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Retro NES Freddy Krueger 052

NECA has been teasing that a few surprise items would be dropping without any prior warning. They like to do this from time to time so that fans can actually be surprised once in a while when going into a toy store. Well, this weekend, a new entry into their Retro Mego Style series will begin hitting the West Coast. The figure will be available exclusively at Toys “R” Us Stores. Much like when they dropped the surprise 8-Bit Friday The 13th Retro 8″ Jason Voorhees in stores, we’re getting a matching horror icon. Say hello to the Retro 8-Bit Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger 8″ Scale Figure! has it IN STOCK NOW.

While visiting the NECA studio last week, I was keen to spy this Freddy on display with many other Retro Figures. Randy Falk of NECA wanted us to share the news with fans, and provided us with a sample to photograph and review! Read on to check out over 55 high resolution photos of the NES Freddy Retro Figure.

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Jason Lives Ultimate Figure 015

When NECA revealed their Retro Mego Style Friday The 13th Part 6 – Jason Voorhees, fans were wondering if they would see new 7″ scale version in the Ultimate line. At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA answered those questions by revealing the new figure. Now they have posted up details and new photos of the Friday The 13th Part 6 Ultimate Jason Voorhees 7″ Scale Figure. The figure is scheduled for release this December. Here’s more info direct from NECA:

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th Part 6, we present the definitive collector’s version of Jason as he appeared in the 1986 film Jason Lives!

This deluxe 7” scale action figure features a gruesome, freshly unearthed sculpt and over 25 points of articulation. It’s loaded with accessories, too: removable mask, a machete and a knife that both fit into sheaths on his belt, the fence post that reanimated him and his tombstone. Packaged in a collector-friendly Deluxe 30th Anniversary window box.

You can see all of the new photos by reading on.

NECA TCM Ultimate Leatherface 067

Today we have another really cool first look from our visit to NECA’s studio. They were kind enough to provide us with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface Ultimate 7″ Scale Figure. When it was released in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a revolutionary and shockingly brutal horror film. The film helped to define, what would become, the slasher genre of horror films. It faced bans in numerous countries and massive backlash for its portrayal of a man who wears a mask made of his murder victims’ human skin. While the actual on screen violence is fairly tame by today’s standards, the use of grainy film, the horrific scenery and the tense setups all combine to create a truly memorable experience. The growing fan base of exploitation horror films turned it into a massive financial success, gaining over $30 million on a $300,000 budget. By the 80’s, the film was a VHS cult hit and it spawned numerous sequels before getting caught up in the remake craze. The original Leatherface, however, remains one of the most iconic and terrifying figures in horror film history.

We have a massive gallery of the figure. After the jump you can find over 70 high resolution images. Also be sure to check out all of our NECA Toy Galleries, to keep up with our growing collection. See the photos and review after the jump.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ultimate Leatherface 003

Check out some new photos of the final production Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ultimate Leatherface 7″ Scale Figure by NECA. The figure, which should be hitting shelves in just a few short weeks, features an all new Leatherface sculpt. It includes two interchangeable heads, his iconic chainsaw, knife, mallet, meat hook, cleaver, and a an apron. It has over 25 points of articulation and comes packaged in a special 40th anniversary flapped window box.

You can see all of the new photos by reading on.

Batusi Batman Bust

Diamond Select Toys has sent along photos and info for upcoming releases. There are a ton of really cool releases coming down the line from a wide assortment of licenses. Included are:

New Items

  • Aliens Warrior Alien Ceramic Cookie Jar
  • Batman The Animated Series Batmobile Vinyl Bank
  • Batman Animated Premier Collection Mad Love Harley Quinn Statue
  • Batman Classic TV Series Batusi Batman Resin Bust
  • Justice League Animated Femme Fatales Wonder Woman PVC Statue
  • Godzilla Jet Jaguar Vinyl Figural Bank
  • Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Slimer Vinyl Bank
  • IZombie TV Liv Moore Action Figure
  • Marvel Minimates Series 64 Secret Wars 2-Pack Asst.
  • Marvel Premier Collection Wolverine Resin Statue
  • Muppets Logos Collectable Pint Glasses
  • Predator Minimates 2-packs Series 1 Asst.
  • Superman The Animated Series Supergirl Resin Bust
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 3 Counter Display Asst.
  • Walking Dead Minimates 2-Packs Series 8 Asst.

Items Being Offered Again

  • Star Trek TOS Retro Cloth Spock & Khan Action Figure Asst.
  • Marvel Super-Heroes Snap-Together Model Kits
  • Marvel Super-Heroes Comic Scenes Reproduction Model Kits

For all the photos and much more info, read on.

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Friday The 13th Part 6 Retro Pamela and Jason 028

NECA toys shocked horror fans when they first teased a retro 2-pack of Pamela and Jason Voorhees from the first Friday the 13th film. The pair initially seemed like an odd choice. But as more images and info came out, it became clear that we were in for a pretty special release. The original film, for the most part, is a straight forward slasher film with a fantastic twist ending. Underneath that, though, is a fairly heartbreaking back story. A mother, so grief stricken and angry at the negligent death of her helpless son, lets insanity set in and becomes a ruthless killer. You can see the anguish in her face as she talks about the death of Jason throughout the film. Then you see her fractured psyche as she makes her murderous intentions known.

The crew at NECA were kind enough to send one of these out for review. We’ve got over 50 high resolution photos and a review for the set. You can check them out by reading on.

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American Werewolf in London Kessler Wolf Statue 025

The American Werewolf in London – Kessler Wolf 1/4 Scale Statue, which has been previewed and teased for a long time, is finally ready for prime time. In this weeks Pop Culture Shock Newsletter, they finally showed the fully painted statue. There will be two versions, a Standard Edition and a PCS Exclusive Edition. See the detail below.

American Werewolf in London – Kessler Wolf 1/4 Scale Statue

Will be available through quality collectible retailers

Price : $399.99
Edition Size : 500 pcs
Size : 21.5″ L x 10.5″ H x 9″ D
Est Ship : 3rd Qtr 2016
Pre-Order Discount : Up to 10% for pre-ordering

Features: Open mouth head

American Werewolf in London – Kessler Wolf 1/4 Scale Statue – PCS EX

Will only be available through

Price : $399.99
Edition Size : 300 pcs
Size : 21.5″ L x 10.5″ H x 9″ D
Est Ship : 3rd Qtr 2016
Pre-Order Discount : Up to 10% for pre-ordering

Features: Both closed mouth and open mouth ‘switch-out’ heads!

Read on to see a few images. We’ll update and bump this post when the full gallery goes live.

Friday The 13th Part 6 Retro Jason 039

NECA‘s line of retro style 8″ figures continues to impress with their newest release. The Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives – Jason Voorhees Retro 8″ Scale Figure is the latest addition to the ranks. In the sixth film in the long running franchise, Jason is inadvertently brought back to life by the bumbling of Tommy Jarvis and his friend Hawes, who pays with his life. Now a completely unstoppable killing machine, Jason returns to the Crystal Lake area and proceeds to tear through everyone in his path. This installment marks a shift in the series and brought us Jason as an undead killer. What a better way to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the film than to post a gallery of an all new Jason Voorhees figure. NECA was kind enough to send a review sample along. We have nearly 60 photos of the figure.

Check out our NECA Toy Galleries for even more retro figure fun.

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HCG Heavy Metal Medusa Statue 005

Hollywood Collectibles Group has sent out an update on their next statue. They have posted up pre-orders for a Heavy Metal Medusa 1/4 Scale Statue. The 23.5″ tall statue is based on Heavy Metal Magazine cover artwork by Simon Bisley. An exclusive version of the statue will include a print of that cover art. Here’s more info:

Heavy Metal Medusa 1/4 Scale Statue

Heavy Metal Magazine is the World’s Foremost Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine. We are very proud to announce the next in our series of sexy Heavy Metal covergirls…. the long awaited, much anticipated Medusa Statue!

Presented in 1:4 scale and standing an impressive 23 ½” tall on her highly detailed base, our Medusa statue perfectly captures the essence of the incredible original artwork created by Simon Bisley for the cover of Heavy Metal magazine.

As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces this museum quality statue is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.

The Medusa Standard Edition is limited to 600 pieces worldwide. The Medusa Exclusive Edition is limited to just 150 pieces worldwide. They are priced at $399.95 each. They’re due for release in the 4th quarter of 2015. Read on to see the images.


NOES3 Retro Freddy Back Packaging

NECA has tweeted out a photo of the packaging for their upcoming A Nightmare On Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors – Freddy Krueger 8″ Retro Figure. The figure, inspired by the classic Mego figures, features a newly sculpted Chest of Souls piece, which shows the souls of Freddy’s victims. The figure is due for release in October.

Fantastic artist Jason Edmiston previously revealed the painting be used for the front of the packaging. We’ve added that to the post as well. Read on to check it out.