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Funko ReAction Figures

It looks like the folks at NECA have started an action figure revolution when they introduced NES style recolors. Those NES themed ideas have been “borrowed” by more than few companies. Now, it looks like Funko is getting in on the act. They recently posted up a photo that shows off a bunch of the upcoming ReAction Figures.

Within the picture, we see a few new, previously unannounced, figures. These include a Jason Voorhees NES Version, a Freddy Krueger NES Version and a Glow-In-The-Dark Creature From The Black Lagoon (not NES themed, but new). This is the first evidence that they are doing NES style figures. Also in the picture we get a look at additional Horror Series ReAction Figures and the Firefly ReAction Figures.

Apparently, the NES variants are exclusive to Toy Tokyo.

Check out the image after the jump.

NYCC Black and White Mummy Variant 1

Mezco keeps the horror exclusives rolling in for New York Comic-Con 2014. Yesterday we told you about their Son of Frankenstein Exclusive, and today they bring us an exclusive Mummy figure. The 9″ tall Black and White Mummy Variant is limited to just 250 pieces in total. Here’s a bit more info from the Mezco press release:

Buried beneath the sands of time he rested, until he was awoken by Mezco’s award-winning design team.

Now, Mezco proudly presents…The Mummy!

Imhotep, the iconic terror from the beneath the sand is presented in glorious black and white, just as he was in the terrifying 1932 classic film.

One of the most limited Universal Monsters ever produced by Mezco, he is an edition of only 250 pieces worldwide. Will he protect those lucky 250 from the curse of Amon-Ra? Only time will tell.

He stands 9″ tall and captures the intricate detail of each ancient bandage: from his mysterious eyes, to his legendary scarab ring.

With 11 points of articulation he’ll be able to take out any explorer who dares to come between him and his tana leaves.

He is packaged in a full color, collector-friendly window box.

This Mezco Exclusive is a Limited Edition. A select number of collector’s items will be available online at, beginning August 22nd. Don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Be sure to visit Mezco at New York Comic Con at booth 1855.

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Son of Frankenstein NYCC 2014 Exclusive

Mezco sent along an image and info for their next New York Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive. They have just revealed their Son Of Frankenstein Limited Edition Figure‏. It will be limited to 500 pieces. Here’s the press release direct from Mezco:

Many thought the fire that destroyed the windmill destroyed the monster as well…they were wrong!

Following the success of their Universal Monsters Frankenstein, Mezco opens their laboratory door and reveals the Son Of Frankenstein limited edition figure.

This 9″ scale Frankenstein boasts ten points of articulation and is covered with scars from his assembly. Perfectly capturing the iconic look of the classic film, the monster wears a genuine simulated fur tunic with cloth sleeves. He stands atop his signature boots, towering over other figures.

Only 500 of this exclusive Son Of Frankenstein figure are available worldwide, so get yours before the villagers do!

This Mezco New York Comic Con Exclusive is a Limited Edition. A select number of collector’s items will be available online at, beginning August 22nd. Don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Be sure to visit Mezco at New York Comic Con at booth 1855.

In case you missed it, check out their exclusive Sons of Anarchy Clay and Jax. Read on to see the full image of the Son Of Frankenstein Limited Edition Figure‏.

neca nes jason

NECA pulled a fast one on everyone! Seems like NECA stealth dropped an exclusive Retro Style 8 Inch Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees in NES colors! This popular color scheme first appeared on the 7 Inch Jason figure and kicked off the video game repaint line currently in full swing. It is a Toys R Us exclusive, and is shipping now, so it may be in your local store at this very moment. Check out a shot after the break!

Walking Dead Black and White Daryl Dixon Pop Vinyl

Funko has released an official glam shot of a Walmart Exclusive The Walking Dead Black and White Daryl Dixon Pop! Vinyl Figure. It should be in stores this week, if they haven’t shown up already. It doesn’t appear on at this time, so your best bet is heading out to a store to check if it’s available.

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Pop Culture Shock Lord of Darkness Statue 025

Pop Culture Shock has finally revealed official images and pre-order info for their upcoming Lord of Darkness 1/3 Scale Statue. This massive and awesome looking statue is based on Time Curry‘s brilliant portrayal as Darkness from the classic Ridley Scott movie Legend. We last got a chance to see the statue at the Pop Culture Shock San Diego Comic-Con Booth. From Pop Culture Shock:

Standing a whopping 38″ (96.5cm) tall and featuring movie quality acrylic eyes and teeth, as well as a meticulously hand crafted mixed media costume. this statue is by far the most intricate and complex we have ever created. If you are as big a fan of the film LEGEND as we are, and have been waiting for the most film accurate collectible figure of this character dont miss out! SRP: $999.99 (up to 20% discount for pre-ordering) and limited to 150 numbered pieces worldwide.

Pre-orders kick off August 11th at 3PM PST at Check out all of the photos after the jump.

Kotobukiya Summer and Winter 2014 Catalog 022

Kotobukiya has released their Japanese Catalog for Summer/Winter 2014. It includes many of their current and upcoming items, though some items may not be available outside of Japan. Included licenses are:

  • DC Comics
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • Tekken
  • Street Fighter
  • Transformers
  • Attack on Titan
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Godhand
  • Freddy vs Jason
  • Assorted Anime Properties
  • And More

Read on to check out the catalog.

Walking Dead TV Series 6 Abraham Ford

McFarlane has released high resolution images of their next Walking Dead figures. The Walking Dead TV Series 6 are due out in November. Included are the following figures:

  • Rick Grimes
  • Abraham Ford
  • Hershel Greene
  • Carol Peletier
  • Bungie Guts Walker
  • The Governor with Long Coat

Read on to check out all of the photos.

Universal Monsters Pop Vinyl Loose

Funko has released images of some upcoming Universal Monsters Pop! Vinyl Figures. Included are:

  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • The Bride of Frankenstein
  • The Wolf Man
  • The Mummy
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon
  • Metaluna Mutant
  • Phantom of the Opera

Read on to check out the photos.

SDCC 2014 Chronicle 018

The Chronicle display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 had some truly amazing items. They work with the likes of Tippet Studios to bring Hollywood props to fans. They had their Robocop 2 Cain on hand, as well as an equally impressive ED-209, a Ghostbusters Terror Dog replica, a Starship Troopers Tanker Bug and a few more items.

Check them out by reading on.