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SDCC2015 Flash Gordon Set 022

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Entertainment Earth had an exclusive set of Flash Gordon 3.75″ Scale Figures. The set included both Flash Gordon and Ming The Merciless. The figures are based on the cult favorite film from 1980 starring Sam Jones as Flash Gordon and the legendary Max von Sydow as Emperor Ming. The set is limited to 1500 pieces and sold for $29.99.

Entertainment Earth

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Read on to check out our gallery and review of the set.

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Jay and Silent Bob Select Bluntman Packaging

The Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Bluntman, Chronic and Cock- Knocker Select Figures hit comic shops on August 5th. These 7″ scale figures from Diamond Select Toys feature the likenesses of actors Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Mark Hamil. Each figure features themed accessories and a base. You can connect the bases together to form a larger Bluntcave diorama.

Check out the photos by reading on.

ACGHK2015 Kids Logic Back to the Future 2 DeLorean 2

At ACGHK 2015, Kids Logic revealed some really cool Back to the Future 2 Floating Collectibles. Included is a magnetic floating DeLorean time machine. It features a base and the DeLorean with magnets keeping it afloat. It also has a nice LED light up features. Also revealed was an assortment of magnetic floating 1/6 scale Hoverboards. Those include the boards from Griff Tannen‘s gang and the Mattel style kids Hoverboard that Marty McFly uses.

Read on to see the images.

ACGHK 2015 Floor Photos 045

Here are a bunch of photos from the floor of ACGHK 2015. posted up a huge gallery. Unfortunately, they didn’t capture the placards for the items, so it’s tough to tell which companies some of these products are from. However, there are some really fantastic items here for Robocop, Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Terminator, Aliens and much more.

Read on to check out over 80 photos. The images come courtesy of, who has over 265 photos in their gallery.

Figma Bruce Lee 001

We’ve already seen the upcoming SH Figuarts Bruce Lee, now fans will have a chance to expand their collection even more. Max Factory and Good Smile Company have released official photos and info for their own take on the iconic actor and martial arts master. The Figma Bruce Lee figure is being released to celebrate his 75th birthday.

The figure will include nunchaku, multiple interchangeable hands, swappable face and n articulated figure stand. It will stand at 5.5″ tall and feature a wide range of articulation. It’s scheduled for release in November at a price of 4,630 Yen (about $37 USD). You can see all of the new photos by reading on.

SH Figuarts Bruce Lee 001

Tamashii Nations has posted up a new section detailing their upcoming S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee Figure. We got a chance to see the awesome looking figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Tamashii Nations will begin offering the figure for pre-order beginning August 3rd, with a release scheduled for January. It will be priced at $5,940 Yen (about $48 USD).

The Bruce Lee figure will stand at 5.5″ tall and include multiple interchangeable hands, swappable face expressions, nunchaku, and two types of clubs. The page also details the innovative way they achieved the likeness. They are color printing directly onto the face to offer a more realistic head sculpt.

Read on to check out the new images.

Storm Collectibles at Seoul Kid and Adult Fair 009

The the Seoul Kid and Adult Fair 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, Storm Collectibles showcased some of their previously released and new products. These included their 1/6 scale figures of Hulk Hogan, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, and Dennis Rodman. But they also offered up an awesome surprise. They have revealed the first round of their Mortal Kombat Klassic 1/12 Scale Figures. On display they had the oversized prototypes for:

  • Mortal Kombat 2 Sub-Zero
  • Mortal Kombat 2 Scorpion
  • Goro

We’ll update when more info becomes available. Read on to check out all of the images, including the Mortal Kombat reveal.

NECA Force of Freedom Rambo 022

Rambo: The Force of Freedom was a cartoon and toy line from 1986. The line was spawned from the classic Rambo series of films and was produced by Coleco. For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, NECA produced a great homage to the classic John Rambo figure. Their Rambo: The Force of Freedom 7″ Scale Figure, which Toyark was given a chance to exclusively reveal prior to SDCC, features a paint scheme and packaging that harkens back to the 1986 figure.

NECA was kind enough to provide us one for a gallery and review. After the jump you can check out all of the high resolution photos as well as my thoughts on the exclusive figure.

Don’t forget to check our ever growing selection of NECA Toy Galleries.

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Hasbro Brand Revival

Our good friend Silver Optimus covered the Hasbro Q2 Financial Call with the investors and media. They talk about a lot of thing, but big news for toy fans came in the form of a slide showing upcoming brand revivals. Among the revivals were

  • M.A.S.K.
  • Micronauts
  • Stretch Armstrong
  • Action Man

We reported on the possible revival of M.A.S.K. back in December. Not much was shared about the revival of these properties, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new info. For more detaisl on the call, check out the stories on TFW2005 and HissTank.

3A 2000AD Judge Fish Color

You can now pre-order the 2000AD Gronk and Judge Fish 1/12 Scale Figure Sets at Bambaland now. There are two sets available, one in color and one in black and white. We got to check these guys out at 3A’s SDCC 2015 Display. The sets are priced at $75 shipped with a release i nthe fourth quarter of 2015. Pre-order links:

You can see a few images of the figures after the jump.