New Captain America Life Size Shield Replica

Captain America Life Size Shield Replica 4

Check out a new 1:1 Scale Captain America Shield coming from Beast Kingdom Toys. It will be available both in the classic red, white and blue, as well as the new blue and silver version from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Here are some more details:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Vibranium Shield (Classic Edition)

Beast Kingdom Toys proud to present you the Vibranium Shield Life-Size Prop Replica from the most anticipated movie in 2014- Captain America:The Winter Soldier.

The creative team of Beast Kingdom collaborated on this incredible statue, which was used to develop the latest costume used on-screen, capturing the awesome detail of Vibranium Shield.

Each piece is individually painted and finished using automotive metallic paint and hair-line surface treatment, own unique quality and details which are the trademark of a handcrafted Beast Kingdom Toys product. Standing approximately 27 inches in height, the shield is crafted of FRP, metal and leather.

The Beast Kingdom Vibranium Shield Life-Size Prop Replica will be the ultimate Captain America collectible, and sure to be the centerpiece of your display.

Retail Price:US$1500

Item No:BKD2013098
UPC No:4715635285796
Manufactured by:Beast Kingdom Toys
Product Size:27″H(69cm) 4″W(10.3cm)
Product Net Weight:4kg
Box:80 x 80 x 15 cm
Est. Ship Date:Quarter 2 , 2014
Made in Taiwan

Read on to see photos of the shield.

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  1. emeraldnite has no avatar! emeraldnite says

    Definitely one of the replicas I am dying to own one day--but MAN that's some serious $$$$ to drop!

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