Takara Tomy Robocop Real Figure Collection

A new magazine scan shows that Takara Tomy is releasing a set of four Robocop Real Figure Collection miniature figures. These miniature stand at 85MM tall, which comes out to a little over 3.3″ tall. These are non-poseable PVC figures that are due out in March 2014. Included are:

• Robocop 1.0
• Robocop 3.0
• ED-209
• EM-208

There also appears to be a chase variant Robocop 3.0 figure as well. Check out the photo after the jump.

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  1. DevconSupreme has no avatar! DevconSupreme says

    They look cool but i have no need for "NON-POSABLE"anything in my collection. So far, Play Arts Kai is the only company doing this line any justice.

  2. Optimus Neeson has no avatar! Optimus Neeson says

    Fancy name for a gashapon series. That's really all these are.

  3. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    I'll buy that for a dollar.

    ...but I'll probably regret it later.

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