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Predator Series 14 Unpainted Samples

Check out a new preview of NECA‘s upcoming Predator Series 14 Figures. The image shows off the unpainted test samples. The newest wave of figures feature three Predators based on the Alien vs Predator film. This is the first time NECA has created figures specifically from that film. It includes the following figures:

  • Celtic Predator
  • Scar Predator
  • Chopper Predator

The figures will each have roughly 30 points of articulation. They will stand about 8.25″ tall and will include character specific accessories. Look for them to be released this September. Check out the image by reading on.


Check out a video showing off the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives coming from Diamond Select Toys. They show off their assortment Minimates, Select Figures, Licensed Kitchenware and more. For a detailed look at the exclusives, Click Here. Check out the video below.

NECA AvP Kenner Style 2 Pack Packaging Preview 1

If you missed it, there’s a great looking Kenner Homage Warrior Alien vs Renegade Predator 2-Pack coming from NECA. Last night NECA shared out a sneak peek at the packaging. The new images shows part of the back of the packaging, which will feature a mini checklist of Alien and Predator items. Last week they shared out an image showing the Warrior Alien art for the packaging. The 2-pack is scheduled for a release this Fall.

Read on to check it out.

Comic Book Men Minimates

Here’s the latest set of releases from Diamond Select Toys. This weeks they released the Comic Book Men Minimates. They have also released two new bottle openers. One based on Marvel’s Green Goblin, the other on the Predator.

Comic Book Men TV Minimates Box Set
A Diamond Select Toys release! The gang’s all here! The five stars of AMC’s hit reality TV series Comic Book Men combine to form the most powerful Minimates box set in the galaxy! Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic each get their own 2-inch Minimates mini-figure in the first five-pack dedicated to the Comic Book Men. Each figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, and features interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged on a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #FEB152151, SRP: $24.99)

Predator Unmasked Metal Bottle Opener
A Diamond Select Toys release! Predators love the heat, and nothing beats the heat like a cool, refreshing drink. Whether you’re slogging through an impenetrable jungle or hiding out in a Los Angeles barrio, use the mandibles on this metal Predator bottle opener to pop the cap off of your favorite bottled beverage. Plus, magnets on the back will hold it fast to your refrigerator or trophy case, so you’ll never have to “hunt” for an opener again! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #FEB152158, SRP: $18.00)

Marvel Green Goblin Metal Bottle Opener
A Diamond Select Toys release! Unmask your beverage with this sculpted metal bottle opener of Spider-Man’s greatest foe! Measuring 3 inches tall, the Green Goblin stands atop his famous Goblin Glider, his legs forming the lever to remove the bottlecap from your bottle. And magnets on his back keep him hovering on your refrigerator until it’s time to strike! Comes packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #JAN152174, SRP: $18.00)

Read on to see the images.

NECA Alien Eggs Carton 004

We’ve seen a few images and teasers for the NECA Alien Eggs Carton over the months. NECA has shared images and new info on this fun, tongue-in-cheek release. These are scheduled for a September release. Here are the details direct from NECA:

“New from Weyland-Yutani, these eggs are sourced directly from LV-426, where Xenomorphs are allowed to roam freely without being confined to cramped cages. Buy cage-free and support our efforts to study and protect this gentle, misunderstood species. Warning: see packaging for safe handling instructions. Weyland-Yutani is not responsible for any spaceship infestation or planetary destruction that may occur.”

From the terrifying Alien movie series, this set includes 6 Xenomorph eggs and 3 facehuggers with bendable tails. They make great diorama pieces, since they’re perfectly in scale with our line of 7″ figures – and for collectors, the full-color egg carton is designed to be eminently display-worthy.

The new images also give us a great look at the upcoming Aliens Ellen Ripley 7″ Figure. Read on to check out the images.

NECA Predator Light Up LED Preview 002

For their Wednesday update, NECA has posted a teaser for an upcoming Predator figure. the very early, in-progress figure is shown to have working LED light up features. The previously shared an image of the figures working LED arm bomb mechanism. The new images show off the working targeting lights on the side of the mask. This is not the final version, just a test to see how it functions. No word on if this is a sculpt for a new 1/4 scale figure, or a 2-up prototype for a 7″ figure. We’ll update as more info becomes available.

Read on to see the preview images.

NECA NES Dog Alien 038

Along with our previously reviewed Sega Genesis Predator 2 City Hunter Predator, NECA released their Alien 3 Dog Alien NES Classic Game Figure. This figure is a repaint of their excellent Alien 3 Dog Alien 7″ Scale Figure., which was released in December as part of their Alien Series 3 lineup. It’s based on the cut scenes seen in the Alien 3 NES Video Game, and features a split, half red and half blue, paint scheme. Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store provided us with the figure, and I have over 55 high resolution images to check out.

Big Bad Toy Store

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Read on to check out our review and all of the new photos.

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Aliens Series 4 by NECA 081

After years of waiting, fans can finally add the kick-ass lead from the Alien franchise to their NECA Alien Collection. With Alien Series 4, we finally get our hands on an Ellen Ripley figure. Actually, we get two Ripley Figures! The two Ripley’s are joined by Dallas Arthur to create a wave of figures from the original film. I decided to shoot this series as one large gallery, as there were some similarities between figures and because they all go together so well. So, after the jump, you can find over 100 photos of NECA’s Alien Series 4.

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Read on to check out the images and a quick review.

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NECA Predators 2 Genesis Figure 063

One of the newest classic video game series figures by NECA is also their one of the first Sega Genesis based figures (Robocop vs Terminator could have been either Genesis or SNES). The Predator 2 Classic Video Game Figure is based on NECA’s City Hunter Predator. We have one in hand courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth. I have over 75 high resolution photos of the Genesis City Hunter Predator, and he’s joined by a few friends.

Entertainment Earth

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Read on to check out my review an all of the photos.

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AvP Renegade Predator Paint Sample

Check out a new photo of the upcoming Renegade Predator coming from NECA. This is an in-progress paint sample and is not final. This will be part of their Alien vs Predator 2-Pack, which will also include a Warrior Alien. The set is an homage to a classic Kenner 2-pack featuring the same characters. The Renegade Predator will include swappable masked and unmasked heads, a gun and a blade staff.

See the new image by reading on.