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Sideshow Elvira Statue 005

Just in time for Halloween, Sideshow is now taking pre-orders for an Elvira – Mistress of the Dark Statue. The statue will stand at 14.5″ tall. It will come with Swarovski Elements crystals in her ring and dagger. A certificate of authenticity will also be included. The statue is priced at $274.99 and ships in December.

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  1. 1987olds442's Avatar 1987olds442 says

    It looks great, but I think that made her boobs a cup or two sizes too small.

  2. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    The statue also has her as slimmer than Cassandra actually is most of the time (the lady's got curves, and that's ok), so I think it balances out. Looks more like a comic-book/anime interpretation of her, almost like a nod to Bishoujo (aside from the face sculpt).

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