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Toy Tokyo revealed a full shot of their NES colored Jason and Freddy Reaction figures, set to be a NYCC 2014 exclusive! These are the decos made famous by NECA and are now branching out everywhere. Fitting they wind up on these purposely simple 80′s style figures. Check out the shot after the break!

Reaction Horror Series 131

Funko’s ongoing series of retro style ReAction Figures continues with their ReAction Horror Series Figures. The first wave contains some of the most iconic modern horror icons from the last 30 years. Included in the series are the following figures:

  • A Nightmare On Elm Street – Freddy Krueger
  • Halloween – Michael Myers
  • Friday The 13th – Jason Voorhees
  • Hellraiser – Pinhead
  • Scream – Ghostface
  • Trick R’ Treat – Same
  • The Crow – Eric Draven (not pictured)

Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth has provided us with the figures, and I’m happy to share a massive gallery with you. Unfortunately, in our haste to get the orders in, we accidentally forgot to add The Crow to our cart. Once I grab the figure, I’ll update the gallery with photos of the figure as well. Read on to check out over 135 photos and my thoughts on the figures.

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Walking Dead TV Series 7 Michonne

Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has posted images and pre-orders for the upcoming Walking Dead TV Series 7 Figures by McFarlane Toys. The case of four figures will be an even distribution of 3 each, ensuring no short packed figures in the wave. Included are:

  • Michonne
  • Carl Grimes
  • Gareth
  • Mud Walker

The figures are scheduled for release in March 2015. The prices is listed at $14.99 each. You can pre-order the figures Here. Read on to check out a bit of info and the new, though not yet finalized, images.

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Hot Topic Walking Dead Glenn and Carol Pop Vinyls

Funko has posted images of two upcoming Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figures that will be exclusive to Hot Topic stores. These include variants Carol and Glenn.

  • Riot Gear Glenn Rhee
  • Blood Splattered Carol Peletier

These should be hitting Hot Topic shelves soon. Check out the image after the jump.

Universal Monsters Select Creature Packaging

Diamond Select Toys has sent along a press release about their new Universal Monsters Select Figures. The latest wave is now available at Toys “R” Us, with the comic shop versions hitting shelves soon. Included in the latest wave are:

  • Creature From The Black Lagoon
  • Son of Frankenstein
  • Van Helsing

Next week, the comic shop versions of these hit. They will include all new figure bases for display. Read on for all the images and much more info.

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NECA Ultimate Freddy Krueger Packaged

NECA has posted a fully packaged photo of their upcoming A Nightmare On Elm Street – Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure. They promise more official images later this month. The figure is due to hit stores fairly soon. This updated 7″ Freddy Krueger Figure is their first with full leg articulation. It will also include interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, a Tina dead skin mask, a tongue phone and a removable fedora.

Check out the image by reading on.

Frankensteins Monster and Bride of Frankenstein

Funko posted a new pic showing a couple of upcoming Universal Horror ReAction Figures. As part of the August 30th Frankenstein Day (that’s a thing apparently), they released pics of their Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride of Frankenstein ReAction Figures. This is our first look at the, likely, production versions of the figures. Both are due out later this month. The full Universal Horror ReAction line-up is:

  • The Mummy (Regular and Glow-In-The-Dark Variant)
  • Creature From The Black Lagoon (Regular and Glow-In-The-Dark Variant)
  • Dracula
  • The Wolfman
  • Invisible Man
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Bride of Frankenstein

See the images after the jump.

Jason Voorhees NES Replica Mask 2

NECA is expanding the reach of their Video Game themed products beyond action figures. Today they have revealed a Friday the 13th NES Glow-In-the-Dark Jason Voorhees Mask Replica. The mask is a full size, wearable, replica mask based on the 8-bit Friday the 13th Video Game for the NES. It will come packaged in an NES themed box, but pics of that have not yet been released. Look for the mask in November.

See the photos by reading on.

Dawn of the Dead Figma Flyboy 002

The Good Smile Company has released some new photos for their upcoming Figma Dawn of the Dead Zombie Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Figure. The new images showcase the finished figure, the packaging and some new uses for the effects pieces. It includes blood splatter effects, a gun, two Stephen heads and a Machete Zombie head.

After a horrific gun fight with a group of Bikers, Stephen is too injured to fully escape the teeth of a few zombies. The figure depicts Flyboy in all his zombie glory. It includes thee different heads, one of which portrays the iconic “Machete Zombie” that was killed by Tom Savini’s biker character “Blades“. It will also include a blood splatter effect, a pistol, a machete and a figure stand.

The Figma Dawn of the Dead Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Figure is scheduled for release, in Japan, this week. Look for online retailers to get them in stock soon after. The price is 4,400 Yen plus tax (about $42 USD). Check out the new photos after the jump.


Science Fiction Mystery Minis 2

Funko has released images of a series of upcoming Science Fiction Mystery Minis. The blind boxed series looks to collect some of the most iconic characters from sci-fi movies throughout history. Included are:

  • Metaluna Mutant
  • Robocop
  • Spock
  • Classic Predator – Standard, Bloody and Translucent
  • ET
  • The Rocketeer
  • Alien Xenomorph – Standard and Metallic
  • Captain Malcolm Reynolds
  • Judge Dredd
  • Robby The Robot
  • Tron – Standard and Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Jayne Cobb
  • Mars Attacks Martian

The Rocketeer and the Martian are the hardest figures to get, coming in at 1/72 chance, while Jayne Cobb is next in line at 1/36 chance. Ah, the joy and frustration of blind boxed items. Look for the figures to hit in September. See the images, including a full rarity breakdown, after the jump.