SDCC 2013 – More Pics Hasbro Thor The Dark World

SDCC 2013 Hasbro Thor The Dark World Sunday 031

Here are some extra shots of the Thor: The Dark World figures from Hasbro’s booth at SDCC 2013. Included is the new Sunday addition to the display…Marvel’s Kurse!

• Thor (Bare Arms)
• Thor (Armored)
• Loki
• Kurse

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  1. JamesBenjamin has no avatar! JamesBenjamin says

    So these are the 4" Thor figures, right? Have we seen the 6" ones?

  2. itMFtis's Avatar itMFtis says

    6" Black Widow...nice!

    Hope that 6" Cap comes with a swappable hand, unless he plans to eyepoke his enemies to death.

  3. The Fire Rises has no avatar! The Fire Rises says

    I really hope we get 6 inch Thor Dark World Figures. The Cap figures look great!

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    It's good to see movie Black widow finally getting a 6" scaled figure. I'll probably get that, and put her with my DC figures...Doesn't make sense, but I don't plan on getting more than a couple of Marvel figures in this scale. Figured I might as well just group everyone together.

  5. JustryGT's Avatar JustryGT says

    Awesome Kurse figure from the Thor line. I have to get that one.

  6. 2GOLD has no avatar! 2GOLD says

    Originally Posted by decepticon_mark View Post
    So are the Boomerang and Beetle 6in or 3.75in?
    Pretty sure they are 6 inch sadly.

  7. Jamie1001 has no avatar! Jamie1001 says

    The Thor Dark World figures look great! But are Hasbro really releasing only 5 figures?

  8. kostej's Avatar kostej says

    Originally Posted by Jamie1001 View Post
    The Thor Dark World figures look great! But are Hasbro really releasing only 5 figures?
    It is probably just Wave 1. There is no need to show all figures at once.

  9. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    I've been wanting a 6" Black Widow for a long time, and had been hoping the Captain America line would have one. Very cool. I like Winter Soldier as well.

  10. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    WOW the Cap 2 Legends figures look great. Winter Soldier looks awesome, Cap looks decent, and Black Widow, it's about time!

    Interestingly enough, it looks like the 4" Cap has double jointed knees and an ankle joint whereas the press images show Avengers 2012 style articulation. Hmm...

  11. itMFtis's Avatar itMFtis says

    Can't quite tell from the pics linked in the OP. That kneepad could easily make a nice double knee joint, but it might just hinge at the top part. Could be double jointed, just can't be sure from these pics.

  12. warmachine6 has no avatar! warmachine6 says

    i hope they make that blackwidow able to hold two pistols overwise whats the point ?
    maybe give her an Iron man accessorizes i.e swap-able hands one for guns and ninja moves and fist's same with captain america

  13. Morzilla's Avatar Morzilla says

    Oh WOW!! Can't wait to see the Cap figures on shelves, plus I hope that they are not exclusives either cuz then it would suck to have to travel far away for them and sucks for arkers that don't live in the US cuz they would have to rely on lcs, bbts, amazon, the particular (exclusive) retailer online, evilbay.
    hmm, I can't have WS comic ver. without his movie counterpart nor god ol' Cap. I might get BW to also counterpart her comic version as well, but that's a toss up since I'm not a huge BW fan.
    Would the movie show the relationship that develops between Natasha & Bucky???

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