Toy Guru Says They Will Make a DC Universe Announcement At NYCC 2013

On the MattyCollector forums, and responding to a question about how far along the Ice figure was/is, Toy Guru provided some interesting info. It seems that a few DC Universe figures may (or may not) be released next year after all. Here’s what he said:

Xavion2004 Asked:
I know you don’t have any information to share at the moment in terms of possible 2014 releases, but can you at least tell us whether or not Ice made it through the tooling stage?

Toy Guru Responded:
This is what we are reviewing. How many figures are far enough along to make some type of 2014 program. Do we have one figure and just make it a Sdcc item? Four items and we can do quarterly releases? Six skus and we can do bi-monthly?

This is what we are working on and will make an announcement at NYCC at our fan panel!

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  1. CMIII's Avatar CMIII says

    while other answers he has been post have been more cryptic. To me this guy is nothing more then a Mega Moron

  2. Dr Kain's Avatar Dr Kain says

    He's already said they would say something at NYCC for a while now.

  3. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    I get the feeling the announcement will be "everything is under review and we will announce IF we will do something at Toy Fair 2014"

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