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NECA Alien 3 Accessory Teaser

For , NECA is teasing an all new figure for 2016. The photo, which shows a flashlight and a torch from Alien 3, seems to strongly hint at a new Ellen Ripley figure. Expect to see more in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be sure to update when new info is released.

For now, you can see the photo after the jump.

TRU Alien vs Predaator Exclusive 063

As I mentioned in my review of the upcoming Commando John Matrix Figure, the Toyark crew recently visited he amazing studio of NECA Toys. They were kind enough to share a few items for first looks. Our latest is the Alien vs Predator Exclusive 7″ Scale 2-Pack, which is an homage to a 1994 Kenner release featuring the same figures. The package include a Renegade Predator and a Warrior Alien. Both are repainted to pay homage to the colors of the original Kenner release. Also included is a reprint of the original comic that features both characters. The set is Available For Pre-Order on at a price of $43.99. The set is scheduled for release in October. Details from Toys “R” Us:

This special edition action figure 2-pack is a loving recreation of this classic pairing from the 1994 Kenner toy line. It includes Renegade Predator with rifle, bladed weapon, and interchangeable masked and unmasked heads. He is painted in an all-new color scheme with brown armor, faithful to the original Kenner release. The Alien uses the 1979 “Big Chap” body with a glossy black dome and darker black decoration, again faithful to the original Kenner version. Each 7″ scale figure features over 25 points of articulation! BONUS – also includes a special reproduction of the original Dark Horse mini comic book, just like the original Kenner release.


  • Alien and Predator stand about 7 inches tall with over 25 points of articulation
  • Renegade Predator comes with rifle, bladed weapon, interchangeable masked and unmasked heads
  • Bonus mini Dark Horse comic book included
  • Recreation of classic Kenner 1994 toy line
  • Alien features 1979 body with glossy black dome and decoration

Read on to check out 75 high resolution photos and our review.

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Batusi Batman Bust

Diamond Select Toys has sent along photos and info for upcoming releases. There are a ton of really cool releases coming down the line from a wide assortment of licenses. Included are:

New Items

  • Aliens Warrior Alien Ceramic Cookie Jar
  • Batman The Animated Series Batmobile Vinyl Bank
  • Batman Animated Premier Collection Mad Love Harley Quinn Statue
  • Batman Classic TV Series Batusi Batman Resin Bust
  • Justice League Animated Femme Fatales Wonder Woman PVC Statue
  • Godzilla Jet Jaguar Vinyl Figural Bank
  • Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Slimer Vinyl Bank
  • IZombie TV Liv Moore Action Figure
  • Marvel Minimates Series 64 Secret Wars 2-Pack Asst.
  • Marvel Premier Collection Wolverine Resin Statue
  • Muppets Logos Collectable Pint Glasses
  • Predator Minimates 2-packs Series 1 Asst.
  • Superman The Animated Series Supergirl Resin Bust
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 3 Counter Display Asst.
  • Walking Dead Minimates 2-Packs Series 8 Asst.

Items Being Offered Again

  • Star Trek TOS Retro Cloth Spock & Khan Action Figure Asst.
  • Marvel Super-Heroes Snap-Together Model Kits
  • Marvel Super-Heroes Comic Scenes Reproduction Model Kits

For all the photos and much more info, read on.

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AvP Xenomorph Articulation Art

This one slipped by me last Friday, but it’s definitely worth checking out. NECA has released an articulation breakdown for their updated Alien vs Predator Xenomorph. The illustration showcase some of the pieces that will be new, as well as the improved articulation. The figure will be part of Aliens Series 7. We’ll have more as it becomes available.

Read on to check it out.

1300x Red Queen1

NECA has updated their blog with some new in-hand shots of the Genocide Red Queen Mother Deluxe Figure. This is a Genocide themed red repaint of the Deluxe Queen from a while back and works perfectly with the Series 5 Genocide Warrior hitting now. Check out some of the awesome shots after the break and hit NECAOnline for the full set!

NECA Predator Series 14 Celtic Cardback

Check out a preview of the cardback that will be used for NECA’s Predator Series 14 Figures. NECA tweeted out a shot of the Celtic Predator cardback. Included in the wave are:

  • Celtic Predator
  • Scar Predator
  • Chopper Predator

These all-new body sculpts will include roughly 30 points of articulation. The figures will stand about 8.25″ tall and will come with character specific accessories. They are due for release this September. Read on for the preview of the Celtic Predator cardback.

Aliens Series 5 Group Shots 043

Aliens Series 5 brings fans a mix of fan favorites and some previously released figures. In this wave, we get the 1986 Aliens version of Ellen Ripley, the Queen Attack version of Bishop and a releases of the Aliens: Genocide 2-Pack as individual red and black Aliens Warriors. Ripley features the likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver. The figure has a flamethrower/pulse rifle combo weapon as well as a bandolier accessory. Queen Attack Bishop will feature the likeness of actor Lance Henriksen and includes a new open Alien Egg and a Facehugger, which has bendable tail. The Xenomorph Warriors, as previously stated, are available in black and red versions. You can grab them now on NECA’s Ebay Store:

NECA has given Toyark a first look at the final retail versions. We have a massive gallery, containing 120+ photos. Read on to check out the images and see a few thoughts on the wave as well.

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Aliens Series 5 Group Shot

NECA has dropped their latest Aliens figures on their Ebay Store. The series 5 figures have begun shipping to retailers and should be hitting store shelves within the next couple of weeks. Included are:

Check back later this week. We will have a special First Look Gallery of Aliens Series 5!

Aliens Series 5 Ellen Ripley Packaged

Aliens Series 5 should be hitting store shelves within the next few weeks. To whet the appetite of fans, NECA has released a new packaging preview. The new photo is our first look at the Aliens Ellen Ripley figure on card. Here’s some details on Series 5:

Ripley features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver and comes with bandolier accessory plus the makeshift flamethrower/pulse rifle hybrid she jury-rigs to battle the Queen. Bishop features the likeness of Lance Henriksen and is based on the android’s appearance after the Alien Queen’s attack. He comes with an open Xenomorph egg and facehugger with bendable tail. The Xenomorph Warriors from Aliens: Genocide come in both black and red versions.

Read on to check out the new photo.

NECA Ambush Predator 041

Back when Kenner was producing Predator figures, they offered a cool mail-away exclusive figure. That was the Ambush Predator. It was cast in clear plastic with black paint around the eyes, while the eyes were bright green. The figure included body armor, a chromed mask and two massive arm blade weapons. After 22 years, NECA has recreated the Ambush Predator figure, which fits in fantastically with their Predator Series 13, Kenner inspired, figures. The figure, which reuses their excellent Viper Predator mold, includes two masks and new blade weapons inspired by the original figure.

The Ambush Predator was available as part of their Summer Exclusives during San Diego Comic-Con 2015. NECA sent one along and we have a full high resolution gallery and review. Read on to check it out.

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