Toy Fair 2014 – Diamond Select Toys Godzilla

Toy Fair 2014 DST Godzilla 002

Check out the Godzilla items that Diamond Select Toys had on display at Toy Fair 2014.

  • Godzilla 1989 Figure Bank
  • Godzilla Vinyl Bust Bank
  • Ghidorah Vinyl Bust Bank
  • Mechagodzilla Bottle Opener
  • Godzilla 1989 Burning Figure Bank
  • Godzilla Series 1 Minimates
  • Mechagodzilla Figure Bank (teaser)
  • Mechagodzilla Bust Bank (teaser)

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  1. MegaPrime33's Avatar MegaPrime33 says

    I wish those banks were more busts than hollow plastic. They look pretty damn cool.

  2. scarecrow's Avatar scarecrow says

    Wow, finally a Carl minimate! No Way Out is the last good WD storyline imo, so I'm happy that they're drawing from that for the wave after next. I can't see them continuing this line for much longer though. And if they get really deep with a TMNT line, I could really go nuts for it. Do we know if it's modern based or if it's classic?

  3. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by ChuckSass View Post
    I see guardians in the last pic, where are the rest?
    Those weren't "supposed" to be photographed.

  4. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by ChuckSass View Post
    is that the same with the DOFP ones?
    Anything we were allowed to photograph, we did.

  5. behindthemask's Avatar behindthemask says

    The Jay and Silent bob display is amazing, I'll be buying the fuck out of it, and maybe even some mini-mates. I want Deadpool leaning up against the store.

  6. guardthegalaxy has no avatar! guardthegalaxy says

    Could you tell me who where the mininates in the guardians of the galaxy set at Toy Fair?

  7. Blanka has no avatar! Blanka says

    But again- where in the world were the Pulp Fiction Select figures that were promised to us?

  8. NickTMNT's Avatar NickTMNT says

    Totally getting a Raphael bust bank. I wonder how big it is.....
    Also, so getting the Minimates. I've looked at Marvel ones before but never got them.
    Now might be the start of my Minimates collection.

  9. Shawpaw has no avatar! Shawpaw says

    Those banks would make great cast statues. Will be buying those. Wish neca would make those too.

  10. nccollector's Avatar nccollector says

    OMG, they finally are coming out with the Star Trek III Phaser this Fall!!!

    I am sooooooooo pumped, probably get 2.

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