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Robot Damashii SIDE MS Wing Gundam 05

Earlier this month Tamashii revealed the long awaited Robot Damashii SIDE MS Wing Gundam. They have followed up with their official product images of this upcoming figure. It can be transformed into its mobile armor mode and comes with the following:

  • Battle damaged head x 1
  • Saber blades x 2
  • Shield
  • Swappable hands

This new Wing Gundam figure is due out next February for 5,040 yen. Read on to check out the 1st Wing Gundam to be used in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing!


Robot Damashii SIDE MS Wing Gundam

At a recent show in Japan, Tamashii had a few all new Robot Damashii SIDE MS figures on display:

  • Wing Gundam
  • Kshatriya

It has been quite some time since Tamashii made a new Wing Gundam figure, the last time being the 1/200 HCMpro figure from years back. With this reveal, Gundam Deathscythe is the only figure left to complete the core 5 suits of Gundam Wing(at least the ones that the 5 main characters started out with). Meanwhile Kshatriya has been a long time coming for fans of Gundam Unicorn. Read on to see images of the Robot Damashii SIDE MS Wing Gundam 1 and Robot Damashii SIDE MS Kshatriya, courtesy of AmiAmi’s Facebook page!

Metal Build Destiny Gundam

Tamashii has revealed a new image of their upcoming 1/100 Metal Build Destiny Gundam, due out in December! Expect a high level of detail and impressive poseability as with previous releases in the line. Stay tuned for more images! For now, read on to check out the teaser!

Robot Damashii Mercurious Vayeate 01

Last week we saw the surprise reveal of the Robot Damashii SIDE MS Mercurious & Vayeate from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Now we can see more thanks to the Tamashii WebShop.

Official images of the pair have been posted and we’ve mirrored them here. Not too surprisingly(due to their obscurity), they are Tamashii WebShop exclusives. The pair costs 7,875 yen. These Robot Damashii figures are the most detailed/articulated Mercurious & Vayaeate figures yet. Read on to check out the official images.

Robot Damashii Gundam Deathscythe Hell

Thanks to the Toysdaily Facebook page we have a new image of a surprise reveal from the Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom, Robot Damashii SIDE MS Gundam Deathscythe Hell! This is Duo’s Mobile Suit from the later episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It’s popularity was probably overshadowed by the Custom version from Endless Waltz but this design has its fans nonetheless.

It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen a new Deathscythe Hell figure. Not sure if Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA will bring this over at the moment. Red on to check out the image!

Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair 15

Amiblo has posted a new article giving us a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair figure. They’ve posted several images, including a comparitive look at previous releases in addition to 1st shots of the prototype. When we posted news of this figure last week we had only seen a few images, but now we have way more!

There haven’t been many figures of the Exia in its 1st Repair mode, and the same goes for plamo. So to see this figure in the 1/100 Gundam Metal Build line is a pleasant surprise. Read on to check out the new images!

Robot Damashii SIDE MS Mercurious Vayeate

The Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom has revealed 2 figures from the Robot Damashii SIDE MS line, Robot Damashii SIDE MS Mercurious & Vayeate, both to be sold as a set. These 2 OZ Mobile Suits are from Gundam Wing.  This may actually be the 1st time these designs will be made into action figure form. Nice to see Tamashii show some love for some of the more obscure suits from Gundam Wing.

It isn’t known at this point if Bluefin will bring these over stateside. Read on to check out the image. EDIT: Added more images thanks to the Cybergundam blog.

Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair 01

Remember the Metal Build 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Version? Well Amiblo has posted a new article featuring new images, showing just what changes designer Kanetake Ebikawa implemented to the colors/markings. In addition, at the end of the article a teaser was shown for…..

Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair! Yes there already is a Gundam Exia with Repair parts in the Metal Build line, but that’s for Repair III mode. This new figure is for the 1st repair mode, seen at the end of Gundam 00 season 1! The matador-esque Mobile Suit is a good fit for Setsuna, so it’s nice to see Bandai give it some love in the Metal Build line. Recent Japanese hobby magazines indicate a September release date for Exia Repair for 14,490 yen. We aren’t sure if this is a TamashiiWeb exclusive, or if it’s a mass release, so stay tuned for more info! Images of the Metal build Gundam Exia Repair and the 00 Riser Renewal can be seen by reading on.

Robot Damashii SIDE MS Shenlong Gundam 02

For fans of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Bandai revealed new images of their upcoming Robot Damashii SIDE MS Shenlong Gundam. Yes we posted this late, admittedly because I forgot about it last week. So why post now? Well we know some of you are fans of Toonami and 1 of the most popular shows on it back in the day was Gundam Wing.

With Wu Fei’s suits accounted for(the TV series suits that is), the only remaining “1st” Mobile Suit figure left to make for the main 5 characters is Gundam Deathscythe. Maybe Tamashii Nations will make it, maybe not. Considering that they even bothered to make the Aries…perhaps Deatchscythe is a given…

Anyways, Robot Damashii Shenlong Gundam is a TamashiiWeb exclusive, and so far there is no word of Bluefin bringing this over as a shared US exclusive. Price is 4,410 yen and it’s planned for release in September. Read on to check out the images.

Metal Build 00 Raiser Renewal

The Tamashii Webshop has posted  a pre-order page(time to get nice with your connects in Japan!) for the Metal Build 00 Raiser Renewal Color/Markings Version. This release bundles the Metal Build 00 Gundam with the Metal Build 0 Raiser with new paint and markings supervised by designer Kanetake Ebikawa. Pre-orders in Japan started on March 22nd. These are made to order and in addition, are hand painted! TamashiiWeb has therefore stated that there may be some slight variations in the paint applications.

Metal Build 00 Raiser is planned for release in August for 18,900 yen. It stands approximately 180mm tall(1/100 scale) and is made of ABS, PVC, and of course, diecast metal. Click on the headline to check it out.