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Bad Blood Predator 1

NECA has also posted photos and details for their upcoming Predators Series 12 – Bad Blood Predator. The 8″ tall figure will features over 25 points of articulation. It is based on one of the Predators featured in the Dark Horse Comics Predator: Bad Blood. It includes a sword, a spear, assorted trophy heads and features more paint apps than NECA has ever done on a Predator figure.

Look for it to hit in august. Check out the photos by reading on.

Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle Art

NECA has released some new official photos and info for their upcoming Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle. An homage to the original vehicle from the 1993 Kenner Predator line, the Blade Fighter is one of the biggest pieces produced by NECA for their Predator line. It will be be over two feet in length when fully assembled. From NECA:

Featuring a hinged cockpit, ball-jointed cannons, spring-loaded projectile, spring-loaded detachable 19″ long blades, and removable wing guns that can be hand held by your Predator action figures. The Blade Fighter also includes areas for extra weapon storage and clips for holding an extra Predator mask.

They have also released some fantastic pre-production art for the vehicle. It’s due out in August, with a BBTS Pre-order listing it at $99.99. Check out the images after the jump.

NECA Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle

NECA has tweeted out that there will be some changes to their Predator Series 12 Line-Up. The Bad Blood Predator has been bumped up to a Deluxe figure (costing around $30). The Viper Predator, which was supposed to come with the Blade Fighter Vehicle, will now come as a stand alone figure instead. No figure will ship with the Blade Fighter Vehicle. So here’s how it shakes out:

Predators Series 12

  • Elder Predator (new version)
  • Enforcer Predator
  • Viper Predator
  • Bad blood Predator (Deluxe Figure)
  • Blade Fighter Vehicle (No Figure)

SH MonsterArts Predator Wolf Heavy Armament Version 004

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has updated with a bit more info on the S.H. Monsterarts Wolf Predator we reported on a few days ago. Looks like this is a variant version. The full figure name is S.H. MonsterArts Predator Wolf Heavy Armament Version. It is due in September for $64.99. Here’s more from Tamashii Nations:

S.H.MonsterArts continues its aim to be the number one series of high quality monster action figures on the market today with the newest addition coming straight from Alien vs. Predator: Requiem- the Predator Wolf (Heavy Armed Ver.)! This deluxe figure is only available as a web exclusive in Japan, but comes to North American shores as a regular release thanks to Bluefin Distribution. Faithfully proportioned as it appeared in the film, the set portrays the character after he picks up additional tools from the crashed ship in the movie. Tamashii Nations’ creative team has made use of both resin and diecast materials for the very best results in quality while perfectly maintaining the realism seen on screen. This version of the character contains extra tools, such as claymores with removable holsters and two shurikens. Special interchangeable hands for use with the shuriken have also been included for replicating specific scenes from the movie. Additionally, this version of the Predator Wolf will feature two plasma cannons, a big cannon, and alternative parts in order to depict the cannon after being broken. Both short and long spears, as well as coiled and uncoiled whip parts are also featured, in addition to interchangeable heads and a full array of interchangeable hands. In the world of AVP, there’s no hunter better equipped.

SH Monsterarts AvP Wolf Predator 002

Tamashii Nations has released some photos of the upcoming SH Monsterarts Alien vs Predator – Wolf Predator. The figure will stand just over 7″ tall and include additional hands, an unmasked and masked head, Plasma Shoulder Cannons, Big Gun Cutters, and the Claymore Mine Whip (short and long). We last saw the figure at the Tamashii Nations Toy Fair 2014 Booth.

See the photos after the jump.

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Teaser

Two new teasers have been released for upcoming Hot Toys products. The teasers announce a new Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” 1/6 Scale Figure as well as new Prometheus collectibles. Judging by the Sideshow logo, these will also be released in North America via Sideshow Collectibles. No other info was made available. We’ll update as new images and information hits.

Check out the teasers after the jump.

S.H. MonsterArts Alien Warrior

Bandai has started producing FiguArts and MonsterArts figures beyond those with a Japanese twist, grabbing licenses such as DC’s Injustice, Super Mario Brothers, music acts like Daft Punk, and what we have here – Aliens Vs. Predator. Their Alien Warrior is one more Xenomorph figure from multiple companies putting out characters from the Alien franchise and we wanted to see what the Bandai treatment would do for it.

The figure features a large amount of articulation, especially in the tail which is impressive. The paint applications are top notch, using multiple levels of blacks and greys to present a 3d look and really bring out the mold details. Additional hands and a stand, commonplace with most S.H. offerings are present and welcome. The Alien Egg and Chestburster accessories are bonus and a nice capper to an overall solid figure. Standing 5/6 inches tall, he will work on your shelves if you feel like mixing him up with some more traditional super hero figures.

Check out over 40 shots of the Alien Warrior in action after the break, courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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Big Chap Alien Legendary Scale Bust 004

Alien products are all the rage right now. Fans of the movie have been treated to some fantastic collectibles over the past year, with even more great stuff on the way. Sideshow is looking to steal the show with a fantastic looking Big Chap Alien Legendary Scale Bust. They’ve just released some new photos of the bust, along with some additional info. The Big Chap Alien Bust is going to be 1/2 scale, meaning it’s a massive display piece. It features a glossy “wet” paint look, including a translucent dome to reveal the skull underneath. A Sideshow Exclusive version will include an additional Alien name plate for the display. The bust is going up for pre-order on March 13, at a price of $399.99.

Read on to check out the photos.

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NECA Series 1 Scalers 073

The NECA Scalers are a series of licensed characters that can bed attached to any type of round power cord. The packaging evokes the look of an iPhone, so they’re not exactly being subtle with the market they’re trying to hit. When NECA first announced Scalers, I wasn’t too sure what to make of them. After getting them in hand, and messing with them, I’m a bit more on board with what they are doing. The series includes the following:

  • Predator – Classic Predator
  • Alien – Xenomorph
  • Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger
  • Gremlins – Gizmo
  • The Hobbit – Golum

Rad on to check out over 75 photos as well as some quick thoughts on the series. The figures were provided by site sponsor Entertainment Earth.

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DST 2014 Catalog 006

Diamond Select Toys has released a new catalog, which was first available at Toy Fair 2014. It shows off many of the items they showcased at Toy Fair. From DST:

“The Best of All Worlds.” For years, that has been the motto of Diamond Select Toys, as they’ve slowly moved across a wide spectrum of genre properties to create some of the most unique and detailed collectibles that fans of those properties have ever seen. Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Back to the Future and The Ghostbusters are perennial favorites, but each year brings a new crop of licenses, and 2014 is one of DST’s biggest years yet. To celebrate, they’ve created a brand-new catalog running down their 2014 line-up!

Debuting at New York Toy Fair, this catalog contains the first look at DST’s electronic B9 robot from Lost in Space, as well as designs for the Star Trek Select Worf figure and Kirk bank! All in all, there are 24 pages of new and in-stock items, including new offerings from Godzilla, Aliens, Sin City, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Battle Beasts, Lost in Space, The Walking Dead, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, the Batman Classic TV Series, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check out all of the pages here, and pick a physical catalog up at participating comic shops. Then let the store know which items you’re interested in!

Read on to check out the images from the Catalog.