Thor The Dark World Exhibit by Hot Toys

Thor The Dark World Exhibit by Hot Toys 004

Hot Toys held a Thor: The Dark World Exhibition in China. Check out what Hot Toys had to say:

Thor: The Dark World is beginning to hit theatres around the world. Hot Toys is proud to join hands with Disney Studio China and TeeMall in Guangzhou to bring “Thor: The Dark World Exhibition” to fans in China!

Starting from today until Nov 22, visitors will get a chance to see the authentic costume and real-like props from the movie, Hot Toys’ Collectible Figures and diorama showcases, as well as the newly launched Thor (Light Asgardian Armor Version) Collectible Figure. Fans who are in China, don’t miss the chance to check out this event at TeeMall!

You can see a handful of photos of the event after the jump.

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  1. MegaPrime33's Avatar MegaPrime33 says

    I wonder if they will do a new Loki figure as well. Odd we never got one for the first movie.

  2. Andy Carruthers's Avatar Andy Carruthers says

    There was a new Loki teased by Hot Toys for The Dark World, so it will come out eventually. I'm still waiting for news of a preorder for Avengers Chitauri, Bruce Banner and Iron Man 3 Midas and Gemini suits. It's been over a year since they were announced.

  3. MegaPrime33's Avatar MegaPrime33 says

    Sweet! I'll have to compare it to Avengers and see which I like better.

    Both probably.

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