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011 Jax Sons Of Anarchy Mezco Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Exclusive!! Hot from the smash-hit FX TV series Sons of Anarchy, this limited edition Entertainment Earth Exclusive Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller Variant 6-Inch Action Figure with Sunglasses and Hat features Jax Teller with his black backwards-worn fitted baseball cap with the words “REAPER CREW” written across it, plus an alternate paint deco that includes a black jacket and pants. Jax stands 6-inches tall in his signature leather vest that sports the club’s logo and patches, and he features 5 dynamic points of articulation (neck, shoulders, wrists) so he’s ready for whatever action comes his way! Accessories include an extra set of fists and his trusty knife.

The Matrix Pop Vinyl Morpheus

Toyark sponsor Entertainment Earth has posted up pre-order for The Matrix Pop! Vinyl Figures. The figures included are:

  • Neo
  • Trinity
  • Morpheus
  • Agent Smith

The figures are due out in March 2015 at a price of $9.99 each. You can pre-order them Here. Check out the images after the jump.

Planet of the Apes Taylor Retro Mego Style Figure 001

Fans have been holding out hope for a 7″ scale Taylor to go with their Classic Planet of the Apes Figures since the line was first announced. NECA seems very reluctant to give in to fan requests on this one. However, they are giving fans of Retro Mego Style 8″ Figures a new Taylor for their collection. NECA has posted up a few new photos. The figure features George Taylor in his astronaut’s uniform and features the likeness of the late Charlton Heston. He comes with a removable backpack that opens up. The figure is scheduled for release in December.

See the new photos after the jump.

Visionaries Collectors Guide

Fans of the classic 80′s toy line, Visionaries, may want to check out this Kickstarter Project. There’s a project, that is nearly funded, for a Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Collector’s Guide. The best part about this, is that the guide, if funded, will be free of charge (except for shipping and handling). They have already received permission from Hasbro to produce this and have comic book artist Bob Hall working on artwork for the book.

Check it out Here.

KF Wave 2 5 Superstars

KasualFRIDAY has sent along some official images and info for their Superstars Wave 2 and Wave 2.5 figures. These are 3.25″ static posed figures. Wave 2 is now available online and in comic/specialty stores. Wave 2.5 is scheduled to hit stores in the first week of December. Here’s the breakdown:

Superstars Wave 2

  • Apollo Creed Red Trunks
  • Ivan Drago Red Trunks
  • Robocop OCP Concept Armor (Blue)
  • Rocky Balboa Stripe Trunks

Superstars Wave 2.5

  • Apollo Creed Stripe Trunks
  • Clubber Lang Final Fight Trunks
  • Ivan Drago Yellow Trunks
  • Robocop OCP Concept Armor (Silver)

See the photos after the jump.

Honda Skeletor Commercial

These were too odd not to share. Honda‘s new marketing campaign is going for the pure nostalgia group with commercials featuring classic toys come to life. There are ones featuring Skeletor, Jem (with a special GI Joe appearance), Gumby, Stretch Armstrong, Strawberry Shortcake and more. Check out one of the Skeletor ones below. There are 30 second and 15 second versions. I’ve posted the rest of the 30 second versions after the jump.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Series 2 Figures 004

NECA has posted up a gallery of their Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Series 2 figures. Included in this wave are:

  • Luca
  • Caesar (New Head Sculpt)
  • Koba (New Head Sculpt)

Luca will include two interchangeable heads. Ceaser will include interchangeable hands and a shotgun. Koba will also include interchangeable hands, and he will include a machine gun. the figures stand roughly 6″ tall and fit in with NECA’s standard 7″ scale figures. These figures ship to retailers at the end of the month.

See the photos after the jump.

Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Castle Black John Snow

Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Figures Series 4 hit stores next month. Funko has released their glam shots for the next wave. Included in this wave are:

  • Mhysa Daenerys Targaryen
  • Castle Black Jon Snow
  • Sansa Stark
  • Samwell Tarly
  • Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

See all of the photos by reading on.

Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Statue 005

Yesterday we shared an announcement of a Classic Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Statue by NECA. Solicitations to retailers started yesterday, and NECA has revealed a few more details. The Lawgiver Statue stands 12″ tall, which puts it in scale with their Classic Planet of the Apes 7″ Scale Figures. It is cast in resin and is hand painted. This statue will be limited to a single production run only. BBTS has it listed at just $59.99, which is $12 below MSRP.

Look for the statue to be released in February. Check out a few new photos after the jump.

Escape from New York Snake Retro Packaging Preview

Check out a quick preview of the packaging for the Escape From New York Retro Mego Style Snake Plissken Figure. NECA‘s figure is schedculed for release in December. We got a great look at the figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The figure will feature a cloth outfit, removable jacket, holsters, weapons, an interchangeable hand and more.

Check out the preview after the jump.