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SDCC 2014 DST 017

Here’s the remainder of items from the Diamond booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Assorted collectibles, maquettes and more. Lines include:

  • Marvel Retro Figures
  • Alien
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Batman Classic TV Series
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • TMNT


SDCC 2014 DST Minimates and Select 047

Minimates galore were shown off at the Diamond booth during San Diego Comic-Con 2014. They also had a few new Select series figures.


  • Marvel Zombies
  • X-Men – Days of Future Past
  • X-Men Comic Series
  • Best of Marvel
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • X-Force
  • Alien
  • TMNT
  • Kill Bill
  • Sin City
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Mass Effect
  • Grim Fairytales
  • Pathfinder
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


  • Marvel – Cable and Carnage
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • Cocknocker

SDCC 2014 Play Arts Kai Master Chief 001

Here are the other Play Arts Kai figures on display at the Square Enix booth during San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included are a ton of shots including Final Fantasy, Master Chief, Titanfall Atlas, and Predator figures.

SDCC 2014 Tamashii SH Figuarts Injustice 008

Here’s the Tamashii Nations booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included:

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Sailor Moon
  • SH Monsterarts Godzilla
  • SH Monsters Alien vs Predator
  • SH Figuarts Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • SH Figuarts Super Mario and Luigi

SDCC 2014 NECA Retro 8 Inch Figures 007

Here’s a bunch of the smaller, random stuff from NECA at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Included are the following:

  • Gremlins Mogwai Series 5
  • Retro 8-Inch Snake Plissken
  • Retro 8-Inch Horror Figures
  • Retro 8-Inch Misfits
  • Simpsons Figures
  • Solar Powered Body Knockers (Bobbleheads)
  • Scalers
  • And More

SDCC 2014 NECA Alien 001

NECA had a ton of new Alien figures on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. We get our first look at not one, but two Ellen Ripley figures! We get a great look at Bishop and Dallas as well. New Xenos include the Alien 3 Xenomorph and the Queen Alien. Since the displays were small for these, we included the Rambo figures and the Predator Series 12 and 13 figures as well.

Alien ReAction Egg Chamber Play Set Black Box 2

Super7 has revealed that they will be offering the Alien ReAction Egg Chamber Play Set to people who cannot make it to San Diego Comic-Con. They will be taking pre-orders for the set from Wednesday July 21st at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm.These will be different than the Egg Chamber offered at SDCC. It will come in a black box, as opposed to the blue one. It will also feature a charcoal colored base.

These will be made to order in hand cast resin. However, if they receive enough orders they will manufacture the Alien Egg Chamber bases in injection molded plastic. You will be able to preorder at for $100 each plus $15 shipping.

SDCC Alien ReAction Egg Chamber Play Set 3

Super7 has updated with a couple of out of package photos for their San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Alien ReAction Egg Chamber Play Set. The set recreates one of the most iconic sets from the original Alien film, and looks to be a fantastic companion piece to the Alien ReAction figures. It will be priced at $100 each.

We’ve detailed the other SDCC Exclusives coming from Super7 already. You can check out the new images after the jump.

SDCC Ahab Predator In Packaging

This one slipped by over the holiday weekend. NECA revealed an in-package photo for their San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Ahab Predator. The figure based on the new Dark Horse “Fire and Stone” series of comics that will span their Aliens, Alien vs Predator, and Prometheus books.

Standing in a 7″ scale, the figure will be limited to just 5,000 pieces. A small amount will be available online for those that cannot attend SDCC. The Ahab Predator figure features over 25 points of articulation, a spear, backpack and a removable mask. The price will be $30.

Read on to see the photo.

Alien Egg Chamber ReAction Play Set

We now have word that the Alien Egg Chamber Play Set will be limited to just 250 pieces and will sell for $100. The Alien Egg Deep Space Mystery Figure will be $25 with a limit of 4 per person. There will also be a 4.5″ Vinyl Alien Themed figure for $25. No pics available. The Pulp Fiction Gimp in a Box will be limited to 1 per person at $25 each.

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Thanks to Cool Toy Review and the SDCC Blog, we have a few updates on Super7‘s plans for their ReAction Figure Exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. CTR got a look at the unaltered pics from the previews posted last week. They show an awesome looking Alien Egg Chamber play set, an Alien Egg and a Pulp Fiction wood box.  The ad for the Pulp Fiction box reads “Bring Out The Gimp“. The pics definitely reveal some fantastic retro inspired exclusives.

Now, according to the SDCC Blog, the Pulp Fiction is indeed a Gimp in a box! Also, the Alien Egg is for an Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figure. Each translucent egg sold will contain a blind bagged figure. There will be numerous figures and there’s no way of knowing which one you got until it is opened. Some will be all new sculpts, some will be new versions of existing molds. The Alien Egg doubles as a figure stand. It will only be offered at SDCC, and never sold again.

Each of the Super7 exclusives will be limited to one per person. Read on to check out the images.