S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 6 Black Version

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Looks like Bandai isn’t done with Iron Man in their S.H. Figuarts line after all. They’ve released promo shots of the Iron Man Mk VI armor in a black and gold color scheme. The figure is a limited edition due November 2013, and will retail for 4,500 Yen (~$45 USD). Check out the shots after the jump!

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  1. EL997 has no avatar! EL997 says

    that's freaking sweet! will it be in the same scale as ML? i rmb the other sh figuarts have been pretty small/short

  2. Tony_Bacala's Avatar Tony_Bacala says

    No, I think these are much shorter than ML. More like 5 inches, not as bulky.

  3. Suribot has no avatar! Suribot says

    It's just under 6 inches, actually. And I do mean JUST under 6 inches. SHFs are about 5 and a half inches on average, though.

  4. warmachine6 has no avatar! warmachine6 says

    but but they look the same size ..... o.O although i need this warmachine ^^^
    i think I might get this "mainframe" armour

  5. Adiesel has no avatar! Adiesel says

    So I live in NYC, US of A. I read that this will not be sold directly to US customers. Does anyone know if it will be sold to online retailers, like some of the exclusives?

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