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SH Figuarts DBZ Trunks Premium Color 002

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced the North American release for the SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Trunks Premium Color Edition. The figure will be available in February 2016 at a price of $45.99. Details from Bluefin:

Trunks is making a comeback to S.H.Figuarts in a high quality paint that you haven’t seen! In the Premium Color Edition,Trunks’ coloring is applied with the ultimate care, bringing out details that couldn’t be recreated before. Trunks comes with interchangeable hair parts for changing from normal to Super Saiyan Trunks. All together, Trunks comes with interchangeable hands (x8), interchangeable face parts (normal x1, Super Saiyan x3), and sword (x2). Be sure to check out the previously released Vegeta -Premium Color Edition- as well!

There’s a small gallery of images available after the jump.

Can of Beams DBZ 11

Today we’d like to spotlight something really cool we found in our travels over on Instagram. The fine folks over at Can of Beams have been making high end custom effects pieces compatible with SH Figuarts Dragonball Z and other lines that really make the figures come to life on your shelves. Goku gets his Kamehameha, Vegeta gets his Big Bang Attack Final Flash, and Piccolo gets his Special Beam Cannon. They have a ton more, plus pieces for S.H. Monster Arts, Gundam, Figma, Naruto, and recently even Marvel Legends!

The quality is really top notch, crystal clear solid plastic with fades and gradients throughout so it isn’t just a colored blob. Each one is unique and fits with the character they are designed for. Each effect piece has a peg hole to use with display stands. Previously they were tuned for Tamashii stands but Can of Beams have moved to Obitsu compatability since their pegs are a bit longer and the stands themselves are a bit cheaper and more versatile.

Can of Beams produces these things in waves and puts them up on eBay when they are ready to go, with notice. Check his account here for items, and keep an eye on his website for new effects and for a heads up on when they are going up for sale. You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up to date. Hit their ordering page for details on how that works and even commission a custom piece!

Can of Beams let us check out pieces for Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo, plus some standard energy balls that could be used by anyone. We’ve run them through a quick photo session – check out how they look in action after the break!

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SDCC 2015 Goku 36

Back in June of this year, Tamashii Nations released a repaint of Son Goku featuring his Go Kanji logo, a new belt, and a new face. Everyone was down, except that it was limited to 300 units and available only in person, at Mexican event. I think most of the DBZ SHF fans first reaction was – WTF? Fast forward to SDCC 2015, and that same figure has been released, this time as a Comic Con exclusive, just with a different box. That definitely bumps the numbers up and lets the hardcore fans get a hold of him for a much more reasonable price. We were able to get a hold of him finally and have done up a photo shoot showing off Goku’s new digs. Check out over 35 HD shots of him in action after the break!

Make sure to hit our ongoing S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z coverage on our Jump Off page here: S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Reference Guide.

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SDCC 2015 X Plus Gigantic Series 009

At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, X-Plus showcased their Gigantic Series Statues. These included characters from Dragon Ball Z and Mega Man.

Dragon Ball Z

  • Kid Buu
  • Gotenks
  • Vegeta
  • Super Saiyam 3 Son Goku

Meg Man Series

  • Mega Man
  • Mage Man X

SDCC 2015 Diamond Comics Booth 006

Check out the photos from the Diamond Comics/Previews booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. They had a ton of companies represented here. Some fantastic new reveals as well. I’ll try to break down the companies below, and add any major reveals with them.


  • Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman 1/6 Scale Figure
  • TMNT Mirage Kevin Eastman Redesigned 1/6 Scale Figures
  • Fallen Angel – Kevin Eastman Design
  • Titanfall 1/6 Scale Pilots
  • Titanfall Ogre Mech
  • Mass Effect 1/6 Scale Figures


  • Judge Dredd One:12 Collective PX Exclusive Version
  • Mortal Kombat 6″ PX Exclusive Figures
  • Breaking Bad

Icon Heroes

  • Flash CW TV Series Statue Paperweight
  • ATOM CW TV Series Statue Paperweight
  • Arrow CW TV Series Statue Paperweight
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – Harley Quinn Statue Paperweight (Gamestop Exclusive)

Other, mostly previously seen/released items:

  • Medicom – RAH DC Figures
  • Megahouse – Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Collectibles
  • Yamato – Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Vampirella Statues
  • Warpo – Legends of Cthulu Figures
  • Good Smile – TMNT Statues
  • ThreeZero – Game of thrones 1/6 Scale Figures

SH Figuarts SS Vegeta Limited Color 006

Tamashii Nations has posted a pre-order with images and info on their next Dragon Ball Z limited color re-release. This time Tamashii Nations and Bandai are offering a S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta Limited Color Version. This figure adjusts and refines the colors from the previous release. It will include multiple interchangeable hands and two additional swappable faces.

It’s due out in December at a price of 4,536 Yen (about $37 USD). Read on to see the photos.

SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku Battle Damaged 009

Tamashii Nations has released a great new stop motion video featuring their upcoming Dragon Ball Z S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening Version. Along with the video, they have posted their pre-order page. This features some new images and info. The figure will feature swappable face parts and interchangeable hands. This version of Goku is scheduled for a November release at a price of 5,616 Yen (about $47 USD). Check out the video below, and all of the pics after the jump.

SDCC2015 Exclusive SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Goku Frieza Saga Version

Toyark forum member Orbital Frame pointed us to a new announcement. Dragon Ball Z fans will have another shot at a much desired exclusive. Tamashii Nations has revealed that the the Tamashii Mexico Exhibition Exclusive SH Figuarts Goku will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2015. This is the first of their two exclusives. Here are the details revealed so far:

Time to reveal one of our two SDCC exclusives for this year… S.H. Figuarts Goku Frieza Saga Ver.!

Complete your Dragon Ball collection with this special variant of Goku as he lands on the Planet Namek! The S.H. Figuarts Goku Frieza Saga version features his iconic outfit with the “Go” GI symbols and original tied belt, as well as a new facial expression not found in the original release! This SDCC exclusive will be available in limited quantities. Figure includes 5 interchangeable faces, multiple hand for different poses, and charging Kamehameha effect part.

If you missed the images last time we posted, you can check them out Here.

SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening 005

Tamashii Nations has posted a new Dragon Ball Z update on their site. They have released images for a new S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening Version. The figure features a new battle damaged look. The Super Saiyan Son Goku Super Warrior Awakening Version is scheduled for a November release at a price of 5,616 Yen (about $47 USD). Also announced is that they plan on reissuing a S.H. Figuarts Limited Color Super Saiyan Vegeta. That goes on sale July 2nd on the Tamashii Web Store.

Read on to see the new images of Super Saiyan Son Goku and Limited Color Super Saiyan Vegeta.