Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Loose Images

Amazing Spider Man Marvel Legends Infinite 2

Ebay seller uswrestlers has posted some auctions for upcoming Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series Figures. Included are the following.

Amazing Spider-Man 6″ Figure
Electro 6″ Figure
Black Cat 6″ Figure
Beetle 6″ Figure
Ultimate Green Goblin 8″ Build-A-Figure

Click the links above to check out the auctions. Read on to see a few photos of each figure.

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  1. Serious Lee's Avatar Serious Lee says

    I'm liking them lots, but I'll be peeved if we're forced to buy a whole case of figs to get the variants

  2. timone317's Avatar timone317 says

    Spider-Man is a let down. The strange extended shoulders, the proportions...I'm tempted to complain about how the legs look compared to the rest of the figure but anything's better than Y-joint legs. Beetle looks incredible, it seems to be the best. Black Cat suffers from the same problem as every other female ML Hasbro has made, an awful face (or maybe it's just the paint apps on the eyes...not sure). Electro guess the electric hands kind of save the rest of the figure. The inconsistent texture on Green Goblin is hard to ignore but I think I'm satisfied with it. Just as I said that I noticed one of the legs is completely green. I know these are factory errors so hopefully some of my complaints will be rendered invalid by the retail releases.

  3. Enigma2K2's Avatar Enigma2K2 says

    Uniform, exchangeable hands? Done. The shoulders don't even bother me. To hell with the rest.

  4. snake5289's Avatar snake5289 says

    Ugh that Spider-Man is garbage looking. I remember why I quit collecting MLs now.

  5. Ash Talon has no avatar! Ash Talon says

    You guys realize those Spider-Man pictures are distorted, right? Hence, the crazy proportions.

  6. Leo Primus has no avatar! Leo Primus says

    Originally Posted by Blanka View Post
    That doesn't look anything like Ultimate Green Goblin.

  7. BAD MOON's Avatar BAD MOON says

    I was already on the fence with the Amazing Spiderman fig, but now I'm going to cancel my pre-order at Big Bad. That figure doesn't look very good. The head looks blocky. The only figs from this wave that I'll get are Black Cat & Carnage with a maybe on Toxin. Though I'm not a fan of the Ultimate line, that new Beetle does looks cool.

    Also, I can't stand the new Garfield Spiderman chest symbol. It's so mullet.

  8. Blanka has no avatar! Blanka says

    Originally Posted by Leo Primus View Post

    THIS is the Ult. GG I know...

  9. redfox's Avatar redfox says

    Yeah, the figure is based off of his appearance in the Ulitmate "Death of Spider-Man" story arc.

  10. Jotaro Kujo has no avatar! Jotaro Kujo says

    These are probably factory rejects, keep in mind, so some of the paint might be a little funky. Plus, I had thought they said that Superior Spider-Man had the proper feet? So maybe these are even before final pieces.

    That said, I think even with stuff like goofy hands on Electro (he seems to have regular ones too, which I didn't think he did), and the weird hips on the ASM figure, they all look really good. Especially Superior SM and Black Cat.

  11. Serious Lee's Avatar Serious Lee says

    In hand these figs will look a lot better, none of the pics released are doing them justice. Goblin could be reprinted red and orange if you want a Surtur too

  12. Masterless's Avatar Masterless says

    I myself have been on the fence in regards to this Wave (I'm more than positive I'm going to pass on Winter Soldier), these pictures aren't helping my ambivalence. First and foremost, I'm one of those who aren't that thrilled that the new Spider-Man movie is going back to the original; while yes, I am aware that it IS MORE of the Spider-Man everyone knows about, I had a thing for the 'different' concept of Garfield's costume. It just reminds me too much of Tobey McGuire's suit. With the said, I'm not digging the figure.

    Black Cat? Not TOO bad. I like the mold they are using (Moonstone mold?). In regards to the face, I've seen WAY WORSE from Hasbro and have seen better so I can't complain. Though I would like it if one day retail western toys come up with MORE good looking female toys and not just "meh" or plain ugly. Interchangeable hands is definitely a good addition (something import toys have really spoiled me with as well as the 'pretty faces' with their female toys)! Maybe this will be a permanent trend.

    As for the BAF itself. I don't care much for it, but if I am to get this wave I'll probably complete him.

  13. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    That Beetle man that ting looks nice.

    It's got some Kamen Rider,Super human Samarui Squad,Guyver all wrapped up in one.

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