developed for girls aged 6-12, DC Super Hero Girls centers on the female Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Comics universe during their formative years—prior to discovering their full super power potential. Featuring a completely new artistic style and aesthetic, DC Comics’ icons such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee, Poison Ivy, Katana and many more make their unprecedented teenaged introduction. Each character has her own storyline that explores what teen life is like as a Super Hero, including discovering her unique abilities, nurturing her remarkable powers and mastering the fundamentals of being a hero.

“DC Entertainment is home to the most iconic and well-known Super Heroes including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl,” said Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment. “DC Super Hero Girls represents the embodiment of our long-term strategy to harness the power of our diverse female characters.  I am so pleased that we are able to offer relatable and strong role models in a unique way, just for girls.”

The initial launch of DC Super Hero Girls in Fall 2015 will include an immersive digital experience, original digital content and digital publishing—providing opportunities for girls to interact with characters, learn about the storylines, and engage in customizable play.  TV specials, made-for-videos, toys, apparel, books and other product categories will begin to rollout in 2016.

“Developing a Super Hero franchise exclusively for girls that includes all of the key components of a comprehensive entertainment experience—from content to consumer products—is something we are excited to be doing in conjunction with our great partners,” said Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products.   “It’s really an honor to be part of this cultural moment and to be delivering a concept so rooted in a relatable and empowered theme that the characters of DC Comics are uniquely able to present.”

As master toy licensee, Mattel is collaborating with DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Consumer Products on DC Super Hero Girls’ narrative creation, interactive digital activations and ultimately a toy line launching in 2016.  Mattel category-leading firsts include a line of characters for the action figure category, an area of the industry that has been primarily developed with boys in mind, and fashion dolls featuring strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses.

“Partnering with the best and being the best partner is of paramount importance,” said Richard Dickson, President, Chief Operating Officer, Mattel.  “Together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the DC Super Hero Girls franchise will further expand our already powerful girls portfolio. We know Super Hero is a culturally relevant theme and the DC Super Hero Girls franchise will engage and inspire girls, providing cues to explore heroic acts through play and into real life.”

The Random House Books for Young Readers imprint of Random House Children’s Books has been appointed the master publishing partner for the franchise and will be creating a portfolio of books that will bring the DC Super Hero Girls world to life, beginning in Spring 2016.  Random House’s publishing program will be complemented by a series of original graphic novels from DC Entertainment.  The LEGO Group will also be key to building the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, leveraging their experience and success engaging girls in creative construction play to bolster this universe through an array of LEGO® building sets designed to inspire girls’ imaginations.  Additionally, consumer products partners around the world will be engaged in creating a merchandise line dedicated to DC Super Hero Girls across all key categories.

LEGO Star Wars General Grievous Buildable Figure

LEGO has teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to reveal a few new releases ahead of Star Wars Celebration. They have released images of the next two LEGO Star Wars Buildable Figures. The photos give us our first look at Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Greivous. These will be joined by Commander Cody and Jango Fett at Star Wars Celebration. We were there at the LEGO Toy Fair 2015 Event to get photos of the first two figures, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi includes 83 pieces in the set, while General Greivous
will come with 186 total pieces. These will be released in September, along with the rest of the figures. Read on to see the pics.

Star Wars Celebration Tatooine LEGO Set

An Ebay Auction has popped up for an unannounced Star Wars Celebration 2015 Exclusive LEGO Set. The set depicts the Lars Homestead on Tatooine from Star Wars: A New Hope. The mini-set looks to include a Speeder, a miniature Sandcrawler, a C-3PO Minifig and an assortment of micro figures. The micro figures looks to include characters like Jawas and droids. The photos, unfortunately, is extremely low quality, so finer details are hard to make out.

Read on to see the image.

Toy Fair 2015 LEGO Ultra Agents 004

Here are a few more mixed sets from LEGO’s Toy Fair 2015 display. These include the following:

LEGO Ideas

  • Birds

LEGO Movie

  • Batman and Super Angry Kitty attack
  • Bad Cop Car Chase
  • Double Decker Couch

Ultra Agents

  • Ultra Agents Ocean HQ
  • AntiMatter’s Portal Hideout
  • Spyclops Infiltration
  • Inizable Gold Getaway
  • Drillex Diamond Job
  • Agent Stealth Patrol

Toy Fair 2015 LEGO Star Wars 043

Fans of LEGO Star Wars should check out these fantastic sets on display at Toy Fair 2015. Included were

Star Wars Original Trilogy

  • Slave I
  • TIE Fighter
  • Darth Vader – Battle Figure
  • Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker – Battle Figure
  • Star Wars Advent Calander
  • Imperial Shuttler Tydirium
  • Death Star Final Battle
  • T-16 Skyhopper
  • Shadow Troopers
  • Imperial Troop Transport
  • Snowspeeder – Microfighters
  • AT-AT – Microfighters

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

  • Naboo Starfighter
  • Flash Speeder
  • AAT
  • Geonosis Troopers
  • Senate Command Troopers
  • Arc 170 Starfighter – Microfighters
  • Vulture Droid – Microfighters
  • Republic Gunship – Microfighters
  • Roaming Spider Droid – Microfighters

Star Wars Rebels

  • Imperial Assault Carrier
  • Wookie Gunship
  • AT-DP
  • TIE Advanced Prototype
  • Ezra’s Speeder Bike