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3A Real Steel Noisy Boy 007

ThreeA has released new photos of their upcoming Real Steel Noisy Boy1/6 Scale Figure. Not only does it feature some amazing detail, but the Noisy Boy figure has over 500 (yes five hundred) LED lights. It stands a little over 17″ tall. If you buy the figure from their Bambaland Store, you will get an exclusive 1/6 scale headset and controller from the film.The figure goes on sale November 1st.

Read on to see the pics. Keep in mind, the photos are very large. Open the thumbnail links in a new tab or save them to check them out full size.

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  1. jwmagick has no avatar! jwmagick says

    Was anyone able to get an exclusive preorder through Bambaland? I've been watching the site since this was first announced. The banner ad still says Nov 1 but was never active. I sent mail and 3A responded saying they already did the orders?

  2. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    From what I understand, you literally have to be on the site, constantly refreshing the page, when the sale goes live. Their exclusive stuff usually sells out extremely quickly.

  3. jwmagick has no avatar! jwmagick says

    That's just ridiculous. Doesn't seem worth the cost of creating the exclusive molds and packaging. They never did respond back and they still have the Nov 1 banner advertising it. Their website in general is really awful.

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