NECA Rambo First Blood Part II 2014 Teaser

NECA has tweeted a teaser image of their upcoming Rambo First Blood Part II figure. Yes the movie where Rambo avenges his fallen lady friend by using an explosive arrow. First Blood Part II stood out for being the most action packed Rambo movie during the 80’s(I fell asleep towards the end in Rambo III but I don’t remember III being any more over the top). The look of Rambo in First Blood Part II is the way most fans remember him.

NECA announced plans to produce Rambo First Blood Part II figures back in July. We saw what might be a prototype of this figure last month. With prototype work already started we should see more in-progress shots of the figure before its release in 2014. Stay tuned!

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  1. Colder Soldier has no avatar! Colder Soldier says

    Bow, M60, AK, RPG, grenades, knife(?)... I can hardly wait!

    "MURDOCK, I'M COMING TO...Oh damn. It's been worn out already.

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