Toy Fair 2014 – Funko Fantastic Mr. Fox Legacy

Toy Fair 2014 Funko Fantastic Mr Fox Legacy 004

At Toy Fair 2014, Funko revealed their Fantastic Mr. Fox Legacy Collection Figures. They were backlit, so pics came out a little dark.

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  1. Black Arbor's Avatar Black Arbor says

    I think the legacy Mr. Fox figures are a VERY bad idea. No offense meant to the source material or anything, but these just don't seem like a toy that's gonna fly off the shelves. For example, I'd love if they made legacy Laverne and Shirley figures, but, c'mon, that's ridiculous. Just like all the collectors who cry that we've rarely even gotten civilian figures. .

  2. Blanka has no avatar! Blanka says

    Uh...where's the other stuff? X-Files? Firefly? Legacy is starting off with a whimper, other than GoT...

  3. Maverick's Avatar Maverick says

    Not into magic the gathering but the figures look great. Pretty stocked too see the next legacy lines.

  4. eriku's Avatar eriku says

    The FMF figures are what I was most excited to see from this year's Toy Fair and they look perfect. Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my favorite movies ever so I'm very excited to get everything the line has to offer.

  5. RKillian's Avatar RKillian says

    Well I just saw the Firefly sculpts and interest has plummeted to zero. Jayne looks passable but I was really hoping Mal wouldn't be so terrible.

  6. Maverick's Avatar Maverick says

    I haven't seen the firefly figures yet. Gonna be sad if there crap.

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